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  1. Laces For this game, an older version of the Jets logo was used in the endzone (similar to the Raiders endzone and helmet logo in Super Bowl II)
  2. I made a couple updates to the Super Bowl III field: 1: Changed the Jets logo; there was a green outline, then a white outline, then a black outline 2: Added a black outline to the AFL logo 3: Updated the shade of green for the Jets endzone These changes were based on a video I saw recently (Top 10 most devastating Super Bowl losses I think); here are some stills form that video: Here are my updates logos (and endzone color) And a comparison between the old and updated version of the field: Old Updated
  3. I know how that is. The endzone font at Rice-Eccles Stadium looks like it would be a standard block font, but there's just nothing that matches exactly, so that was a by hand edit. Those end up being the most time consuming fields to make, because it's not just a cleanup or alteration of an existing font, but making based off referenced images, that may not give good angles. The design at midfield for the Titans 2000 Divisional game was probably the most challenging design to re-create for me at this point due to the distortion of angles on video, and poor video quality.
  4. Salt Lake Stallions Last field, and by far the most boring of the bunch. Not much they could do with the field other than what they did. Replacing the turf is impractical, and I don't think the school would allow the turf to be painted over. Even so, there would be either a lot of red to paint over, or blue endzones, and red sidelines.
  5. I'll be looking forward to it. Hopefully I can make new pages in the GUD when it comes back online to include the USFL fields in the not too distant future.
  6. Is this the same font the Bears used in their endzones for the same time period? It looks similar, but I can't tell for sure.
  7. Atlanta Legends Took me a while to get the numbers right on this one. Not a font used anywhere else. Another good AAF field. I love the use of the wordmark at midfield, and lots of color in the endzone. I'm still working on Salt Late, I'm just having trouble getting the exact font for the endzones. They are a standard block font, but I think I'm going to have to modify it by hand to get it right. The endzone font for the Utes isn't used anywhere else in school logos.
  8. Here is a post I made earlier describing what I did: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98529-super-bowl-field-database-super-bowl-liii/?do=findComment&comment=2430809 And another when later when I made more updates: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98529-super-bowl-field-database-super-bowl-liii/?do=findComment&comment=2518824 The thing that has helped me the most with texture was the scale of the fields. When I make them on my home computer they are a lot larger than what I post, so I can really include a lot more details at a smaller scale. But it was a lot of trial and error finding the correct texture, and the correct scale for the texture.
  9. Awesome! I haven't seen much of USFL fields, so I'm going to be really interested in this thread. I see the typical extra point line is at the 3 yard line, so I'm guessing the USFL took extra points / two point conversions from the 3 and not the 2? I never knew that. Michigan though did have some of my favorite logos from the USFL. Not all the teams went this far painting the field. One of the best things about the AAF is that they put a lot of effort into each teams logos and really good field designs where possible (Salt Lake of course can't paint over a sown in field).
  10. Great! I'm really intrigued to see the USFL fields. I haven't even looked into them much at all, so I'm looking forward to those.
  11. Interesting seeing the team logo box in the middle of the field. It almost seems like that makes a team logo a field requirement, but the Jets/Giants use the NFL logo, and the Browns went without a logo, and the Raiders go without a logo during baseball season. Interesting that the digram leaves out the width of the hashes and numbers. I remember seeing that in the rule book you sent me in the past. But the most interesting thing that I see here, is the width of the field. 150 feet. That looks like a typo, because football fields are 160 feet (53 1/3 yards). I don't believe that would have changed without hearing about it, because taking 10 feet, or 3 1/3 yards, off the field seems like a rule we would have heard about.
  12. @SFCOM1 these fields are great! I'll put them up on the GFD soon, but we are in the middle of moving to a different web server at the moment. Interesting to see how the placement and size of numbers has changed over time, and has become more standard. Same with the usage of hashmarks at the center of the field, and then later on the sidelines. Some fields, like Super Bowl I, even had the hash marks on the sidelines them selves within the think white strip, while others had the hashmarks on the outside of a thinner sideline.
  13. These look pretty good, but I think you're off on the size and positioning of a number of these logos. This was a playoff field for Houston in 1993 The font for the text in the endzones is the same as they're wordmark at the time, and I imagine this did not change between '93 and '95. I think you have a similar problem with the font for the endzone text for the Atlanta and New Orleans fields as well; they're close, but they the same as what was used on the field. The helmet logo at midfield was not as large as you have it. Same thing goes for the midfield logos you have on all the fields you've posted. The right logo, but far too large and not centered properly. The Miami field has some extra white around the NFL logo, and it looks like you have the placement of the logos in the endzone a bit different from each other, and slightly off. Looks like the AFC logo and circles in the endzones are slightly stretched also. These have been good fields, that cover the basics of what was on the field, and it gives a good sense as to what the fields looked like, but they just need some tweeks here and there to make them accurate.
  14. Memphis Express That covers all fields through the first two weeks. I have to say, there is a lot of effort that went into the field designs, and fully painting most of the fields, or at least filling out the endzone with some sort of design that represents each team in an individual way. I'd love to see this kind of effort in modern NFL fields.