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  1. You're very welcome! Virgin Atlantic looks a lot better now
  2. I may recall something I read a long time ago that the current Virgin Atlantic livery has a slight gradient and quite a shine to it. I was wondering if you could add a light-to-dark red gradient to the helmet to give it some more depth! It would also be quite interesting to see a Virgin Australia jersey that throws back to the V Australia brand that merged with Virgin Blue to make Virgin Australia
  3. Love the colors on these two! I'm only concerned about the readability of the numbers on the North Kildonan home kit (and to an extend, the West End home). For North Kildonan, I'd simply make the numbers and maybe the sponsors white and for West End, I would just make the black outline on the numbers thicker.
  4. After a few weeks without many incidents, the forums are back to their constant "400 Bad Request" state Every so often, the forums give me a slight open window to browse and post stuff before randomly shutting down to an error state. I love all the content that's posted on here, but it's so frustrating just how unusable these forums are with all the ads and constant error messages.
  5. Happy to see another state (in this case provincial) soccer league! You've got some really good stuff so far! I particularly like the Reds kits and the West End home A few suggestions, though! For the Reds away kit, I think making the sponsor outline cream instead of red would enhance the visibility of it. I also think that the Transcona home would benefit from thinner vertical white lines, and I suggest adding a red stripe in between the white stripes and the horizontal "rail" stripes. Awesome start, and I'm excited to see the rest of it!
  6. Wow, that Hawaiian Airlines set is absolutely GORGEOUS! My favorite part is the gradient use on the numbers for the modern white jersey As a frequent Southwest flier, you did an amazing job with that one as well!
  7. April 20, 2024 Memphis, TN Monterey Bay FC 2 | Memphis 901 FC 1 RECORD: 4-1-2 --- MBFC gave me a comeback win for my birthday today, so I thought it would be fun to release a kit from my part of Salinas!
  8. U.S. Open Cup Edition! --- April 17, 2024 Seaside, CA Irvine Zeta FC 1 | Monterey Bay FC 2 RECORD: 3-1-2 U.S. Open Cup: 1-0-0 One time at Disneyland a long time ago, I overheard a conversation between a cast member and a kid wearing a Hollister Co. t-shirt. They were telling the kid about how Hollister is a small ag town in northern California that's actually quite far from the beach
  9. No worries, I appreciate that you made some attempts though!
  10. With Monterey Bay's win over the weekend, here are the next two kits! --- April 13, 2024 Seaside, CA Las Vegas Lights FC 1 | Monterey Bay FC 3 RECORD: 3-1-2 Tonight was the team's "Defend the 831" night in honor of the former Fort Ord (1917-1994), so here are my takes on a Fort Ord-themed kit! (These kits have been retweeted by the team itself!)
  11. All caught up to where this series stands right now! --- April 6, 2024 Oakland, CA Monterey Bay FC 1 | Oakland Roots SC 0 RECORD: 2-1-2 At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, iiiiiin the warm California sun (BOARDWALK!!!) To anyone in northern California, hearing the Boardwalk jingle (arguably more iconic than the 1963 song—"California Sun" by The Rivieras—it samples) is a sign that another sunny summer is right around the corner!
  12. March 24, 2024 Seaside, CA Rhode Island FC 2 | Monterey Bay FC 2 RECORD: 1-0-2 Every winter, the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove is home to thousands of migrating monarch butterflies!
  13. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be using that striping pattern on a few more concepts throughout the season I do have a Jazz Festival kit scheduled for September when it happens! I haven't researched specifics yet, but the Monterey-Salinas Transit JAZZ bus is gonna be in the moodboard! --- March 16, 2024 Seaside, CA Phoenix Rising FC 0 | Monterey Bay FC 1 RECORD: 1-0-1 The Monterey Canyon is a HUGE reason why the Monterey Bay is such a hub for marine science research! Some of the Monterey Bay's renowned research institutions include UC Santa Cruz's Long Marine Laboratory, San Jose State's Moss Landing Marine Labs, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, CSU Monterey Bay, and Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station
  14. I've taken a bit of a CCSLC hiatus since the end of my Oregon League series, but I'm back with this new mini-series! "Designing a new jersey after ever win" series have proliferated on social media ever since Pete Rogers began his viral Boston Celtics series in 2022. These series have spread across basketball fanbases and have now jumped onto baseball and soccer. I decided to make a series for my hometown (even though I'm in Oregon now) Monterey Bay FC of the USL Championship! I spent a huge chunk of my childhood in California's Monterey County, so it was very nice to finally have a hometown professional team to root for when this team began in 2021. I'm making a new MBFC kit for every win and draw throughout the 2024 season, with each kit highlighting a different community & event throughout the 831 area code in California (consisting of the Monterey Peninsula, the Salinas Valley, and Santa Cruz). As with my previous projects, I conducted extensive research into each community to make sure that their kit represented what the location is best known for. I'm utilizing design suggestions from Monterey Bay FC supporters as well as my local knowledge of the area I called home for sixteen years. These kits are designed in Adobe Illustrator and are rendered on CLO 3D using 3D kit templates from Designs by Corinth. You can follow this series outside of the forums, through the mbfc_kits Instagram account! --- The season began in the middle of March, and I've already made four kits in this series! I'll post them on the forums over the next few days, and then each new kit will be posted around the time they're posted on social media. --- March 13, 2024 El Paso, TX Monterey Bay FC 1 | El Paso Locomotive FC 1 RECORD: 0-0-1 The city of Monterey has such a cool flag that I wish more people were aware of!
  15. Designing a New Monterey Bay FC Kit After Every Win or Draw 2024 season 3/13: DRAW @ El Paso 3/16: WIN vs Phoenix 3/24: DRAW vs Rhode Island 3/30: LOSS @ San Antonio 4/6: WIN @ Oakland 4/13: WIN vs Las Vegas 4/17: WIN vs Irvine (US Open Cup) 4/20: WIN @ Memphis 4/27: TBD @ Orange County 5/4: TBD vs Indianapolis 5/7: TBD @ Sacramento (US Open Cup) 5/11: TBD vs Memphis 5/18: TBD @ Loudoun 5/24: TBD @ Hartford 5/29: TBD vs Charleston 6/2: TBD vs New Mexico 6/8: TBD vs Sacramento 6/16: TBD @ North Carolina 6/22: TBD vs Oakland 6/29: TBD @ Colorado Springs 7/6: TBD @ Pittsburgh 7/13: TBD vs Tulsa 7/27: TBD @ Louisville 8/3: TBD vs Tampa Bay 8/10: TBD vs Birmingham 8/17: TBD @ New Mexico 8/24: TBD vs El Paso 8/31: TBD @ Miami 9/7: TBD vs San Antonio 9/14: TBD @ Las Vegas 9/21: TBD vs Orange County 9/28: TBD vs Detroit 10/4: TBD @ Phoenix 10/9: TBD @ Sacramento 10/19: TBD vs Colorado Springs 10/26: TBD @ Tulsa
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