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  1. Hey, If you ever finish up the Alton Basketball League or anything else with Los Altos, I’m happy to let you know that the Alton arm of Mississauga-based consumer electronics company Zephyr Mobile would be happy to provide stadium naming rights.


  2. My county here in California recently had a flag design contest, so I gave it a shot with a rather minimalist design that I attached below. However, the result finally came out three months later, and I'm thoroughly disappointed
  3. Hey there! I recently switched my major to Communications Design (from Kinesiology), but I'm still heavily thinking about the real-world implications of my switch. Right now, I'm struggling between stability and passion for my future, as a Kinesiology major would lead to a stable job that I myself would not have too vested of a passion in while a Communications Design major would lead to a job I'd be very passionate about yet seems a bit unstable. From the standpoint of a graphic designer, how difficult would it be to get into a graphic design job right out of college, and, if you're at liberty to say it, is a graphic design job fairly stable and financially sustainable? (All this understanding that California may have a different standard of living than in Florida) I've researched that it's most important to have a portfolio already, and college degrees are more preferred. I already have a Behance up and going for my Snapchat Geofilters, so I guess I might already have an edge there... My apologies if I'm asking you quite difficult questions, but I certainly appreciate you taking the time to answer them!
  4. There is not one specifically for that purpose, though my Snapchat Geofilter Collection on Flickr has over 1,200 that I've collected myself on my travels. Pretty close, so to say! Haha... There's also quite a bunch of Geofilter accounts on Instagram that serve a similar purpose.
  5. I feel like it's most likely involving the color of the "Sabino Canyon" text, assuming that there's no white outline around it (it would be impossible to see on a dark background). They're usually very big on making sure that filters show up on dark backgrounds.
  6. These are some pretty great designs, especially the Scioto Mile one! I like its simplicity. I like this design, although I personally feel that "SABINO CANYON" would look better if its "inside" the mountains at the bottom; it looks a bit odd having it at the top of the mountains like that. Like how I have with my soccer concepts in the past, I try to take the time to make each filter truly individual and unique to each specific location. Glad you're liking 'em! (Have you gone through my entire Geofilter Collection as well? :P) ------------------------------------------------------------------- I've had two filters accepted for very high-population areas these past few weeks... This past summer, I doubted that I'll ever make a filter that would match the high aesthetic of San Francisco filters. However, after Thanksgiving Break, I got this filter for San Francisco's main shopping district accepted, and I got very excited at the magnitude of people that may be using it (especially during the busy Christmas shopping season). I wanted to keep this design modern and simple, with a little wordplay on "Square" as well. Yesterday, I got this filter for Anaheim (requested by a friend of mine) accepted. This was an interesting challenge for me, as a northern California native taking on the southern California aesthetic, which I managed to pull off this sunny, orange (for Orange County, of course). The "i" can be interpreted as either a palm tree or a sunburst. Oh, and there's also a Hidden Mickey in there because Disneyland. ~ Daryl
  7. I actually have made a filter for CSUMB, back in August, actually~ I've also made a filter for several buildings on this campus, which include my residence hall and the library, among other places. (We do indeed have some pretty interesting mascots in this area, indeed: my school's Otters and UC Santa Cruz's Banana Slugs. Haha...)
  8. If you email the Snapchat support team, you are able to take down your own filter. There should be a link on the main Snapchat website. I recommend that you add some sort of black outline or drop shadow (a black drop shadow would look cleaner) to the text, as they'll never accept it the way you have it right now.
  9. I think the closest thing you can have to a personal Geofilter is the "Bitmoji" stuff, where you can have personalized "stickers", all for free. I haven't tried it, myself, though... I like the color scheme!
  10. To be quite frank, I think you should work on refining the design a bit more, as well as probably refining its legibility a bit. As for your last statement, I'm honestly not quite sure... You've got some nice, simplistic designs here!
  11. Thank you! I can't wait to see your designs as well! Certainly! Hmm, like personal filters of celebrities and whatnot? I feel like they pay for their own custom filters, though I'm not entirely sure... May I see your design, perhaps, and I could probably give you feedback on it...?
  12. Not at all! As long as you're not making a filter for an event, it's totally free to make one!
  13. I've been quite absent from these forums these past few months, as I have shifted my creative projects from fictional sports teams to real-world Snapchat Geofilters. Within that time, I have also taken up Adobe Illustrator, as CSUMB students are able to get Creative Cloud for free. What are Snapchat Geofilters? They're location-specific graphics that accompany your Snap whenever you're within a certain area, with Location Services on. These areas can be as small as a dormitory hall and as big as entire cities (Snapchat discourages the making of filters for entire states, countries, etc.). They usually contain the city or area's name on them, and they are usually paired with art that is relevant to the specific location. Geofilters are free of charge to submit. You can also make Geofilters for events such as birthdays and parties. However, unlike Geofilters, these filters you have to pay for. The price depends on the size of the location and how long you want the filter up. Because of the price factor, there is a 100% acceptance rate for Event Filters, and they get approved within 1 business day. How are Geofilters Put Up? Originally, Geofilters were made only by the Snapchat staff, but they started becoming crowdsourced around late-2014. Basically, you can make a filter on Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Drawings (I used Google Drawings before I took up Illustrator), etc., then you send it in through the Snapchat website. They have to fulfill a certain criteria (it has to be legible on dark backgrounds, cannot contain trademarked logos, among others), and they are either rejected (they do not explicitly say what is wrong with your Geofilter, rather they list you a list of what could be wrong with the filter; this is admittedly the most frustrating part of the submission process) or accepted. The acceptance process nowadays usually takes about 3-5 business days, and the rejections usually come within 1 or 2 days. When the filters are accepted, they become available for use on Snapchat within a few hours of receiving the acceptance email. Here is the link for where to upload Geofilter designs~ My Geofilter Collection *Shameless self-advertisement!* Anyone who has me on Snapchat knows my notoriety for spamming Geofilters of different cities whenever I go on trips. As of this writing, I have gathered 1,000+ Geofilters from all throughout California and from my summer East Coast trip, all of which I've uploaded on my Flickr account here. It's really interesting, in my opinion, seeing the visual variety of Geofilters from all over the place, a lot of which I use for inspiration for my own designs. My Geofilter Designs As of this writing, I have gotten 26 Geofilters and 1 Event Filter accepted, with 3 more that I'm awaiting acceptance on. Most of my designs are for the Monterey Bay area, along with some requests from my colleagues from all over the state. I'm not gonna post all 27 filters on here, but I'll upload the best ones on here: North Salinas, CA (Accepted Nov 2016) Salinas, CA (Accepted Oct 2016) Carmel, CA (Approved Oct 2016) Monterey, CA (Approved Jul 2016) Alright, that's all for me as I'm concerned. I'm interested if anyone else on these forums makes Geofilters as well, and I certainly look forward to seeing your filters as well as your favorites! ~ Daryl
  14. The score on the Giants' end wasn't pretty tonight (a commonplace nowadays :/), but the uniform matchup of the Orioles' black alternates with the Giants' Orange Friday alternates was certainly quite attractive, in my opinion.
  15. I've returned from my vacation to the East Coast! Instead of immediately head-diving into another soccer series, our tour's stop in Montreal got me thinking: what if the Montreal Expos still existed today instead of moving to Washington? And so this concept idea was born, which involves updating the Expos look to a more 2010s look. I only have sketches right now, as I'll use everyones feedback to help build the final concept. Firstly, I plan on retiring the "eMb" cap logo in favor of a new "fleur-de-M" logo, with an "M" (for Montreal) below a fleur-de-lys. This new cap logo will carry on to the primary roundel as well as the "MTL" tertiary logo. As far as wordmarks, though, I decided on keeping the Expos' final wordmarks with slight tweaks (mostly in the "M" in the road wordmark). Also listed are the four color combinations that you guys can decide on. This concept is nowhere near complete, and I'll certainly need everyone's help on this! I'll also debut a revised baseball template with the final concept. ~ Daryl PS: I bought an Expos shirt at Parc Olympique and I absolutely love it!