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  1. Look how awesome that looks. I am glad they went back to green helmets. It makes me happy I want to breakdance!
  2. Now that is pure awesomeness! I want to see more of this uniform! Awesome!
  3. Their pants were suppose to be yellow-gold. Beige was never the pants for those uniforms.
  4. EWWWWWWW! No! Rams do not need chrome helmets! That is a no-no! Anyone who makes chrome helmets for the Los Angeles Rams will see me rage so far into orbit!
  5. Get rid of the orange helmets. Get rid of the collar and keep it plain if going that route with the collars, no need for a collar like that. Also keep the orange numbers with seal brown trim and ditch the orange pants for the home look if white helmets and go with white pants. On the orange jerseys, they look alright even white lids, orange tops, and orange pants would be my dream color rush!
  6. Whatever dude. I am not trolling, it's just the team itself I just lost interest in. Nothing new comes from the Browns franchise!
  7. I listed the better ones. Read it better or get some reading glasses! That comment just made me even angrier because you put words in my mouth and I never said that you!
  8. Nicely done, Chargers! Power blue home and all white roads should be the direct go to uniforms this season!
  9. Thumbs down. Seen it too many times! Done to death! Green Bay, the Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys (1964-1980 and 1981-1994 road blues and navy blues respectfully), DA BEARS, the Miami Dolphins (throwbacks <3), the 49ers (to some degree), the New York Giants (if they start putting blue on their road whites), and the Houston Texans can pull off a better simple design without ugly colors to hinder it useless!
  10. No. I just lost interest in the Browns since they just continue to choke. I love the Rams in Los Angeles. Rams should never return to Cleveland at all. That city is a city of losers!
  11. Yeah, I would love to see Browns fans riot like wild animals! I would love to see people cry when the orange lids are GONE! Hahaha! I would love that kodak moment!
  12. I think it is time for them to change. I mean they really need to ditch the orange helmets. It's the 21st century and they need to leave the past behind. Going back to white helmets would make good creations on the end of their design and possibly create many ideas for different types of Browns jerseys to come. I mean the orange helmet had so many variants that it has gotten to where they are out of options to make a nice set with the orange lids. It's time to use white lids and become creative. Imagine white lids with an orange jersey? I bet Bucs fans could never pass that option up!
  13. Nice little touch to this uni. I like the purple pants! If black, black, and purple would look very good with this set. But you did a wonderful job with it!