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  1. Wow, that gif is actually really high quality!
  2. Where do I start? Matte helmet is not as good as glossy one Big Falcon Gray Mask for a team that doesn't use gray Stupid ATL on the front Gigantic numbers Black home jersey in a league that needs less black (now the NFC South has 3 primarily black teams) Cheesy as hell gradient that looks weird (called the Rise Up jersey Lmao) Side stripe on the jersey Another Nike remodel with only one other color on the pants Monochrome home and away I'm not happy.
  3. I always had a hunch that we would see a gradient jersey in the next couple of years.
  4. This is not exactly what I was hoping for.
  5. Ok, it's pretty much the old uniforms, which is great! Not much to say about it, but I like them.
  6. I don't understand the hate for #53. Yes, the helmet looks kinda amateur, and the "SOUTH FLORIDA" wordmark looks a little dumb, but other than that it looks pretty clean.
  7. Man, every time I see this thread pick up on hot, and it's just because of the Chargers argument that's been raging for like 3 days now.
  8. Because it's 2020 now, and I just don't trust them enough that they won't mess with tradition
  9. I'm sorry, but not many people outside of these boards choose their favorite teams with their logos.
  10. That escalated quickly. I just thought he was making things up about the whole purple chargers, not that he would go that far lol.
  11. I think the Indians should look like the bottom uniforms, and they could use the caveman C for their logo:
  12. And it doesn't help that this season (if it even happens) seems to be a rebuilding year for the Chargers.
  13. I mean, Green Bay would do anything for the Packers. That's pretty much the only thing that makes Green Bay so notable. An extra 0.5% tax increase means all but nothing to them, because the result is the Packers get to stay in Lambeau. There's a reason why the Packers are one of the highest earning teams across American sports while being in a city that barely has 100,000 people.
  14. Did anyone see Kevin Demoff reading mean tweets about the new logo? It's honestly just kinda pathetic to watch.