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  1. John Curtis HS Patriots don’t have bad unis.
  2. Just so we’re clear: WHAT exactly are the Panthers doing with their uniforms?
  3. Something something Jazz. Something something New Orleans.
  4. I’d like to see black numbers on the gold Saints jersey. White in gold like that is a little hard as far as contrast goes.
  5. I’d like to see the Atlanta one re-done but with the side stripes limited only to the pants and not on the sides of the jersey. I know it’s preferred in basketball, but not so much in football.
  6. Of course I’m gonna disagree with this sentiment 100%. Gotta ride with my squad, do or die. - - - I’m reluctantly happy for LA Rams fans. Sucks that it had to come at the expense of my favorite team, but it’s been what? Like 40 years since the Los Angeles Rams reached the Superb Owl? Their fans should get to feel that joy. Oh, and unnecessary non-sequitir: I still hate the Falcons.
  7. Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City
  8. Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  9. What if the Texans wore red jerseys/white pants/navy blue socks? I think that would be a perfect yet distinctive home uniform. Can someone post a mock up image of that combo?
  10. Every community member here has a right to post their opinions and personal tastes (so long as they aren’t antagonistic or resorting to ad hominem attacks towards those with differing opinions). In all likelihood? Some of your opinions will get on other members’ nerves too. Just ask @infrared41. He can speak on that from weekly experience. Feel free to vent in the Unpopular Opinions thread. I do it from time to time too.
  11. Can we see solid brown socks with the white uniform?