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  1. If we're excluding minor league teams, then the only jerseys I have of teams I don't support would be... - Mighty Ducks (1993-2006) Dark Jersey I have this because it's my favorite hockey jersey of all time. I've only worn it out twice, but hope to wear it more once it gets cooler outside again - White England 2014 World Cup Jersey - White Generic Germany Miroslav Klose Jersey - Navy Scotland 2014 Jersey I am only a supporter of Team USA and Team Ireland, but I have English, German, Scottish, and French heritage as well, so I'm on a quest to buy a futbol jersey from each national team. The only one left for me to get is France, though I may get rid of the Germany one as it isn't very comfortable. - Grey Wizards Michael Jordan Shirsey C'mon, I saw it at a thrift store years ago and clearly couldn't pass it up. When I was a kid I had a Derek Jeter shirsey, a generic Josh Hamilton Rangers jersey, and a red Larry Fitzgerald jersey, as all were some of my favorite players growing up.
  2. Any update on this series? I was really looking forward to it. Hope to see you finish!
  3. I agree with Gothamite. When they eventually have an alternate, they should go with the seafoam blue. That would look amazing.
  4. Yes, I'm aware. I thought he was asking if there was an animal team nickname that is both plural and singular.
  5. If we're talking the big 4, then yes. If talking about pro sports in general, then I believe the Manitoba Moose are the first team.
  6. Disappointed at the name, but love the logo and color scheme. I must say though, that wordmark font would look great for the Baltimore Ravens
  7. They used AR Essence, which is a basic Microsoft font, along with a generic name and color scheme that a long established team in the league also uses. Completely underwhelming look.
  8. It shouldn't be. They've had "Atlanta" on their white jerseys since 2014.
  9. As a fan of the team, I am loving these. The side striping is especially fun and uniquely patterned. Probably my only nitpick is the non-block S in the HAWKS wordmark and the new alternate logo that says HAWKS with two crescents on top and bottom. All in all, I'm looking really forward to buying one of these. Also, they announced grey as a color in that press release, which makes me believe they'll use it in a city uniform. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  10. No one is pushing the Washington NFL team to change their colors (as far as I've seen), so what's the deal with wanting Cleveland to change? I don't like that many MLB teams wear navy and red or vice-versa, but as others have mentioned, Cleveland has precedent. That being said though, I have seen quite a few Cleveland Spiders concepts on this board over the years that have used brown and red (with a little bit of cream thrown in). They honestly look fantastic and if Cleveland is to change its color scheme, I hope it is red and brown.
  11. Am I missing something? The only difference on the main page I see is the S and L and N in the header are capitalized. Anything else changed?
  12. I actually got 2 points. I'm honestly pissed my entry only got a measly 2 votes. Probably the most effort I put into one of my entries, but whatever.