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  1. The shade of red is vibrant and pops well, which is good. It looks better than it did in the release photos. That being said, you can't tell me it's a good look. It'd look 1000x better if it was just a full-red jersey w/black pants.
  2. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Atlanta Dallas vs. Washington Buffalo vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Houston Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. New England Kansas City vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. LA Chargers Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas Chicago vs. LA Rams
  3. Detroit vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Houston vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Philadelphia Denver vs. New England NY Jets vs. Miami Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay LA Rams vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Dallas
  4. FYI I counted 10 for me this past week, not 9 although my math might be wrong Tampa Bay vs Chicago Jacksonville vs. Houston Las Vegas vs. Kansas City Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Carolina vs. Atlanta Denver vs. New England LA Rams vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. NY Jets Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh Miami vs. San Francisco (this one might change if Garoppolo doesn't play) Indianapolis vs. Cleveland NY Giants vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Seattle LA Chargers vs. New Orleans
  5. Denver vs. NY Jets Indianapolis vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Detroit Arizona vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Washington Seattle vs. Miami LA Chargers vs. Tampa Bay NY Giants vs. LA Rams New England vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Las Vegas Philadelphia vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Green Bay Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
  6. Miami vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Minnesota Washington vs. Cleveland LA Rams vs. Buffalo Chicago vs. Atlanta Las Vegas vs. New England Houston vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia San Francisco vs. NY Giants NY Jets vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Arizona Tampa Bay vs. Denver Dallas vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. New Orleans Kansas City vs. Baltimore
  7. These jerseys looked very meh against Seattle. They weren't the worst things ever, but they already look very outdated, like they would've been uniforms 15-20 years ago. Maybe unpopular opinion, I really think Atlanta should've based their rebrand around their old Color Rush look. Brighten the red, keep red as the primary jersey color, make a black alternate that mirrors the design of the red, and have the array of black/red/white pants. These uniforms looked really good in real-time, and I bet they'd look better with some better accents so it's not just cherry red. Would've been a good idea to build off of regardless.
  8. The Saints' Color Rush uniforms are some of the best. Pair that with the always-good Raiders uniforms, and you might have one of the prettier match-ups of the entire season. Also slightly off-topic, but why do the Saints insist on the black-on-black look while at home?? They would look so much better with black jerseys/gold pants, but they only wore this combination once last year.
  9. Cincinnati vs. Cleveland San Francisco vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. Miami Minnesota vs. Indianapolis Detroit vs. Green Bay Atlanta vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Chicago LA Rams vs. Philadelphia Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Pittsburgh (as a Steelers fan, I 100% expect them to lose this game, but I can't pick against them here) Washington vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Baltimore vs. Houston New England vs. Seattle New Orleans vs. Las Vegas
  10. Houston vs. Kansas City NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Baltimore Seattle vs. Atlanta Chicago vs. Detroit Las Vegas vs. Carolina Philadelphia vs. Washington Miami vs. New England Green Bay vs. Minnesota Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Cincinnati Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. LA Rams Pittsburgh vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Denver
  11. Overall, this is a good update. The new primary mark is miles better than the previous. However, I'm not terribly crazy about the full-body peacock. It looks like it has a cookie on it's back, not feathers.
  12. With the Brewers and Reds not playing today, I wonder if the rest of the MLB will follow suit. Also wonder if the NHL will respond similarly. Is there any historical precedent for this? Obviously there is Kaepernick as far as protesting goes, but has there ever been a sports team that decided to boycott playing, specifically as a civil rights protest? This feels novel. I support the players 100%. This is an extremely powerful statement. As much as we all love to watch sports, this is so, so, much bigger and hopefully brings some urgency to curb the issues that continue to plague the United States. Kudos to the Milwaukee Bucks.
  13. Vast improvement. I don't know how I feel about the white stripes on the royal jersey. They aren't bad but maybe it'd look better without them? Regardless, both jerseys are beautiful, no doubt about that. Glad the Sabres went this route. The NHL continues to extend it's lead as the best-looking of the Big 4 leagues in North America.
  14. I love the Jacksonville uniforms. The color scheme is cohesive and the font/sleeves are very modern but they work. I agree that Florida baseball kind of has that "out-there" vibe, and it works with the idea that they are a 90's expansion team. Not a huge fan of the J cap logo, but it goes with the set so it works alright. For personal preference, it might work better if the outline was the navy color instead of white. I really like the series so far and I'm looking forward to more!
  15. I'm hypocritical, but I'm really just not a fan of the Warriors name.