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  1. I would fix those logos or use Adobe Illustrator. But if Paint is the only thing you got, then I do not know what to say.
  2. I like what you did for the St. Louis Cardinals uniforms. Very sweet.
  3. I agree. I like this combo, but hey the all white looks good too.
  4. I seen the orange helmets before. Could it be, I like it.
  5. Golden. I like it a lot! Man, good job.
  6. That looks good. Emerald green and wine needs to be used someday. Good combo!
  7. Now we can see the difference between the Giants and Orioles. I like this and you did a good job with showing the brown tops. Very well done.
  8. @Dan O'Mac It looked horrible plain, so I did add a logo to it. Here is what all sides look like, I like the brownie brown color. I could go back to burnt orange with it, but it would mud the color up. So I kept the orange that I used from their 1999-2004 colors. The brown was shown on Colorwerx as their 1975-1983 (?) type of seal brown (?) That confused me big time as I thought it was slightly darker than that.
  9. I probably will. Looks very dull without the logo. I am finishing the side. Already finished the rear view of the helmet. I might put the B oval logo in it. But yeah.
  10. If I were you, I would sort of saturate the sand on Arizona since it's not that bright. I love the St. Louis Blues blue and yellow. Just awesome. San Jose looks awesome with teal and silver. Keep up the good work!