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  1. In many ways, it was mostly a product of LeBron. Once LeBron left and the Cavs cratered (they started 0-6 the next season), the perception was fair and deserved. But Ty did deserved another chance and, yes, having Kawhi and Paul George helps, but look at the way the Clips have come back from 0-2 twice and not to forget the 2016 finals, and you're right, it proves that Lue can be calm and is willing to make adjustments. Doc had all this time with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin as well, and well, they didn't reach the conference finals like Lue did. Coincidence?
  2. On top of that, maybe Ty Lue should get more appreciation than he's had. I am having a hard time during my lifetime to find another franchise. Perhaps, I felt that way after the first Patriots or even the Ravens title. There are the individual seasons like the 2003 Marlins or 2004 Pistons, but those are franchises that have previously won titles. Then there was Leicester City winning a premier league title. At least in the NBA, a team can acquire a Kawhi, but good luck trying get a Messi to play in Leicester.
  3. Geez, even I still find it hard to believe the Raptors actually won a title.
  4. I'm going to guess the Yankees would wear some "NYPD"/"NYFD" patch to commemorate 9/11.... and if they can convince Rudy Guilliani to make an appearance, that would be "great"
  5. The defending champions SHOULD be featured more prominently. If not , then one has to wonder what kind people are heading the NHL or NBC marketing teams.
  6. The Revs could have clean that logo up, make it solid colour and smoother outlines and I would have been fine with that. I can't believe it has lasted this long. The new one is better, it gives a Glasow Rangers vibe to it. However, they did not need a slash. It looks like a mock 'No Parking' sign.
  7. As crazy as it sounds, maybe CONMEBOL should have moved the tournament to the US or Europe and have the games in places that don't have Gold Cup or Euro 2020 games.
  8. I think it is long overdue that Portland did something to distance themselves from the Blackhawks, at least from a visual perspective
  9. Whitlock and Beck? Whoa... those are names I have forgotten about
  10. This isn't about intention, it is about control. How about not flipping the puck if you don't need to? Or at least flip it towards the center of the ice? Or Find other ways to get rid of the puck without icing it if you have to.
  11. Delay of game for flipping the puck over the glass is fine as it is. You need rules to keep the play going as much you can. The solution: maybe control the puck. Make a pass. It is no different than an unintentional high-stick to the face that results in a penalty. Got a problem? Control your stick.
  12. I had long hoped the US would get to the point where they are at the most feared nation in CONCACAF and they would be serious World Cup contenders (I begrudgingly say that as a Canadian) . I thought about that for Mexico as well , but I no longer am that hopeful. The US now have multiple players that are at least good enough to crack the top European clubs and they are still really young. Maybe in 5 years, it will all come together. I would probably be disappointed if they do not make to at least the QF. A Pulisic Classic!
  13. I would not mind the White Sox doing a color reversal alternate. In fact, go all the way with a white hat with a black 'SOX' logo and a sleeve patch with a white diamond with a black sock.
  14. With each Canadiens win... the Leafs must be saying, "Sacre Bleu ... blanc et rouge."
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