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  1. I'm so happy you've continued to work on this, Pascal! Corinthians FC looks just like the real-life Sao Paulo Corinthians, so I don't know if that's intentional, but I'm enjoying the series. Keep it up!
  2. I remember seeing the Arrows, Owls, Hammers and Colts logos over on Twitter and really liking them. The Cranes, Owls and Arrows are my favorites. Looking at them again, Pohang's branding doesn't look as bold as the others. It might be because of the Hammers having a thin font in black with a thin red outline with only the yellow inline trim across the bottom of the text to make it stand out. That text looks like it bleeds onto the black ring, and unlike Ulsan's where we also see black text over black, the white outline used on the Arrows logo is bold enough to stand out as a strong look. I think having a bolder font or even swapping around the colors on the Hammers text could help them out. I'd love to see your takes on potential expansion teams outta the NPB down the road.
  3. Hey, Hugo! Good to see you continue putting out these great concepts! Just one thing about Kensington. I noticed in the club bio, the owner liked fencing. Were fencing swords, in this case dual rapiers or even sabers considered for the badge? Keep up the good work!
  4. I've made a first draft of a new football uniform template from scratch. The uniform's based off the Nike Untouchable Vapor with beltless pants, while the helmet is based off the Vicis Zero1. I do need to add some details here and there, but everyone's welcome to use this if they want to.
  5. I've looked through this thread and thoroughly enjoyed the insane 90's takes of those teams. I was thinking more green would appear on the Devils concept along with red and black. There's something that seems very...conservative about Vegas' concept. I kinda expected good, black and neon colors, or gold, black, red white and blue like on the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Still, looking forward to the last three teams.
  6. Yes, indeed. They'd be good additions to the uniforms.
  7. You kinda missed the mark with Western Kentucky not having an alternate red helmet. Some of the best times in WKU program history happened with red helmets, even though they were in FCS at that point. Couldn't have hurt to have some more updated Louisiana Tech logos in LaTech's set.
  8. You absolutely knocked it out the park with Duke's logo. Patiently waiting for your next works, Ritt.
  9. This is one of my favorite threads to follow since coming back. Keep 'em coming, Pascal!
  10. That's who I meant, thanks for the correction. I confused Fire with Blaze, the mascot.
  11. The Tulsa Shock would be the sister team to the Thunder, but they did move from Detroit, though. You could add the Charlotte Sting, Portland Blaze, and Utah Starzz, and probably rename Utah. Memphis should have a team, too.
  12. I wonder why North Carolina and Notre Dame's logos appear larger than the other members. UConn's logo looks off on the American. Still, I'm curious for the others.
  13. This is a stellar start. The first thing that comes to mind is that conference full name's text looks so uneven. Straightening it up would be a nice start.
  14. JS Limoges immediately reminds me of Lorient in the actual Ligue 1. The similarities are so strong, but I still think this looks fine.
  15. What about a Minnesota United in NSC Minnesota Stars colors, since that's who they were beforehand.