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  1. Very nice! I've been dreading having to figure out this font, so I'm glad you figured it out. Interesting that they kept the 2-point conversion line at the 3 yard line (the college distance of course) for this game. One small detail that can easily be overlooked, so good catch.
  2. I have some images for your 1996-1999 playoff logos, im trying to find the back bumpers for the 1997 playoffs the players wore with the Playoffs logo on them

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    2. TonyPaulis


      Ok, I posted everything you need basically , really the only thing that would need creating is the Wild Card weekend Logo, the Playoffs logo with the super bowl trophy and the playoffs logo with just the nfl logo and the destination san diego .


      I also found an Official 1996 Media Post season guide with the logos thus proving their all official


      If not is their anybody else you may know on the board with amazing expertise who would be interesting in doing this ?


      I have the Riddell logo and the 12 teams logos handled for the back bumper which I finally found


      Also for your gridiron database, is it possible to start a Back Bumpers page , to post the rear bumpers on their.


      Kind of shocked on the uniforms area the back bumpers on the helmets aren't listed along with the images of the uniforms, at least the Team name ones.


      I also have some decals images for deceased players and honored players and stuff but don't know where to post those







    3. pitt6pack


      Have you tried posting in the Requests section of the boards? I've gotten good help from there before.


      As far as the GUD goes, I don't make the decisions on what gets displayed on the uniform images, just the fields. I can say though, that adding back bumpers to helmets would actually be quite an undertaking, and would require editing every single uniforms image, which at this point is probably infeasible, given all the other work that is being done on the website.

    4. TonyPaulis


      requests section I will try to find it


      those bumpers for the 1997 playoffs were a 1 off thing by the league and Riddell


      they also put the super bowl logo on the back bumpers for super bowl xxxii



  3. When you can, please check my last PM. It's about my request, which I posted on one of your forum topics/threads back a few months ago. Thanks in advance and sorry just in case.

    1. pitt6pack


      Sorry, it's not that I've forgotten, I have way to much going on right now to do any field things in general. Maybe after my semester ends, but I know I'll have a lot of things to catch up on for the Gridiron Uniforms Database, so that takes priority.

  4. Saw your rendering of the Colts field. Where did you get your measurements from for that field? I am working on a rendering myself of 1 px = 1 in. Thanks for the input! 

  5. do you still have the NCAA field template (paint compatable)? if so, i'd greatly appreciate it.. Thanks!

    1. pitt6pack


      I do, but it is outdated. First thing, is since 2014 image hosting websites have restricted the size of images that can be uploaded in order to save themselves server space, and therefore money. My templates are to a scale of 1/2 inch = 1 pixel, which is an image of 9144x4344 pixels and is far too large for any image hosting site I am aware of. I am hoping to, in the coming winter break between semesters of grad school, to host my own web-server, in which I can serve half a TB, so I can distribute my templates and full sized fields to people who request them. I'm still a ways off, but I have sources to achieve that for free. As soon as I get that up and running I can get that to you. I've tried within the past week to get templates through email, but that also failed due to the size, but, if you need something of smaller scale I may be able to send something through. What size of image are you looking for? If I can make a smaller template I would gladly do it.

    2. WavePunter


      I'm just looking for something I can tinker concepts and mockups with.. If it's a paint file, would you be able to save it in sections and send it in separate emails? I don't mean to sound impatient, but if that would suffice as a solution (and assuming you don't mind), I can piece it back together in paint.. Also, if you have a viable, smaller version already available, that would do just fine.. Either way, thank you for the reply, and anything you can do will be greatly appreciated 

  6. Any luck messing with the other field combinations for Super Bowl VII I mentioned awhile back?  You've always done awesome work.

    1. pitt6pack


      I haven't gotten a chance to do much of anything field related in a while. Just don't have the time anymore unfortunately.

  7. Anyone know how to update signatures? I haven't been able to since the board updates.

  8. do you have the blank template for these fields? and also what do you use phtoshop? or paint or?  what i meant is where do you get the endzone logos or do you create each endzone?



    where do you get the field template? is there a link?

  9. hello great work with the field templates that link was borken do you have the actual "blank field link>?


    or even one with like the dirt field break down? thanks



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    2. gl49er


      thanks bud if you do upload the templates please send me the link my email is gl49er@gmail.com


      I meant the endzone logos that you created?  for the superbowl field templates?

    3. gl49er


      what i meant by dirt field is like a worn out muddy football field I am a niners fan so anything sf :}

    4. gl49er


      link to the 49ers endzone?

  10. All fields here, and more, can be found on the Gridiron Fields Database. Now that I've been working with the Gridiron Uniforms Database to help add fields to the Gridiron Fields Database I'll be starting to do some historical fields, along with the current ones. There are so many past fields to do, and they are time consuming, so at least to start with I'm going to do just fields for big moments in NFL history. So I'm starting with the immaculate reception game. I'll also be skipping the on-field logos portion, to save time and memory space. December 23, 1972 - AFC Divisional Playoffs Raiders -7 @ Steelers - 13 December 31, 1972 - AFC Championship Dolphins - 21 @ Steelers - 17 As always, if anyone wants templates or the full sized fields (9144 x 4344 pixels) PM me.