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  1. Did any teams change their fields for playoff games, as they do in the NFL? For example the Steelers will add the AFC logo to the left side of their endzone for the playoffs. In the 1980s in the NFL, some teams would make changes, and changes were more likely to occur during the conference championships (sometimes with the opposing teams name in one of the endzones). Also, I should note, I've been loving this thread, and I specifically re-built the USFL Uniforms Database website so that I can get the fields on there. I know you're busy now, but I'm looking forward to future updates!
  2. Finally got around to the Giants fields for the 1980's to the mid 90's. 1981-1986 (early season): 1986 (week 9) - 1995: 1994 weeks 9 and 11 (in other weeks, the NFL 75 logo was on the sidelines off the field) : 1986 NFC Championship Game:
  3. Finally caught up with the Dolphins fields for this year Week 1: Week 4 was a standard field for them, so no point posting it here (Link just in case: http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=view-single-field&title=MIA_2019^3&image_path=http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/images/regular-season/MIA/r1024/MIA_2019^3.png) And the London game for week 5:
  4. With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
  5. You make a good point. I was also wondering what they'd do, since we haven't seen the NFL 100 logo at midfield for any team this year, and, it looks like the regular NFL logo will be at midfield for the game in London this weekend. So I think you're on the right track. I can see the normal NFL logo at midfield, Super Bowl Logo at the 25s, and then I would think each teams wordmark centered in the endzeon, with their team logo on the left, and the NFL 100 logo on the right. Unless of course the team that makes it to the Super Bowl typically displays their team logo right of their wordmark (Seahawks, Jets), then I could see the NFL 100 logo on the other side. It'll be interesting to see. I believe the teams get some say in their endzone. Last year the Rams used their helmet logo and gold endzones to match their uniforms, but their endzeon did not include the NFC logo, like they have at their home field. The Patriots since Super Bowl LI have shifted from their home field endzones (like in Super Bowl XLIX) to having thier logo on the left. I'm hoping for the best. Maybe two teams who have taller wormarks as opposed to wider ones. I am excited that the game will be played on grass this year, for only the 3rd time since the switch to templated Super Bowl logos. Super Bowl fields just look so much better on grass.
  6. Finally got around to finishing the 49ers field from week 3: Slight changes to the helmet compared to last year. They decided to put the NFC logo in the right side of the endzone, instead of a helmet with the NFC logo, as they did last year. The other change was the wordmark. Last years field used a mostly gold wordmark. This years has red inside the inner white line. Also, the inner white line in the wordmark is full unbroken lines, unlike the teams official wordmark. Here's last years field for comparison: Overall, I'd call all the changes an improvement. I still have to get to the Dolphins fields for weeks 2 and 4. At this point I've put about as much effort into their fields as they've put into winning games, but I can get to them now that I'm caught up with the other teams.
  7. Slight difference in the wordmark actually. The C and S had curved ends in Super Bowl I: As opposed to the straight ends Sunday: Sundays wordmark may be closer to what they had in Super Bowl IV, or on their field in the late 60's / early 70's: Now, it could match better to one of their fields from '63-'67, but I'm not sure if I've seen too much video for that, other that what you've linked above.
  8. 2019 Chiefs, week 3 A beautiful field. And here's a neat article about the field: https://www.chiefs.com/news/legendary-groundskeeper-george-toma-returns-to-arrowhead-to-paint-the-end-zones- It would be neat to see if the Chiefs updated their field throughout the year based on different eras. This past weekend would cover the 60's. This field was in use from '72-'79, and would represent the 70's: This field was used from '80-'83, and is more of an early '80s era Then the '84-'93 field: And then the design from the mid '90's to late 200's really had little variance: And finally the modern field: In reality, it's probably not realistic to do this many fields, but with the Chiefs schedule, they could probably rotate. The chiefs are home for weeks 5 and 6, and could keep the field from week 3, with their next home game being a Sunday night game. Then they come back home weeks 8 and 9, with week 8 being a Sunday night game as well, and here they could switch to the 70's style field. There remaining home games are weeks 13, 15, and 17, which they could go to the late 80's, early 90's field. Could be a good year for fields in Kansas City.
  9. Here's a shot of the whole field, but it's hard to see the helmet from this far away. Chiefs Twitter has some better helmet and field views: https://twitter.com/Chiefs?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1174823265375834112&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wibw.com%2Fcontent%2Fsports%2FChiefs-open-Arrowhead-with-New-Field-560829961.html And some stills from the video: Still a work in progress obviously, but it's shaping up to be a really beautiful field!
  10. Looking forward to week 3 ... The chiefs are going with an old school style field, the likes of which we haven't seen since 1971 An example of a field from 1971: From 1969 to 1971 the Chiefs used dueling helmets at midfield. More Chiefs field history here: http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=view-team-all&team_id=KC&city=Kansas City&name=Chiefs Given that the Chiefs field manager was also in charge of the Super Bowl field, the dueling helmets found their way to the Super Bowl fields in this era for Super Bowls II and IV.
  11. Changes for Week 2: Miami had the biggest changes, rolling out a new endzone pattern. I'm still working on this one, and will probably only get to it at the end of the week. Tennessee New coloring scheme in the wordmark, using columbia blue instead of silver. No other logos in the corners of each endzone (last year was the 20th season logo). Finally, no two point conversion line! Most likely a mistake, but we will see if they add it for future games or not. Pittsburgh Addition of NFL 100 logos in either endzone. Baltimore Return of the shield logo at midfield. This version of the logo spans only 10 yards compared to the 14 yards the shield logo spanned back when Baltimore was playing on an artificial surface. Los Angeles Similar field to last year when wearing the white uniforms. The NFL 100 logo replaced the normal NFL logo. The other big change is the size of the helmet logo at midfield. Last years helmet was about 13 yards wide, as compared to nearly 10 yards this year. New York The Jets went with all black endzones to match their uniforms, and to allude to their prospects of a winning season being a dark abyss.
  12. An update to the Raiders shared with baseball field: Old version: New Version: Updates - Changed the grass shading to accurately reflect what's seen on the field during the baseball season. Updated the infield dirt color. Included the foul line, and first and third base line coaches boxes.
  13. Some of the updated fields for 2019 as of week 1: Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets One thing I'm surprised about with the Jets, is that they down have the sewn in endzones, like they had since moving to MetLife, and like the Giants have. Maybe that will be coming soon or next year? And the Philadelphia Eagles "Error" Field And I'm currently working on an update for the Raiders football over baseball field dating back to at least 2012
  14. I think the Jets and Giants both had non-painted endzones from early 2000's through the end of their time at old Giants stadium. The Giants did not have fully painted endzones in the '08 playoffs, I do know that: http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=view-single-field&title=NYG_2008^div&image_path=/fields/images/playoffs/2008/r1024/NYG_2008^div.png I think it would be nice to see the Bills at least go back to a red endzone. I know it's not as big a part in their color scheme anymore, but it would certainly contrast well with the oversized Bills logo at midfield.
  15. Here's another fun one. I thought something was off with the Eagles wordmark yesterday ... take a look at the 'G' from the left endzone: