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  1. I was officiating a basketball game when I found out.
  2. BFBS was generally brought out when a team either added a black jersey when one didn't previously exist, or introduced black to its color scheme just to sell more merchandise (because black merchandise sells). A team doesn't necessarily have to have worn a black jersey to be BFBS, but it's a big indicator. Starting with the Gretzky-era Kings, I think the leagues saw huge potential marketing opportunities with entertainers who wore black on stage and in videos, especially rap acts from California. For MLB, I would include the Royals, Mets, Rangers, A's, and Marlins. The original Marlins were Teal, sliver, and black, but before moving to the dome, they emphasized black and silver over anything else. I find it hard to include the Reds. Most people seem to associate the Reds with the Big Red Machine era, but between the 50's and 60's, they sort of bounced between navy and black for contrast with the red. I believe the vests with names under numbers era was red and black. You could also say the movement started with the White Sox, who seemed to change uniforms and logos every season in the 70s and 80s. But in all those looks, they wore various shades of red and blue. Then they moved to a much more drastic change of black and silver, worn to this day. For the NBA, up until the expansion era there weren't many teams wearing black through the late 80s except for San Antonio and Sacramento. But Miami and Orlando came in with black jerseys, then league-wide more teams started wearing alternate jerseys that include a black set. Chicago is one, for example. Vancouver had a black set. Phoenix did as well. Philadelphia and Washington both revamped their schemes, with Philly more of a BFBS (red, white. blue, and black). Washington changed their uniforms (and name) to match their arena cohabitants, the Capitals, with both teams going blue, black and bronze (a dual BFBS). By the mid 2000's, the majority of teams had either a black alternate jersey, or added black to its scheme. The NFL has a bit more control over its teams' color schemes and looks. The only teams I can think of that added black jerseys where none previously existed were Arizona, Philadelphia and Jacksonville, but all three did have black already in their palettes,. I think Baltimore had a black jersey earlier in the franchise's existence. For the NHL, I'd say Buffalo and Washington were BFBS when they had major redesigns. Possibly Anaheim as well, when they moved away from the DIsney-era look. Carolina's look made sense - hurricane flags are red and black. But the black alternates were more recent. There may be teams I'm missing. And I won't get into the NCAA - too many teams and sports to cover those that added black for no reason.
  3. I think it's some form of Antenna.
  4. Don't care what the logo is, I just want them to go back to making basketball and cleated shoes.
  5. Deadspin was one of my staple sites. Would go there multiple times a day, along with some of its sister sites. If I wanted strictly sports news and box scores, I'd go to ESPN. I enjoyed the side snarky commentary. I'm really disappointed that I won't get to read any of their stuff for a while, and not likely collected in one place in the future. It's very ironic that of all the sites reveling in the downfall, it's another site with "sports" in its name that is basically the exact same thing, but with a very pro-MAGA bent—Barstool. (See also Turtleboy Sports if you live in Massachusetts). Portnoy is a huge misogynist douchebag, and his site caters to that crowd. So it's fine that they co-existed. But out of the crawlspace come all the other MAGAheads supporting Portnoy and laughing at Deadspin's demise. Deadspin really didn't have one face behind the name like Barstool does. And while it was definitely the polar opposite of Barstool, the most visible name that was currently writing on it was likely Drew Magary. But, like many of the other writers, Drew also posted on other sites. He wasn't strictly Deadspin. Unlike Portnoy, who is 100% Barstool.
  6. Arial Bold Italic, then distorted a bit.
  7. What's your user name on dribbble?
  8. I also have one that's soon to expire.
  9. I like the CBS versions, but the timeouts are hard to pick out. I would like to see something indicating which team has possession, and the down/yds to go.
  10. The Inom Pigs are my favorite baseball squadron.
  11. That's just the font "Matrix". Phoenix isn't known for modifying the three or four fonts in their library outside of bevels and arching.
  12. Maine and New Hampshire seem to have some unique names... Maine: Maine Maritime Mariners Colby Mules Bowdoin Polar Bears University of New England Nor'Easters St. Joseph's College Monks U-Maine Black Bears U-Maine Augusta Moose U-Maine Machias Clippers U-Maine Presque Isle Owls Bridgton Academy Wolverines NH: Colby-Sawyer Chargers Dartmouth Big Green Franklin Pierce Ravens New England College Pilgrims Rivier Raiders Southern New Hampshire Penmen
  13. I had an idea in mind, but this is pretty much it. The University of Memphis has used tiger stripes on its sleeves for a few seasons now, and I think it would be a cleaner look for the Bengals. With the exception of the number font, you've matched my idea, so there's no need for me to enter
  14. I couldn't read the letters right away. First thing I saw was an F and an L. It's also not instinctive to associate wrought iron with lawn care.
  15. Smaller can, fewer cups, probably same price.