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  1. I think the alternate H is james hardens shoe logo, since he is signed with Adidas and they are also the outfitter of MLS, it would make sense.
  2. Since you are basing this uniform off of the neon lights in Las Vegas, how would it look if you had a white jersey with darker yellow to symbolize the neon lights when turned of during the day and then the team could wear them for some day games.
  3. That Jamestown Tech secondary is the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  4. Grand Valley doesn't change too much, adding a new striping pattern, new script (let me know how it looks, it's the first one I've done), and a new baseball template which I traced from rsaline's baseball template. Football - New alternate helmet - New striping pattern Basketball - New Bobcats script - New striping pattern - New color blocking for alternate Hockey - Diagonal striping replaces arm color blocking - New script on home and away helmets, alternate jersey Baseball - Jerseys, not vests - Two new hats - New script, striping patterns For Comparison
  5. Emerging from the depths of the Chattahoochee River, the Chasers. Colors - Bronze - Chaser Charcoal - State Silver Logos Seal - A modified version of the the seals used by most schools in the University System Of Georgia, with an added cheetah head. Primary - The primary is a cheetah that is in the "chasing pose". It was clearly influenced by SMU's logo with its front and back legs towards each other. The team name was chosen simply for alliteration's sake. Secondary - The secondary is the head of the cheetah in the primary. Tertiary - The tertiary is a cursive C Field - Built alongside the creation of the school's academic buildings, Zaxby's Stadium opened up for the Chaser's inaugural game in the 2006 season, where they promptly went 1-9. - Hybrid of Kentucky bluegrass and dark green artificial turf. Uniforms - Chattahoochee State can gloat about being the only school in the Atlantic Gulf to have never changed their uniforms. Now, this is also because they are the youngest school in the AUIA, but that's here, nor there. The original coach/athletic director, Dan Reaves wanted a traditional look like all the other teams he coached. So Nike looked at some designs from other teams, and came up with this UCF-Jaguars mashup. The stripes are technically double stripes, with the cuff acting as the third stripe. This ingenuity allowed for a reasonably sized chaser to be placed on the shoulder caps. The rest of the uniforms follow a simple set of rules: 1. Numbers match stripe color blocking, 2. colors match cuffs, 3. pant stripes match corresponding helmet stripes. They were also one of the first teams to experiment with alternate uniforms, having the gold jersey and silver helmets in 2006, then adding the the silver jersey and charcoal helmet in 2007. All of these elements are interchangeable, although the silver/white/silver has yet to be worn. Court - Also built prior to the 2006-2007 season, it replaced the City of Cusseta civic center that was demolished to allow for the building of the university. It is open to the public for all non-game nights, however it still is like any other small college basketball arena with concession stands, team stores, etc. However, it is one of the only, if not the only to have a full, commercial gym and an Olympic sized pool underneath the playing surface. Uniforms - Dan Reeves also wanted the uniforms on the court to remain traditional. So, Nike once again turned to a professional team, this time with more of a storied history. The piping mimics the piping used by the Boston Celtics, only having been updated to fit each new uniform template. Uniforms - Nike was allowed to go a bit more "out of the box" with the hockey uniforms. They went for clunky sleeves and clunky striping. The look was inspired by the old penguins uniforms they had worn when they won the Stanley cup finals. Also with these uniforms, they added a slightly tweaked the traditional striping pattern, going for the same exact 5-stripe pattern worn across all uniforms. The alternate was added later in 2016, going with a simple diagonal "CHASERS" and more traditional striping. Field - Another 2006 build, Chattahoochee State Park uses the same hybrid turf as the football field and local Georgia clay base paths and warning track. The park logo is the same as their famous cheetah print sign that won awards for the best designed sign in all of college athletics in 2006. Uniforms - Baseball also went for a traditional look, with a bronze/charcoal cap with the script C, and matching collar and cuff striping. The home and away are identical, except the home is white and the away is silver. The alternates are also traditional takes with the script C over the heart and three stripe piping. The two alternate uniforms are also identical, except where bronze and charcoal are swapped. The hats are interchangeable, as all uniforms use enough of each bronze and charcoal to still look good.
  6. Yeah I know it wasn’t needed but I thought that for a team with a bit more “exotic” color scheme, it would kind of work.
  7. And we're back! Here is an update to the ECNM Roadies. For this one, I felt that the Zia stripe motif was a good idea, however it came out kind of amateurish. So this time I decided to go a little more traditional along with replacing the sandy, "Yucca" color with white to kind of brighten up the whole look. Football - Now has three helmet designs - Full length striping - Side shadowed numbers - Turquoise features a third color Basketball - 3/4 framed striping - ECNM on road, side shadow numbers and wordmarks - Turquoise features third color Hockey - Shoulder and arm yokes - Side shadow numbers Baseball - Pinstripes for home and away - Two new caps, one white and one navy billed - Alternate is Navy-Turquoise with white accents For Comparison
  8. While I like the lightest maroon, the WTF maroon I think would be unique across all major sports. Also you could try to say it’s a mix of Duke, UNC, and NC State if you were attempting some Nike-speak.
  9. Auburn home uniform is looking a little the other orange and blue team in the sec.
  10. I think that if you added more red in the primary, maybe in the bottom between the legs of the k, and more blue in the secondary in the form of maybe a thicker outline or in shading on the tower. Other than that they’re both very well done and compliment each other nicely.
  11. I think the turkey print stripe would look better if they were offset, to resemble the turkey walking.
  12. To get that Durham bulls feel, how about having the Buffalo emerge through the roundel.
  13. It’s supposed to be a take on the dragon from the welsh flag.
  14. So after spending a week on vacation, here is a school from the Hilton Head, SC area. Colors - Wren Brown - Atlantic Blue - Black - White Logos - Seal: Combination of Clemson and Coastal Carolina's university seals - Primary: Carolina wren - Secondary: based off of the liberty SC flag with the palm column on the water from the seal - Tertiary: the palm column on the water from the seal Field - Built along with the the campus, has undergone two sets of renovations, increasing capacity from 50,000 to 65,000, to the present 87,000. Uniforms - In 2016, Carolina Atlantic signed a ten year deal with Nike and they came up with the tapered stripe to evoke the tapered streak of the Carolina Wren. In 2019, Jordan Brand took over as the uniform sponsor, where they emphasized the light blue more as an homage to Michael Jordan's alma mater by adding new blue helmets jerseys and pants. Along with the emphasis on blue, they also added black to the uniforms, as it had always been present in the logos. The white helmets and pants can and have been worn with all of the uniforms, whereas the blue helmet will only be worn in the combinations of blue/brown/white, blue/white/blue, or blue/white/white. The equipment staff has also been known to switch up the decals on special occasions or just randomly. Court - The AVX Arena wasn't completed until 2006, as there were some eminent domain issues that weren't settled until 2004. This led to the basketball team having to play at the local YMCA, where they saw immense success. Thus, when they moved into the on campus AVX Arena, they maintained the primarily brown court from their YMCA days. - Uniforms: When the Wrens switched to Nike, they decided to stay away from the tapered stripes and kept their tradition striping, similar to what the baseball team dons. However, when Jordan Brand moved in, they finally gave in and took the tapered stripes as apart of their identity. Like football, they added a new blue uniform under Jordan, however, they had already incorporated the black back in 2016, and got an updated black set with Jordan. Ice - Since the Hockey team shares their home arena with the basketball team, they decided to mimic the basketball court by using the secondary logo at center ice, and made it their own by using Atlantic blue for the blue details. Uniforms - The hockey team didn't begin until the new arena was built in 2006. Due to their lack of history, they decided to mimic the look of the closest NHL team, the Atlanta Thrashers. They took the stomach stripe with the triangles and ran with it up to the Nike switch. When Nike came in, they introduced sleeve yokes reminiscent to the thrashers using the tapered striping seen on other sports uniforms. They also updated the triangle stripes to be colored just like the tapered stripes. When they then switch over to Jordan Brand, they introduced contrasting shoulder numbers and a new blue jersey that emphasized black to go with their new black pants. Field - Built along with the football stadium, the field has had the palmetto branches since the first game to remind everyone which Carolina the Wrens reside in. Uniform - Having previously worn rather bland white and grey uniforms before Nike, they decided to keep them in 2017. However, when Jordan Brand took over, they decided to play around and experiment more by introducing a blue away set, a brown jersey, and Washington Nationals inspired jerseys, all the while keeping their traditional striping, but instituting some black.
  15. Also if you were to put anything in the middle, it would hide the pentagon shape the points of the stars make, which is probably another reference to generals.