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  1. White face mask > grey face mask
  2. Google recommend this article to me. Imo one of the worst rankings I've ever read https://www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/nfl/news/nfl-uniform-rankings-2020/11cu2k3r8iklb15mjpe8r0r5my
  3. Shorten the commercial breaks between innings and pitching changes. Automatically improve the pace of play. Extra innings are not the problem
  4. Oversized team name/cities have no business being on an NFL uniform. It immediately makes the jersey look like it belongs to a college or high school team. And I say this as someone who like small wordmarks on jerseys like many teams started doing in the 2000s.
  5. Although I don't agree with your overall opinion of the set, I understand your take on it.
  6. Agreed. I was referring to their two-tone helmet monstrosity. #neverforget
  7. Honestly these aren't nearly as bad as what Nike and teams with poor taste are capable of producing (looking at you Titans, Jags, Bucs) but these will look extremely dated in less than 6 years
  8. As someone who absolutely adores the Creamsicles, and never thought too much of the "Super Bowl set," I like this move. It's essentially a redux of that set with minor tweaks and a 'modern' alternate that keeps the Bucs up with the current trends in the league while erasing those disgusting "alarm clock" uniforms from the pages of their history. Hopefully we never have to see those again. The Bucs are now the best dressed team in Tampa. Well done
  9. Agreed, people do it all the time. Either enforce it for everyone or don't. Personally I don't mind when it's related, as it was in this case.
  10. Always been a fan of Brady. This move just made the Bucs a helluva lot more fun to root for
  11. For those of you who listen to local sports talk radio, how's the opinion been? I got a little annoyed today when Tampa's afternoon show had a Viper's player on and one of the hosts sarcastically asked "So has your check cleared?" Then they proceeded to do a (unfunny) skit about Vince firing Trestman.
  12. Prior to this thread, I had no idea soccer fans were so protective of the "pitch" their teams play on.
  13. Hope Vince can make it happen. This league isn't going to attract 70k people at MetLife