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  1. Thanks! I always try to create something with real feeling
  2. Thanks! For first I decide which city (team If i have in mind) partecipate in the current season. After that i decide when the championship was born. After that I try to image an history behind it. Finally i complete the list with the various champions.
  3. Wanderers FC The Wanderers Football Club was officially born on January 24th 1878 for the will of 3 boys. These were great friends and they had begun to feel this propagating more and more of this new sport. They also wanted a personal club at all costs. The choice of the name was particularly difficult. John McAvoy proposed a simple Glasgow Football Club, Jamie Wilson and Alexander Grant instead proposed something more unusual, The Wanderers Football Club. They chose this name because their intention was to travel around the world to play this fantastic sport. The Wanderers is one of the most successful clubs participating in the Premier Division. It has won 10 times in the course of its history as well as several national and international cups. Today the club is considered one of the Big 6 of British football playing every year chance to win the title, even if the last title dates back to 2003. The emblem of the Wanderers Football Club is quite special and unusual. The father of one of the three founders was an adventurer, specializing in exploration of Africa. When he returned from one of these trips he told his son about his encounter with this gigantic creature that impressed him greatly. That boy was so fascinated that he proposed it as a symbol of the newborn club. Since then the coat of arms has remained practically unchanged. Map Kits The Wanderers shirt is one of the most recognized in the world. The shirt is divided into 4 parts, black and white. Since its inception the clb has used this particular style. Another peculiarity that distinguishes the Glasgow club uniforms is the fact that with the exception of the technical sponsor, which from 2016 is New Balance, it has never fouled it with a commercial sponsor leaving it immaculate always during its history. 
  4. Lo stemma è spaziale. La prima maglia mi piace molto, la seconda la comprerei di corsa se fosse reale mentre per la terza devo dire che non sono un fan del colore. Grazie mille!!! Per la terza ho voluto usare qualcosa di diverso
  5. Kensington FC Kensington Football Club was born in 1898 in the London district of Kensington & Chelsea. It was founded by a certain John Teers who had just bought land where he wanted to build a stadium and consequently a team of his own. Throughout its history, Kensington has won the national title on 2 occasions, in 1927 and 1957. Throughout its history it has experienced many moments of ups and downs. from 1972 to 1996 it remained entangled in the lower English divisions. In 1997, after the acquisition of the company by a consortium of entrepreneurs in 1995, the club finally returned to the Premier Division. Parenthesis a relegation in 2000 and subsequent promotion in 2002 the club has always remained in the top flight. Today the club, which is considered the third team in London, stumbles on the left side of the standings and has reached the final of the first national cup several times, winning it in 2016. The history of the Kensington FC shield is very fascinating and unique. In addition to football, John Teers was passionate about fencing and the art of the sword. He chose to incorporate two crossed swords into the emblem of the newly formed team. Since then they have been the symbol par excellence of the club. Hence the nickname "The Blades". Map Kits Since its creation, Kensington FC has used red as its main color. The current form, red mesh white shorts and red socks, was adopted in 1955. Before then the shirt had two white stripes and the shorts were red. New Balance appears on the red shirts from the 2013-2014 season. Bet365 from 2016.
  6. Thank you so so much! I have other idea for Liverpool, but this is an interesting solution! Thanks! Yeah it's a little bit Flamengo style
  7. Rangers FC 7 January 1892. On this day the Rangers Football Club was officially born. Before that in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne there was no football team. So it was that a group of boys decided to create a new team that could represent the city and challenge the existing clubs. Rangers FC is one of England's most important and winning teams. In its history it has conquered 8 national titles as well as several cups. The first title arrived in 1901, then victories followed in 1906, 1914 and 1929. In the 60s the club returned to the top of the English football system where it managed to win 2 championships. The same thing was repeated in the 80s, and in 1986 the Rangers won the last national title. After relegation in 1994 and the consecutive return to first division in 1999 the club has never abandoned its place in the first division. The Rangers Football Club crest has remained almost unchanged throughout its history. Apart from a few small chromatic changes of red, the emblem is the same as that marked by Bob Ross in 1895. Map Kits The kit of the Rangers Football Club is one of the most recognized and more appreciated in Europe and also around the world. The black and red hoops are the distinctive symbols of the Tyneside club. Nike appear on the shirt of Rangers since 2011,instead Standard Chartered from 2016 when replace Virgin Money.
  8. So many thanks! Yes,I can also add a trim on the sleeves Really really thanks! I appreciate a lot this kind of comments, it make me feel so happy and so proud of my job. Keep follow me, new teams in the next days!
  9. Portsmouth FC Portsmouth Football Club is the port city of Portsmouth in the south of England. It was born in 1899 on the initiative of a group of young sailors who wanted to meet in order to challenge the other teams around the country. Throughout its history it has experienced periods of highs and lows. Going from the first division to the third on several occasions. The maximum period of splendor occurred in the late 70s when he won 2 titles and 3 second places. Since then the club has had various difficulties to reaffirm itself in the elite of English football. From the 1998-1999 season it is on a permanent basis in the Premier Division. The team crest has remained almost unchanged since its creation. Inside there is an eight pointed gold star and crescent moon on a maroon shield. This derive from the coats of arms of the city. Map Kits Since its inception Portsmouth FC worn a claret short with gold accents. This kits remain almost unchanged through its history. Umbro sponsors the club since 1997, instead for the commercial sponsor, the Japanese giant Rakuten sponsors the club since 2014.
  10. Hi my friend! Yes, I continue this project really soon. Stay tuned!
  11. When I decide to create a strong team in France, I start to search something unique but recognised to rappresent Paris. I try inspiration from River because I love the red stripe. Thanks thanks!! Really thanks! Ho letto prima l'anteprima del messaggio in cui hai scritto che se ho intenzione di fare un campionato italiano ti avrei potuto chiedere una mano Ovviamente ho notato che hai tolto dopo aver letto che sono italiano anche io. Comunque si dopo l'Inghilterra farò la Spagna e dopo l'Italia (oppure il contrario, non sono ancora deciso). Comunque se hai voglia chiederò consulto a vossia per qualcosa Sorry guys I found another italian
  12. Thank you so much!!! Thanks, really soon I continue this series. Yeah, I try inspiration from WBA and other teams. The template it's my own creation.