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  1. LOOK AT HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS! McCarthy hit on something here...
  2. Browns -6 currently from what i've seen
  3. Except the Jags look really good, and the Browns tried to fix what wasn't broken. They need to be the Browns.
  4. The color is amazing... The design is... lacking
  5. Those Oregon unis weren't black? Could have fooled me.
  6. I'm not saying iut because i hate the Rags with a passion and fury of a thousand hells... The rangers regular set is one of my absolute favorite sweaters (i'll never wear it, but still) LoL The Lady Liberty jerseys were just a mess, and the logo wasn't much better. Much like the pooh-bear, that belongs in the late 90's and no where near 2019...
  7. As a New Jerseyan? I mean... i don't think there's a whole lot anyone from this state identifies with symbolically. If you ask North Jersey, they'd say smoke stacks and traffic, the Shore would say traffic and BENNYs, and south Jersey would be a mix of farms and multi-million dollar houses. Yes, we have a state flower, state bird, state tree, etc... but if you asked the person on the street they wouldn't know what those are. LoL So, as with anything, i tried to simplify, and make something recognizable to everyone while not being a heraldic crest or spelling out "NEW JERSEY" on the flag. I revisit this and my other state flag ideas periodically and do other versions to see how it plays...
  8. It wasn't a lighting bolt. Was meant to be a abstract representation of the state. Here's another take...
  9. You must get big mad when you see the KISS logo then, eh?
  10. New Jersey flag concept:
  11. Miami needs to compromise...
  12. Two observations: 1: I wish like hell the Blues still had their gold numbers 2: Mike Yeo is a f██ing terrible coach
  13. 2009. I still hold a grudge. (Also I miss the Whale) Go Bruins