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  1. I read the story about this specific game - the player's own shorts (which were long, but not THAT long) were blood-stained, and this was the only available pair he could wear. They look like they are for someone a foot taller than him.
  2. The most defining feature of a basketball uniform is a unique number. By rule, it needs to be instantly legible so a player can be identified. Any other markings on a uniform are not important as long as one team contrasts with the other. If you remove a number's outline (if it has one) and there's not enough contrast to see it against the main color of the jersey, it's illegal, regardless of what the NBA wants to create.
  3. Didn't see this anywhere else, so apologies if it's a rehash... NFL ends licensing deal with Under Armour - UA brand will no longer be visible on field at end of year
  4. This would happen in pretty much every year in the NBA and NHL where there's more than one rebranding/uniform change, since each team plays the other at least twice. In the MLB, it would happen any season within the AL and NL, since each team plays all other teams within the conference for at least two series. Less so for interleague matchups. The NFL would be less common, unless it happens with multiple teams within a division, as team schedules are based by record, then a four-year divisional cycle. MLS is frequent since with teams change at least one uniform set every season. Less if you're talking about more thorough rebranding.
  5. I saw a Mussina-Pedro matchup at Yankee Stadium back in 1999. Both had at least 12 K's, with the Yankees winning 2-1. Probably the best pitching matchup I've ever seen live.
  6. The Steelers and Rams used to have Yellow as their primary jersey color, at least going back to the early 60s. I dont know if Wyoming uses yellow jerseys...possibly as an alternate, with brown being the primary.
  7. Thank you for the follow up. I know a lot of NBA arenas also host NCAA and high school games. Wasn't sure how many have specific separate courts for those. I'll just keep watch here for your drawings.
  8. Question for you...not sure if you've already worked all the 2020-21 courts, but how many courts have you seen with the inner and NBA free throw lane markings? Seems like more courts are just showing the wider NBA lanes, but Boston, Miami and Chicago always had both HS/NCAA and NBA markings, and Miami (based on your drawing) even has distinct lane colors separating the two.
  9. I will admit I did a bit of auto tracing at times when it came to some of the social justice logos/patches and other memorial stickers. Sometimes teams just don't want to show good closeups of things, like the Marshall 1970 fountain memorial helmet sticker. It was introduced this year, but not identical to previous stickers. I just could not find a great reference.
  10. I really like this logo, but not for their soccer team. I've never heard any snow-related reference to the soccer team at all, so the snowflake feels very out of place. And unless you're speaking French, "Club Foot" is a medical condition, right? At least make it Club de Football. Still better than the Revolution though.
  11. Gah. I'll fix it this week. Needed some time off.
  12. College Football Playoff National Championship Alabama 52, Ohio State 24
  13. Allstate Sugar Bowl Ohio State 49, Clemson 28 Outback Bowl Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20 Playstation Fiesta Bowl Iowa State 34, Oregon 17 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Kentucky 23, North Carolina State 21 Capital One Orange Bowl Texas A&M 41, North Carolina 27
  14. Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Mississippi State 28, Tulsa 26 AutoZone Liberty Bowl West Virginia 24, Army 21 Vrbo Citrus Bowl Northwestern 35, Auburn 19 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Georgia 24, Cincinnati 21 Rose Bowl Game Presented by Capital One Alabama 31, Notre Dame 14