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  1. This is the new one, which I am not a fan of. It is really boring. The old one looked like this: It is kind of stupid, but personally I like it.
  2. How does one try to install the game? Or is there a readme file in the download?
  3. Okay sorry, I screwed that up. My bad, nice work.
  4. The R on the right Redskins helmet is facing the wrong way
  5. Would anyone mind explaining to me how this Dribble invite thing works?
  6. I saw the name 'Noah Oppenheim' in The Maze Runner credits. you? or just a cool coincidence?

  7. Some guy got ban for using two accounts at once? May I ask how did you find that out?
  8. When are the threads from? Old work tends to get removed from the server. Also, you need to make sure you are looking at the first post of each thread. Also, what are you using this concept art for?
  9. That's a very good idea.Agreed. Although, what's to stop them from creating a account just so they have access to concepts? Set it up so you need to reach a certain number of posts to unlocked access to the Concepts forum. I agree with some sort of limit. Sure, it might suck for the people who don't post often who like looking at concepts, but it will help stop the stolen work. Maybe a lock until a user hits either 500 or even up to 1,000 posts? No. WAYYY too much. Most of your posts as a new member should be in the concepts sections, that's what this forum is about.
  10. Still, you've gotta admit that's pretty sick to have your design on a cake.
  11. Has something on the forum sidebar changed? It looks like something's missing...but I can't put my finger on what
  12. Also--you should remove the image from the hosting site so it doesn't appear in quoted posts.
  13. We need a CCSLC "legal" team to handle all this for the members
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