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  1. I can get with that, it’s mainly the wings that I like.
  2. The rendering of the face yes, but everything else in the left logo looks better imo.
  3. The primary logo and name blow, everything is nice.
  4. Hoping it’s not Kraken, too minor league sounding.
  5. Can’t believe I’m in the minority but I love their current logo. The Kachina should only be used as an alternate.
  6. After some time to think more about it, these jerseys still blow.
  7. No cause I have an old Keyshawn Johnson jersey and the black outline is twice as thick as the orange one. I just wonder if there was a time period that Reebok changed the thickness?
  8. Am I crazy or is the orange outline inside the numbers a different thickness in these pics? About the only thing I would have preferred on the new jerseys are thicker orange outlines like in the bottom picture.
  9. I’m curious what you thought of the Bucs previous set?
  10. Atlanta and L.A. would like to have a word.
  11. As someone who liked the previous Bucs jersey (minus # font). I find the Rams and Falcons uniform talk quite entertaining.
  12. The good 1. Colors 2. Helmet The bad 1. Everything else. How does a team of people approve these? These might just be worse than Atlanta’s. The only thing Nike gets right for the most part are the helmet designs. However the Chargers, Bucs, and Browns nailed their updates.
  13. Oh boy these are gonna be bad.