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  1. 2002-2014 Detroit Lions Had some time to knock some fields out. I'd been missing the Lions form 2002 to 2014, so I got those done. 2002 2003-2005 (2006-2007 field is the same, but with the NFL logo at the 25 yard lines) 2008 2011-2012 (Note: the kickoff "x" was at the 30 yard line from 2009-2010, but is otherwise the same field) 2013-2014
  2. It would be interesting if they went with the full text, rather than just "Washington". It would certainly be unique. For Washington, it would be the first time they had fully painted endzones at their home stadium since 2011: But the last time they had team related painted endzones was in a Super Bowl. However, that was not at their home stadium for a home game. So it could be the first time ever they would have fully painted endzones at home. Also of note, the city name and team name would be in the endzone, and that is a rarity in the NFL. The Falcons are the first team that comes to mind, that did it for years, until they moved into their new stadium. Can't think of any others that have done that at the moment.
  3. With some new stadiums and team names coming for 2020, we should have at least 4 new field designs (assuming games are played). The Raiders field situation seems pretty interesting, because they planned for the field to be a retractable grass field, as we see in Arizona, but in the stadium, there is also an artificial field: Outside the stadium, there is the grass field: Which has also for some time been inside the stadium: What's interesting, is that in the first image, you can see the midfield logo for UNLV, who will share the stadium. So we know the Raiders have an artificial field, as well as UNLV. This leads me to believe that the Raiders will have a turf field, either during the college football season, or at least when UNLV and the Raiders have home games scheduled on the same weekend, to avoid using the grass surface on consecutive days. It will be interesting to see what happens, and we may not get the full field plan at Allegiant stadium until the 2021 season. The other thing of note is the number font. For the turf field, the number font matches the Raiders uniform number font, and has a black outline. It will be interesting to see what they do with the grass field, if they use the same number font. I'm guessing, for consistency, they will have the same field design for both turf and grass. In Oakland, the Raiders have had a recent history (2005-2019) of fully painting the endzones, and outlining the numbers and 20s/50 yard lines, which I hope they will continue to do in Las Vegas.
  4. So these uniforms may come in handy after all ....
  5. Looks like the Rams are preparing for ad space on their uniforms for the future ... But why, WHY is there ANY reason at all to include yellow squiggly lines on top of the ad patch!? What's the point! With all the bad there is on these uniforms, this just makes no sense, and I cannot see any purpose for this at all. Why is it needed? What's the point? WHY?
  6. 2002 NFL Playoffs Wild Card Divisional Conference Championships
  7. I'd say so, at least for some time. I'd make the outline of the AFC logo a bit thicker, so there's no green within the logo. The Browns also like to outline the numbers, and the 20 and 50 yard lines in brown towards the end of the year, which is always a nice touch.
  8. Given that the stadium ticket pricing fields on the XFL website were very accurate to what we saw this past weekend: It's safe to say that this is what we can expect for the other four remaining teams, or at least close to it (expect more on-field ads of course).
  9. Well, the fields are certainly no where near as good as the AAF, or NFL for that matter. Here's DC: I don't have a problem with the endzones too much. It would be nice to see them pained completely, but not many NFL teams fully paint their endzones either. The biggest issues are with the rest of the field. All the fields of the XFL have a similar layout as above. XFL logo at midfield, with the slogan, the three conversion x's, and the markings at the 30 and 35 yard lines used for kickoff/kick-return formations. Then of course, we have ads. The only field so far without the Progressive ads was MetLife Stadium (which is sponsored by another insurance company). From this point on, I may just post the fields in batches, since there's nothing interesting going on with any of them anyways. The first place fields will end up is on the XFL Uniform Database, if anyone want's to track them as I complete them.
  10. Super Bowl LIV Field Logos Midfield Endzones Teamboxes Numbers
  11. Super Bowl LIV: February 2, 2020 - Hard Rock Stadium San Francisco 49ers - 20 Kansas City Chiefs - 31 Field without teamboxes < Super Bowl LIII First Post Super Bowl LV >
  12. Looks good. The yellow in the Chiefs endzone was an odd color, as you've got above. Although, we didn't get to see it much, since all 6 touchdowns were scored in the 49ers endzone. I did notice that they added a very thin (about 2 inches wide) black line between the Chiefs teambox and the yellow line at the front of the teambox. I'm working on my final textured version; hoping to finish that up tonight.
  13. This is pretty awesome. I don't think anyone would disagree that this should be the Super Bowl logo for next year. I've always loved the style you have for the Super Bowl logos you make (by the way, do you have an archive of you past "improved" Super Bowl logo designs?) I really think you should give designing the Rose Bowl's 100th anniversary logo a shot: https://www.rosebowlcentennial.com/
  14. I'll add a little more to that Wondering what's on the numerals. To me it looks like the numerals are supposed to be made out of marble. That could also be a reflection of sea foam, but I'm going to go ahead and predict that it's marble, and that we'll see marble (likely faux marble) numerals in a field shot, similar to this. *** EDIT *** Additional promo material I've got no idea what those smudges on the numerals are, but someone's gotta clean them off before the game next year.
  15. This was while they were repainting. You can see where they have a lighter blue on the football, and the bottom left part of the image.