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  1. That's not how this works. These type of threads are more of a one-man-show as far as the content goes. If you have ideas to incorporate into the overall story, pm hawkfan before you just write them out and declare them as the truth, or just let him create the stories for team origins and such, because people will accuse you of thread-jacking if you don't.
  2. Well this is a real nice surprise.
  3. They're ok. Not terrible, don't like the black pants. Jerseys themselves aren't bad. Logo's outline is killing me though. Why couldn't they just make it a regular oval?
  4. That green pant stripe looks waaaay too dark on the black pants.
  5. They’re ok I guess. The pant striping and black number outlines make them seem a little dated to me, though. Probably a lateral update overall.
  6. Side by side the logo looks better IMO. Nothing too crazy but a push in the right direction.... ....which means the jerseys are probably going to be a BFBS nightmare.
  7. Orlando's uniforms scream early 2000s with the drop shadows, but I actually really like them. Not too crazy about the numbers on the helmets though.
  8. Pro Bowl uniforms should always use monochrome uniforms/pants because of all the players wearing different helmets. To me personally, it would make differentiating the two teams easier at a glance.
  9. Patriots. It'll be closer than people are saying though; New England never blows teams out in the Super Bowl.
  10. Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City
  11. Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  12. Wild-Card Weekend Colts 27, Texans 16 Seahawks 20, Cowboys 10 Ravens 23, Chargers 20 Bears 24, Eagles 21 Divisional Round Colts 34, Chiefs 31 (In Andy Reid we trust....to choke) Rams 30, Bears 20 Patriots 21, Ravens 19 Saints 34, Seahawks 28 Conference Championship Saints 35, Rams 31 Patriots 31, Colts 23 Super Bowl LIII Saints 38, Patriots 27 ------------------------------- What I'm curious to see is if a team, like the Saints, win, will Drew Brees retire on top? I wouldn't be surprised either way, whether he decides to play one more year with his stellar surrounding cast or ends his Hall-of-Fame career just like his the other (soon-to-be) enshrined QBs of John Elway and Peyton Manning.
  13. If the Rams make it all the way, do they wear the throwbacks? Are their throwbacks their designated home jerseys or are they an alternate? My understanding is that the league alleviated their uniform policy for the Rams since their mismatched uniforms last year were such a disaster. But who's to say that the Rams don't wear white and the AFC team wears their home uniforms?