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  1. There was also a team out of the Portland area called the Maine Freeze. I liked this logo. At that time, the women's league was smaller and more geographically centered, so many of the women's teams were affiliated with some semi-pro men's teams.
  2. I believe the Renegades originally started as the Boston Militia. The Militia went undefeated a number of seasons, but ended up folding when it became too cost-prohibitive to field a team. It was a semi-pro league, but with the closest teams in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., it became too expensive to absorb all the travel and insurance costs. Before becoming the Renegades, some players spun off from ownership to form their own team, the Mass Mutiny (no logo found). I knew a few people who officiated some Militia games.
  3. Made them myself, a combination of templates found here, and from UA/Adidas catalogs.
  4. It's actually just an Aztec calendar. I found a vector that was very similar to what they were using.
  5. I did this before in the past, then decided to work them up again this year. Also had a little Twitter promotion from the mothership and UniWatch.
  6. It's a nice idea, but it still looks too much like the 250th anniversary of MLB. And with your lockup, it looks like 25 when you add an icon to the zero, like the fireworks. The Red Sox celebrated Massachusetts' bicentennial in 1976, and there was no reference to MLB: Since it's not an MLB-specific anniversary, I think it sends a mixed message by including the MLB logo in it.
  7. Pretty much up until the abundance of sports magazines and the movie "Major League", I always thought the Indians were purple and red, not navy and red. I believe I have the Topps company to thank for this insight...
  8. But for football, only 8. And there were always rumors that St. Anselm would drop to D3 for lack of competitiveness. My college officiating organization covers both D2 and D3, and with 2 less D2 teams, that's more people fighting for assignments.
  9. So, I entered. Just threw a few things together. One is a modernized version of the kelly green era, the other a little more "out there" with the introduction of sky blue, a scheme influenced by Tulane University.
  10. With Merrimack and now LIU (Post) moving to the FCS Northeast Conference, the NE-10 is going to be the NE-8. There are not that many D-II programs in New England, not sure right now who will replace them for football.
  11. Not showing up for me. Is this it?
  12. It might be the shade of silver, but it seems to vibrate against the orange. I think the baseline scripts and icons inside the center court logo would look better with white outlines than instead of silver.