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  1. It looks to me like it would be more comfortable for playing in, but it doesn’t look as nice as Adidas’ past henley collars. I still like it, but I’m a sucker for pretty much any henley collar. I will say, though, that I think it works much better on the new Timbers primary than this new Orlando shirt.
  2. Some still shots here: I’m glad it doesn’t feature the miTeam graphic that I used in my prediction mockup. The dark to light “fade” is a fine effect here, but I really don’t understand why they aren’t emphasizing the gold more. This would look ten times better with gold adidas stripes and cuff piping rather than white. Still, I’d call this an upgrade over their last home kit that had a recycled graphic and tonal adidas stripes and trim.
  3. Surprised there’s no yellow option, as it’s seemed like the yellow Adidas ref shirts were the most frequently used colorway. Also a little surprised there’s no red option, either.
  4. Figured I’d start a new thread for this year’s NWSL kits, as teams are starting to reveal their new looks. The Thorns are carrying over both of their fully custom kits from last year, but now have the TikTok logo added to the right sleeve: The Courage revealed new home and away jerseys a while back: And of course the Dash revealed their new primary shirt yesterday, their first with the new crest:
  5. It’s fine, nothing special. The shirt is paired with orange shorts again, which is definitely a mistake. I’m really not a fan of mono-orange for them, so I’ll never be all that fond of their primary kits unless and until they go back to white shorts or go orange/black/orange.
  6. I’ve seen a few UCLA games this year, including last night’s, and there have been at least a couple players wearing Nike shoes. I know there’s also been at least one member of the women’s team wearing Nike shoes as well, and there’s probably been more. They have the social justice patch covering the UA logo on the jerseys, but the UA logo still appears on the shorts and accessories. UCLA is actively suing UA for breach of contract, and they’re basically only wearing UA this year because there wasn’t enough time to get uniforms and gear from a different supplier, and the Jordan Brand/Nike deal doesn’t start until July.
  7. The shorts are black and the socks are blue with black at the top. Now after seeing the full thing and the authentic version of the shirt, I can say that this is a very solid kit overall. Definitely their best kit since the blue/black/blue kit worn from 2014-2016. I’m glad the authentic version at least has white trim on the collar to better tie in to the white cuffs, but it still bothers me that they don’t match. Other than that, though, this is a very good effort.
  8. I’ll have to wait to see the full kit to give a full assessment, but right now I have mixed feelings on that San Jose shirt. Obviously I’m thrilled that they’re back in blue, and that alone makes it an upgrade over their last two primaries IMO. I appreciate the attempt to pay tribute to the 2001 cup-winning team, but the side panel design just kind of seems like an afterthought and a half-assed attempt at paying homage to the 2001 kit. Plus, it likely won’t be all that noticeable in action. I also just generally dislike side panel designs on Adidas kits because of the awkward way that the side panel designs run into the adidas stripes on the shorts. I felt the same way about the side panel designs on Columbus’ 2017/18 primaries and Seattle’s black and pink shirt. I also really dislike the mismatched collar and cuffs, and wish they picked either white or black for both (I would’ve gone with black). As long as the shorts are black, I’m confident that this will still be their best primary since the kit that was worn from 2014-2016. Still, though, I can’t help but feel like the shirt could’ve been executed a lot better than it was.
  9. The new NYCFC primary shirt will thankfully and rightfully be paired with white shorts and white-topped city blue socks: This is a very solid effort and essentially just an upgraded version of their inaugural set. I still find the choice to go with white names/numbers questionable, and in general I still do prefer navy accents for them.
  10. They’re carrying over the black kit from last year (with the new crest, of course), but that’ll still be the secondary with this new orange kit being the primary.
  11. That Revolution kit sucks, it really does. That’s about all I can say. The NYCFC shirt is nice, but not nearly as nice as their last two efforts. And not sure about the white names/numbers. It kind of worked for Man City last year, and in the 2000’s, because the Premier League names/numbers have a thin black stroke, but the MLS names/numbers don’t have that. Still no info on what color the shorts are for the new NYCFC kit, and that’s really gonna make or break the kit. If they’re white, it’ll be a really solid kit. If they’re sky blue, the kit will be disappointing IMO.
  12. The Vancouver kit is fantastic once again. I legitimately think I like this version better than the last, in large part due to the hoop being contained to the front of the shirt and the cuffs having stripes that mimic the hoop design. Better yet, the socks have same strips as the sleeve cuffs. Only stupid part is that they’re keeping the red numbers around, and pairing them with navy names (scroll to the last image on the above tweet). Supposed to be an homage to the early 80’s hoop jerseys, but still a dumb decision. Other than that this is a fantastic effort, and will be the best kit in Cascadia this year, and certainly one of the best kits in the league.
  13. Leak of the new Houston home shirt: For the first kit with the new crest, this isn’t bad. Definitely plain but that’s somewhat refreshing after their last home kit. I’d really like to see them go back to white shorts, but I’m fully expecting mono-orange again.
  14. New Dallas secondary: The shirt is light blue as expected, but it’s a pretty pale shade. The shirt has a speckle graphic, but from afar it just looks solid blue. The shorts and socks are both the darker blue color, with the latter having red adidas stripes instead of light blue like the shorts. Decent effort overall, and I’d say an upgrade over their now-old white secondaries. There was the potential for something great, though, and I don’t think they were quite able to reach that potential.
  15. The new Crew kit has yellow shorts and, apparently, the same yellow socks as their last primary kit: I suppose it’s nice that there’s more yellow by way of the shorts and socks, but that’s still not enough to save the shirt IMO. And frankly the yellow shorts and socks look pretty awkward with the white/grey shirt.