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  1. Back to the 2000s ray rice days. Love this look.
  2. It's a bumper on different models of Schutt helmets, most teams make it the same color as the shell. Washington has had them the past few years.
  3. That's not why. Fire emojis from fans on Twitter and players believing the only thing you can wear is monochrome is the reason why.
  4. That looks way better than the current home and away. No gradient, and numbers on the sleeve without crossing over the stripe. Never been a fan of all yellow but still.
  5. Yep. They 100% are going to have a stupid "Hollywood nights" uniform.
  6. Exactly, celebrate a team that won something and actually looked good. They don't need to celebrate a team that got their asses whopped in the Finals.
  7. Teams have been rocking 90s era stuff or uniforms for the past few years now.
  8. No the Chargers don't need to drop :censored:. First off the Chargers have a long history of wearing all white. The rams have done it intermittently throughout their history. I'm getting real sick of the "Chargers need to do this do avoid confusion" bull. They look better and should wear what they want, the Rams are not the overlords of the NFL, they are not even a team 99% of this country gives a about. I will always agree that if anything they should be in San Diego.
  9. The athletic just posted an article on them and the choices they made. They also have free trials if you don't subscribe.
  10. Come on, we don't need that right now.
  11. This, 100% this. Even though I love the Chargers new uniforms not having them bothers me, and the Rams is even worse.
  12. No, teams barley have enough numbers in the 20s, and 30s to give to RBs and DBs.
  13. Every team says this when they get new uniforms.
  14. Yeah. The didn't unveil their uniforms until June of 2011. It was because of the lockout. I believe they wanted to have the players do it but they realized the lockout had a while to go and decided to have military veterans model the uniforms.
  15. A uniform released before the schedule? Well this is the first year in a long time the the schedule release wasn't the week before the draft. So yes almost every year we get the uniforms in the beginning to mid part of April. Before the schedule release. If you meant has a uniform been released after the schedule, the only one I can think of is the Bills in 2011 when they release them in June using military veterans because of the lockout.