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  1. Looks really good by the way. This should of been the uniform design!
  2. You know ABC and ESPN is own by Disney now, so yeah.
  3. Kroenke is mostly hands off. Just like some old school CEO, Owners, presidents, etc, they were hands off.
  4. Ohhh. 1973-1999 look with yellow alternate would work
  5. Oh, makes sense. Well, I guess some people seek attention.
  6. Thank god they got rid of that :censored: uniform they had for awhile! Back to something great.
  7. What?!!! Who in the hell said that? Streetwear? NFL jerseys as streetwear? Sounds like gang banging territory to be prefessionally honest.
  8. Color scheme makes since because it reminds me of the black and orange 1926 Los Angeles Buccaneers NFL team that folded after 1927.
  9. Yeah, that pair is what I wanted. Something similar to University of Michigan, but with royal blue and yellow-gold.
  10. Well, I like the blue and yellow gold, but the bone uniforms need to be consistent. I guess they added white just to show that bone is an off-white color. Well, no need for that!!! Why not just update the 2000 St. Louis look with royal blue and yellow-gold. The helmets are better now. No more navy lids on royal blue jerseys like 1973-1999 with that inconsistency.