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  1. what's the deal with with buster skrine's uniform.....from pants to socks
  2. I was hoping the chiefs go back to the end of the Montana era field art
  3. As image conscious the NBA is....I also can be a safety hazard also
  4. One day eventually........The NFL will get their act together and regulate on uniforms .... The last 3 years players have gone outrageous with their uniforms from cleats socks and not tucking jerseys....this is supposed to be the ultimate team professionalism in appearance.....I'm all for players looking good...but it's getting too high school harry ......get it together NFL That was a mistake by the nfl that they laxed the footwear and sock policy
  5. And red end zones at the end of the home schedule also like at candlestick
  6. I wish they would go back to it ....looks bad on television seeing different colors on players best
  7. Whoever did this must have some form of cte
  8. The only thing that is the same is eli manning facial expressions
  9. I was hoping they would wear it vs Detroit on thanksgiving
  10. All it needs is an aqua facemask
  11. I have to see them on the field first to give a fair assessment......btw the jets are "we are Marshall"
  12. The helmet design and logo looks like the ultimate warrior face paint and logo
  13. Add a little streak of tan...which would represent the color of beaches under the 54 Roman numeral....aside from it ...It looks good