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  1. As a NYer, my first thought when I see Pitt is the college. I've got my own quirks as a Bills fan (i.e. the ONLY team actually located in NY), so maybe some die-hard Steelers fans would jump on board with PGH.
  2. While the I-beam look is definitely a great nod to Pittsburgh, please allow me to mention that the technically correct abbreviation of Pittsburgh is PGH, for whatever reason.
  3. First of all, I think that creating a logo like this in MS Paint deserves some kind of award. Much respect. Second, it's too creative for the NFL, though I wish they'd go back to unique SB logos and this is a good start to do so.
  4. Thank you, jmoe. I've adjusted the eyebrow and tried to reincorporate the teeth. I think I need to step away from it for a minute.
  5. Hey all. As one who is a self-proclaimed "logo nerd," I could list off some random facts behind many logos, but when it comes to making my own sports logo, it's tough. With that said, I wanted to make an original jackalope logo, and this is what I've got. I switched the buckteeth in the sketch to the bottom part of the mouth for the final product because I felt as though the teeth were too beaver-like. I also can't help but feel as if it also looks too much like a dog rather than a rabbit with antlers. Maybe I just need some fresh eyes and fresh input on it. PS, I think I channeled my childhood love of the Sabres' goathead logo into the creation of this one...
  6. FGWB

    NHL 2017-18

    I work at the Sabres Store at KeyBank Center and have gotten familiar with them. First of all, as joekono mentioned, the Fanatics logo is sublimated onto a piece of fabric and either pressed on, or possibly stitched around the edges. Similar to the shoulder patches on the Reebok Edge replicas. The material is also thinner than the Reebok replicas, it seems. But with the Authentics only being approximately $60 more, I'd just save that extra money and go authentic if you're concerned about quality.
  7. In terms of a Lions-esque update, I'm in favor. Keep the overall shape the same, but add definition inside of it. Honestly, as a lifelong Bills fan, until a few years ago I had no idea that the white area to the right of the red streak was a horn and eye. As Cosmic mentioned before me, the front legs seem like he's been hitting leg day pretty hard (maybe with some PED help as well). Almost comes off as lobster claw-like to me. I also don't feel good about the lightning bolt shape on the backside of it going against the motion of the bison. Bisons have a furry front side that ends past their front legs. Maybe if you could use that as a definition area instead of the back it would add something special to it. Overall, I like the direction. A simple, yet modern update to (what I consider to be) a classic logo. Keep working on it, and Go Bills!
  8. Please tell me this post isn't serious.
  9. EA can add team-specific game presentations and mascots, but can't manage to use the correct number style.
  10. Marty Biron's rookie number was 00
  11. First of all, pretty much every rapper in the existence of rappery wears sports hats/clothes every day. So, figure I'd contribute with the less popular Sabres. Chris Brown from his "Kiss Kiss" music video.
  12. Fun fact: he was given a key to the city that was technically revoked. The mayor gave it to him contingent on getting 10 TDs and a playoff spot. He had 5 (and obviously no playoffs). I hope they asked for it back.Second fun fact: I was at that ceremony at the local art gallery (Albright-Knox) which was also filmed for an episode of his VH1 TV show. I forgot the title. But I'm in it.
  13. Forgive the quick, messy isolation of each logo, original on left and theft on right. Thieves' adjustments: removed star, darker color, different whiskers, missing tooth, thinner mane accents, and no back-of-mouth detail. Otherwise everything is exactly the same. (Not condoning, just comparing, while exhibiting the laziness of logo thieves these days.
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