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  1. Colors - Navy Blue - Lightning Green - Electric Blue - White Logos - Primary: A firefly (or lightning bug), the state insect of Tennessee - Alternate 1: Interlocking BR logo with a neon sign inside
  2. There might be some other schools in some other place that take on an Abe Lincoln persona in some other state, but we'll have to wait to see. Also I really wanted to have a school be able to honor Native Americans, thus LeRoux was named for Danny Little Bear. In the end of the series (whenever that may be) I'll definitely come back and create some rivalry series amongst some teams from different conferences that will most likely include one surrounding Abraham Lincoln with teams from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.
  3. The reason is because the county Hodgenville is in is LaRue County, named for pioneer John P. LaRue, who settled with his family in what would become Hodgenville. John LaRue's family is then traced back to Abraham LeRoux, who moved from France to the US in the late 17th century.
  4. Colors - Millwood Brown - Dolly Gold - White Logos - Primary: A screeching eagle, much like the roller coaster riders at the nearby Dollywood amusement park. -Emblem: A cleaned up version of the three stars found on the Tennessee state flag on a roundel shaped after the Old Mill.
  5. Colors - Grizzly Tan - Chocolate Brown - White - Bright Turquoise - War Paint Orange Logos - Primary: Yelling bear with pain under the eyes in reference to Danny Little Bear's Native American heritage. Some Notes The stripe is the crossing of bear scratches, as seen on the football jersey sleeves. Every sport has a turquoise alternate to celebrate Native American history and heritage.
  6. When the Spanish were exploring a route to their New Spain capital, they thought the Blue Ridge mountains were connect to the mountains in central Mexico, where the Aztecs where. So Aztec and Appalachian creates apptecs.
  7. Colors - Cardinal Red - White - Appalachian Green - Avocado Green - Carolina Gold Emblem - The mounds found at the Joara-San Juan archeological site with a sun carrying over from the athletics stripes as well as the founding year in the custom font. Logos - Primary: A person in a traditional Aztec headdress, but as a cardinal, the state bird of North Carolina. Based on these logos. - Alternate 1: A feather a, inspired by the Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves logo and uniforms.
  8. Colors - Hubble Blue - Mission Purple - Stardust - White - Galaxy Logos - Primary: A galaxy swirl in the shape of a G Football The stadium is sponsored by Kansas City Southern Company's Kansas City Southern Railway , a railroad transportation company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The uniforms are mostly plain, letting the star galaxy yoke and stripes shine. The home uniform is usually as shown, but the white shell with the primary logo can be worn as well. The away uniform is usually blue/white/blue, but can have either white helmet and the white pants worn as well. The home alternate is worn as shown on Galaxy Gameday, the day that honors Edwin Hubble, the inspiration for the Galaxy team name. The away alternate is usually blue/stardust/blue, but can be worn with the stardust pants. Basketball The arena is sponsored by O'Reilly, the auto parts store based in nearby Springfield. The uniforms use the star galaxy pattern in the the side panels, bounded by three stripes of the non-base color. The designated home uniforms continue using the galaxy based coloring, while the designated away uniforms have the innermost outline in galaxy. The blue and purple uniforms can both be worn at home and the stardust uniform is the go to light away uniform, when needed. Hockey The uniforms continue with the star galaxy pattern on the lower sleeves and the breezers, in the form of the basketball shorts side panel. The other design element is taken from the basketball piping, the three stripes, for a more traditional hockey feel. Baseball The stadium is sponsored by Ameren, a power company based in St Louis. The uniforms do not use the star galaxy pattern, but do use the three stripes used in basketball and hockey. The home and away uniforms can be paired with three hats, the blue/purple for games with blue base layers, primary purple/blue for purple base layer games, and the blue/blue for weekend night games. The blue alt when worn on the road is paired with the secondary purple/blue cap and the blue pants. When worn at home, it is paired with the home white pants and the blue/blue cap. The purple alt can also be worn home or away, with the normal pants, and can be paired with the blue/purple or primary purple/blue.
  9. Colors - Bell Gold - Bootheel Brown - Ringing Orange - White Logos - Primary: A cracked, ringing bell, based on the accounts of the December 16, 1811 earthquake ringing bells all of the way in Richmond, Virginia - Secondary: The 'Quakes wordmark showing the shearing effect some fault lines use when forming an earthquake. Football The stadium is sponsored by Enterprise, the car rental company. The uniforms are mostly traditional, minus the fault line shoulder caps. the design is meant the emulate the university emblem where the stripes are being sheared by the New Madrid fault line. The pants carry over the fault line in the same manner as the helmet stripe and the socks have the stripes from the shoulder caps. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Mayflower, the moving company famous for moving the Colts to Indianapolis is based in the St. Louis area. The home and away uniforms are split colored, separated by the New Madrid fault line stripe, with the shorts being different colors front and back, also separated by the fault line. The alternate emphasized orange more and is used for orange ribbon games, which raise awareness for things such as leukemia, gun violence, and multiple sclerosis. Hockey The home and away uniforms are more traditional with a hem that features the shearing effect and the arm color blocking that features the fault line. The alternate is more of a stadium series design with the angles wordmark logo and numbers, as well as the split coloring. Baseball The stadium is sponsored by Panera Bread, which was founded and currently headquartered in the St. Louis area. The home and away uniforms feature traditional baseball colors of cream and grey, along with the sheared arm striping and fault line pants striping. The alternate is split colored and has the bell hats and helmets to match.
  10. How so? like this: 7 9 or rotated 90 degrees
  11. Colors - Prairie Blue - Maroon - Steel - White Logos - Primary: A Frankish warrior, in a style similar to the Minnesota Vikings logo - Secondary: Crossing axes, called franciscas. University Emblem - A shield based on the Porsche logo, but with the aforementioned franciscas and the duck image found on the Stuttgart, Arkansas welcome sign. Football The stadium is sponsored by Riceland, a business located in Stuttgart and is the largest rice miller and marketer in the world. The football uniforms use two distinct striping patterns, both based on the font. The primary jerseys have shoulder stripes that ended up being a love-child of the classical Jets uniform and the UCLA stripes. The helmet and pants stripe is simply putting two of the jersey stripes together, and voila! The alternate jersey just moves the shoulder stripes to the shoulder caps. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Windstream, a Little Rock based communication and managing services company. The basketball uniforms use the helmet/pant stripe, but separated. The asymmetrical approach was inspired by the current Memphis set and the blue/green Hawks uniforms. The alternate uniform drops the side panel and pants logo and instead uses a harness pattern, similar to the T-Wolves and Wizards. Hockey The hockey uniforms carry on from the basketball alternates, with the harness pattern being used on the sleeves and the football jersey stripe being used on the hem. The breezers and socks use the basketball stripe, with the breezers using two stripes and the socks using three. The alternate uses the same separated stripe on the shoulders and arms, alluding to the baseball sets. Baseball All of the uniforms use racing stripes on the shoulders, and continues down the side of the pants in the form of thicker side stripes. The away set blue, like the powder blue fad in the 1970s MLB, as well as the maroon alternates similar to the old Phillies uniform. There is a total of four cap options, two blue and two maroon, the only difference being each color has a primary logo option and a secondary logo option. All of the caps can be worn with any of the uniforms, but the primary cap is always the color of the wordmark and with the primary logo (primary blue with home and alternate, primary maroon with away).
  12. Here is the barbed piping, I kept it all the same color because the color blocking looks off otherwise.
  13. Colors - Rancher Red - Navy - White Logos - Secondary: An HD cattle brand, inside the state outline of Oklahoma (the left side of the H is meant to be a lowercase f). University Emblem - The emblem is a wagon wheel (frontier spirit of the state) and feathers (Native American history/ references the dreamcatcher on the state flag) inside a shield. Football The stadium is sponsored by Sonic, founded in Shawnee and headquartered in OKC. The football uniforms use a "barbed" stripe motif. The stripe is present on the shoulder caps, helmets, and pants. The stripe for football is also the only one with shadowing, like the numbers and wordmark. The throwback uniform replaces navy with baby blue and uses more traditional designs. The only helmet design not shown is the navy helmet with the red facemask, which could be worn with a red over red uniform combo. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Love's, a truck stop/gas station company founded in Watonga and headquartered in OKC. The basketball uniforms use the same stripe, but the two outer stripes are intertwined and are two different colors. The throwback uniform has sublimated baby blue pinstripes and the numbers and wordmarks are straight red. Hockey The hockey uniforms use the same stripe as basketball and also uses a phantom arm-length yoke. The throwback takes inspiration from the similarly named New York Rangers and defunct Philadelphia Quakers. Baseball The main sets all use the same pants and come with four different cap options. The pants stripe uses the same stripe as the rest, but is single colored and with no shadow. All of the jerseys have the front numbers enclosed in the state outline, but only the throwback has the numbers inversed.
  14. Wellington, Kansas was named after the Duke of Wellington, why I am not sure. So thus the team is named the Dukes. The Chisholm Trail was a big cattle drive route from Texas to Kansas City, which was a major boost to the city during it's inception. Colors - Navy Purple - Trail Orange - Silver - White Logos - Primary: The American Bison, royalty of the Great Plains. Also, bison are kind of similar to cows and Wellington, Kansas - Beef Wellington, you get the idea. - Secondary: Hooking bison horns, creating a C and a T. University Seal - The seal has the full name and the founding date. The emblem is a sunflower, symbolizing Kansas as the sunflower state and it also represents a sun, because education and guiding light. Football The stadium is sponsored by Black & Veatch, a Kansas City area EPC contractor. The football uniforms were really inspired by the current Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms. The sleeve design incorporates three of the colors in a thick, thin, and in between swoops, replicating the shapes in the secondary logo. The pants have are similar but are more traditional and use the conventions of in between stripe, thin silver, thin blank, thin silver, thick stripe. The helmets are purple shell and white facemask and orange shell and grey facemask. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Embarq, a subsidiary of Lumen (formerly CenturyLink), which is headquartered in Overland Park. The basketball uniforms use under arm details like the football shoulder stripes and pant design based off of the football pants stripe. The away and alternate uniform use a stacked CHISHOLM TRAIL like the OKC Thunder, mainly because Chisholm is so much longer than Trail. The alternate also completely eliminates silver. Hockey The hockey uniforms use the pants/shorts stripe as the hem and sock stripe, with the sans silver being carried over as well. The main sweaters have a shoulder yoke based on the football shoulder design, while the alternate has a solid purple yoke. Baseball The home and away sets each emphasize a certain color. The home primary and alternate jersey emphasizes purple and would be paired with orange compressions when paired with the purple or orange caps and white compressions when paired with the white caps. The away sets is a flip-flop of that, with an emphasis on orange and primarily purple compressions, with silver compressions being used when paired with the silver cap. The white and silver cap use the university emblem to create a more retro vibe and would be worn on Sunday day games.
  15. Colors - Lumber Green - King's Gold - Char Black - White Logos - Primary: A tree stump wearing a crown - Secondary: An interlocking SW for Southwest inside an O for Ozarks. The basic shape of the shield comes from the font and the university emblem and it is topped off with a crown on top to tie in the kings identity. - The tertiary is somewhat of a partial from the secondary logo, but with the addition of green jewels and the bottom of the crown has a less severe curve. The tips of the crowns are meant to be saw teeth. University Seal - The seal has the official name of the university (Southwest Ozarks University of Arkansas), and the main emblem, which the athletics use at times, is a mix between the north star and a compass rose point to the southwest direction. This ties into the school motto "Shining the light to guide your way". Football The stadium is sponsored Daisy Outdoor Products, which is a local company that sells outdoor goods and fires arms, as well as operating a museum in Rogers. The football team has three helmet shell options, and five options total when stickers are included. The green and gold shells can have their stickers interchanged while the military green helmet always stays the same. Each one has compass rose award decals on the back and a thick center stripe down the middle. The military green helmet is also unique in that every helmet comes with a blackout package and has a matte finish. The home uniform is like the other dark colored jerseys in that it uses all four colors. It has black and gold trim with the crown sleeve caps and the arching LUMBERKINGS on the chest. The numbers have a sublimated tree ring pattern and the pants have the same thick stripe as the helmets, but is topped with a crown at the hip. The away jersey is in the same style as the home, but sans black. The military alternate is meant to honor the military and is worn during home November games and if there is a home game during the weekend nearest 9/11. The military green is Lumber green mixed with 10% King's gold and is the base for the helmet, jersey and one of the pants options. The shoulder caps and pant stripe use the university shield as inspiration (the sublimated stripes and compass rose/north star). The helmet logo also has military green where the gold usually is to "camouflage" the logo. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Tyson Foods, a Fortune 500 company based in Springdale and has a distribution center in Rogers. The basketball uniforms are similar to the football ones. The home is yellow, similar to the Lakers, and has no black. Also the stripe down the sides of the jersey and shorts is outlined in white, ending with the crown at the base. The whole uniform also has a sublimated tree ring pattern and a Tennessee Volunteersesque double-arched wordmark around the numbers. The away is the same, but has a green base and is sans white. The military alternate uses the pattern of the football sleeve caps all across the uniform and the numbers and side stripes have sublimated compass rose/stars in them, like the football numbers. Hockey The jerseys have a mashup of striping. The arms have gold crowns at the hands and color blocking going up to the elbow area. The hem is just a single, thick stripe. The homes utilize all of the four colors, while the aways don't use any black and have a green shoulder yoke and hem section. The alternates use the same base striping as the basketball alternates, and only uses the crown near the hands for arm striping. Baseball The baseball park is sponsored by Arvest Bank, a bank based in Arkansas All of the uniforms have Lumber Green pinstripes and the home and away don't use any black at all. I also made all of the jerseys two-buttoned pullovers. Nothing too exciting, except the military green helmet is matte, like the football version.
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