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  1. Lol, sooooo original. I see someone’s still a little salty from that 2015 beatdown, huh?
  2. Smh. By that logic they should just change to a different mascot then since Ducks are a pretty vulnerable animal.
  3. I thought UCLA/Oregon was a sneaky good-looking game yesterday. UCLA’s classic uniforms always look good, and their bright blue and gold contrasted well with the Ducks’ white and dark green: As for the Ducks’ “Eggshell” set, I thought they looked pretty nice in action. The helmets and iridescent jersey numbers were my favorite part, and from afar the uniform as a whole didn’t look too different from the alternate white uniforms from 2019 and past white sets with dark green and silver accents. The jerseys and pants have a slight off-white look to them in photos (I was originally told that they were off-white), but on TV they looked like a standard white color. The splatter pattern didn’t look too obnoxious IMO, and was an interesting design element that set these unis apart from the regular white and apple green set and past white uniforms of theirs. I wish the silver wings on the shoulders were a bit more pronounced, but I think that was mostly a result of them being worn in a day game rather than under the lights. It won’t surprise me if these uniforms are worn one more time this season, and if so I’d like to see Nightmare green pants or even yellow helmets and pants.
  4. 1. Yeah, actually, they did have lightning on their uniforms for a few years in the late ‘70’s: They were even worn as throwbacks in the 2000’s: 2. The more I look, the more I actually do think the side panels are in the shape of a lightning bolt. Who knows.
  5. I mean I know this is a joke (with a fantastic pun btw), but as I posted before, the speckles already have been a trendy design element for Jordan brand and Nike sportswear products. The greenish hue of the speckles on the Ducks’ unis do have a slight moldy look up close, but from afar the speckles will look just like they do on the soles of Jordans or on various Nike sportswear products.
  6. Since I didn’t really offer up my opinion in my initial post about these, I’ll pretty much echo all three of these sentiments. Not my favorite “special” alternate that the Ducks have had, but far from my least favorite as well. I actually like the speckle pattern, and I’m glad it’s carried through to the pants. I’m even more glad that it’s NOT on the helmets other than it being in the “O” decal on the back. I love the iridescent numbers and silver wings on the jerseys, and am thrilled to see the Nightmare green lids from 2019 brought back for this set. It’s always been unnecessary for the Ducks to have a second white set, but if they’re gonna have one I feel like they might as well go a little crazy with it like they did here.
  7. Here’s the Ducks’ new “Eggshell” alternate that they’ll be wearing Saturday against UCLA. The jerseys have iridescent numbers and are paired with matching speckled pants. The helmets are the Nightmare green helmets with iridescent wings that were last used in 2019. It’s funky for sure, but if there’s gonna be a second white set with dark green/black accents, might as well go a little crazy with it.
  8. Utah going red/white/white at Oregon State: It’s homecoming week for the Beavers, so in one sense it would make sense for them to break out the rumored 2001 Fiesta Bowl throwbacks, but so far there hasn’t been any indication that that’ll actually happen. Wazzu going all-crimson against BYU:
  9. All three Classic Editions this year have shiny satin shorts. The Knicks and Celtics have faux belt loops on theirs, too:
  10. I mean, yeah, I think you did partially answer your own question. The speckles are also a very popular design element on Jordans and on Nike sportswear gear: If anything, it’s actually pretty surprising it’s taken this long for them to utilize a speckle design on a uniform with how many different alts and one-offs they’ve had. They’re billing it as the “Eggshell” collection, which is kind of a convenient excuse for the speckle pattern, but it’s just a trendy Nike design element more than anything.
  11. The Ducks’ new eggshell alternate jersey is visible on Nike.com: These images make the jerseys look gray, but they are actually white. All of the rumors said it’d be off-white, so we’ll have to wait and see what the real thing looks like. We don’t yet know what the pants will look like, but here’s a mock-up of the jersey with matching speckled pants:
  12. Disagree completely. Just wait until you see next week’s uniform, though. I’m sure you’ll hate it.
  13. They’re not silver, they just have an iridescent finish. I was at the game and got a chance to see the mannequin with the uni close up, and depending on how the light hits they look anywhere from green to yellow to silver to gold to even a slight pinkish hue. These aren’t my photos (forgot to take my own), but they give a better idea of the iridescent effect: The numbers mostly just looked yellow from afar in the stands because of the yellow outline, but seeing the players close up I’d say they had more of a slight green tint under the lights than anything. Here are a few more photos of the unis in action: These are the Ducks’ first “dark” jerseys with iridescent numbers since the 2012 Rose Bowl jerseys (which were also worn during the 2012/13 season before the numbers were switched to silver the following year). These are also the first true black jerseys with yellow accents since the 2014/15 Mach Speed jerseys. Seeing them in action, I loved how the bright yellow popped off of the black lids and jerseys, and the iridescent numbers added some flash and interest to an otherwise pretty nondescript jersey. Certainly not my favorite all-black set that the Ducks have worn, but I’d probably put it in my top 3 for all-black combos. I’m hoping they wear the black jerseys with yellow helmets and pants later in the season against Wazzu.
  14. The Ducks’ campus store is starting to tease the merch drop that goes with the special uniforms that’ll be worn next week at UCLA: From the info I’ve been given, the base color will be off-white with the black speckled pattern and black accents. I’m gonna guess the numbers will be black with an iridescent outline.
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