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  1. The new Rams logo is so meh to me. They really would have been better off going with the new Ram head as a primary and having the LA monogram as the alternate. Love the new Chargers logo. Near-perfect modernization imo.
  2. A 2-minute fix makes a the logo miles better IMO. I can live with the separated horns and a gradient. At least the gradient makes it look a lot less like a new Chargers logo. If there is a gradient, I don't know how you could take the horn into the other side of the A a la the earlier mock-ups without the logo looking even more awkward.
  3. I actually don't hate it, but it should NOT be a replacement for the primary logo spot. It'd work ok as an alternate, but the current Ram logo is miles ahead of this monogram.
  4. I actually like the Bucs logo without the swords. It looks a lot more concise that way.
  5. I don't know how to feel about this. The 17 games seem inevitable to happen at some point, but 7-team playoffs? Another tweet said the NFL wants that this year, which would mean the #1 seed is the only team with a bye and another wildcard team would make it. I don't think I'm a fan. Watering down the playoffs seems pointless and a measly cash grab that will lessen the already-sometimes-questionable Wild Card round.
  6. Good. Especially comparing it to the past few scorebugs FOX has had, it is by far the best. It's small and takes influence from the early-to-mid 2010s designs yet is preferably at the bottom of the screen. The font is nothing special but it is adequate enough. I also love the updated statistics on the sides of the scorebug. They are the perfect way to implement live statistical updates into the graphics package without being intrusive. Add in the return of team logos, and it's already miles better than the previous edition, which was bland and took up a much larger portion of the screen. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the cartoon-esque graphics, and I feel it would be a little awkward if some backup on defense scores a fumble recovery TD or something along those lines and the graphics department does not have a cartoon portrait for said person.
  7. Sockeyes is still better but Kraken is preferable to Squids or something really basic like Whales or Eagles. If they don't have an angry squid alternate logo, though, this is a wasted opportunity.
  8. I can't believe the NBA still has games today. Feels so wrong.
  9. I know its Andy Reid, but the Kansas City Chiefs feel special this year. I say they win it in a close one.
  10. I'm sorry, but those Avs jerseys are terrible. The whole thing seems asymmetrical just to be asymmetrical. The seam on the front is overtly garish that there's no natural transition into the mountains cutting into the A. Speaking of the A, why is the "mountain range" so lopsided? It looks awkward having the A dip down almost to the seam on the one side and then having the middle mountain go all the way up to the blank space in the A. Then you have the stripe on the back (which isn't that bad, but it messes with the font outline), and the curved font for the nameplate for no sake at all. You have the triangular A on the front, a straight stripe throughout the back, but the name is curved? Why? The only part I like about this jersey is the correlation between the sleeve stripes and the jersey stripe. For lack of a better word, these jerseys are a cluster:censored:.
  11. Chiefs over Titans Packers over 49ers This is the most interesting Final 4 in years. The last time the Packers won was in 2011, the 49ers 1995, the Chiefs 1969, and the Titans never.
  12. It sounds like it's just new uniforms and not a new logo. I'd like to see some tweaks to the logo, but I guess it's not the worst logo in the league. I really hope Nike and the Falcons go the Vikings/Lions route and not the Buccaneers/Titans route. Just bring back the red helmets, get rid of the piping, and add a more traditional sleeve/pants stripe. I imagine they'll change the font, but it's not that bad in my opinion. As long as they don't stick any abbreviations or team names on the stripes or use a god-awful font and hopefully this is a positive upgrade, but knowing Nike's track record, I'm moving forward with trepidation.
  13. Yup, 2016 preseason @ the Raiders. So not only is it the old set, it’s the wrong number too.
  14. CBS showed a graphic last night with Derrick Henry in the old Titans uniforms similar to the one above (although it might have been with white pants, I can't remember). With all the success he's had in the navy helmets, it caught be offguard CBS thought that was the best picture to use to show Henry's recent success.
  15. If the Titans win next week, they have a really good chance to win the whole thing. Vrabel has outcoached two Top-5 coaches this postseason and Henry has looked unstoppable. Give the coaching and defense a week or preparation and Henry a week of rest and they might take the whole thing. That being said, the 49ers looked really good today. It'll be interesting to see how they play next week.