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  1. Other than removing the helmet logos and collar wordmark, is there any reason why the current uniform canโ€™t stay? If thereโ€™s any need for a placeholder logo, just put a vague golden W on the helmet. (mind you, Iโ€™m saying all this because I donโ€™t have time to read the entire thread)
  2. Worst: Rams, Bengals, Cardinals, Falcons, Titans, and Broncos. Best: Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs, Bucs/Browns (tie) and Colts/Bills/49ers (tie). In that order.
  3. Could the two greens coexist? Perhaps kelly green jerseys with midnight green accents? Iโ€™m just thinking out loud here.
  4. I like the colors and the traditional bolt, but not the number font.
  5. Are all of your uniforms going to be on the photo realistic template or the flat template? Also, that Ravens Destiny uni is a HOMERUN.
  6. Thanks! I feel like Nike would have a field day with this color palette. Can you post the recolored logo by itself?
  7. Looks much better than what we got. Iโ€™m still not a fan of the โ€œ1โ€ in that font style. If that could be changed to look like the โ€œIโ€ in RISE UP, that would be great. Iโ€™d also be curious to see how the red stripes would look with a thin, black outline on the jerseys and pants.
  8. Usually, dripping is something you discuss with your doctor because youโ€™re getting old. - - - The new unis are weird to me because they are addition by subtraction (no sleeve panels, no piping), but then, like the Jaguars, they overcorrected. They went to for modern, not timeless. Thatโ€™s where they messed up. The Bills did it right (though that was a Reebok design), as did the Bucs (except for the CR).