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  1. Sorry I have no pictures at the moment, but to me, any one of the Steelers first 4 Super Bowl matchups had very nice looking uniform match ups with their opponents, especially Dallas, but they also looked amazing with the Minnesota Vikings and the L.A. Rams too. Super Bowl XXV, Giants vs. Bills looked so amazing together too. In pro basketball, the Lakers & Celtics combo looks sensational. MLB Yankees/Red Sox for sure.
  2. I know they were the Seattle Pilots in 1969 and that their team colors were blue & gold, but I could swear big time that the 70s & 80s Brewers used purple and not blue. Henry Aaron's cap looks purple to me. THe "M" on George Scott's helmet looks purple too. At the very least a blend of blue/purple is how I see it, but perhaps I am totally wrong. Maybe the gold color makes the blue look more purple to me. But even the ball in glove logo on those World Series tickets look to be more purple than blue to my eye anyway.
  3. I just realized in 1977 when the Mariners joined the American League, they had blue caps with a gold "M" but it was shaped like a trident. The 1977 Brewers had blue caps (although they always looked purple to me for some odd reason) and a gold "M". Would this possibly be why the Brewers switched in 1978 to the ball in glove MB logo for their caps?
  4. 32 team MLB: 16 teams in each league. 4 teams into 4 divisions. Only division winners advance to the post season. In each league, the Atlantic & Central division champions would play a best 3 out of 5 Division Series, the winner would become Eastern Conference Champions. And the Pacific & Midwest champs would square off also in a best 3 out of 5 to become Western Conference Champions. Then the East vs West champs would play in the LCS in a best of 7. This brings back the East/West that was used from 1969 - 1993. No interleague play. Divisional games would be 22 (66 total) Teams in the other division in your conference would be 12 (48 total) 6 games each against each of the other 8 teams in the other conference (48 total) 162 game season. The Houston Astros would return to the National League. The Milwaukee Brewers would return to the American League. The Arizona Diamondbacks would move from the NL West to the AL West. Two expansion teams both in the NL, the return of the Montreal Expos (a new version of the Expos)...all the old Expos records and history would remain with the Washington Nationals. The Portland Pioneers would be a brand new franchise in the National League West, the Pacific Division. Most teams would now have natural interleague rivals, although personally I am not a fan of interleague play at all. Texas is far too big to not have a National League representative. Many rivalries would stay in tact while new ones (Washington vs Montreal) would prove most interesting (similarly to the Browns & Ravens in the NFL). .
  5. I'm very gratified at so many terrific responses. I would add I miss Jim McKay and ABC having the Olympics. And I also miss that both Summer & Winter games would be held in a leap year. Now they stagger them. I miss when the Olympics were about (or supposedly about) amateur athletes. The whole Dream Team thing really shattered it for me, although from what I understand other countries had their professionals compete in the Olympics, so that really sullied the Olympic games for me altogether.
  6. 1983 first grand slam in All Star Game history by Fred Lynn of the California Angels. Also the American League finally won an All Star game that year after a long long drought. No expansion teams in MLB or the NFL during this decade which is a bit surprising to me. Super Bowl XIX between the Dolphins & 49ers was played on January 20, 1985, the day President Reagan began his 2nd term. Although it began in 1979, ESPN grew by leaps & bounds during the 1980s. The single greatest overall post-season in MLB took place in 1986, IMHO.
  7. If you are a Yankees fan, you'll probably want a Democrat as President. The last time the Yankees won a World Series with a Republican at the helm was way back in 1958 when Dwight Eisenhower was in office. Yankees World Series victories since then: 1961 & 1962 (JFK) 1977 & 1978 (Carter) 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 (Clinton) 2009 (Obama) Yankees World Series losses since 1958: 1960 vs Pittsburgh Pirates (Eisenhower) Republican 1963 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Kennedy) Democrat 1964 vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Johnson) Democrat 1976 vs. Cincinnati Reds (Ford) Republican 1981 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Reagan) Republican 2001 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Bush) Republican 2003 vs. Florida Marlins (Bush) Republican
  8. I thought the Boston Red Sox in 1912 also, the year Fenway Park opened, no?
  9. For me, (I am 53 now), the good old days were during the 1970s. I miss Phil Rizzuto, Bob Messer & Bill White announcing Yankee games on WPIX Channel 11, New York, including the "Here Come The Yankees" theme music. Ditto Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner & Lindsey Nelson on WWOR Channel 9 including the "Meet the Mets" theme song. Although not a fan of Philly teams, I even miss Harry Kalas & Richie "Whitey" Ashburn announcing Phillies broadcasts. I also miss ABC's Wide World of Sports. I loved watching Meadowlark Lemon & Curley Neal with the Harlem Globetrotters on those broadcasts. I miss daytime MLB playoff baseball. I miss Super Bowls & other NFL games being played in the afternoon in full daylight. I miss Howard Cosell, Don Meredith & Frank Gifford on Monday Night Football on ABC. A great many of the colorful uniforms from back then I miss big time too. I've attempted to recreate some of them in paint. Very very amateurish especially compared to a lot of the amazing artwork shared on here by so many gifted members. Above all other things, I miss having my Dad, my best friend and my cousins to watch games with. Many sweet memories made. Oh and I miss the simple joy of collecting Topps Baseball cards back in the day too. How I wish I had taken much better care of them...hindsight is like this year, 2020.
  10. Right now ANY baseball would be marvelous...that being said.... ALCS : Cleveland Indians vs Seattle Mariners (rematch of 1995....and because the Mariners have never even been to the World Series, and the Indians last won it way back in 1948). NLCS: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Milwaukee Brewers (Pitt hasn't won since 1979, Milwaukee's never won it, and never been there as an NL team).
  11. Certain vintage American TV shows put me in mind of certain MLB & NFL teams. While I myself was never a huge fan, I know Seinfeld is closely associated with the New York Yankees. All in The Family always reminded me of the Jets because Archie seemed to almost miss out on seeing the game on TV. Once he even missed out on going to a game in person. It also reminds me of the Mets because I know of a couple of episodes at least where he mentioned them too. The Mary Tyler Moore Show puts me in mind of both the Minnesota Vikings & the Twins. In an early episode they are at dinner and the weatherman Gordy talked about how he watched the Twins play last night, and Mary said "Aww Gordy, I didn't know you had twins!" Mork & Mindy always puts me in mind of the Denver Broncos. And for some odd reason, The Facts of Life reminds me of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't think the show was set anywhere near Pittsburgh though. WKRP of course puts one in mind of the Cincinnati Reds & Bengals. What other TV shows put you in mind of various teams?
  12. I've long had my suspicions about how legit the NFL is. That being said, I would be completely shocked if either team makes it to the Super Bowl. Kansas City has a penchant for losing home playoff games. Andy Reid as a head coach has a penchant for losing home playoff games. Andy Reid is the Chiefs head coach, ergo, I give the Chiefs zero chance. It seems the Ravens must be the odds-on favorite to win it all. I don't want them too. They are a team that has always disgusted me and they are boring as anything to me.
  13. Exactly one half a century ago this very day, the final game between an NFL team and an AFL team took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was Super Bowl IV, the Kansas City Chiefs, representing the old American Football League for the final time, took on the favored Minnesota Vikings, appearing in their first Super Bowl game. As you doubtless know, the Chiefs trampled the Vikings by a final score of 23 - 7, thus ending the AFL/NFL rivalry with a 2-2 tie in Super Bowl games. 50 years ago this very day, the late, great Hank Stram, who was the winningest head coach in AFL history, uttered those magical words... "Sixty-Five Toss Power Trap!" Bud Grant, long time Vikings head coach is still alive and kicking at age 92. He had been a CFL coach. I guess that very cold climate helps preserve many to live a much longer life!
  14. The triangle shape at the lower right is part of his neck and his head is turned to his left (our right)
  15. I am curious if any logos you recall from your youth or even adulthood caused you to have a misconception of some sort or another. The one I think of is the old Denver Broncos logo the white horse inside the orange "D" breathing dust out of his nostrils. As a youth, I thought that was the horse holding a lit flashlight. What logos if any caused you misconceptions?