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  1. I wouldn't mind even something like this... but even this won't happen. The Super Bowl fields under Goodell have become so boring, and do not have the "look" of the ultimate championship game of the sport.
  2. wouldn't the enzones be reversed? seeing as the Chiefs had the left endzone last year?
  3. I think, for the vast majority anyway, "acceptance" isn't an option. It's now trying to find a way to tolerate the look for 4+ more years until a redesign can happen, but this whole scheme they decided to go with isn't going to be accepted at any point...
  4. It's a high-gloss helmet... it's the shoulder of the jersey reflected in the helmet.
  5. Historical context. Clean. Better than the branding it is replacing... I don't see the "bad" here... but i mean.... if that's your opinion, cool...
  6. The Chargers have won the off-season branding/uniform changes...
  7. People complain about the measures being taken, and they'll laugh when the Wuhan virus isn't as apocalyptic as they thought it would be... and they'll never grasp that it was the measures taken now that stopped it from being so so much worse... Social media is a disease as much as COVID-19 is...
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