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  1. All three of those clubs have at least one championship, too! Stay tuned for those! --- South Coast Division Roses AFC Pasadena, California Founded: 1970 Championships: 5 ORIGINAL POST: Four years later, Roses has decided to play up its role as one of the more prestigious clubs in the league, keeping a rather classy and elegant look. The iconic rose thorn pinstripes remain, but the clash kit has changed to more luxurious and trendy rose gold look, complete with a gold gradient! Roses continues to represent the large Asian community in the San Gabriel Valley by having EastWest Bank as the sponsorship.
  2. Hmm, you actually have a point! For the sake of simplicity, let's just say that this is a 2019 season of jerseys with play as normal Thank you very much! I'm just as excited as you are to see these digitized~ --- Bay Area Division Silicon Valley SC Redwood City, California Founded: 1994 Championships: 0 ORIGINAL POST: In the four years (changed this to the 2019 season in response to neo_prankster's comment about 2020 logistics) since the first series, Silicon Valley adapted its old roundel crest to fit a more app-based design similar to the 2019 NHL All-Star Game logo in San Jose, which I absolutely love. The tech-inspired hexagon pattern is more prevalent in the logo, and the home and clash kits have been switched to reflect the new color scheme of teal, white, and gold.
  3. I'm back on the Concepts forum! Five years ago, you may recall my old hand-drawn sports leagues, and I decided to spend my free time finally digitizing these old concepts using this ancient soccer template that I really like created by raysox five years ago! Here's my introduction to the California Soccer League from five years ago: Here's the old map of the teams in 2015: This is quite an interesting concept series, as I will be trying to make faithful recreations of most of my drawings, but there will be changes as well! Five seasons have elapsed since the first seasons, so there will be a few relocations (more backstory once I get to those concepts), maybe some logo redesigns, and maybe some new kits as well! With that said, here are the first three concepts! --- Freeway Division Inland Empire Rancho Cucamonga, California Founded: 1981 Championships: 0 ORIGINAL POST: In the span of five years, Inland Empire has moved to a snazzy new stadium in suburban Rancho Cucamonga, and the Pechanga Resort Casino has taken over sponsorship rights. --- Bay Area DivisionMt. Diablo WanderersWalnut Creek, California; Livermore, CaliforniaFounded: 1988Championships: 0 ORIGINAL POST: --- Gold Country Division Capital City SC Sacramento, California Founded: 1970 Championships: 2 ORIGINAL POST: Capital City revised its 2015 clash kit to include green shorts to represent that part of the California flag, and Golden One continues its stronghold over Sacramento sports. --- These are the first three digitized concepts for the old California Soccer League, and if you'd like, you can totally read through my old thread and suggest changes for kits and stuff!
  4. California Soccer League 2019 season Bay Area Division Atlético San José Mt. Diablo Wanderers Oaktown SC SC Golden Gate Silicon Valley SC Ursa Sonoma Central Division AC Monterey Fresno SC Paso Robles Temblors SC Racing Bakersfield Salinas CF Surf City SC Visalia SC Freeway Division Coronado International Inland Empire Maritime Long Beach Olympic Los Angeles Orange County United Real San Diego Sporting Oceanside Gold Country Division Battle Born SC Capital City SC Elk Grove SC Modesto Athletic --- Placerville 1849 relocation --- Reno-Tahoe United Stockton United Mojave Division Barstow 66 Coachella Valley United Deportivo El Centro --- Team replacing Mavericks Sporting --- SC Kingman SC Las Vegas Sol de Yuma Redwood Division AFC Humboldt Bidwell Park AC Del Norte Crescents Redding City Rogue Valley Union SC Klamath Falls State of Jefferson SC South Coast Division Hollywood SC Lancaster - Palmdale Squadron Riviera SC Roses AFC SLO Town SC Solvang fB Ventura - Oxnard Union
  5. Hey, If you ever finish up the Alton Basketball League or anything else with Los Altos, I’m happy to let you know that the Alton arm of Mississauga-based consumer electronics company Zephyr Mobile would be happy to provide stadium naming rights.