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  1. GSL International Series Field for this game courtesy of @SFCOM1 Team logos and designs belong to their respective GSL team owners
  2. Hey, do you still by chance have a high res transparent version of the Dolphins 70's wordmark?  Looking for it to finish a project for my son.  Thanks!

    1. pitt6pack


      I believe I do. Which wordmark? Early or late 70's?


      Also, what's your email address, so I can send you the files?

    2. Canephins




      Looking for this one but will gladly take both if you have them.  Funny thing, i had these same wordmarks as sheets on my bed growing up.  



  3. Wrapping things up for Super Bowl LV, here is the poster format I was working on: No scores added Scores added
  4. Also wanted to take a first crack at a Super Bowl LVI field, to see how the logo would look on a field I have to say, having more color in the logo makes a huge difference. The logo does come off a little odd looking, with all the color being off the vertical center, between the hash marks, but the color in the numerals is great. I think, this game being in a stadium with a roof, and on turf, will allow the field crew to get the gradient on the logo, and I think it'll look nice on the field. I'm hoping, in the future, they make the Super Bowl part of the logo color as well, one that would contrast the numeral colors. A navy blue would have been good for this logo, with Super Bowl in the same color as the numerals.
  5. Super Bowl LV Field Logos Midfield Endzones Teamboxes Numbers
  6. Super Bowl LV: February 7, 2021 - Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida Kansas City Chiefs - 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 31 Field without teamboxes Took me a while to get the Super Bowl logo correct. Since there was no gradient I had to basically edit pixel by pixel and match up with a bunch of reference photos and videos. < Super Bowl LIV First Post Super Bowl LVI >
  7. Yes, I agree. I feel like this will be a tough logo to paint on the field, but I'm not so sure that the NFL cares or really considers that anymore, since they don't really put as much effort into the field designs anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of the gradient, as they do sometimes, and have more solidly colored numerals and trees in the logo, in order to paint this on the field.
  8. Well, it's not good, but it's another step in the right direction. It's still based on the horrible template, but, the numerals are now in color, with city specific imagery included. If you didn't know where the game would be played, this logo would tell you LA or Miami, and that's a step in the right direction. I still think the logo needs much more color, and of course a move away from the template. I'd expect we see similar logo designs over the next few years, with the numerals including imagery based on the host cities of LA, Arizona, wherever Super Bowl LVIII end up, and New Orleans for Super Bowl LIX.
  9. My hope is that, maybe they had a logo for Super Bowl LVI, similar to the templated logos of the past decade, but they've scrapped it in favor of a different or re-worked design? I'm taking this as a positive, and hoping that this somehow means they are going to change the logo system. I've seen more and more in recent years, from regular, non logo watching people, about how bad the logos have been, and how corporate and indistinguishable they are becoming. Best case, we start getting logos that are more personalized to the host city. It could just be that they are behind on the logo process. I'm holding out hope for a new, and better logo system.
  10. Some observations from tonights game, and slight adjustments I will need to make: Super Bowl logo did not have any gradient painted into it this year. Some years they have (last couple years), other years they havent (XLV, XLIX). Also, Super Bowl logo hieght looked to be 20 feet tall, and width I can size proportionally to that. Also, there was some darker green paint between the sideline hashes, and the sideline (for visibility on replays for catches on the sidline)
  11. Here's a great overhead shot of the field:
  12. Really like this one. Reminds me a bit of Super Bowl IV. I had some concepts planned to do this years field "through the years", with the different field patterns through the years, but life happens and things came up, so that won't be happening anytime soon. I've loved seeing all of the concepts you all have been coming up with though, keep them coming! Actually, I'd love to see this field with the conference and Super Bowl logos switched, and outlined NFL logos if someone is up to it.
  13. Preliminary field replication: We will have to see what colors the teamboxes will be painted. My guess is the field here, but my hope is Chiefs red, and Buccaneers pewter. Would look much better.
  14. Looks like Chiefs in the left endzone, and top sideline, Buccaneers right endzone, bottom sideline: https://fox4kc.com/sports/chiefs/watch-end-zones-painted-at-raymond-james-stadium-in-tampa-ahead-of-super-bowl-lv/amp/ The Buccaneers wordmark is actually smaller than what they use at home, oddly enough. Chiefs endzone and sideline exact same as last year (although, the teambox is wider, but does not look taller)
  15. I just wanted to copy this picture here for my own reference, thanks for the link! This does confirm the larger team boxes for this year. Looks like I'm in the opposite boat as many of you, I think the Buccaneers white over pewter combo is the better one for them, and I think it matches up better to the chiefs red over white. I'd have to guess that, whatever tunnel the Buccaneers come out of at their home games, will be the same one they will come out of for this one. Endzones I think are still up in the air as to which team is in which endzone. Traditionally, the NFC should be in the left endzone this year, but the AFC has been in the left endzone 4 straight years, so the NFL could just be keeping that consistent for the near future, although, nothing about the Super Bowl fields has been consistent recently, other than they have been for the most part, disappointingly bland. The easiest way to tell if the image was form this year, or last, is if you see any black at the back of the endzone. In Miami, black artificial turf immediately starts at the back of the endzones. Tampa has all grass.