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  1. The Broncos Changed In 97 And Won The Super Bowl in the same year
  2. Still had room for tv numbers on the shoulders
  3. I agree but it looks too little leaguish to me....I'm all about looking good and looking sharp and sweet...but there has to be a line drawn in the sand between professionalism and dressing up like a 90s music video made a major mistake in 2017 loosening the footwear and sock regulations last year
  4. Grey or burgundy......I prefer white number helmets over gold
  5. I dig these...on my post I also would like toned the gold pants as a alternate option and either a burgundy or a dark grey facemask ... I prefer white numerals over gold on the helmets
  6. Need gold pants and a burgundy facemask or the controversial color on this forum that starts with a G facemask
  7. Those thread would have looked amazing in the San Diego sun....but they decided to be 10th fiddle in LA ...but I digress ...nice threads anyway
  8. NNew uniform rankings 1. Chargers 2a -browns 2b -bucs 4 -colts 5 -patriots 6 -falcons 700,572 -rams
  9. my take on the rams pros and cons Final evaluation
  10. I hope the dolphins petition to the league to use both sets of the throwback uniforms as the primary home and away for 2020 season to honor shula
  11. Back to in market on topic......I hope they had to redesign the uniforms or made tweaks...based on the logo ...I am pessimistic about the look
  12. For the opposing team's gonna be a real was a nightmare in was a nightmare in SD at the end with opposing team fans (when San Diego people gave up on the chargers after the countless relocation threats after relocation threats) before then chargers hasd a base in San Diego. Now they are barely behind or ahead of the sparks in popularity not only in the market but the county...county
  13. Eventually they will force the spanos to sell like the nba did to sterling