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  1. I have to see them on the field first to give a fair assessment......btw the jets are "we are Marshall"
  2. The helmet design and logo looks like the ultimate warrior face paint and logo
  3. Add a little streak of tan...which would represent the color of beaches under the 54 Roman numeral....aside from it ...It looks good
  4. Absolutely beautiful......The NFL made a huge mistake with the standardized logo system....they need to do new playoffs logos....conference championship fact all of their event and special occasion logos
  5. The super bowls on the west coast had an intimate feel....sunny at the start .....shadows rolling in the 2nd quarter...sunset beginning at the third quarter and dark by the middle of the third quarter til the end of the game
  6. I hope the fans keep pestering to the rams heirarchy.......just add the throwback white to go along with the throwback blue and we have a winner
  7. I wish her the 100th logo would be on the left side chest on the jersey instead on the collar
  8. Amen to that brother thanks ...absolutely beautiful
  9. Great work with the what if super bowl fields........I am patiently waiting for the one with the mock logo and dueling helmets and the original rams nameplate...sorry to bug you lol
  10. I can only wish that was the actual logo instead of the generic trash the nfl rolls out every year
  11. Can you do one with the dueling helmets.....the original rams nameplate font and this custom super bowl shuffle winning logo by @logoroy
  12. Xvii jets vs redskins Xxi browns vs giants Xxxvi steelers vs rams