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  1. Yeah that “brown” is gone with this current set.
  2. Put an orange outline around those numbers and i’d be down with it. Actually just noticed there are no shoulder numbers nor any room for them, so yeah no.
  3. Love the Orca, hate the Drake.
  4. I prefer the middle one but with white highlights like the left one has.
  5. You are correct sir, that is a great combo.
  6. Is there any u.s. sports league that changes their team uniforms more than the NBA?
  7. The Patriots have never looked good, maybe ok, but never good.
  8. This is fun and all but there is no rumor of them getting new uniforms.
  9. Are they going blue and yellow or blue and white?
  10. Bills, Raiders, Colts, Chargers in no order.
  11. I’m honestly flabbergasted more people don’t like it, especially the updated logo. The combo they’re wearing in the pic above is top 5 imo (minus # font).
  12. Their new logo is waaaay better than the previous. Just get a new number font, put the ship on both sleeves and get new pants. Done.
  13. God that Blues jersey is bad.
  14. Exactly my question, very strange.