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  1. Right. This is a sports uniform board where we pay attention to the tiniest details in uniforms. Then all of a sudden people stop doing that just so they can complain. The Jets/Roughriders thing last year killed me.
  2. So the Bears shouldn't wear their traditional uniforms? Because Soldier Field after its ugly renovation looks like a UFO parked on the old stadium. I kind of get what you are saying but I don't think it matters. A team should try and look its best. EDIT I just saw your most recent post about the Bears. That is a fair argument.
  3. Okay I need to see this video. I'm up for a good laugh.
  4. If the Rams gave Eric Dickerson $100,000,000 in cash right now he'd complain it wasn't $100,000,001. The man complains about everything.
  5. The TV numbers are 26 because it is photoshopped.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if stuff gets delayed. During the 2011 lockout the Bills didn't release anything until late June, and with no players they had military veterans wear models the uniforms.
  7. When Joe got to KC 16 was already retired for a Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning QB in Len Dawson. A little different situation.
  8. I mean with every season more an more guys are being forced to switch. Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Joe Staley come to mind this past season. When Tom Brady is forced to switched you know its big.
  9. We need a dislike button for blasphemy like this. Suspend this man!
  10. Gray facemasks are the best. The saying should be changed from "The greatest thing since sliced bread" to "The greatest thing since gray facemasks" it only makes sense.
  11. Every team has their official release for new uniforms in April. Free Agency has cooled down, they get time to show off the new big name Free Agents in them. The schedule gets released that month so everyone is getting excited for the new year and they have plenty of time make sure they can show those draft picks showing off the new uniforms.
  12. The Rams COO talking about the new uniforms and the process.
  13. I wish my favorite team was only 20 years between playoff wins.
  14. Pewter and Red were introduced in 1997. The first 11 seasons in those colors resulted in 7 playoff appearances, 4 division titles (3 in the NFC South), and 1 Super Bowl Victory. That is a good run, and while the decade since then has been dark, Pewter and Red has seen way more success than Creamsicle Orange has ever seen, and I'm a fan of the Creamsicle.
  15. They had the toilet bowl for 2012 and fixed the collar to make an incredible uniform in 2013. Then in 2014 all hell broke loose.