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  1. Bucs Lions Seahawks Vikings Dolphins Titans Jags Browns
  2. The only thing I like is the addition of black (not the black jersey) and maybe the green lid. Besides that though I actually think these are a downgrade. And the logo on the helmet sucks bad.
  3. Maybe this is unpopular but I hate nfl jerseys that have the team name on the chest.
  4. Navy blue, red and white are vastly over used and overrated.
  5. Tampa Bay should be called the Sharks. Just sayin.
  6. Don’t like that one bit. One logo sitting on top of another competing for space is just bad.
  7. Or maybe we can just agree to disagree.
  8. I dont see it that way at all, it looks fairly traditional imo. However I couldn’t agree more that this conversation has grown tiresome. Done.
  9. I’d compare it more to the Yankees using the Statue of Liberty as a logo.
  10. I agree, much like Chief Blackhawk, it would be tweaked over time much like it as well. And yeah the Orca fits perfectly for a team named Canucks who play along the Canadien Pacific Coast.
  11. I like the script, it’s okay without it, but I think I actually prefer it. Sometimes things that shouldn’t work or don’t follow the rules of design work. Like the Isles logo it’s horrible for all intensive purposes however I like it. I’m not sure the rhyme or reason, but it works for me.
  12. Looks like a logo from 1982.
  13. The outdoor game helmets remind me of Tron for some reason.