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  1. davidson


    Been a while since I posted anything here, but I thought I'd share this fun little test piece I made recently. Im lucky, I get to work in sports through the animation work I do, but it means I don't get to do a whole bunch of logo work these days. in response to the Washington rebrand, I was interested in the Redwolves mascot name. It gave me an idea for a concept that sought to source a little of the old visual equity without a specific reference to native people. I understand they likely want a clean break from this, but this was just a thought experiment. My rationale is that there are multiple pirates and crossed swords in the league, why not multiple arrow heads? Anyway, the aim was to make a fun rebrand video (I'd love to get back into more sports branding in that regard) and feature a quick logo design. My uniform is terrible, so anyone who wants to take a crack at making a better version, go ahead. If I get time, Ill retexture the player with a better design. Link to the associated video posted to twitter below. Hope you like it.
  2. I always worked in animation, but running a studio means I spend less time in sports these days. Although we do a lot of work for the NFL, UEFA, Team Canada, ESPN etc by way of our animated work. cubstudio.com I own a company that creates Automated content for social media, rendering in the cloud. Again, got to work with some cool clients. moshare.co.uk Still do the odd bit of branding work via my industry friends, Joe Bosack, TJ Harley and a couple others. Got to work on the Alliance Football branding for Joe most recently. It’s hard to work in an industry that’s an ocean away and sports is a tough one to crack as it’s so small.
  3. First four teams released: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dmjyFlWV/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dg3jFxrl/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dYAmlXuJ/?taken-by=theaaf https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn8dJ9BFdKb/?taken-by=theaaf
  4. Yeah, I don't know why a branding exercise should require a press release explaining its intent. It should either perform the job you are stating it does, or (like this) you somewhat undermine yourself by making confusing or conflicting statements.
  5. Hey Davidson, I am new the forum so pardon the request if you have posted it on here somewhere but could I please get a link to download your psd helmet file. It's the best one around, by far!

  6. If you have to read through the rationale for the brand to have a better understanding of it, to what extent is it representative...? I'm not big into the 'core values' of companies (who would describe their brand as not 'inspiring'?) and Im highly dubious that a branding company can express such concepts in the way they seem to feel they can. I agree, the marks don't seem connected to each other or the nature of their application. It seems a bit odd that they slightly hint at 'O' shapes... I dont get the connection to the wordmark It seems a large part of any big brand refresh/ exercise these days comes as part of its rational. Much of that has to do with the self promotion of the brand team. Most of the images in that piece feature those people... Thats fine as long as the brand works in its environment and as a stand alone symbol to the consumer. I guess this might?...
  7. ooh, nice job on this. i like the reflections on the decal.
  8. I was slightly unlucky in terms of getting sorted into the 'pool of death' situation, the other 3rd seeded teams in each pool being (Japan, Georgia and Italy), but unfortunately for England, there are now 9 or 10 decent teams plating in world cups with the likes of Fiji, Samoa and Japan throwing up the odd upset now and again. If you have serious designs on winning a world cup, you should be putting away pretty average teams like Wales.
  9. Yup, silly. Big potential market.