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  1. I don’t really mind the away pants, it’s pretty unique and specific to the animal. But the logos on the home shoulders are terrible, and the helmet needs a logo on the side not the front.
  2. I love how you made it authentic pro line and not just a bills sweatshirt.
  3. Rangers powder blue in game,
  4. I’ll take a virtual team name and logo for the price of a virtual ad, seems like a fine trade off considering the situation.
  5. I think #2 would look great if their where two outlines the first white and the second gold.
  6. I honestly hate the argument that this “won’t change anything”. No one is claiming that the black W or dropping redskins will solve everything. The truth of the matter is that these teams aren’t part of the government, and their actions hold no real political power. So when we argue that the actions have no value and won’t contribute to further legislation, it undercuts the real purpose of the change and leaves some mad at the team for something they can’t control.
  7. As a added bonus I could probably make some good templates based on these images because they show the important angles and are high quality.
  8. This is absolutely amazing. The colors look great, and hopefully this will stick around and become the “Trae era” look. However without fail people are beginning to miss the old look. I remember when it was introduced it was basically only celebrated for not being navy, but now people are praising it as different and modern. Volt was a bad trend from like 2012, and the triangles never really made sense. This is definitely an upgrade and maybe a top 5 look.
  9. Athletic Gold Yellow Vegas gold and plain old Khaki
  10. Hmm I think I’ve heard that somewhere before...
  11. So what exactly is this jersey? I’ve seen both Uniwatch and Uniswag report it as a throwback jersey but I know the team has never worn it before. Is it like an in game version of the retro rewind jerseys from the late 90s? Additionally I saw someone say a “human highlight reel” jersey is also coming, but that seems unlikely.