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  1. Colors - Lumber Green - King's Gold - Char Black - White Logos - Primary: A tree stump wearing a crown - Secondary: An interlocking SW for Southwest inside an O for Ozarks. The basic shape of the shield comes from the font and the university emblem and it is topped off with a crown on top to tie in the kings identity. - The tertiary is somewhat of a partial from the secondary logo, but with the addition of green jewels and the bottom of the crown has a less severe curve. The tips of the crowns are meant to be saw teeth. University Seal - The seal has the official name of the university (Southwest Ozarks University of Arkansas), and the main emblem, which the athletics use at times, is a mix between the north star and a compass rose point to the southwest direction. This ties into the school motto "Shining the light to guide your way". Football The stadium is sponsored Daisy Outdoor Products, which is a local company that sells outdoor goods and fires arms, as well as operating a museum in Rogers. The football team has three helmet shell options, and five options total when stickers are included. The green and gold shells can have their stickers interchanged while the military green helmet always stays the same. Each one has compass rose award decals on the back and a thick center stripe down the middle. The military green helmet is also unique in that every helmet comes with a blackout package and has a matte finish. The home uniform is like the other dark colored jerseys in that it uses all four colors. It has black and gold trim with the crown sleeve caps and the arching LUMBERKINGS on the chest. The numbers have a sublimated tree ring pattern and the pants have the same thick stripe as the helmets, but is topped with a crown at the hip. The away jersey is in the same style as the home, but sans black. The military alternate is meant to honor the military and is worn during home November games and if there is a home game during the weekend nearest 9/11. The military green is Lumber green mixed with 10% King's gold and is the base for the helmet, jersey and one of the pants options. The shoulder caps and pant stripe use the university shield as inspiration (the sublimated stripes and compass rose/north star). The helmet logo also has military green where the gold usually is to "camouflage" the logo. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Tyson Foods, a Fortune 500 company based in Springdale and has a distribution center in Rogers. The basketball uniforms are similar to the football ones. The home is yellow, similar to the Lakers, and has no black. Also the stripe down the sides of the jersey and shorts is outlined in white, ending with the crown at the base. The whole uniform also has a sublimated tree ring pattern and a Tennessee Volunteersesque double-arched wordmark around the numbers. The away is the same, but has a green base and is sans white. The military alternate uses the pattern of the football sleeve caps all across the uniform and the numbers and side stripes have sublimated compass rose/stars in them, like the football numbers. Hockey The jerseys have a mashup of striping. The arms have gold crowns at the hands and color blocking going up to the elbow area. The hem is just a single, thick stripe. The homes utilize all of the four colors, while the aways don't use any black and have a green shoulder yoke and hem section. The alternates use the same base striping as the basketball alternates, and only uses the crown near the hands for arm striping. Baseball The baseball park is sponsored by Arvest Bank, a bank based in Arkansas All of the uniforms have Lumber Green pinstripes and the home and away don't use any black at all. I also made all of the jerseys two-buttoned pullovers. Nothing too exciting, except the military green helmet is matte, like the football version.
  2. So for Saddle Cross I changed up the pants and breezers for the home and alternate sweaters. I also thought that the alternate needed to be more than just a simple color swap, so I added an extra stroke of cream to match the hem stripe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as I said, I am not going to replace the tertiary but just nixing it. Here is the flame, which would theoretically be used for merchandise like hats, shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts, etc. and for media posts like announcements or flyers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I decided to use two different approaches for the alternates. For football and basketball I am going to call the uniforms "Ominous Glow", or a green to indigo gradient jersey with green pants/shorts. For hockey and baseball I simply put an emphasis on the green. Hockey gets a squared-off yoke and wrist and hem stripes to match. The numbers on the arms also moved up and the back numbers are now green with a violet outline. Baseball now only has one alternate, the violet one with more green. The green cap can be switched out for the violet cap if wanted and the same for the socks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm currently working on the next team for the Ozarks conference, but if there are any suggestions for any previous posts, I'm all ears.
  3. Other than adding a shamrock or the ND on the hat and making what’s black navy, I think it looks good.
  4. My only suggestion would to have color inside the pants stripe on the black pants. I’d try gold/white/teal/white/gold, g/b/t/b/g, or t/g/w/g/t. I might also add a stipe of color in between the gold stripes on the shoulders to match the numbers (white on the teal jersey and vise versa on the white Jersey). Those suggestions aside, this would be a welcome change that would be a nice evolution/devolution from the current set to the inaugural set.
  5. I would wonder how replacing the apostrophe with a fleur-de-leis for either identity would look. I also think adding a horse racing design to Louisville's elephants would be a cool local tie-in.
  6. I think if a new supplier was to enter into college football uniforms, they would be smart to begin at the high school all-star games. They are able to spend up to a year on a single uniform set and are able to be as out there with their designs and not get too much flack for it. If they get in a few cycles of making those uniforms, they get in with the high school/ college athletes and can then enter the college football scene. It also allows them to get their feet wet without getting into a decade long contract worth millions of dollars in merch and gear. I'd also agree that Puma has the most realistic shot at being a uniform maker as they are currently getting into the basketball scene and are established in other sports like soccer.
  7. If moving striping from the cuffs to the shoulder caps is a "major change", then wouldn't changing the primary home uniform constitute as a major change as well? Even if that weren't the case, the Cowboys redesigned in 1996, beating out the Broncos
  8. George W Malone was a civil engineer and politician born and raised in Fredonia, Kansas. After his death in, he had a college named in his honor in his hometown whose athletics teams are named in honor of his first profession. Colors - Graphite - Work Site Blue - White Logos - Primary: An engineer at a work site, wearing a hard hat, with the body cut to resemble a shield - Secondary: Two compasses stylized as a M, with "g" and "w" in the top grips University Seal - Interlocking compass, pencil, and ruler inside a badge based on the Spanish Mission architecture of the school, with the initials above Football The stadium is sponsored Freddy's, a frozen custard and burger chain restaurant founded and headquartered in nearby Wichita. The endzones have the wordmarks in circles, like the tertiary logo and akin to Virginia and Mizzou's diamond endzones. The uniforms use a ruler stripe on the helmet, shoulder caps, and pants. The chest and right hip has the tertiary logo and the top of the shoulders has the secondary logo. Basketball The arena is sponsored by Evergy, the company resulted from the merger of two energy companies founded in Topeka and Wichita and currently is headquartered in Topeka and Kansas City. The uniforms keep using the ruler stripe and also uses the primary logo on the waist band. Hockey The uniforms use the ruler stripe on the hem and socks, and use a variant in the color blocking on the arms and on the bottom of the breezers. The sleeve color blocking was inspired loosely on the Penguins and Golden Knights and the pants striping wanting to change things up a little bit. Baseball The baseball park is sponsored by Lee, the jean and denim brand that was founded in Salina, Kansas. The uniforms are a little less traditional for baseball. The wordmark is the tertiary logo with "gwm" in the circles for the primary two uniforms, and the third jersey has the front number in a circle with the primary logo opposite on the chest. The arms have the ruler stripe near the cuffs, and the pants and socks also use the ruler stripe. The graphite and blue jerseys with matching caps are rotated in at home for half the games (25% for each jersey) and the other half of games going to the white jerseys, all jerseys being paired with the white pants. The graphite and blue jerseys also split time as the away uniforms, always paired with matching pants and contrasting caps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put the home sweater with the brown breezers and the alternate sweater with the orange breezers to see how it looks. I might put together some mockups of a few different equipment colors to see what you guys think is best. However I don't think I will change the away combination because there isn't a whole lot of brown present and I think that will look odd, but I'll try it just to see. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I didn't see anything off for a long time until realizing what you meant. But I think I figured it out and am just going to use a partial logo of the green flame seen in both the primary and secondary logos and the MU logo is only used on the baseball caps and really doesn't mesh well with the identity anyways. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, the idea was to have a night/big game uniforms with the indigo uniforms. I'll play around with the green a little bit more and will definitely try to mix it in with the indigo more for the alternate uniforms. I might experiment with some gradients and tie dyes, hopefully without looking like yogurt or high waisted pants - cough, cough.
  9. For the Siena logo, my only suggestion is to not use black in the wordmark. I think that the green, yellow, and white is a better combination. For the Mississippi Valley State logos, my only suggestion would be to try to give the new devil the goatee the old devil has, just for a little bit of continuity between the old and new. Other than that, you have some more really good logos.
  10. I think minor changes mean template changes, i.e. the Panthers last year going from the Reebok template to the new Nike template, or small patch/word mark/ logo changes like the Patriots changing the chest word mark to the current arched PATRIOTS from the script Patriots. Although I could be wrong, but that is what “minor changes” would mean to me. If that is the case, the Colts would probably be considered a redesign because a whole new number font was used, new logos were added, and the anvil-forge-Nikespeak black was added to the away uniform.
  11. Well I didn’t know the NFL was any different, but to be honest I have never seen an NFL offensive linemen be so aggressive on a RPO that they would be any farther than a few yards downfield by the time the ball is thrown.
  12. I think they have done that this year due to COVID, at least they did that in Florida for the high school teams so that we could be more socially distant.
  13. I’d say both are really good, it really depends on what you want the demeanor of the dog to be. The one on the left seems more confident and almost cocky, whereas the one on the right is the more traditional angry, snarling look. I think the expression on the left is more unique in today’s logos, so that’s the one I would probably go with.
  14. The Chiefs and the Steelers patches aren’t as bad on their primary uniforms because they’re mostly white and the jerseys are either white or have a lot of white near the patch. The Jags have a mostly gold logo patch on jerseys with no gold anywhere else.