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  1. This particular Saints combo is vastly underrated IMO. It had a really nice balance of white and gold (which, admittedly, is way too light ), with black serving as a tertiary color.
  2. Hi. Thanks for posting this! Looks great! Jack-JACKED!!! (That sounded better in my head.)
  3. As a Saints fan? Often, because the thought of the FAILcons choking brings me joy (especially having to swallow so many recent heartbreaking playoff loses). In all seriousness, the Falcons “current” logo is one of my faves, but I’ll admit it’s nostalgic for me. I started following the NFL in 2003, and while the uniforms of that era are outdated, I can’t deny that I like the logo, especially because it has more color and “fierceness” than the previous logo. TBH, I simply find the original logo to be a bad drawing unworthy of a pro team, especially with the advancements in illustration technology in 2020.
  4. Since Ravens have reflective feathers, I’ve been of the opinion that the Ravens should try a purple flake helmet.
  5. It did. In fact, it even had a blue counterpart that’s virtually never mentioned here.
  6. What about the Titans in 1999? - - - Also, can somebody do a quick Photoshop of the ram head logo with the yellow eye but with the fully yellow horn?
  7. Except that’s not true. The Bears, Browns, Bengals, and even the Dolphins have all worn (non-throwback) orange jerseys since the last time the Bucs wore an orange jersey as either their primary or alternate jersey. Their use of orange within their color scheme was unique to them, yes, but I’m uncertain if that was the point you were trying to make.
  8. If anyone know what font the numbers are, I’d be curious to see how the rest of the numbers would look.
  9. The Saints wore this jersey once, lost, and promptly never wore them again.
  10. Hey @oldschoolvikings, I’d love to see you create a set for the Cardinals based on the Desert Cardinal, a species that is actually indigenous to Arizona.
  11. How about double red? Bright red numbers with cardinal red outline?
  12. Yulman Stadium holds 30,000. It’d be perfect for an XFL squad, especially since New Orleans is a football first market. We supported the VooDoo twice. I hope to see New Orleans, San Diego, and San Antonio get teams in the near future.
  13. In terms of college football, what would you compare the level of competitive play to? Maybe a good MAC game?
  14. Chawls

    Fix the Bucs

    The 5 is essentially an inverted 2, which works in theory, but not in execution. I’d rather see the middle of the 5 come halfway down and straight across, making two 90° angles.