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  1. Are they better than the turdburgers? Absolutely Are they better than the Reebok holdovers? Absolutely Are they better than the buffaslug? Absolutely Are they better than the goathead? Absolutely Are they better than the originals? I guess? Will I rush out to buy one? Nope To me, the Sabres are strictly upstate NY's team. They'll never get national attention. Kids won't want their jerseys like 90s kids wanted Mighty Ducks jerseys back in the day, or how every beer league team (at least at my rink) wants to look like the Vegas Knights, nor will they outsell the Kraken once they drop. But hey, good on them for going back to a look that is familiar and beloved by their fanbase. Better off pleasing your fanbase than trying to be and for that I applaud the Sabres.
  2. Honestly I never paid attention to who were the mods back in the day. Didn't even know they were a thing. Just figured Chris was the mod since it was his site and he used to post.
  3. Will Washington Football Team get censored in all past posts as well?
  4. *Checks the forum for Seattle hockey news They did it, the mad lads really did it
  5. I forgot how fun and brutal football used to be
  6. Count me in as a fan of Redtails. Fox and/or bomber imagery with the current color scheme sounds like a winner to me
  7. 10-12 years ago, when social media was coming into its own, I would have never imagined this kind of stuff would become so mainstream. Where the heck do we go from here...
  8. That looks like something you'd wear while riding a dirtbike
  9. This news bot is on a roll
  10. I miss John Madden in the booth. I bust out Madden 05 when I'm feeling nostalgic.
  11. I'll never understand billionaire logic... (Guess that's why I'm not a billionaire)