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  1. Atlético home: The front of the shirt looks great, but the back... not so much. Still, it’s nice to see the return of classic stripes for them after the last two home kits have featured more experimental stripe designs.
  2. Real shots of the Barça, Galatasaray, Inter, and Roma home shirts (also the shorts for Barça and Inter):
  3. Few more looks at the new fonts for Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico:
  4. The names/numbers are white, and it’s also a new, custom font for them: Argentina and Colombia have new custom fonts to go with their new kits as well:
  5. Looks like the team name on the back of the Red Bulls’ new shirt is actually red: As a reminder, there was some confusion because, even though the retail versions had the team name in red on the back, Kaku was wearing a shirt with the team name in white at MLS Media Day:
  6. Official shots of the full Argentina and Colombia Copa America home kits, both of which have the new shorts style with the horizontal Adidas stripes above the back hem:
  7. The Utah Royals launched a new away shirt this past weekend:
  8. More shots: The thorns running down the backs of the socks might just be my favorite part. Lovely little detail there. Also, it looks like there’s a new kit font this year, which is essentially just Nike’s standard kit typeface with the NWSL logo added to the numbers.
  9. Now officially unveiled: The home kit looks much better on a player IMO. Overall neither kit is perfect, but they’re both certainly better than the teamwear/catalog efforts that we’ve come to expect in the NWSL. Hopefully this is a sign that Nike will be more willing to churn out custom kits for the NWSL, although I’m not holding my breath on that.
  10. Footy Headlines has leaked images of the new Thorns jerseys: That home is wild and not what I was expecting at all. I’m also surprised to see that both shirts are on the new template that Nike just released with the WWC kits.
  11. Understandable given the similar color schemes. I started by primarily having white accents, but the kit felt a bit plain and too similar to their past navy away kits, which is why I ended up embracing the light blue. For SKC I have something a bit different in mind. Thanks as always for the comment!
  12. Thanks for the comments, guys. Glad you like the Timbers’ kit. I’m back today with a new secondary for the Whitecaps. Their current dark grey/silver secondary is not only off-brand but a bit stale as well, so I decided to focus on their two shades of blue for this new kit. The shirt also has a diamond/argyle pattern made up of various shades of blue and based on the shapes from the crest. The crest, as well as the entire kit, is navy and light blue without any white or grey. Navy shorts and socks round it out. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, etc.
  13. Good look at both US kits: The home shorts have three stars on the left side: Also, the France kits are absolute class: And the full Australia home kit is something to behold: