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  1. But I was born in Malden. #NotAllBostonFans
  2. The only difference between AL and NL is the DH. Get rid of the DH, but split the league into traditional AL/NL teams like it is in the NFL. You can still have traditional divisional rivals, but keep the inter league play, and keep the umpire roster like it is now as well (no AL- or NL-specific umpires), The game is different than it was in the past - teams spend millions of dollars on a pitcher expected to throw sometimes less than 15 pitches in an appearance, And good starting pitching is also expensive and somewhat rare. Why risk these pitchers injuring themselves at something that’s not their primary use? The game has evolved - players are bigger and faster, and pitchers throw harder than everm due to specialized training. You can still play small ball without waiting on your pitcher to lay down a bunt, and I don’t think there are many fans excited to see a .195 body in the lineup.
  3. While this could be considered an emergency rescheduling, moving the game to San Diego would mean the city has hosted the game 4 times in 43 years (1978, 1992, 2016, 2021), while some cities in that time frame have only hosted it once (Milwaukee, Baltimore, Boston, Oakland).
  4. To be honest, I don’t even know if the draft is live at one location like the other major sports. MLB has its draft during the season, and I’d wager that most of the draftees are playing somewhere, whether it’s in NCAA or other summer collegiate leagues. I’m not sure why the draft would have to move beyond league headquarters,
  5. Maybe it depends on the strength of the players association, or how much the cause directly affects it players or league personnel. One would think the MLK issue would affect a higher percentage of league players/personnel than LGBTQ, but both causes were strong enough for the respective leagues to either not choose the state for the biggest game of the year, or pull out entirely.
  6. So, Coke is an official sponsor of the Braves, and is the beverage provider for the stadium. However, Pepsi is the official soft drink of MLB. For an MLB-specific event like the All-Star Game, how does this work? Are all Coke signs covered, and no Coke signs visible at the concession stands? Do they stop serving Coke during the event itself? Sort of a tangential argument - fans and players may boycott the Atlanta-based company (and others like Home Depot, Delta, Cox, etc), but would they really lose much money from the game itself if they're not part of the official league brands?
  7. San Antonio is allowing fans, correct? For the host cities like Indianapolis and San Antonio, you might say that since all the games are being held in one city, the amount they lost with less fans during the Final Four itself might be balanced by the additional weekends and games in the host city. Instead of the final 3 games, you gave 67. Maybe it depends on venue - Butler University is a private institution, so maybe revenue isn't shared as if it were a state-owned site like Indiana in Bloomington. My guess is that the MLB All-Star game might bring in more revenue than an NHL/NBA All-Star Game due to the number of fans/tickets at the game and skills competitions. Baseball stadiums would hold at least twice as many fans as an arena, maybe almost 3 times. From past experiences, it's mostly local fans that would come into the city for the "fan experience" events and NOT attend the game itself, so while you may have 50,000-60,000 fans over that weekend, less than a third would be people traveling 2+ hours to get there. So 2/3 of the fans are not really providing extra tax money from air travel or lodging. I don't know where the majority of the money that is generated for All-Star games comes from - I could not find a good breakdown beyond broadcasting and commercials. Random articles talk about extra money for small businesses, restaurants, shops and hotels, but I've never seen real figures. While many arena are considered public buildings (even with corporate names), they still have some ownership group behind them that would be paid by the league to host the game itself, and it's up to the city's tourism and convention bureau to promote the available lodging and exhibition spaces to host other ancillary events.
  8. ReverseRetro™, now in a can.
  9. I read the story about this specific game - the player's own shorts (which were long, but not THAT long) were blood-stained, and this was the only available pair he could wear. They look like they are for someone a foot taller than him.
  10. The most defining feature of a basketball uniform is a unique number. By rule, it needs to be instantly legible so a player can be identified. Any other markings on a uniform are not important as long as one team contrasts with the other. If you remove a number's outline (if it has one) and there's not enough contrast to see it against the main color of the jersey, it's illegal, regardless of what the NBA wants to create.
  11. Didn't see this anywhere else, so apologies if it's a rehash... NFL ends licensing deal with Under Armour - UA brand will no longer be visible on field at end of year
  12. This would happen in pretty much every year in the NBA and NHL where there's more than one rebranding/uniform change, since each team plays the other at least twice. In the MLB, it would happen any season within the AL and NL, since each team plays all other teams within the conference for at least two series. Less so for interleague matchups. The NFL would be less common, unless it happens with multiple teams within a division, as team schedules are based by record, then a four-year divisional cycle. MLS is frequent since with teams change at least one uniform set every season. Less if you're talking about more thorough rebranding.
  13. I saw a Mussina-Pedro matchup at Yankee Stadium back in 1999. Both had at least 12 K's, with the Yankees winning 2-1. Probably the best pitching matchup I've ever seen live.
  14. The Steelers and Rams used to have Yellow as their primary jersey color, at least going back to the early 60s. I dont know if Wyoming uses yellow jerseys...possibly as an alternate, with brown being the primary.
  15. Thank you for the follow up. I know a lot of NBA arenas also host NCAA and high school games. Wasn't sure how many have specific separate courts for those. I'll just keep watch here for your drawings.
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