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  1. I arrived with the party started but this topic is wonderful. Different and very professional. I will be very attentive to news. Congratulations!
  2. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for my design and congratulate the quarterfinalists. Great job! And now my votes: France #2 (by gswansea) Canada# 2 (by dsaline97) Denmark #2 (by MDGP) Brazil #2 (by timberwolf)
  3. Wales #1 (by gswansea) Morocco #2 (by Jake3roo) Ecuador #2 (by dsaline97) Denmark #2 (by MDGP) Serbia #1 (by dsaline97) Argentina #2 (by lightning25) Brasil #2 (by timberwolf)
  4. 1st: Uruguay #2 (by Jake3roo) 2nd: Brasil #2 (by timberwolf) 3rd: Suiza #1 (by lightning25) 4th: Serbia #1 (by dsaline97) I agree with what was said previously: the level in this competition has been very high. congratulations to all for your designs! See you in the playoffs.
  5. 1st Canada #1 (by gswansea) 2nd Canada #2 (by dsaline97) 3rd Costa Rica #1 (by MDGP) 4th Marocco #2 (by Jake3roo)
  6. 1st Denmark #2 (MDGP) 2nd France #2 (gswansea) 3rd Saudi Arabia #1 (dsaline97) 4th Australia #1 (GriffinM6)
  7. Congratulations to the qualifiers! A really good job. Lets go for the next one.
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