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  1. Love it brother......just love it ...Love the Hollywood theatre look and the half football underneath.... We truly miss the theme base concept of the branding of the super bowl....The primary logo with the trophy removed... the iconic Vince Lombardi trophy should be separated The big game should be a annual cultural extravaganza celebration They NFL needs to reemphasize the event as everything (and the game) I dont mind the trophy as a secondary logo or a 2nd and 3rd alt logo but the league needs to rid the trophy from the primary logo
  2. If I am the organization....I would make a creamsicle uni outta the current template an pair it with the white pants and orange socks.
  3. The banners inside and around the stadium was more creative and had more character than the logo
  4. Love the wall banners on the fascades...still miss the unique style theme logos ...they need to return as soon as the contract with the design company ends
  5. Love the helmet....horns is meh and everything else is a dumpster fire .....preferred the throwbacks with the new helmet shell
  6. The pewter pants looked good in the low sun setting and in the cold
  7. finally .....someone can do a proper concept of the color rush throwbacks for the broncos.....thank you very much.... Couple of things to maybe socks with the blue stripe for the home set and blue pants like the helmet as a alternate option
  8. All I need next is the browns brown top orange pants combo vs the chargers white yellow pants whenever they hook up..also get the corpses of dick enberg and Merlin Olsen and the old NBC logo from the early 80s then we have a winner
  9. Eventually the NFL will put an end tonthis.....I'm all for swag and looking sweet...but there is a line that needs to be drawn in the sand....professionalism needs to be restored at some extent
  10. The one nitpick I probably can point out is the NFL loosening the footwear regulations which imo was a major mistake....just to see the whole squad in the dominant or solid black shoe color or the opposite in white