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  1. Without the logo on the chest yeah.
  2. Yeah some people here are even saying the gradient jaguars look was good and “underrated”
  3. I mean most people says these jerseys were good so I’ll withhold judgement for now.
  4. Looks like a fashion jersey to me based on the extreme simplicity and lack of white.
  5. Why not give every team a throwback, it would sell well and everyone would like it. Replace the city with a rotating throwback.
  6. I feel like Mississippi state could really pull this off.
  7. Oh wow, it’s perfect. Great job.
  8. The cavs should bring back that light blue in place of black. This look is greatly underused in American sports, and I feel like the cavs could pull it off.
  9. This looks great, it’s also pretty much what I expect the team to go with.
  10. Wow no more shared staples center, this will be weird.
  11. Is it perfect? No. But it’s definitely better than the navy and white or gold and navy ram head. So many people on social media are saying that they should have just kept that navy logo or posting something like “oh they should have done (picture of royal and yellow ram head) it was so easy”. I disagree, when I see the old ram head logo I see St Louis, a change was needed, and although this change isn’t perfect it’s not as terrible as some of y’all are saying.