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  1. Random thought I had, I am astounded the Inter Miami doesn’t have a shirt advert yet. Wasn’t there rumors of Qatar Airlines or something or another becoming their front one? Did that not pan out or are they waiting?
  2. Kinda bummed we’re not getting the navy and white kit we were rumored to be getting. It’s definitely interesting though.
  3. So the away kits are on a 3 year old jersey template, and the home removes the red pinstripe-like design. It’s fine. EDIT: Ok the away isn’t a old template but quasi-custom design. It definitely looks nicer at least.
  4. These would make some sweet Iowa jerseys.
  5. Pics also showed black shorts, and I’d assume black socks. Just . Hopefully the away is a bit of a better looker.
  6. Whenever Charlotte’s team realeases their kits, hopefully it’s blue heavy before the *inventible* shift to mostly black
  7. That’s what I was hoping, but I highly doubt it.
  8. Reminds me of the Lewis and Clark football unis from 2016. It’s ok, just not Oregon.
  9. Let’s bring back the center stripe Philly. Make it happen!!
  10. They’re so tacky, I love it.
  11. This would be a good Philadelphia kit if the wanted to bring the center stripe back, (swap out the colors obviously). But I feel like if they wanted to do this have the red pinstripes going ALL OVER the jersey. It’s fine, it doesn’t scream Atlanta United to me. I’m a little bummed it’s not a quadrant kind of kit, but it’s definitely interesting and I hope the squares are fairly noticeable.
  12. That’s definitely a let down. Hopefully it means that next year we see Seattle, LAFC, and some others get them. I think there are at least a handful of clubs who would get them and benefit from them. It’s a shame that Atlanta is the one benefiting in the first year they come back
  13. I think it’s been an unstructured time period recently. I remember reading somewhere that they weren’t doing any more Jersey Week reveals because clubs wanted to do them at their own pace.
  14. Unpopular Opinion: I do not mind those Celtics uniforms. They could be much worse than they are letting on.
  15. The 2011 Cleveland Browns went the whole season without wearing their brown home jerseys. I think that has it beat