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  1. A Bunch of Jerks beats the Washington Capitals in Double Overtime!
  2. Congrats to the Virginia Cavaliers a story of resilience, From getting upset by 16 Seed UMBC last year to National Champions this year. This has to be a 30 for 30 in 5 years or so...
  3. Thanks to Don Cherry, The Carolina Hurricanes are now in the Playoffs...
  4. Every MLB Team should wear this as a patch next season...
  5. Correct but they still return to the Super Bowl a year later...Its time to end their run for a long while.
  6. LA, You guys started that insufferable Patriots Dynasty. Next Sunday, PLEASE END IT!
  7. First Cardinals win at Lambeau in 69 YEARS!
  8. Its now postponed until 5pm Buenos Aires Time tomorrow...