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  1. Iowa State's uniforms are actually pretty good. They could've worn the black uniforms and ruined it. But the red is a really strong set.
  2. I still actually like this jersey alot, tow things to change: 1. Get rid of the funky NYJ monogram/logo on the front. 2. Change the black sleeve striping on the jersey to white and I'd say it's a winner. For the conspiracy theory, I think that could be true sometimes but not all the time. Because my thought goes with other apparel providers (adidas, UA, etc.) do they leak out their own prototypes and then see what the reactions are and follow accordingly, or are they like "eh, what do they know?" and still go with their plan.
  3. I see the NBA ads in the same vein as ads on soccer jerseys. Some of them look good because the logo is a wordmark and most times the wordmark is usually rendered in black/white/nuetral/team color: Barcelona's Rakuten ad isn't bad, mainly because it's white, it does attract the eye to it but otherwise I would say it isn't very intrusive. Now like Juventus' Jeep & Atletico Madrid's ads are what I would say are obtrusive, because they break the flow of the design: The ad is slapped on, and it becomes the part of the uniform that grabs your attention. It's strange though because Juventus' away/third has the wordmark and not a "sticker" and works better. So at times it definitely seems like the brand plays a bigger role and the team goes along with it. I don't personally have a huge issue with teams having ads, as long as the ad doesn't command the uniform in the way where they don't drag all of the attention away.
  4. I thought of the same thing. I'd expect though from the Miami picture that they have a heavy influence of pink on their home and/or away kit. I also hope the MNU goes with a blue-heavy kit soon.
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I don't particularly like the secondary logo on the side of the blue jersey, it sticks out too much. The white is really nice though.
  6. If the next MNT home kit is that I wouldn't be the least bit upset about it. I really hope adidas makes a men's cut of this for retail use (I doubt they will but still)
  7. I don't remember when they were unveiled (last year), but I'm assuming adidas will release a Parley line of jerseys for teams again this year. That's my assumption based off the brands current affiliation/collaboration with Parley, I just hope they come up with something more than black/white kits and inject some color into it.
  8. Save for the ad patch it looks like a Bears uniform, should've went orange w/blue yolk.
  9. Maybe it's just me, but they need numbers on the front of that blue jersey, otherwise that's gorgeous!
  10. Or watermark/shadow the Washington Monument in grey/dark grey going up the shirt towards the crest and add red trim. That was a thought I had after I saw it.
  11. The more I see the zuliliy on the Sounders shirt, the more I start to hate the look overall. I know it's about money/keeping local companies running, but Jesus they should've stayed with XBOX or jumped to T-Mobile.
  12. This should be a secondary logo for Iowa Basketball
  13. So the only teams that haven't released a kit for 2019 are: Sounders (Coming on the 25th) (Away) Houston (TBD, Home) DC United (TBD, Away) LAFC (Feb 24th, Away) We've seen leaks/know info of 3 of these 4, otherwise DC United has been super quiet. Especially with the first games being about 14ish days away, it seems strange that most teams wouldn't want to get kits out way AHEAD of Opening Day.
  14. I did like these based off the picture showing a player wearing it, but now that I see the whole thing it's definelty not as good as I thought it would be.
  15. I like that secondary logo though. If that's a positive.