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  1. The Ducks are breaking out new light gray jerseys and pants against Cal, and pairing them with their chrome helmets with nightmare green wings: These jerseys are just a light gray version of the alternate white jerseys that they had last year, with iridescent numbers and dark green logos. The pants are the same light gray as the jerseys. This will be their third time wearing these chrome helmets, but presumably the first time wearing these helmets with ‘O’ decals that aren’t yellow. I’m not a huge fan of them bringing gray back into the rotation but I’m happy to see the iridescent numbers again and the jerseys pair quite nicely with the chrome helmets.
  2. Wazzu going crimson/white/crimson at USC: Not a fan at all of them going with a red-heavy combo at USC. Should’ve gone with the gray/white/gray combo that they were going to wear at Stanford a couple of weeks ago before that game was canceled. Colorado going gold/white/white at Arizona:
  3. And now an official reveal of the Ducks’ new white, apple green, and black uniforms: All three of the uniforms shown off here have the more simplistic shorts design rather than the tall firs design seen on a second pair of green shorts that go with a second green jersey with the same “Oregon” wordmark as the black jersey in the video. There will likely be two yellow uniforms and a second black and/or white uniform in addition to the uniforms shown in the video and the aforementioned second green uniform.
  4. Clearest look yet at one of the Ducks’ new uniforms: As I mentioned when the first retail leaks came out, these new uniforms may be a first look at a new Nike template. The jerseys don’t have the perforation pattern that’s been standard on Nike’s CBB templates for the last 4-5 years, and both the jerseys and shorts have a knit or sublimated pattern in the fabric (similar to the pattern on Nike’s soccer third kits this year). The Ducks are opening their season tonight, so we’ll finally see the debut of one of their new uniforms (probably white or yellow, as I’m pretty sure they’re the designated home team).
  5. Back in the spring when the new Thorns kits were unveiled Merritt Paulson started hyping up the Timbers’ new 2021 primaries: I’m certainly intrigued by his assessment of the 2022 secondaries, but that’s not really relevant for this next season. What really gets me excited for now is him describing the new 2021 primaries as “maybe the best we have had”, a “surefire megahit”, and a “slam dunk”. MP pretty much always hypes up the new kits, but those are some pretty strong words even for him. I’m fully expecting the new primaries to be good, but they’ll be hard pressed to top the last two absolutely fantastic primaries:
  6. Not ugly enough to prevent you from watching it, apparently.
  7. Arizona going red/white/red at UCLA: Utah going red/white/white in their newly scheduled game at UW:
  8. Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, then.
  9. Currently the platypus trophy just gets presented to the winning team’s alumni association each year, so unfortunately there’s never any sort of trophy presentation after the game. It’s basically regarded as an unofficial prize, which is a shame IMO. It’s such a unique and, frankly, hilarious trophy that it deserves a more official role in the rivalry.
  10. You’re certainly entitled to think that it didn’t work, just as I’m entitled to think that it did. I happen to think it worked quite well actually, and am expecting tomorrow’s matchup to work well, too. I agree that color vs. color matchups work when the colors are distinct from each other, and in the case of the Ducks and the Beavers I personally think that their shades of yellow and orange are distinct enough from each other to make for a good matchup, in large part because of how bright the Ducks’ shade of yellow is and how saturated the Beavers’ shade of orange is. It definitely wouldn’t work if the Ducks had more of an athletic gold and the Beavers had a shade of orange similar to Tennessee, but neither of those things are the case. You can certainly disagree, but that’s just my two cents on the matter.
  11. Agree to disagree, then, because I think it works quite well and will work in football, too.
  12. It’s worked pretty damn well in basketball:
  13. The Ducks are breaking out their chrome helmets with nightmare green wings and pairing them with the yellow jerseys and pants for Friday’s rivalry game against the Beavs: This is a really sharp combo, and actually one we’ve never seen before with prior uniform sets. They’ve worn silver carbon fiber helmets with yellow in the past, but they’ve never worn chrome helmets with yellow jerseys. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the Ducks go with yellow like they did in 2018, as it sets up another color vs. color affair with the Beavs. Really excited to see this combo in action, and I’ll be curious to see if OSU goes with their standard all-black set or black/orange/orange. Edit- It looks like the Beavers will actually be breaking out their orange set: This will be a very bright and colorful game, similar to the 2013 matchup but without any of the Ducks’ apple green. Will definitely give off a highlighter vibe on the field, but I’m excited to see it.
  14. Colorado going with the classic gold/white/black again at USC:
  15. This Friday is the annual rivalry game between Oregon and Oregon State, which always has the potential to be one of the brighter and more colorful matchups of the year. Last year’s matchup was a fairly tame mono-green vs. mono-cream matchup, while two years ago we had a color vs. color affair with the visiting Ducks in all-yellow against the Beavs in all-black: Over the years there have been some very colorful matchups, including three years in a row from 2012-2014: This year the Ducks are once again the road team, meaning we’ll likely see them in either white or yellow against the Beavs in either black or orange. I’d love to see another color vs. color matchup, but I’m not really counting on it happening this year. I think there’s a chance that the Ducks go with yellow jerseys, but probably more likely that they’ll just stick with white. I also think there’s a small chance that the Beavs go with their orange set since this is their last scheduled home game of the season and they’ve worn all-black in the previous two, but I would not be surprised at all to see them just stick with the black. For the Ducks, my casual guess is that they’ll reprise the yellow/white/yellow combo that they wore against USC last year, but possibly with the alternate white jerseys with iridescent numbers and dark green accents.