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  1. The Quebec Nordiques uniforms right before they moved to Colorado. The way the fleur di lis are used on the hem sucks. They should've put them inside stripes instead. In addition to that, the sleeves are incredibly barren with just the small wrist stripes and solid white numbers isn't a great look. Plus, the only red on the entire uniform is in the logo, nowhere else. Finally, the logo, don't even get me started on this trash heap. It looks like an abstract elephant balancing a ball on its trunk. I seriously will never understand the love for this logo.
  2. How did someone make a patch of that already?
  3. This is such a great update. I really thought they would botch it, but the Chargers beat the Rams in the rebrand competition. Can't wait to see the uniforms.
  4. I don't hate it, but I'm still not a huge fan. The ram head looks cool though. It has a stain glass window kind of vibe to it. Still though, this logo will always remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  5. Someone on Twitter replied to Chris with this... Hopefully this is good news that that wasn't the primary logo.
  6. Me after all the sports cancellations...
  7. Love that Switzerland is using double red. I made a concept for the world cup a few years ago that featured double red, so I'm glad to see it somewhat come to life.
  8. This team has my favorite logo of all time and I may just end up spending whatever ungodly amount of money I need to in order to obtain one of these.
  9. Ya that first logo looks great. I'd also try and add a tertiary color with the double greys. Red might work well.
  10. I actually really like those beanies and the trucker hat. The jersey is just too over the top for my liking though.
  11. Love the updated WKU logo. My favorite part about this set is probably the baseball script though. Glad you didn't just use the WKU mark from the logo, but went with a unique look instead.
  12. It's great that this feature has been added back. I orginally based my username off of Kevinmets'. I don't mind following the Marlins now, but I've been wanting to change my name since 2013 when I finally decided on my favorite MLB team (Pirates). Since most people here just refer to me as Griffin or Griff, I will keep that part of my name, but probably add my favorite number to the end or something like that.
  13. Because Bob Nutting needs to get as much money as possible without spending it on making the team better.
  14. Per a report, Pirates are getting new roads and new black uniforms. They'll have the late 80s thru mid 90s script on them.
  15. Yeah I agree with others that the Nashville logo just isn't working. Also, I think it's overkill if you have the 6 string striping on the numbers if they're already on the sleeves. One more thing, I think it would balance out the jerseys better if the collars were full navy blue.