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  1. I like it, but the normal number font they use doesn't mush very well with it. But it's a small ting. Considering that changing the # and NOB to match might cause legibility issues if it matches the font.
  2. Would've preferred green socks but it is what it is.
  3. Ok real question here is what’s going on with number 14s face mask?
  4. I actually like the navy helmet. It only works though if they go Navy/Columbia/Navy at home and White/Columbia/Navy on the road.
  5. I don't think the introduction of Color Rush would've made it possible. I look at it with the trend that some of the team redesigns were going (Browns, Jags 1st, Tampa) bad alternates would've be saddled with clubs as redesigns continued. Color Rush only pushed the process of that forward more, it was inevitable either way.
  6. I think that yellow elements (Jersey #, helmet, pants) will help make the green look more green. But this is going to be a good look for Oregon on Saturday. Im really excited about it!
  7. I was more focused on the NYG style uniforms they were wearing.
  8. See, I don’t think the (90s) alts look that bad. It could always be worse, maybe make the “burst” purple so it doesn’t get lost. It’s miles better than the one just revealed.
  9. This is my ideal rebrand or uniform change for Washington.
  10. If there's one thing that bugging me about the Browns uniform, it's that the "C" is white. There isn't any other white on that uniform, it SHOULD be orange.
  11. But wouldn’t they still be the old ones? When they unveiled their new uniforms they didn’t have gold pants as an option
  12. Watching ISU/ULM, it’s a shame that ULM can have gold pants and Iowa State can’t. Also wish ISU would’ve gone with red or black helmets, especially with ULM wearing white helmets/jerseys
  13. This should be the home look for the Jags at all points. Teal on black is a good alt look, but teal on white is their best look imo
  14. So is it a true throwback, or will they be wearing a “Color Rush” version of the set with blue pants?