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  1. Staying in the Sacramento area, here's the next team! Capital Division Folsom Town SC Folsom, CA Founded: 1989 The town of Folsom is home to a prison that was immortalized by "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash, and I figured that this team's identity would be based around that song. The crest features an "Ft" monogram that's stylized like the various arched bridges that cross the American River. The vertical lines on the crest both represent guitar strings and the flow of water from the Folsom Dam (more on both of those later). The home kit is the "Folsom Prison Blues" kit inspired by this poster design I found on Dribbble; the six vertical stripes represent the strings of Johnny Cash's guitar as well as vertical prison bars. The granite clash kit (named after the neighboring community of Granite Bay) features a sublimated stripe pattern inspired by the spillways of the Folsom Dam. The kits are supplied by Adidas, and the sponsor is Intel* (which maintains a huge presence in Folsom despite being headquartered in the Bay Area). *I'm aware of Intel's recent rebrand, but we will be using the older logo due to this being set in the 2019 season
  2. I'm glad that I got the look just right, and I appreciate the feedback! I'm glad you like Mammoth, and I'm sure that definitely would be popular with the younger Mammoth Mountain crowd. I'm glad that I was able to get the "feel" of the Orange County CSL2 teams just right, and I'll definitely keep your Santa Ana suggestions in mind (I've only been through Santa Ana a few times, and it was only passing through on the I-5). There will also be a Buena Park team as well, so stay tuned for those final two OC teams! --- Before I go into the next team, I have moved a few teams within the league in order to accommodate some new team opportunities. Here are the changes below: San Francisco loses its second CSL2 team, and another Sacramento-area team (I'm planning on having it in Arden-Arcade or Rancho Cordova) will take its place To accommodate the new Sac team, I moved Benicia Arsenal from the Capital Division to the Northwest Division (where the second SF CSL2 team would have been) Placerville 1849 from the original CSL is officially killed off (for financial reasons), so it is replaced by a team in Grass Valley --- Capital Division SC Grass Valley Grass Valley, CA Founded: 1998 Last year, I made a Snapchat Geofilter for a friend of mine who's from Grass Valley. It already seemed like a perfect soccer crest, so with very small modifications (adding "SC" where "1893" was) I did just that! Grass Valley is located in northern California's Gold Country, so this team plays into the area's mining history by featuring a pickaxe. The area was settled by many Cornish miners, who are represented with the flag of Cornwall on the bottom. The home kit is a simple black/white kit that have stripes creating the pickaxe pattern from the crest. The clash kit is inspired by quartz rocks filled with gold, and the front of the kit makes that gold/quartz pattern using a map of the Grass Valley/Nevada City area. The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and the sponsor is the BriarPatch Food Co-Op.
  3. I'm glad you liked La Jolla, my friend! There's slightly more than half of the CSL2 teams left, so there are still a lot to go! Thank you very much! I've been sitting on a wave pattern for some time now, and I finally found the perfect team for it! I'm glad you liked the wave jersey! As for the crest, I always want to give my leagues a visual variety; English-style crests with animals can be quite a challenge for me, but it's a fun challenge! --- Staying in the Southern Division, here is the next team just up the coast from La Jolla! Southern Division Laguna Sporting Club Dana Point, California Founded: 1995 Southern Orange County consists of many wealthy coastal communities, so I decided that their team would be a soccer extension of a Dana Point yacht club, complete with an identity fit for a high-class yacht club*. I ended up with a La Coruña-style crest that features a yacht club burgee; the burgee features four chevrons that represent the four coastal communities of southern OC (Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and San Clemente). Navy blue came up a lot when I Googled "yacht club uniforms", so the home kit is a very simple navy blue top with red and white trim. The white clash kit is more explorative, decorated with a chevron inspired by the crest burgee. The kits are supplied by Nike, and the sponsor is the Pacific Life insurance company. *I felt so out of touch with this team's target demographic while I was researching this team, as I know nothing about fancy yacht clubs and what people would wear to these places
  4. Southern Division La Jolla SC San Diego, California Founded: 2007 La Jolla is a San Diego neighborhood known for its coastal scenery and marine wildlife (as the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography is found here), so the La Jolla team crest features two California sea lions*. The center of the crest features an "LJ" monogram, and the banner below it has two diamonds that reference La Jolla's "Jewel City" nickname. The teal is a marine-inspired color, and the shades of brown are taken from the area's rocky shores and sea lions. *These are NOT to be confused with seals, who do not have prominent ear lobes and cannot stand up like the sea lions in the crest. The home kit is an ocean gradient inspired by waves crashing onto the beach. The "Jewel City" clash kit uses the colors of UC San Diego (located in La Jolla), and the sublimated pattern turns UCSD's Geisel Library into a diamond. The kits are supplied by Puma, and the Birch Aquarium sponsorship adds onto the marine theme of the team.
  5. The St. John's home kit is very classy, well done! I really like the Gainesville gator-skin one as well! I have one nitpick about the Gainesville crest, though: I totally get the front-of-a-locomotive look, but I feel like the roundel part is a little too small especially for being the "main" part of the crest. You should probably make the roundel larger while making the bottom of the train much shorter and not taking up half of the crest. Keep up the great work, my friend!
  6. You've got some great stuff so far, and I particularly like Biscayne set and the orange/light blue colors (I'll probably have to borrow that for a California team!) of the OCSC second kit. I will echo some sentiments on here that the contrast on some of the kits (especially the ones with busier designs) need some improvement. For the Cascades third, I think the NOB would be best in entirely white to eliminate the dark-on-dark NOB. For striped/hooped kits like the Cascades home and the St. Petersburg home, I suggest breaking up the stripes/hoops on the back with a solid-colored background like I did with my SC Vandenberg, Tri-Valley Athletic, and even my Inland Empire kits. For kits with busier designs like the OCSC second kit and the Biscayne second kit, I suggest that you can play around with faded and/or more subtle patterns for maximum contrast like I did with my Solvang fB and Oildale Drillers kits. Sorry for plugging in a ton of my own work, but I felt that it was the easiest way for me to describe how you can improve the legibility and contrast of your kits. I hope these help!
  7. Thank you very much! Carmel has quite an older, higher-class demographic that would really appreciate a classic collared look, and it's proper golf dress as well! --- Northwest Division Tri-Valley Athletic Dublin, CA Founded: 2000 Dublin is an eastern Bay Area suburb with an obvious Irish etymology, so it was a no-brainer that I give them an Irish-inspired look. A three-leaf clover (stylized like the Dublin city seal) represents the three valleys of the Tri-Valley area, in which Dublin is a part of; I was originally gonna put the team acronym inside the clover, but I'm sure the 4-H people wouldn't be too happy about that. The hooped home kit is essentially the Celtic home kit with all-green sleeves. The black clash kits feature three Celtic knots arranged to represent the two freeways (Interstates 580 and 680) that go through Dublin and the Tri-Valley. The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and the sponsor is Ross Stores (headquartered in Dublin).
  8. I remember your first FPL series many years ago and I was really bummed to see that the pictures no longer worked. I'm glad your Florida concepts are back in action, and I can't wait to see your teams in their full glory once again!
  9. Thank you, and I'm glad you liked Napa's colors! I'm quite a sucker for underrated color schemes like that one There aren't too many space-y places in California (all I can think of are NASA-affiliated labs in Palo Alto and Pasadena, but those places already have teams), so I'm glad that I finally got to have a space-themed team in Lompoc! --- Western Division Mission Carmel SC Carmel-By-The-Sea, California Founded: 1987 Affiliated with: AC Monterey Monterey County's third team in the CSL ecosystem represents the scenic areas in and around Carmel! This team is named after the Mission San Carlos Borromeo, the second of the twenty-one Spanish missions in California (which have a rather controversial history these days); I borrowed this name from the several mission-themed teams from @rsaline's excellent CALPROSOL series. The crest features the unique façade window of the mission and is adapted directly from my 2016 Snapchat Geofilter for Carmel. The cream/brown home kit features an arched stripe pattern that references the iconic Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur coast. The Monterey Peninsula is a world-renowned golf destination, so the clash kit features the lawn-mower patterns that you would see on a fairway. The kits are supplied by Adidas, and the sponsor is Earthbound Farm, which had its start in Carmel Valley. (Shoutout to @woody86 for all the design and name suggestions for Carmel!)
  10. Thank you very much! It's always super fun researching for these teams so that I can get the identities juuuust right for their respective locations Thank you so much for the kind words! Those hand-drawn concepts are 5+ years old, and I've learned so much as a designer (both analog and digital) since then. It's really nice to revisit my old teams with the new skills and designs I've learned, and it's nice to be making new teams for CSL2 once again. I'm glad you're really enjoying the series so far, and I hope these designs continue to inspire you! (I just noticed that you've done hand-drawn concept series using my old templates, and you've got some pretty solid designs!) --- Southwest Division SC Vandenberg Lompoc, CA Founded: 1996 Affiliated with: Solvang fB In 1996, Solvang fB celebrated its tenth anniversary by creating an affiliate team in the town of Lompoc, ~20 miles to the west of Solvang. The team is named after the Vandenberg AFB (which will be turned into a US Space Force Base this year!), which heavily fuels Lompoc's economy. The crest is styled after USAF rank insignia and features a "V" monogram that shoots up into the sky (inspired by this Adelaide United concept by @mcrosby) like the many rockets launched at Vandenberg. An LA Galaxy-style star further represents Vandenberg's role in American space launches, and I thought that a gray/light blue color scheme similar to Minnesota United FC could easily relate to space exploration. The gray home kit features a "rocket launch" pattern against a starry backdrop. The clash kit references Lompoc's nickname as the "City of Arts and Flowers" with a patriotic flower field that uses the stars from the crest; the colors are taken directly from the 30th Space Wing based out of Vandenberg AFB. The kits are supplied by Nike and the sponsor is SpaceX, which uses Vandenberg as one of its launch facilities.
  11. You got it! Thanks for the feedback as always! I'm glad you like it! --- Capital Division Vintage Napa Valley Napa, CA Founded: 1987 Napa Valley is world-renowned for its premium wines, so I wanted to create an identity that aligned with that high-class culture. The "NV" monogram logo is in a serif font to match the classy aesthetic of wine labels, and the purple/green color is inspired by grapevines. The "Vintage" part of the team's name refers to the winemaking process known as vintage. The home kit is a simple cream/purple kit with a cork pattern that references wine stoppers. The clash kit evokes a hilly vineyard scene in a way that is inspired by the clash kits of the real-life Napa Valley 1839 FC identity (which is one gorgeous look). The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is the Beringer Vineyards, the oldest continuously-operating winery in Napa Valley.
  12. I knew you'd like it! Hopefully Charlotte FC does indeed play upon the Carolinas' racing heritage, so we shall see! --- Basin Division Sporting 626 Arcadia, California Founded: 2008 Affiliated with: Roses AFC The San Gabriel Valley (known colloquially as "The SGV" or "The 626", referring to the valley's predominant area code) is home to a large and very prominent Asian-American population. Driving around the SGV, you'll see shopping centers and businesses catered to immigrants from various parts of Asia (a huge chunk being Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants). Sporting 626's logo takes a typical banner design and incorporates a Chinese dragon motif. The colors are taken directly from my San Gabriel Valley Snapchat Geofilter, with red being the primary color as it symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture. The red home kit is directly inspired by the colors and patterns seen during Chinese dragon dances. The clash kit is a bubble tea-inspired design, as boba shops (America's first boba shops were introduced in the SGV by Taiwanese immigrants) are an integral part of Asian-American youth culture. The kits are supplied by Nike, and the sponsor is the 626 Night Market, a very popular Asian street food market in Arcadia. --- In these days of hate crimes towards Asian-Americans, the Sporting 626 identity was designed to be respectful towards and appreciative of the Asian-American community in the area and in no way is intended to be offensive. As a Filipino myself, it shouldn't be difficult to be kind towards people of other ethnicities and backgrounds, and I encourage you all to learn more about Asian-American cultures and history, and to appreciate the variety of cultures and people with respect.
  13. Thank you very much! I feel like I don't see a lot of green/brown color combos in the sports logos world, and it never hurts to experiment with different color schemes! As for Solano, it was one of those filler teams that I just had to do something for, especially for a suburban California team. Seeing that you're a huge fan of Charlotte sports, you might get a kick out of this next one! --- I do realize that it takes me quite a while to make the San Diego-area teams, and that's mostly because my personal knowledge of the area is quite limited compared to the rest of the state's urban areas. I've only been to San Diego at most probably 5 times, so my only experiences there are with the mainstream, touristy areas. I have CSL2 teams planned for Encinitas, Escondido, Poway, and La Jolla/Miramar, so anyone with better knowledge of those places is more than welcome to send ideas and suggestions my way! With that said, here's our first CSL2 team from San Diego County! Southern Division Ciudad Nacional CF National City, California Founded: 1995 Affiliated with: Coronado International National City is a rather small suburb located southeast of downtown San Diego, and it is best known for the Mile of Cars. The Mile of Cars welcome sign was shaped perfectly for a Spanish-style crest, specifically in the style of Real Betis. The team's name is in Spanish, as National City has a majority-Hispanic population. A "CN" monogram makes up the top of the crest, and the checkered pattern and color scheme is also taken from the Mile of Cars sign. The home kit features the checkered pattern from the crest, whereas the clash kit puts the checkered pattern into two chevrons (referencing the Naval Base San Diego located just outside National City). The kits are supplied by Adidas, and the sponsor is the Filipino supermarket chain Seafood City, which had its first store in National City.
  14. Will do! I don't know yet when I'll revisit Delano, but I will have a Version 2 of the Delanteros for you! Thank you very much! I experimented with various styles of shields (including one that is flat on the bottom and arches at the top) as it's nice to have some visual variety here~ --- One last stop in the northern half of California before heading back south! Capital Division Solano United Fairfield, CA Founded: 1998 Fairfield and Vacaville* are two neighboring cities (separated only by some hills) in central Solano County, the northwesternmost reaches of the Bay Area in my personal opinion. The quartered crest references the history of the two cities: Fairfield was founded by former clippership captain Robert H. Waterman, and two nut trees represent Vacaville's beloved Nut Tree Plaza. The diagonal lines represent the diagonal route of Interstate 80 through Solano County between the Bay Area and Sacramento, and the dark green/gold color scheme is taken from the area's hills. The shape of the shield is taken from the 60th Air Mobility Wing, which is based out of Fairfield's Travis Air Force Base. *Unfortunately, Vacaville's name does NOT come from the Spanish word for cows, which is "vaca" The Vacaville-inspired home kit is a diagonal sash design inspired by Vacaville's flag and features a unique green-gold gradient. The Fairfield-inspired clash kit is a very bright diagonal gradient design (inspired by Orlando City's 2021 home kit) that uses Jelly Belly's color scheme. The kits are supplied by New Balance, and the sponsor is Jelly Belly, whose headquarters and main factory is in Fairfield. --- Also, I recently figured out how to add custom logos onto Google Maps, so my interactive map of CSL and CSL2 teams look extra cool now! Check it out through my portfolio site here!
  15. I believe “delantero” is also the Spanish word for the soccer forward position...! I saw that definition, too! I guess the Delano team name is a triple pun! My exact thought when I saw the logo If I'm being completely honest with y'all, I had actually never heard of this school and their logo! Now that y'all point it out, it is indeed a very striking resemblance to the Delano logo. I had no intention of plagiarizing this logo I'd never seen before, and the resemblance is purely coincidental If the resemblance is particularly bothersome, I'd be happy to redesign the Delano logo! --- Western Division SC Gilroy Gilroy, California Founded: 2010 The city of Gilroy (just a short drive away from me in Salinas) is known for its garlic production, with the entire city smelling like garlic in the hot summer months. A garlic illustration is the main focal point of the crest, with the style and colors being heavily inspired by my Snapchat Geofilter design for Gilroy. The home kit is a simple striped jersey with the two-tone green from the crest, representing the agriculture still common in southern Santa Clara County. The clash kit is a design homage to the unique twists of the Circus Trees* found in the Gilroy Gardens theme park. A black sash on the right sleeves memorializes the three killed during the tragic Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting of 2019 (this is set in the 2019 season, after all). The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and the sponsor is Gilroy Gardens. *I haven't been to Gilroy Gardens in so long that I honestly forgot about the Circus Trees until I was making this team
  16. Oh for sure! It sounds like a pretty unique name, too Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! The graded circle design is part of the template, unfortunately, so I don't think I'll be fixing those to keep the spirit of the Raysox templates. I'm sure that in real life, though, those graded circles would be super subtle and won't interfere with the jersey design all too much. As far as the Dynamo crest is involved, there's nothing much else other than the F and the thunderbolt. There is also the white shape, but it has no real significance other than complementing the shape of the shield. I will admit that it was a pretty awkward logo to formulate, though. I was really trying to nail the suburban, cookie-cutter look with the Irvine identity, and I'm glad that it's accurate from the standpoint of an Irvine student! I'm also glad that I got your approval for East Los: I know some people that are into lowriders and really wanted to make a team identity that would be authentic to that fascinating culture (I'm a Pacquiao fan, and the fights from the late 2000s [including the De La Hoya ones] were so fun to watch!) I'm glad that you liked Oildale and The Valley's clash kit! I wish I knew what teams the ones highlighted in red were about, as the quotes did not include any images Thanks for the input about Santa Ana's sponsor, and I'll definitely consider it once I get to their team! No need to worry anymore, as CSL2 is back! Speaking of Reddit, are you familiar with /r/SoccerDesign? I actually haven't heard of that particular subreddit, but I do follow r/ConceptFootball which looks to be more active! --- I'm back for some more CSL2 concepts! Valley Division Delanteros CF Delano, California Founded: 2000 Delano is a small town in Kern County that had a huge impact on organized labor: the United Farm Workers was born in Delano, and Cesar Chavez and Larry Itliong began their famous grape strike there in 1965. The UFW flag gives the team its colors and Aztec eagle logo (with inspiration taken from Mexican logos such as Aeroméxico). "Delantero" in Spanish means "forward", which references the goals of the UFW and the grape strikes, and coincidentally fits well with the city's name. The idea behind this team's protest identity was inspired by the Memphis Grizzlies' "I Am A Man" jersey, which honored Martin Luther King's push for civil rights. The home kit is a Sao Paulo FC-style hooped kit with the three colors from the UFW flag. The clash kit features a pixel pattern that outlines the UFW Aztec eagle. The kits are supplied by Nike, and the sponsor is the Wonderful Halos clementine company. (It's also worth noting that all proceeds from Delanteros jersey sales go towards supporting local labor unions) It was brought to my attention by @every.ones.a.lobo and @TrueYankee26 that my Delano logo has a striking resemblance to the logos of the University of Dayton in Ohio. I had honestly never heard of this school nor seen this logo, so any resemblance is purely coincidental.
  17. Thanks for posting it to the SFV locals! I looked through the comments, and it does pretty well-received! (I added a link to that post in case I ever wanna go back to it sometime) Thank you very much, and it's truly an honor! --- It's been a minute since we last visited the Northwest Division, and up next is the easternmost Bay Area team! Northwest Division Delta Union Antioch, CA Founded: 2007 The three bays that make up the Bay Area (the San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun bays) eventually lead inland to the vast Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta. This team's identity is centered around the delta's natural environment and represents the four suburban cities that line the west end of the delta, with Antioch being the largest city of the four. Sandhill cranes call the delta their wintertime home and are thus the main feature of the crest. An abstract illustration of the delta (more on that later) is found inside a diamond behind the crane. The checkered home kit represents the modern landscape of the delta, where the estuary snakes through marshes and farmland. The clash kit features the abstract delta pattern from the crest: this delta is a unique inverted delta that branches out into five rivers (the Calaveras, Cosumnes, Mokelumne, Sacramento, and San Joaquin rivers). The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is John Muir Health (although that's based out of Concord to the west). On a side note, I almost named this team "Delta United" until I realized that it sounded like someone pointing out what they would see at an airport --- I'll be taking a little break from concepts for the next week or so, but until then, enjoy the concepts and please be safe!
  18. It's just so...tacky, that's all! I'm glad you like it! You know what, that's actually a pretty cool idea! I mocked that up real quick just for you: In retrospect, I still prefer just the WB logo because of how easily I can tweak that logo to blend in more with the design. However, since many shirt sponsors IRL (especially for a tier-two team) don't recolor their logos to fit in with a team's look, this may be doable realistically! Thanks! I'm glad this got the approval of a a Valley resident! --- Gonna leave SoCal for the next few teams, so here's one from the Central Valley! Valley Division Clovis SC Clovis, California Founded: 1986 Affiliated with: Fresno SC Fresno's eastern neighbor prides itself around the Western cowboy lifestyle (which they call "The Clovis Way of Life"), as they host an annual rodeo, various cowboy-themed festivals, and prominently feature a cowboy on their city seal. I decided to represent the team with a C-shaped horseshoe with a Western-style font. I used the brown/cream from the Sacramento Republic FC and took inspiration from the Indianapolis Colts and this Racing Louisville FC concept by @mcrosby. The tan home kit brings the horseshoe design of the crest into a center stripe, and has a sublimated khaki pattern. The brown clash kit features a subtle pinstripe pattern with one line representing the Western Pacific Railroad's path (which was influential in the city's growth) through Clovis. The kits are supplied by Adidas like its parent club, and the sponsor is the Fresno-based Pelco security camera company.
  19. I'm glad you liked Beverly Hills, my friend! --- Southwest Division The Valley SC Los Angeles, CA Founded: 2004 The suburban San Fernando Valley is forever synonymous with the 1980s Valley girl culture, immortalized in pop culture through songs like "Valley Girl" by Frank Zappa and movies such as Clueless. At the same time, the Memphis style of design sprung up with its bright colors and geometric shapes. The Valley SC (a bold name considering that California has many famous valleys) plays in the Warner Center district of Los Angeles and boasts an 80s-style crest with a predominantly teal/pink color scheme; this design is also a soccer crest continuation of my San Fernando Valley Geofilter from last year. The home crest expands the design from the crest and features a grid pattern on the chest (representing the Valley's street grid) and a zigzag pattern common in Memphis design. Fitting into the team's nostalgia theme, the clash kit features the iconic "Jazz" design (although that design represents the 90s and not the 80s); it was initially introduced as a one-off design in 2015 but has stuck around ever since due to popular demand. The kits are supplied by Under Armour, and Warner Bros.* sponsors the team (even though WB is headquartered 20 miles away in Burbank, the team plays on former ranch land owned by the Warner brothers). *I'm aware that the new Warner Bros logo didn't come out until November of 2019 (at the end of American soccer seasons), but I'm still gonna use the new logo regardless (I jokingly hate myself for unleashing these particular designs to the world )
  20. Your version of the Nats look like something the Kansas City Royals could easily pull off! Your second draft fixes some of the potential legibility issues with the first draft (specifically the home and the home alt), and I particularly like the gold and blue alts! The Rays are a really solid look, and I like the Angels alts as well. I feel like I'm in the minority of people that actually liked the short-lived volt Hawks, and the way you pulled off the Braves looks nice and modern Some good stuff here!
  21. Thank for the heads up! I have since updated the Arrowhead kits to include the new Stater Bros. logo. Although it looks like the new logo didn't actually launch until August 2019, we can just say that they introduced their new logo via Arrowhead's 2019 kits
  22. I'm glad you enjoyed Beverly Hills! The monogram and the palm tree pinstripes were definitely fun ones to make~ If I may ask, can I take a look at your series? I don't seem to see it in your post history on the forums Thank you very much! No need to worry about taking up too much space with your comments, I highly enjoy reading what you have to say! Although the "volt" that I used for Fremont is the same exact shade that the Hawks used, I might consider lightening it up to look more lime green because the color does look a little muddy sometimes. I'm glad you liked Irvine and enjoy the color orange much like I do; the "Neighborhood Watch" kit is indeed a common nickname given [quite mockingly] by opposing fans . That actually sounds like a pretty classy edit idea for the Beverly Hills clash, and I'll probably revisit that later on! I'm glad you like those teams in particular, and although I honestly don't follow soccer, I really like the "blank slate" approach to aesthetics that soccer gives unlike other sports. That's their walk out song! Haha Oh for sure! --- For the next team, we follow Interstate 10 from Beverly Hills all the way out to San Bernardino! Basin Division Arrowhead SC San Bernardino, California Founded: 2017 Affiliated With: Inland Empire In 2016, Inland Empire left its longtime San Bernardino home for a new stadium in Rancho Cucamonga (a really fun name to say, in my opinion). To compensate for the CSL team's departure, Inland Empire created Arrowhead SC to fill the soccer void. An arrowhead-shaped rock formation lies north of San Bernardino and has been a landmark since pre-colonial times; arrowhead imagery is very common in this part of the Inland Empire. The crest is a modern-style arrowhead, with inspiration taken from Atlas FC in Mexico. This design is also heavily adapted from my super-old Etiwanda United concepts from my fictional country of Los Altos, especially after I realized that I didn't have a violet (plenty of light purple, though) team in my California leagues. The violet home kit combines the angled arrowhead chevron with a checkered flag, a reference to the Auto Club Speedway in neighboring Fontana. The white home kit references the massive logistics industry in the Inland Empire (San Bernardino County alone has 8 Amazon warehouses, for example) with a stylized railyard pattern. The kits are supplied by Adidas, and the sponsor is Stater Bros. Markets.
  23. The Iberaliga looks great so far, even starting with the league logo. I look forward to seeing how you take on the unique Spanish style, and the Alicante crest is fantastic! For Breogan, I particularly like the pirate theme you got going here, and how you've "torn-up" the sash on the black kit. I look forward to seeing the rest!
  24. Southwest Division Beverly Hills SC Beverly Hills, CA Founded: 1992 Beverly Hills was a rather easy team to design, as the Beverly Hills city limit signs are basically soccer crests waiting to happen. The crest is adorned with a "BH" monogram that's designed around the ornate stylings of the sign, and the Padres-style color scheme is also taken from the sign. The brown home kit references the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills with a dashed pinstripe pattern similar to the Hornets' "Mint City" jerseys; this kit is heavily inspired by the LASC concepts by @pcgd. The brown/white clash kit is a reference to the stylings of the Beverly Hills street signs. The kits are supplied by Umbro, and the sponsor is The Cheesecake Factory, which opened its first restaurant in 1978 in Beverly Hills. (Now I can't get Weezer out of my head)
  25. Thank you! --- Valley Division Kingsburg Fotbollförening (FF) Kingsburg, California Founded: 1994 Kingsburg is a small town outside Fresno that was initially settled by Swedes in the 1870s and continues to embrace its Swedish roots today. The crest is a roundel logo that features the Swedish flag in the middle and a simplified crown from the Swedish coat of arms at the top. When I was researching Swedish soccer logos, I noticed that many of the logos had wreaths on them; Kingsburg's wreath consists of grape leaves, as this part of the Central Valley exports a lot of raisins and table grapes. I decided to give this team the Swedish Fotbollförening name (meaning "football club) like the real-life teams in Kalmar and Malmö. The home kit is a simple yellow/blue kit inspired by a vertical Swedish flag. The red clash kit is stylized after a traditional Dala horse, complete with the "harnesses" of the horse and the circular pattern of the Dala horse in downtown Kingsburg. The kits are supplied by Puma, and the sponsor is the raisin grower Sun-Maid. --- After trying to figure out how to make the CSL2 team map, I decided to simply resize the insets of the CSL map to enlarge the map of the urban areas. Here's the CSL2 map as of right now, and I'll be updating the map on the CSL2 "home page" whenever I post a new team