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  1. This is a cool series, nicely done. I love the template!
  2. I really dig that template, nicely done. Honestly, wouldn’t be too hard to include a couple versions (sleeves, no sleeves, helmet versions)... If it’s something you intend to release (sorry I didn’t quite read through everything). Either way, beautifully done. I always appreciate MSPaint compatible templates. The only thing that stands out to me is the hand, it’s just awkward. But in saying that, I’m not really sure how to solve that without resorting to placing a football in his hand. 9.5/10 in my book lol
  3. Wow, I’m not sure how I missed most of this series. Great job. The presentation and explanations are so well thought out and executed, it’s hard to dislike any of these.
  4. Are the numbers slightly stretched vertically on purpose? I was going to tear into UA but maybe they’ll look normal stretched over pads. I am pretty impressed with how UA has handled South Carolina over the years, but I am glad to see a full-time classic look edit: I’m realizing the jerseys ARE stretched over pads (duh). We’ll see what they look like on field lol
  5. This is such a fun series. I like that some of these could be considered "cringey" or "blasphemous" (in terms of tradition), they're just so damn well-executed . Great job. I really love Calgary.
  6. Ah! Had me fooled. Thanks! I guess I should be disappointed, this probably means last year's navy jersey will live on. haha
  7. Ignore me if this has been mentioned, but the Indians have been wearing their script "Indians" navy jerseys during Spring Training. Last regular season they had replaced them with block "CLEVELAND" navy jerseys. They also wore script "Indians" red jerseys, new for last season as well.
  8. At Panera Bread and noticed my bag of chips has a new logo and wordmark: For comparison:
  9. Not sure if either of these have been posted. And I'm not sure why this jersey has the classic drop shadow:
  10. Definitely looks to be refined. Typically it seems they use a double outline or a thick outline. The spacing between the serifs above the "W" is now the same width, it looks like. More balanced. "old": Also note the "arch" within the "F".
  11. Fair enough. I guess we'll agree to disagree. My intent was not to derail the thread or shamelessly garner praise. Quite honestly, I didn't think it warranted its own thread because it is (admittedly) a pretty simple idea that I've seen numerous times (I simply brough it to life, if you will). Still a recolor. Which was frowned upon in the concepts thread, once upon a time. But as everything does, things change. I am realizing why I've become more of a lurker in recent years. Peace to y'all. LEWJ, signing off one last time
  12. Much appreciated! It's something I could get behind. I've been a member here more than half of my lifetime and I am certain that posting a recolor of an existing uniform in the concepts thread was frowned upon at one point. But what do i know?
  13. A personal concept? I recolored the color rush uniform. How is that any different than Photoshopping the Chargers in yellow pants? Edit: No response, as expected. It's a shame I can't ignore you... This is so inconsistently enforced it's laughable.
  14. Please explain to me why posting a mockup here is not okay, while there are numerous in the NFL changes thread. Also, I don't recall asking for input, I'm simply sharing a visualization that I thought someone might value. What a joke.
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