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  1. I've been pretty busy with my job and freelance work this past week, so it's been a while since I last got to work on CSL2. Nevertheless, here's the next team! Capital Division Sacramento East Arden-Arcade, CA Founded: 1988 Sacramento East was founded by some Sacramento State alumni who decided to feature a bee to reference their alma mater, which is home to the Hornets. Because the Capital Division currently lacked any red teams, I decided to use that to make Sac East stand out in a division full of yellow/gold teams. Inspired by the Charlotte Hornets and some proposed Watford FC logos, an illustration of a bee is found inside a gold hexagon, which is inside an NFL-style crest. The home kit is a simple gold kit with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern. The "Business 80" clash kit (very popular with the locals) references the Capital City Freeway's route through eastern Sacramento and the green shields of this unusual Interstate highway. The kits are supplied by Umbro and the sponsor is The Sacramento Bee newspaper.
  2. I haven't commented on this thread yet, but here we are now! I just wanna say that I'm impressed with all the phenomenal kits and crests in here, and I love all the intensive details that you incorporate into the kits (even more detail than what I put!). I love all the subtle piano/guitar touches on the Nashville kits, and I really liked the nautical map of the Revs in particular. I really really like your Premiere LA rebrand and think that the teal Art Deco clash is hella classy; I was planning on doing a film-themed Burbank team for my CSL2 series, so I'll definitely make sure that my design won't skirt too close to yours . Amazing job on these, and I look forward to seeing how you take on San Jose!
  3. Thank you very much! And that's pretty cool how you went to school with a super legit astronomer --- Valley Division Frogtown SC Angels Camp, California Founded: 2011 Angels Camp's claim to fame is being the setting of Mark Twain's first successful work, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. As a result, this Sierra Nevada town is sometimes known as "Frogtown", leading to this team's name. After a bit of research, I found out that the frog species in question are the American bullfrogs, which is featured prominently in this oval crest. The home kit is inspired by the skin of a bullfrog, complete with dark green spots all over the jersey. The clash kit features the clotheslines that I frequently saw on images of downtown Angels Camp, which apparently is a reference to the clothes worn during the Gold Rush days. The kits are supplied by New Balance, and the sponsor is the Black Oak Casino Resort in neighboring Tuolumne County.
  4. Thank you very much, and I'm glad that a Cal Poly student approves of this design! Thanks for helping New Albion and Escondido look better! And you're totally right about Ojai, the vertical arch pattern does look better on the away kit; you can see the Ojai changes here: I may have stretched the connection to the building a bit in the Pomona clash, but it was definitely a geometric pattern ripe for the picking! I'm glad that you like these recent teams, though! --- Western Division Morgan Hill SC Morgan Hill, California Founded: 2009 The fundamentals for the Morgan Hill team's design are traced back to these suggestions by @woody86 all the way back in February when I started CSL2, so thank you very much for those! Morgan Hill is a city that I always passed going towards the Bay Area, but I surprisingly knew very little about it. First off, the orange/gold color scheme is inspired by the Poppy Jasper: Morgan Hill is one of the very few places where you can find this precious mineral. The crest is shaped like an acorn in reference to Live Oak High School's acorn mascot, and the "H" in the monogram features bullhorns in reference to El Toro*. *El Toro is often mistaken (even by me) as the actual "Morgan Hill". In fact, the city was named after someone named Morgan Hill instead of this mountain that towers over the city The home kit is an orange/yellow hooped kit that is inspired by the Poppy Jasper, complete with some dark yellow specks. The black clash kit features a silhouette of El Toro amidst a sunset. The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is Specialized Bicycle Components.
  5. Before I post the next team, here are a few edits to previous teams in response to feedback from @vtgco: For New Albion SC of Marin, I slightly redrew the Golden Hind to remove some of its initial clunkiness. I also added some red stripes to the home kit collar. For SC Escondido I took out the extra diamond part on the right side of the crest, so the diamond only takes up 2/3 of the crest now. --- Staying in southern California for the third team in a row, here's Pomona! Basin Division Pomona AC Pomona, California Founded: 1989 The overall design of Pomona's crest combines the layout of the Spanish national team with the pedestrian overcrossing at the Pomona train station. The five-sided line pattern references the Kellogg Interchange, where five freeway segments converge at the Pomona city limits. I realized that southern California was lacking in green teams, so I took the shade of green from Cal Poly Pomona and paired with white and gray. The home kit is a striped pattern with the five-sided line pattern bolded in the middle of the kit. The clash kit features a triangular pattern inspired by the distinctive CLA Building at Cal Poly Pomona. The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is the Mexican supermarket chain Cardenas (based in neighboring Ontario).
  6. Thank you very much! The team affiliations I kinda picked almost at random, and not all CSL2 teams are affiliated with the 49 CSL teams. I should probably formalize those affiliations some more, though, and I haven't really thought of how the teams would be integrated with the CSL teams. Definitely a future project for me, though! I'm glad that you liked Heart of California! Personally, I do like the idea of incorporating the CA/NV border somehow, but I feel that Madera's way too far away from the border itself to do something like I did with my CSL Battle Born SC home kit in Carson City. I could possibly try another diagonal sash (in the opposite direction as the home), though! As far as Marin is concerned, I have looked at the home kit now and do realize that the collars are kinda lacking, so I'll add in some red to that one. The extra box at the bow is indeed another sail, and it was a product of the image that I traced the illustration out of. I can definitely change it up, though, as the ship does look rather clunky. Lastly for Escondido, I did explore taking away those extra parts of the diamond but wasn't sure if the Gestalt would work without it. I'll definitely make that edit though, and thanks for the feedback as always! --- Southwest Division Ojai Sporting Ojai, CA Founded: 2000 Affiliated with: Ventura-Oxnard Union The mountain town of Ojai is known for its focus on health and spiritual wellness, so I wanted to make a "relaxing" identity that would complement that. The crest features the tower of the Ojai post office, with the orange being taken from the town's Spanish-style architecture and the light blue taken from all the area's spas. The home kit is a unique take on the Argentina-style light blue striped kit, with brush stroke stripes that reference the area's role as an artist's haven. The bold clash kit is inspired by the architecture of the town's main street arcade. The kits are supplied by Adidas, and the sponsor is the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy.
  7. Hmm, you probably know Miami way better than I do, but you can definitely explore something Art Deco-related and/or even a team inspired by the Cuban population!
  8. All the Miami teams have looked pretty good, but I have noticed that 3/4 of the Miami teams across both leagues so far each have palm trees on their crest. I understand that each of the Miami clubs have wildly different color schemes, but I challenge you to use some other Miami iconography for some of the crests as three of them (especially Deportivo and Brickell) currently look way too similar to each other.
  9. Work's been pretty busy for me this past week with concepts slowed down, and I was a bit surprised that Marin didn't quite illicit the response that I had anticipated. Regardless, here's the next team! Southern Division SC Escondido Escondido, California Founded: 2014 For a city as large as Escondido (with a population of ~140k), I was honestly quite surprised at how there wasn't really anything interesting that I could find about this suburban city. Instead, I dug into the area's Spanish history, as modern-day Escondido was part of Rancho Rincon del Diablo ("The Devil's Corner"). I tackled Escondido's devil-themed team differently like the CSL Mt. Diablo Wanderers to the north, with the crest consisting of an E-shaped devil trident. I'll admit that this isn't a super original idea, and I looked to the Seattle Mariners and Manchester United concepts like this one by @mcrosby for inspiration on how to pull this off. The home kit is a simple red/black kit with a sublimated pattern featuring the "E-tridents". The clash kit uses the colors of the CSU campus in neighboring San Marcos and incorporates a fading mountain pattern to reference the local mountainous landscape. The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and the sponsor is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park*. *Because this is set in the 2019 season, I am not using the San Diego Zoo's new branding that was unveiled in 2021
  10. Deportivo Miami looks absolutely gorgeous! I love your interpretation of the typical Miami Vice colors, and you pulled it off so well in every single jersey. Some great stuff here!
  11. Thank you very much! Yeah, I always preferred Flickr over Photobucket personally Thanks a bunch! I'm glad that you really liked Santa Ana As far as making some international concepts, I have thought about making teams for the Philippines (my home country) at some point. Maybe I may take that on one of these days! I'm glad that you liked Heart of California! I didn't want to be overly reliant on white jerseys, so I decided to make the green clash kit much lighter than it was before. I don't know if I'll be doing third jerseys just yet unfortunately, and I would have to figure out how to modify my presentation template to fit a third jersey. --- It took a while for me to figure out this team's final aesthetic, but here's Marin County! Northwest Division New Albion SC of Marin San Rafael, CA Founded: 1996 The coasts of modern-day Marin County have a unique history involving the English explorer Sir Francis Drake, who also plundered Spanish ships off of the California coast. In 1579, Drake landed on what is now Point Reyes and claimed the area as New Albion for the English. Four centuries later, Marin County's team honors Sir Francis Drake's legacy with a crest that features the Golden Hind and Drake's coat of arms. In the team's recent redesign, Marin County officials really wanted to emphasize the county name, which now appears as the largest text on the crest. The black home kit is inspired by this Golden Hind replica and its chevron patterns; I haven't had any kits with a saltire just yet, so I decided to put one here with the crest's wave pattern inside of it. The clash kit is inspired by the rainbows painted on the entrances of the Robin Williams Tunnel just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The kits are supplied by Umbro, and the sponsor is Lucasfilm.
  12. I'm glad that you liked Santa Ana! For Circle City, I decided to keep the crest with the smaller circles as I was quite satisfied with it; it kinda helps differentiate the Corona team from the nearby Inland Empire and OC United roundel crests. When I was first drafting their home kit, I experimented with circles that don't drift away from the crest but that looked quite awkward; I decided to revert to the original home kit with the sublimated circle pattern. I appreciate all the feedback regarding Circle City, though! --- Before I continue with the next team, here is another revision for Delanteros CF with a wider eagle neck and a tweaked clash kit (with a centered crest and Nike logo): --- Valley Division Heart of California SC Madera, California Founded: 1996 I had recently read about Scotland's Heart of Midlothian FC and realized that a name like that would be perfect for the Central Valley city of Madera, which just so happens to be nicknamed "The Heart of California" due to its proximity to the geographic center of California. Inspired by the Scottish team, this ancient Connecticut Hearts concept by @raysox, and the 4-H logo, the crest consists of four hearts with the team's "HoCA" initials. The shade of blue is taken directly from the Madera County seal and the shade of green taken directly from the Flag of California. The blue home kit features a diagonal sash of hearts that match the diagonal orientation of Madera County. The green, two-tone clash kit references "Where the Palm Meets the Pine" on Highway 99, which symbolizes the junction of southern California palm trees and northern California pine trees. The kits are supplied by New Balance, and the sponsor is the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino. Up next is Marin County!
  13. Odd decision for a team named "Circle City," but if you feel that way, you might still try something besides the awkward gradient, like small circular pinstripes that cut through the thick stripes? I'm glad you liked Half Moon Bay! A personal, nitpicky gripe of mine is how many logos and designs in Half Moon Bay actually feature a crescent moon instead of a half moon, and I wanted to ensure the correct phase of the moon in this design . Regarding the comment about redwoods, there will be a redwood-themed team in the future, not too far out from HMB! I went ahead and made the Circle City edits that you suggested, starting with making the banners around the crest a little smaller. I also played around with a rather-unusual circular pinstripe design that radiates out of the crest and ends up centered with the jersey. Thanks for the feedback as always! I'm glad that the SD-area ones represent their respective communities accurately, and I'm glad that you like those other ones as well Thanks for the support and lucky for you, Santa Ana is up next! On a side note, do you happen to know some things about the four remaining San Diego County teams (El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, and Poway) that I should consider? I still haven't done much research into those cities yet, but it would be cool to get a local perspective as well! If not, that's still totally fine by me~ --- Here's a team that any people have been waiting for! Southern Division Real Santa Ana Santa Ana, California Founded: 1992 Affiliated with: OC United Santa Ana is a CSL2 powerhouse representing a city of ~330,000 people, with four-fifths of that being of Hispanic descent. As a result, I went with a royal-themed Spanish name and created a crest inspired by Charlotte soccer concepts, this Málaga concept by @PascalHugo, and the real-life Orange County SC. The crest is loaded with local imagery, as the diagonal black sash and "sunburst" pattern are taken from the Santa Ana flag and seal and two shades of orange referencing Orange County. The home kit is the Santa Ana flag kit, with the aforementioned diagonal sash and sunburst making an appearance against an orange base. The clash kit is inspired by the infamous Santa Ana winds that wreak all sorts of fiery havoc when dry desert winds funnel southwest towards the coast; the triangles of various sizes are inspired by wind maps. The kits are supplied by Umbro, and the sponsor (as suggested by @LastSonOfSD) is Suavecito Pomade, a Santa Ana-based hair product company. Many suggestions were given to me for Santa Ana, so shoutout to @ItsSlothy and @LastSonOfSD for all the input!
  14. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad that the revised versions are better! I wasn't 100% satisfied with the new Delanteros eagle, so I'll revisit that one with a wider neck and tweaked clash kit before the next team, alongside with some Circle City crest edits! As far as as the circles and the stripes on the home kit are concerned, I actually wanted the circle pattern to be quite subtle and not be overpowered by the stripes. --- Northwest Division Half Moon Bay SC Half Moon Bay, CA Founded: 1988 I had recently started reading World Football Club Crests and felt particularly inspired by Leeds United's 1971-73 script logo; the city's unique "HMB" initials was perfect for this type of logo! I wanted to go with something retro and classic, and the letters are stylized with waves to reference Half Moon Bay's world-famous Mavericks surfing competition. The home kit is a hybrid between the San Jose Earthquakes' 2020 clash kit and the 1981 kits of the NASL's California Surf, with a half moon-style wave leading to the team monogram. The clash kit references Half Moon Bay's famous pumpkin festival with an orange, pumpkin-inspired design. The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is GoPro (which was founded in HMB and is now headquartered over the mountain in San Mateo).
  15. The past few teams have produced some really solid kits! My particular favorites (since the last time I commented here) are the Palm Beach home & clash, the Ft. Myers home, the Lauderdale home, and the black Daytona kit. You've got a wonderful set of kit patterns and unique color schemes, and I can't wait to see more! As someone who's never been to Florida, I would be interested in deeper backstories behind the crests and how they represent their local areas. I really like the crest concepts, but I wonder what the significance of some of the symbols are sometimes. No need to make a huge deal out of this, though
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