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  1. Hey dude, you have some pretty good ideas here! Ideas are really the most important thing, and a lot of these jerseys are very unique! A couple of things you could improve upon are: 1. Make sure your wordmark and number are the correct size, and placed to the right height. A lot of your numbers are way too big, use a real nba jersey for reference. 2. Use high quality images. A lot of the images are grainy, and putting a stroke on them makes it look worse. I also don’t think the logo behind the jersey is necessary, especially when the logo is low quality. 3. Tiny nitpick but, use the real Nike logo! Don’t use the fake one the template comes with.
  2. Knicks jersey does look better on court I must say. But it still looks really bad either way.
  3. Knowing EA though, this will probably be the “team builder”
  4. Honestly if the just did a NCAA 14 remastered like tony hawk, except with better graphics and new uniforms, most people would be happy.
  5. Kinda refreshing that it’s not a talking pizza dough or knock off pilsbury guy.
  6. I’ve come to like “football team” in an ironic kind of way, but the helmet stripes do need to return
  7. Pretty sure UniMockups on Instagram made those, but they’re not all ugly
  8. Uhhh, I think the Nike template (no weird collar) and more saturated blue make it better, plus the way they did Oklahoma over city was always bad.
  9. Yeah I’ve grown to like the rams too.....
  10. I feel like a lot of the general public automatically equates “new uniforms” with a total change. The bengals will still have tiger stripes, and use orange and black, they’ll just stop looking like they’re stuck in a 2005 Reebok look.
  11. Hey man! You’ve really improved throughout this series! Each city jersey is really creative, good job.
  12. I am actually really liking the Celtics uniforms. It connects to their history, and doesn’t use any weird/unnecessary colors. Much more interesting than their first and second city jersey, and more team specific than their last city jersey.