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  1. Wow no more shared staples center, this will be weird.
  2. Is it perfect? No. But it’s definitely better than the navy and white or gold and navy ram head. So many people on social media are saying that they should have just kept that navy logo or posting something like “oh they should have done (picture of royal and yellow ram head) it was so easy”. I disagree, when I see the old ram head logo I see St Louis, a change was needed, and although this change isn’t perfect it’s not as terrible as some of y’all are saying.
  3. I doubted it was actually his. It does kinda look like Belichik though, especially if you change the hat to a hood.
  4. I’m just getting increasingly less optimistic about this.
  5. No more side panels! Also maybe a sign that Brady’s leaving?
  6. Nah they should just do an official nba 2k simulation.
  7. As a Baylor fan, I can at least claim Baylor would have won March madness, like how expos fans claim 1994.
  8. I’m sorry everyone, but this jersey is kinda growing on me,
  9. I disagree on that. This monogram is hard to read.
  10. Ok what is Big Guava football?