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  1. Montreal is clearly not in the same league as Tampa. Let's see if the Bolts bust out the
  2. The aways remind me of the Jags. Black where orange should be/black where teal should be. Not a fan
  3. "Don't worry, Nike doesn't get to dictate what the teams wear"
  4. What league does this team play in?
  5. IMO, Tom Brady has cemented himself as the greatest to ever play and win his sport. There were arguments to be made for Montana and Manning but that's moot at this point. This puts him in the same company as Jordan and Gretzky. I don't think baseball has a "GOAT" yet, definitely a distinguished number of guys who are/were great during their time or a period of time but not ALL-TIME. That distinction is reserved for Brady, Jordan, and Gretzky.
  6. Congrats to the Bucs. They earned that win by completely shutting down the chiefs high scoring offense. The chiefs defense showed themselves to be undisciplined and reckless. Also, mahomes is not that great. He's a perfectly serviceable qb but is no Tom Brady. The chiefs will fade back into obscurity, they are not dynasty material.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Better players have worn bad or worse uniforms. A player making noise on social media does not justify a uniform change. And for the record, I think the Cardinals' current look is dated and tired.
  8. Caring about "covid protocol" is sooooo last year
  9. It's great to be a fan of the local teams in the Bay right now. Acquiring Tom Brady was exciting and regardless of the outcome in a couple of weeks, it's been a great experience.
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