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  1. It’s a jersey bro, calm down. No ones going te hell over this lol
  2. Common’s song is called “Southside” not “South Side”.
  3. Honestly don’t believe this. All the evidence points to it happening. Unless they very recently scrapped the program (maybe because of the widespread leaks?), I don’t see why this program is dead. Most likely the “sources” told this account that the city jerseys are not going to be a mashup, and they took it to mean the program is over, not that these jerseys will exist outside of the city program.
  4. New commissioner is gonna take control, see all the money those programs make, and do nothing. They’re not gonna stop the cash rolling in just because some old guys on the internet are complaining that their team is wearing a different color.
  5. Yeah I agree with this. Should be an earned/throwback replacement. City jerseys (even though many here hate them) have become an event unto them selves, and a cash cow for the nba every year.
  6. Call me crazy but I’m liking the Miami jersey. Hopefully it has some cool shorts
  7. The Lakers don’t necessarily have the problem that the Celtics do: They can get away with a couple tweaks here and there. Number color doesn’t matter all that much, and it looks fine to me.
  8. In hindsight this was really dumb, there was nothing left to leak
  9. So by your logic they should’ve been called “multiforms” for decades? Is this a multiform?
  10. Best case scenario as a West Ham fan: -With no more obstacles West Ham cruises to their first league title -Super League fails spectacularly in 2/3 years - “big six” have economic sanctions, and have to start in a lower league, but are welcomed back - In that time we become the top destination for talent, and a full on dynasty - Set up for success for decades
  11. This is really the worst jersey you’ve ever seen?? Calm down dude
  12. Everyone’s gonna hate on this program regardless because “I can’t even tell who’s playing!!”, especially since baseball is such a traditional sport. But I think a program like this makes a lot of sense. They play a ton of games, and the interest in the sport isn’t exactly booming. I’ll take this over the poorly made players weekend jerseys, or the spring training hat disasters. If anything, at least we will have something to talk about over the next few years.
  13. Still a great shot, but it’s not as special anymore.
  14. I’m so nervous for tonight’s game, first time since 2011 World Series where a team I’m really invested in has a chance to win. Of course the Rangers lost that year, but still Go Bears!
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