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  1. Hi guys. I haven't been in a long time. unfortunately I had to face big financial problems. Here in Italy everything is so complicated, a terrifying taxation that doesn't even let you breathe. today I would like to ask you something. I will probably be banned or removed from this wonderful meeting point. I need help, I've looked for help everywhere. if you want to help me you can leave me something on paypal I would be very grateful. I hope to recover from this hell as soon as possible.
  2. I want to use a latin motto like many real club in England. I like it and I choose it.
  3. Hull Rovers FC Hull Rovers Football Club was founded in the 1933, when Hull FC And Kingstonian Athletic merge down to increase the possibility to enter in the first division to represent the city. The Hull Rovers has practically won nothing in its history. He spent most of his history in the lower leagues until 2006 when he first joined the first division. After that season the club returned to the second division starting a continuous up and down. She has never managed to remain in the Premiere Division for more than two consecutive years. The Hull Rovers crest is inspired by the city's herald. In the course of its history it has had some changes, for example the addition of the full name instead of the initials. Map Kits Hull Rovers always wear a blue and white striped kit during its history. Hummel has appeared on the jerseys since 2015. instead as regards the technical sponsor, FxPro sponsors the club since 2012.
  4. I think that topic need a refresh. What do you think if I change the presentation style?
  5. I've just see, f**. Now? I have to recharge all the old images. Solutions? Thanks! Let me know if you win the Bundesliga. For first I want to finish the English Premier Division. Spain and Italy next step. And after that I want to make a Champions League with the clubs that I have just done and other across Europe.
  6. Thanks! I try to use different option for sponsor. Thank you so much! I choose this style of sword only for an aesthetic view. I supposed the crest it has evolved through the years until this version. Thanks for the view! Hope you continue it. In the next days i'm coming up with new teams.
  7. Bristol United FC The Bristol United Football Club was founded in June 1891 by a group of boys who had heard of this wonderful new sport. They chose the name United because they wanted to represent the entire city. Bristol United has spent most of its history in the lower divisions with some parentheses in the Premier Division in the 50s. In 2014, however, the turning point took place. A well-known entrepreneur from the city took over the club with the promise to bring him back to the premier division. With 2 consecutive promotions on May 24th 2016 The club officially returned to the top division. Today the club has found its size and is able to quietly avoid relegation. The Bristol United crest is inspired by the city's herald. In the course of its history it has had some changes, for example the addition of the full name instead of the initials. Map Kits Bristol United always wear a red and white striped kit during its history. Rred and white derive from city colors. Umbro has appeared on the jerseys since 2013. instead as regards the technical sponsor, the Chinese OPE sponsors the club this season.
  8. Thanks! In the next days I post more and more... Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate a lot!
  9. Just thanks man! I appreciate a lot! So now I finish the english championship, then move to Spain, after that Italy. This was the first idea when I started. I want to do a Champions League to introduce some club of the other countries.
  10. Yeah, i know but i prefer this instead of fc liverpool. More english style Thank you so much! This was not east to create an identity for Liverpool. I modify the liverbird for first, then i create the crest around it. Yes, when i finish the entire Premier Division I create Anfield FC
  11. Liverpool FC Liverpool Football Club is one of the most important and winning clubs in the history of english football. It was founded on 13 April 1894 in a pub in the city center by some dissident members of the first club in the city, Anfield FC. Liverpool has won almost everything throughout its history, both nationally and internationally. Liverpool FC is a team known everywhere with fans and supporters around the world. He won the Premier Division for 17 times and above all taking part in all the editions since the club was born. Liverpool FC are the current defending Premier Division champion with an incredible record of 108 points. The fans are among the hottest in the whole of the United Kingdom, and probably in the world, famous above all for their passion and indissoluble loyalty. Obviously the one against Anfield FC is the most felt game by Liverpool. It is one of the hottest derbies and is called "Merseyside Derby". For seasons however it does not occur because Anfield FC has been relegated to the second division. The Liverpool FC crest represents the symbol of the city, the Liverbird. Throughout its history it has undergone several changes, up until the solution adopted in 2001. A circular emblem with the color of the team. On the inside the Liverbird enclosed by two writings, the name above and the motto of the club below. The motto is in Latin and say "Victoria Concordia Crescit", over the years there have been a number of variations of the translation but all are roughly the same: “Victory Grows Through Harmony.” Map Kits Liverpool players are called "Skyblues" by the color of their uniforms, but this was not always the color of the Liverpool club. The first uniform in fact was black with a red horizontal band, the current blue shirt made its first appearance in 1903. Since then the same pattern has always been used. Skyblues shirt and socks with white shorts. Adidas has been supplying the technical material since 2012 while the airline Fly Emirates sponsors the club since 2009.
  12. Thanks! For first I decide which city (team If i have in mind) partecipate in the current season. After that i decide when the championship was born. After that I try to image an history behind it. Finally i complete the list with the various champions.