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  1. I'm just a person on the internet. Enjoy. But this team is a B+ player at best
  2. Calm down Blue Jacket fans, even if they end up sweeping the Bolts they still aren't winning the cup.
  3. Nice clean update. Thumbs up
  4. That's the best the Angels have ever looked. Every other identity of theirs is lifeless and generic
  5. Looks like the jets will continue to be the laughing stock of the greater New York metropolitan area
  6. Fandom is not business
  7. History belongs to the city. Case closed. Compromises can be made for stats and record keeping purposes but logos/identity/branding always belong to the city.
  8. Or you could just share pics of your favorite patriotic uniforms and leave that other nonsense at the door
  9. It took only two replies. Impressive, y'all really need to loosen up
  10. Super duper early prediction: The Cleveland Browns will not make the playoffs this upcoming season.
  11. Huh? Because I said the Indian's "I" cap logo is better than the "C" cap logo? You completely missed my point. Seems you're just arguing with yourself.
  12. Yes, yes it does. Please go on an present an example of an arguably "good logo" that utilizes a non-stylized font.