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  1. Interesting on what MGM is going to do for their Centennial in 2024...
  2. 13 means the number of players each side plays in Rugby League which compares to 15 players a side in Rugby Union.
  3. Thomas Magnum wore a Detroit Tigers hat most of the time. That is due to the fact that Tom Selleck is a huge Tigers fan, and took his fandom to the show Magnum PI.
  4. 100% This. The Pro Bowl needs to be AFTER the Super Bowl...
  5. America's Game 2019 Kansas City Chiefs must be narrated by Paul Rudd.
  6. Congrats Andy! You did it!!! Hail to the Chiefs!
  7. The Super Bowl Champion on the NFL's 50th Season (Chiefs) will face the Super Bowl Champion on the NFL's 75th Season (49ers) in the Super Bowl being held on the NFL's 100th Season (Super Bowl LIV).
  8. The Joe Montana Super Bowl..The NFL 50th Anniversary SB Champion vs the NFL 75th Anniversary SB Champion on the Super Bowl on the NFL's 100th Anniversary...
  9. And the 4th and 1 settling for the FG as well...
  10. WOW....If the Texans lose this game, its O'Brien's to blame for all of it.
  11. JMU had the Pete Carroll disease today. 8th FCS Title in 9 years for NDSU...
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