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  1. Arial Bold Italic, then distorted a bit.
  2. What's your user name on dribbble?
  3. I also have one that's soon to expire.
  4. I like the CBS versions, but the timeouts are hard to pick out. I would like to see something indicating which team has possession, and the down/yds to go.
  5. The Inom Pigs are my favorite baseball squadron.
  6. That's just the font "Matrix". Phoenix isn't known for modifying the three or four fonts in their library outside of bevels and arching.
  7. Maine and New Hampshire seem to have some unique names... Maine: Maine Maritime Mariners Colby Mules Bowdoin Polar Bears University of New England Nor'Easters St. Joseph's College Monks U-Maine Black Bears U-Maine Augusta Moose U-Maine Machias Clippers U-Maine Presque Isle Owls Bridgton Academy Wolverines NH: Colby-Sawyer Chargers Dartmouth Big Green Franklin Pierce Ravens New England College Pilgrims Rivier Raiders Southern New Hampshire Penmen
  8. I had an idea in mind, but this is pretty much it. The University of Memphis has used tiger stripes on its sleeves for a few seasons now, and I think it would be a cleaner look for the Bengals. With the exception of the number font, you've matched my idea, so there's no need for me to enter
  9. I couldn't read the letters right away. First thing I saw was an F and an L. It's also not instinctive to associate wrought iron with lawn care.
  10. Smaller can, fewer cups, probably same price.
  11. Stay tuned for the Faucet City Kitchen Sinks, coming soon to a ballpark near you.
  12. ...and one last graphic to close out this thread.
  13. Gotham Black - it's more than just a typeface.
  14. I thought it was done by Pentagram. Was TFJ working or commissioned by them at the time?
  15. Check out Bill Henderson's MLB jersey style guide book. It covers all teams from 1970 to the present, and goes into great detail with all the jerseys regarding NOB, NNOB, different name lettering, nameplates vs. no nameplates, etc.