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  1. People complain about the measures being taken, and they'll laugh when the Wuhan virus isn't as apocalyptic as they thought it would be... and they'll never grasp that it was the measures taken now that stopped it from being so so much worse... Social media is a disease as much as COVID-19 is...
  2. You mean the Redskins?
  3. I can see the argument for Lazy... but in general, it's just bad. It's a bad design. The first incarnation of this system was bad. The second incarnation of this system is also bad. It's just a bad looking logo and design, and to continue with bad design for the sake of "Branding Consistency" is no excuse. Several other leagues and organizations (NCAA FInal Four comes to mind) have been able to implement a system that allows for consistent branding while also adding in unique design elements each year, to provide an overall better visual experience while not diminishing the brand or good design. How, or why, the NFL has failed to do this is beyond perplexing, but acting like there is no issue with the current NFL "Championship" brand (Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, AFC/NFL Champ., Divisional Round, Wild Card, Playoffs) is absurd.
  4. JQK

    Super Bowl IVXX

    I get silly when bored... Here's a play on words...
  5. Could have been so much better... It doesn't look like a championship... it looks cheap, slapdash... *sigh* At least we got the yellow endzone...
  6. The wordmark is red for the chiefs it looks like... which means yellow gold endzone
  7. Is there a chance it's just the logo for San Fran? I'd rather both have a helmet but since it's clear KC wont have a helmet, maybe we can get some sort of consistency and have just the logo for the Niners as well...
  8. So this is what we may be looking at....