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  1. It'd be nice, but I don't think teams are thinking about that at the moment.
  2. I think Seattle should go back and embrace more of the cyan look for secondaries. It’s highly underused and they’ve used it enough where it would be a great look
  3. At this point any team with a new uniform should unveil it within the next two weeks. We got a lot of time on our hands
  4. That is a low blow my dude
  5. Forward Madison unveils their new away kit. Really sharp looking. Names of supporters are on the "stripes".
  6. 2K League is suspended too just get a few owners to play UNO and call it good.
  7. I have a theory that the Bucs and Jags will end up pulling a Dolphins and making a small change to their uniforms after the five year window. In this case Jags add gold and Bucs add orange. They want to wait and see what changes they can make. Even if minor.
  8. Or they can pull a Bucs & every soccer team in UEFA and just post the stuff online. I know it'll suck, but that may be the direction to go until this cools down.
  9. I could see that. The idea of the swoosh being orange doesn't seem too far out of the imagination. It'll be a bit annoying if there isn't any other orange on the uniforms but it is what it is.
  10. Maybe they'll add/keep the red socks for more alternative looks. I'd imagine that if they got red over white they'd use red socks every so often.
  11. Looking at the 2012 uniforms, they were black but they were outlined in white. The way PL is making it sound is they're black w/o the white outline.
  12. Here’s how I see it: Teams that use gold (and is gold): Atlanta, LAFC, Philadelphia and Portland Teams that use yellow (but referred to as gold): Columbus, RSL, Nashville.
  13. Oh hell yeah! I love rainbow colors!
  14. Demoff is all about the troll jobs. He clearly knows that people are paying attention.