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  1. The triangle shape at the lower right is part of his neck and his head is turned to his left (our right)
  2. I am curious if any logos you recall from your youth or even adulthood caused you to have a misconception of some sort or another. The one I think of is the old Denver Broncos logo the white horse inside the orange "D" breathing dust out of his nostrils. As a youth, I thought that was the horse holding a lit flashlight. What logos if any caused you misconceptions?
  3. Looks awesome! Love the numeral font with the years especially! I still miss the USFL.
  4. For the Patriots, I'd love to see the "Flying Elvis" face have flesh tone color like Pat the Patriot has. These are really quite unique and interesting to look at! Denver's helmet the "D" seems a bit too skinny or narrow, a bit too "dinky" looking for a pro team, but the artwork and the concept is terrific!
  5. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who was Crabcake47! I was able to translate all the Roman Numerals no problem, but can't make heads or tails of what they mean.
  6. MLB: 1. Either expand to 32 teams or contract to 28, thus allowing both leagues to have an even number of teams in each league. 2. No more inter-league play. While the 2000 World Series between the Yankees and Mets was special, imagine how much more special it would have been had they not seen one another during the regular season. 3. I am fine with having the DH remain in the American League and no DH in the National League. 4. Return the Milwaukee Brewers to the American League and the Houston Astros to the National League. 5. I would eliminate having a second wild-card team and a one game "playoff" for the wildcard teams and amend the Division Series round and make it a best 4 out of 7. 5a. The wildcard team would play against the #1 seeded team, even if from the same division. The Wild Card team would play games 1, 2, 5*, 6* and 7* (if necessary) at the #1 seed. The wildcard team would have to win 5 out of 7 to advance to the LCS while the #1 seeded team would only have to win 3 out of 7 to advance. This would give all 3 division winners in each league added incentive to try to get the top seed. Also, the wildcard team would have to win, at minimum, 3 road games and they could never win the Division Series on their home field. 5b. The LCS would remain a best 4 out of 7 contest with the highest seeded remaining teams having home field advantage. 6. Have more post-season playoff games start earlier, especially the World Series. I'd resume having the World Series begin on a Saturday. Games 1, 2 and games 6 and 7 if necessary could all be played during the daytime. Games 3, 4 and 5 could still be night games but an earlier start, 7:05pm EST is reasonable in my humble opinion. 7. I concur with another poster, bring back league presidents. 8. Allow instant replay for blown calls such as the one against Armando Galarraga back in 2010 (wow was it THAT long ago already?!?!) which cost him a perfect game. 9. Minimize the number of times a pitcher can throw over to first base to hold a runner. At least require one pitch to the batter in between tosses over to first base. 10. Bring back more colorful uniforms. So hard quite often to tell one team from another. Padres - Brown and Yellow again! Astros - Orange Phillies - Burgundy/Maroon instead of red (far too many red teams) Nationals - Navy blue caps always, they look too much like the Phillies, Cards and Reds NFL: Eliminate bye weeks during the regular season and play the Super Bowl the last Sunday in January. (Won't ever happen, too much $$$ plus February is a TV ratings sweeps month)... If bye weeks have to be kept in, give one division off each week and then they would play one another the following week. (e.g. AFC East bye week during week 4, they would play one another in week 5 Dolphins vs Patriots, Jets vs. Bills) As the Pro Bowl is a total joke, just vote for players to be All-Pro and forego playing the actual game anymore. Also I always hated the term All-Pro....aren't they ALL Pros? They're getting paid after all... No more timeouts to "ice the kicker". Holding penalties should be 5 yards not 10! Crazy to think it used to be 15. The last 3 weeks of the regular season would be all divisional games only. Except for the Thursday night opener and Thanksgiving day games in Detroit and Dallas, no more Thursday night games. Amend overtime so that both teams get one possession. So if the first team scores a touchdown, allow the other team to try to do so as well. Unpopular change probably by most if not all fans, but I would get rid of that 2 point conversion after a touchdown. Just seems very Bush league to have it in the NFL. I would consider a compromise if the Belichick idea was implemented, make a TD worth 7 points automatically, but if a team wanted to go for an 8th point, they could, but if they failed, they would only get 6 points for a touchdown instead of 7. More than one helmet would be allowed, especially if both team helmets were the same color. Dolphins vs Cardinals for example, either allow the Dolphins to have an aqua helmet or the Cardinals to have a cardinal red helmet. In the case of the Bengals vs Browns, have the Browns wear white helmets with the brown and orange stripes down the center of the helmet. No more regular season games outside the United States. This is the NATIONAL Football League, NOT the INTERNATIONAL Football League dang it!
  7. 2002 Major League All-Star Game ending in a tie...
  8. Every other logo that features the city name and team name would have the city at the top and the team name at the bottom (Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals) but why oh why was the 1973-79 logo for the Cleveland Indians showing INDIANS at the top and CLEVELAND at the bottom? Was this an error? Were they trying to be different? Is it because Cleveland always finished at or near the bottom back then? This is the biggest mystery to me ever since the Steelers logo on just one side of their helmets (and I eventually did find out why about that at least). Thank you and Greetings of the Season!
  9. When it comes to the "big 4", which championship style do you prefer, American vs National (World Series/Super Bowl) or Eastern vs Western (NBA/NHL)? Although I no longer watch the NFL, I am nevertheless more partial to American vs National to determine a champion. It's exciting to me to see two teams from the same area or region compete for a title, like the Bears vs Colts, or the Cubs vs Indians for example.
  10. I'm a tad disappointed that there are no AFC or NFC logos in the end zones.
  11. As a youth I remember having tube socks that had the various NFL team colors on them. Here's an example: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/images/1970_NewOrleans.png I wish all teams used these types of socks. And I hate hate HATE HATE HATE the monochrome look. Jets green on green. Ravens black on black. Different colored pants. I hated when the Redskins wore white jerseys with white pants. Hideous! Other teams that didn't bother me so much but it did with the Redskins. I agree the samples provided by other posters about the ugly socks rings ever so true. It is akin to me with baseball no longer having stirrup socks and instead wearing those longer trousers that look like pajamas and look hideous. I'm amazed no baseball players trip over them. Just an awful look
  12. I like their uniform. It was a novelty in 1992 when they brought the classic look back with the modernization of the blue stars and the numeral font. The numerals to me for some reason remind me of the Liberty Bell. I have no idea why. Although I am "old school" in many respects, I began loving MLB in the 1970s during the color craze. I miss the burgundy uniforms. I miss the powder blue road unis too. Now all teams look so identical. Phillies, red cap white letter. Reds, red cap white letter. Nationals, red cap, white letter. Cardinals, red cap, white letters, Diamondbacks red cap (though more orangy to me). Angels red cap, Rangers red cap white letter. I miss when more teams had unique identities e.g. the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros (orange), Florida Marlins (teal).
  13. These are good examples, thanks. And no prob including NHL or NBA either. I only said MLB and NFL since those are the only 2 I really pay any attention to.
  14. The 1999 St. Louis Rams had the classic uniform of the Rams going back to circa 1973. They won Super Bowl XXXIV yet the very next season they changed to their current bland "old gold" look. The 1984 San Diego Padres won their first ever National League pennant. In 1985 they made noticeable changes to their uniforms. Are there other examples you can cite of MLB or NFL teams winning a pennant a World Series, a Conference Championship or a Super Bowl then immediately changing their uniforms? I'm talking about major changes to logo or fonts, not minor stuff like socks or shoelace colors etc.
  15. Turns out Back to the Future was wrong too. Perhaps 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Cubs calling Wrigley Field home. Amazing it took 99 years for them to win a postseason series in front of their home crowd at that venue. Boggles the mind. Not to mention this was the first ever World Series that did not feature any of the "original 16" teams. The original 16 to me are Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles (formerly St. Louis Browns/Milwaukee Brewers) Tigers, Indians, White Sox, Twins (formerly Senators/Nationals), Athletics, Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Reds, Giants, and Braves.