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  1. Sadly this is the case. The Pistons seem to be doing everything for the Twitter Instagram crowd. I have nightmares about them going back to teal.
  2. Better than Jimmy Kimmel having a bowl.
  3. He's a lazy hack who hasn't tried in years and just pushes his merchandise.
  4. They did and it looks way worse.
  5. Lions finally released the numbers for everyone on the roster. A few vets took advantage of single digit numbers.
  6. I agree, the untouchable template with minimal seams all on the back are perfect.
  7. Reddit post with a snap of a cbs article saying orange will be the new primary. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet but we'll see.
  8. Damn straight. We have to stick together. Plus I'll take the word of those former players, coaches, and hall of fame voters in that video over some randoms on a uniform discussion board.
  9. There are plenty of people who think he should be in the hall. He even made the NFL networks top 10 not in the hall of fame. https://youtu.be/EhyE3lX30cE Also I don't know where you are getting this just about everyone gets in thing for the pro football hall of fame.
  10. They are opening up like that with the proposal.
  11. I have a feeling Arizona makes the switch next year. They say it's usually a 2 year process and Kyler voiced is displeasure in their current uniforms last offseason. So I have a feeling they maybe started the process.
  12. Lets just stop with the idea of this concept here, burn it, then bury it and never speak of it again.
  13. I absolutely hate the trend of no TV numbers in the pros. It makes uniforms seem a lot more amateur to me.
  14. I agree the stripes on the shoulders and the numbers on the sleeves were the better version before they moved the numbers and added the logo in the 90s.
  15. That's one of the reasons the Eagles stuck with the old template and materials when Nike took over at first. Nike couldn't make the color and still can't. Go back to kelly green.
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