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  1. Just did some research and saw a November 20th release date for Statement/alternate jerseys.
  2. It's a ladder with a small bench seat attached for children to sit on during Mardi Gras parades. The wheels are for mobility. Hope it helps!
  3. Hamburg officially unveiling the pink throwbacks.
  4. Here's an update. I changed the ball and tried to fix the fleur de lis. I didn't quite get the top aligned perfectly (noticing that as I post). I also left the star, just because I needed practice with stars and I just like to pretend that this is a winning team. Hopefully this at least makes it a little bit better. Just for references, these were the influences on the crest design:
  5. Thanks! The star is there just to show what it would look like with a star, nothing to do with the crest itself. The fleur de lis is just a product of my poor drawing lol. I'll work on that and switch the ball. I could draw the old style ball better than the normal soccer ball. Appreciate the feedback.
  6. I've been doodling around in class lately for a concept logo for a fictional New Orleans-based expansion franchise in MLS. This is what I've come up with so far. The name I chose is Riverside New Orleans. I was reading about the history of soccer in the area and in the late 1800s-early 1900s (can't remember exact dates) there was a successful club called simply "Riverside," so I thought it was unique and sounded good so I went with it. The gold siding is based off of street markers on Canal St. The stripes of red and white come directly from the city flag. The shape of the crest is just an elongated hexagon. The French Football Federation's logo is in a normal hexagon, so I felt it would be a nice touch to add that shape (sort of) as a nod to the French influence in the city. C&C appreciated. Thanks.
  7. What is the font of "CHILL" on the Browns sweatshirt? Thanks.
  8. Yeah, most of the logos are just kind of not well thought out. I'm not very good at drawing so I went with what I could draw fairly on a helmet to look half way decent. I realize that some of these schools are real and have football programs, but I'm looking at then from a perspective that they are in Division 1 and that they do not exist. Not trying to discredit those schools. As I improve my skills in a program I'll be able to do a lot more with my designs.
  9. Hey, guys! I'm not a very frequent poster on this site, but I've been lurking around for some time and I figured I'd try to get some comments on my designs. These are just a couple of imaginary colleges that I made a single uniform for each in my spare time. As I'm not very good at computer-based design or drawing, I've kind of met in the middle by printing out a template (not sure where I found it, somewhere on here so thanks mystery designer) and drawing my ideas on the template. I'm not too proud of the drawings but I feel that the designs are fairly good. So here they are!: I realize the quality on the pictures is bad. I apologize.
  10. I like the sword for the sleeve stripe, but I'm not sure I like the handles on each side. Maybe just leave the back handle off or something. Great series, by the way.
  11. The deal makes a lot more sense financially for Southern Miss. It's a five year deal worth around $2 million. They will be outfitting all sports teams except baseball, who is still under contract with Under Armour. However, baseball will probably switch back to Russell after their contract is up.
  12. Rumor has it Southern Mississippi might be sporting new uniforms in tonight's NIT game vs. BYU. Designed by Russell, a change from Nike.
  13. Hey, guys. I'm new to the whole concept making thing, but I really enjoy doing it and enjoy all of your work. Here's one of my latest. Comments and tips are appreciated. Thanks! http://i286.photobuc...kjhlkjhlvvv.jpg
  14. Thanks, guys! I've got orientation and camp this week so no working this week so I'll get on those suggestions plus the primary logo next week. Also, probably an alternate or two. I appreciate the comments!