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  1. My thoughts: Pros: - Home uniforms look nice. There are some minor things I do not like about it, but otherwise it's fine - I don't mind the color of the away set. It's a nice differentiation from the normal white and it's too obtrusive. - Hopefully they'll pair the "bone" tops with blue bottoms - Gradient numbers aren't as bad as I thought they would look. It's livable but better that the Falcons gradient choice. Cons: - I do not like the design on the sleeve of the away. Why couldn't they just mirror the home look? - I don't get the weird patch on the chest. It looks out of place when compared to the rest of the set. Especially since the away is off-white and the patch is FULL white - I could do without the striping pattern on the pants. Either make it solid yellow/white fade on the blue, solid blue on the yellow and yellow/blue fade on the bone or nothing at all. Even solid stripes would make more sense. - The royal helmet is strange to me. I get they wouldn't use a navy helmet if they're embracing their older colors, but the royal helmet looks off to me, Navy would've looked a bit strange but it would've felt right to me. The royal helmet also is just going to signal more Angelo State jokes. Overall these are a downgrade for me, they are solely in the bottom middle of the NFL.
  2. I think what bugs me is the reverse of the advert. Fly Emirates looked better to me because it was a small word over a big word. Now it’s a big word over two small words and it doesn’t look quite right.
  3. Ok if you’re going to put a wordmark somewhere, why the shoulder? If it was a logo ala old Jets set or Pittsburgh then it’s one thing but a literally just a series of words? That’s stupid. holding out my other thoughts until we see official photos/clearer ones
  4. Personally the Jets set is fine as it is. It’s definitely grown on me. Get rid of the black alt and swap it out with a different color and you’re golden.
  5. Same as Iowa States new numbers tho. Or at least similar
  6. I’ll admit that I too am a 24-going-on-25 year old Abe Simpson.
  7. I actually don’t mind that. Call me crazy but I think it looks *decent*.
  8. I personally believe that the NFL fixed Super Bowl LII to prevent the Jags and Vikings from making it. It was the perfect opportunity for a team to host it and the internet would’ve melted with Bortles memes. Of course I have no proof to that.
  9. Ideally home is Black/Teal and road is White/Teal. If the want to embrace the teal and still maintain the use of black as a primary that’s how you do it.
  10. We’ll have 50% of the uniforms here soon, another 400 pages then the Rams will reveal theirs
  11. Yeah if the Texans do anything it's re-designate their navy home tops to an alt and the red jerseys become their new home pair with white pants.
  12. I hope they at least come up with a pair of silver pants to wear with the blue jersey. At least come up with a little contrast.
  13. You know this is pretty valid. I get why they were around and for the most part it’s an easier way to identify a player but with Alabama and other teams not using them and not seeming to have a problem, I think as long the numbers on the front are legible tv numbers shouldn’t be needed
  14. I wouldn’t mind seeing a team like USF wear these, although I feel like they’ve worn a very similar helmet to this recently.
  15. I’m now fully expecting the Pats to just drop the changes on Twitter like the Colts did. It’s getting too close to the date of the draft to announce anything.