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  1. Damn these are incredibly underwhelming. The Serpientes wordmark is probably the only redeeming part of this uniform. Should have gone with gold/sand, turquoise and black.
  2. Not really sure what's going on with the diagonal stripe across the middle, but the R looks very old timey and that crest shape inside the white circle is awesome. This is much better than the trash heap logo they've had their entire existence.
  3. Regardless of the notion of any people worrying about Islamic imagery similarities, 1 and 3 are the best looking of that bunch. The negative space "E" in number 1 is particularly clever.
  4. Okay...I'm really annoyed that I never noticed the sleeve stripes don't match the hem and socks. I'm never gonna be able to unsee this now.
  5. Absolutely beautiful color matchup in Denver today. A's kelly green vs. Colorado's purple. Some guys on the Rockies are even wearing purple socks too.
  6. Speaking of the Hawks and Olympics, I have a feeling that they could go with a 1996 Olympic themed city uniform next year to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the games. Maybe? Maybe not? Just an idea.
  7. If we're doing shameless plugs of what the Rays should look like, then I definitely think they should go green and light blue full time, and use a seafoam green road uniform.
  8. The only thing I probably don't like on this is the "Chi" on the cap. They should've just gone with a C by itself. I also think black pants actually work for the White Sox considering their already wacky uniform history.
  9. I forgot how great the shade of blue looked on those Cavfanatic uniforms on the left. It goes great with the yellow. Is it the same pastel royal blue as the Broncos' old helmets?
  10. For some reason, they've only listed the first 2 games for the Hawks-Knicks series.
  11. There's just something I've always loved about this logo. It looks like it could have came out today, but it's what? 35+ years old? It really feels timeless, and they should've brought it back in their most recent rebrand.
  12. I'm definitely late on seeing this thread, but great work as usual on this stuff. Quick question, would you mind posting a picture of these tan colored stirrups? I'm intrigued by these and would love to see what they look like on an actual player.
  13. Ultimately, I think teams are going to limit the number of non-QB, K, or P players will be able to wear 1-19. They have to reserve what...probably 8 spots for these numbers? 3 active QBs, 1 or 2 practice squad QBs, 1 K, 1 P, and maybe 1 practice squad K/P.
  14. They may be consistent, but they don't look as good as the other option. Let's look at LSU for example... Their uniforms would be an eyesore if the purple and yellow were flipped. The current Pats would look better with the darker color on the outside. Miami suffers from this problem too on their white pants in contrast to their helmets. It's usually best to have the darker color outline the lighter color when it comes to striping on a white or grey jersey.
  15. I think it would also look better if they flipped the red and blue stripes on the silver pants and white jerseys.
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