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  1. Or you could just share pics of your favorite patriotic uniforms and leave that other nonsense at the door
  2. It took only two replies. Impressive, y'all really need to loosen up
  3. Super duper early prediction: The Cleveland Browns will not make the playoffs this upcoming season.
  4. Huh? Because I said the Indian's "I" cap logo is better than the "C" cap logo? You completely missed my point. Seems you're just arguing with yourself.
  5. Yes, yes it does. Please go on an present an example of an arguably "good logo" that utilizes a non-stylized font.
  6. Since the Cubs have started using a version of this logo, they have cropped the "c" from it and worn it on their hats. So I would consider their "c" to have character. Now if they were using a Times New Roman "C" I'd criticize them the same way I criticize the Indians.
  7. It's not though. It's the letter "C" with zero character. No better than the Ray's "TB" which I recall getting slammed by this board when it debuted for how "corporate and lifeless" it looked, along with the other micro communities that pay attention to these things. They should have just went with this while they sort their affairs. Yes, it looks like a "J" but it looks proprietary, has character, and matches the identity at the very least.
  8. I always wanted that when I was younger, now I don't want it to ever happen. Unfortunately, it absolutely will sooner than later. Nothing is sacred
  9. I understand the controversy around Chief Wahoo and a replacement was justified, but applauding a "block serif C" as its replacement is laughable. I look at it like this, going from an actual logo to a literal letter in Times New Roman font. Lazy
  10. Same. I don't typically wear merchandise of other teams but if I ever find myself in Miami at a Marlins game, I'm 100% picking a hat up. The former identity itself kept me away to begin with, now I would actually like to go see them in action.
  11. This right here. There's nothing wrong with liking a hockey jersey with no hem stripes while also liking the Blackhawks jersey.
  12. When I was a teenager and first started lurking here, I used to play sports video games all the time and would always choose the "coolest" uniforms for each team. (mono black Eagles, gold 49ers, red Pirates alt, etc.) Then I started hearing things like 'BFBS' and 'modern classic' for the first time and I was definitely influenced by members' opinions because I had never heard terms like this before. I started choosing more traditional choices as a result. I figured everyone else here was an expert "in the field" and an adult (and to teenage me, an adult's opinion is gospel). Then I grew up, and realized most adults are dumbasses and their opinions mean squat. I don't play video games nearly as much (and I hate any mono black look now) but I'll pick those mustard sabretooth alts for the Preds everytime.