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  1. It makes to much sense to wear them on Thanksgiving against the Lions.
  2. The Lions are wearing their throwbacks this week. I love these uniforms.
  3. Certain schools still mandate it as part of the uniform. Michigan is one I can recall off the top of my head. Even though a few guys will roll them down as the game goes on.
  4. Going off of this and the news of the Cowboys wearing Navy in Detroit then i'm going to guess the lions wear their gray color rush at Denver and home against Dallas.
  5. Where did I say anything about teams sticking to 2 uniforms? I have no problem with throwbacks, or alternate uniforms if they look good. I just despise these ugly 90s uniforms and said I can't wait for the trend to be over.
  6. I cannot wait until throwing back to these ugly, cartoon, 90s uniforms goes away for the league. We get it kids you like wearing throwback 90s jerseys to music festivals, please don't make us look at them on the court.
  7. NFL is white chinstraps only. I know Chad Johnson wore a black one before and maybe even a orange one. He obviously got fined.
  8. The VSR4 definitely looked the best. I have always hated how the original Revolution looked, The Revo Speed grew on me and the Speedflex actually looks good to me, but nothing will top the VSR4 and the facemasks that players wore with it, even if the Schutt Air lines use the same facemasks they looked better on the VSR4.
  9. "Unique doesn't equal good." This right here is a motto I live by. I can't agree more with that statement. If anybody wants teal Pistons or fiesta Spurs so bad they can go play NBA Live 98.
  10. That was my first thought. I wouldn't doubt if we barley see the whites this year.
  11. I couldn't agree with you more on everything, especially the basketball operations side. The alternates have been terrible. I want them to reintroduce the red badly, I would also love if the brought back the lightning bolt throwback or even had a bad boys throwback.
  12. No, never, I am a pistons fan who regularly tries to attend games, and I can’t tell you how upset I’d be to walk into the arena and see them wearing these. The Pistons, the bad boys, the goin’ to work squad are red, white, and blue. I know people complain and say there are too many RWB teams in the league, well they can change, the pistons are one of the NBAs oldest franchises starting in 1941, in Fort Wayne, before the NBA was a league. One of the best things I have seen on Twitter was when Ben wallace said how ugly those uniforms were and he wore them. I also want to add that Pistons players have been seen wearing them in the offseason or hanging around the facility wearing these the past few years. I’m sure they are Mitchell and ness shorts that the team has and the players take.
  13. This is true, but I believe the Cowboys did their 50 year anniversary in 2010 so I'd assume they'll be doing their 60 year anniversary next season.
  14. Along with the Pats, Bills, Jets, Titans/Oilers.
  15. UMass hasn't been in the MAC since 2015, I'm pretty sure they're Independent.