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  1. Has Houston ever done an orange shirt, white shorts, and black socks combo? I think that would look great with the new shirt.
  2. I couldn't care less if players wear trucker hats in spring training. It's freaking spring training. Calm your tatas.
  3. Besides the aforementioned roles in football, I'd love to be a closer or middle reliever in baseball. The closer part would be more stressful, but getting amped up for a huge save was always fun when I played baseball. Middle reliever would be much more chill though, and you can kick it with the guys in the bullpen all game. Plus, it's likely you can have a long career and not have to worry about a bunch of fanfare that more well-known players get.
  4. Watching the Lightning and Hurricanes game right now, and I never realized this, but Carolina really needs some pants stripes.
  5. Looks like the players hate the new look just as much as everyone else.
  6. Geez... all of those suck except the cream and red ones.
  7. Seems like you're disagreeing with what I said haha. Agreed. Would love to see the Penguins and Devils in black helmets, Nashville in navy, Buffalo in royal blue occasionally. It would be a fun way to mix things up and not go overboard.
  8. I really wish NHL teams were allowed to wear dark colored helmets on the road again. I love the way some college hockey teams look with a colored helmet and white jersey.
  9. Do teams typically hint at those kind of jerseys before the season? From what I can remember, teams mostly just hinted at them a few days before they'd wear them.
  10. Anyone know if there's a vector version of this template compatible with Inkscape?
  11. Man, that Philly kit is amazing. If I was a fan of them I'd drop a whole lotta money to grab one.
  12. Amazing work on all of this as usual. I'm a huge fan of that New Orleans look and the gradient peach in Atlanta's logo is a good 90's touch! Since I'm sure you plan on giving Pittsburgh a rebrand soon, I want to suggest adding the blue from the city flag to the color scheme as well. I think it would be a great way for them to still have the black and gold with a little more something to differentiate themselves from the other sports teams in the city.
  13. Oh it was more of a sarcastic joke on the pic you posted lol. I was imagining it like the pic was taken from an office building in the ocean. Swing and a miss be me I guess.
  14. A corporate office towering over a pier? I can see why that didn't work out.