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  1. The image is broken. What teams was it?
  2. Celtic's GK shirt also leaked, looks like New Balance took one out of the adidas/MLS parley look.
  3. To add to the leaks, Leicester City has had all three sets leaked in low quality images. Black kit is the current CL template that some of the adidas teams have been using. The pink is the Campeon template with the German stripe pattern. FH says the home has a subtle checkered pattern but I'm having a hard time seeing it.
  4. Maybe a dumb question here, but could MNUFC trademark/copyright the wing design itself? If they made a claim that the design "belongs" to them could they potentially stop adidas from poaching it for other teams? I mean I know the wing appears on the back of a jacket that the team wears but other than that, would it be a possibility?
  5. I'd imagine a couple of the teams that get promoted into the PL could do a kit switch (Wolves to adidas this past year), but I think it'll depend if their deal is up more so than they moved up.
  6. From the Chargers website in an article about the switch: It looks like they could wear the yellow mask when on road (w/white) and using royal(?)/navy for the navy alt. I'm assuming Color Rush stays the same. But it could just be their overall helmet choices.
  7. See my immediate thought was that now they have Powder Blue as their home set, their away set is going to change then right? Because now they'll have a weird think like the Rams where the home and away sets differ and they can't do too much about it other than wait until their shared LA stadium is built & reveal new uniforms (if that's the plan anyways).
  8. I always thought if Houston wanted to change their uniform, it would be designating the red jersey as a primary and the blue as an alt. A white helmet would look nice but I think it would be a lateral move.
  9. Didn't get a pic, but at the Cedar Falls Ross there was a 2018 Italy jersey. It must have been authentic or their "primeknit" stuff because it stretched out more than what a normal one would have.
  10. I like these, my only thing is that since they unveiled them in mono-looks, they'll stick with that like Oregon did last year, but I can also see them mixing and matching after a couple games.
  11. What would it look like with tan pants? I feel like it would be more accurate and it would break up the leotard look. Otherwise great job!
  12. If there is one thing I think would make that set a home run would for the team to "adopt" the current Virginia Tech jersey that has the modified stripe pattern. They can have the collar remain green (or black if they wanted to tie in sets together) and the stripes on either side of the collar would be white (on green set), green (on white set) and green (on black set). Then just do something with the stripe. But I can still live with what was given. This would then allow them to also put their new New York Jets in and oval logo on the chest as on the previous set or just a NY in oval.
  13. If the stripes on the shirt were actual stripes (see ATL United, Minnesota, Barcelona, etc.) so the shirt was an alternating blue/orange stripe set, then the shorts & socks would work out. Also: If Nike made MLS kits, save for a few changes, this would be an excellent look for them.
  14. One thing I was thinking about as I was looking through these, teams only have the CPL patch on the right arm, which has me thinking that they'll allow ads on the opposite arm as the season goes on. Also, these are my three favorites:
  15. I still like them. If they wanted to have New York on the chest I would much rather them going with NY in an oval somewhere like their prior set. The helmet is going to be an issue in some lighting situations, coming off as almost black/dark green in certain settings, but I think it'll look nice on a bright day. Otherwise it's pretty tame by recent standards.