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  1. I hope the NFL go back to the footwear and sock policy pre will make uniforms stand out more
  2. The name plate.....The sleeve logo, the pewter is a lot darker
  3. The color rush set.....I gotta see it In game first to get a determination
  4. Madden 21 mix and match with the uniforms will be a treat
  5. At least Brady will look good in style and not play in those abomination of the previous threads
  6. The Bucs didnt just knock it outta the park they hit a Grand slam ........should have never changes in the first place....only thing I wished they should had a creamsicle alternate with the now new current template...I see they hoping to bring the creamsicle for 2021
  7. Like are some few suggestion twaeks..... Reverse the stripes on the blue pants Road jersey..make the horn BLUE with the yellow inside like the old ram jerseys Tv numbers on the shoulders The la and the ram logo inside the horns on the sleeves of the jersey
  8. Count the steelers not going back to block full time and it convincing the Broncos making the color rush permanent