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  1. You mean those SAME baseballs that "helped" them score 10 runs in the first inning in game five of the NLDS?
  2. Could the Dolphins possibly go 0-16?
  3. I wasn't so much referring to the VENUE, I meant it was the family requested the announcement.
  4. Hull. MacInnis. Pronger. They forgot
  5. That could explain why the news was brought out as it is.
  6. ... NOT including cream cheese.
  7. The question is whether Gord wants to leave TSN for the top national NBC job. Gord also does some regional TSN broadcasts, world juniors and world championships.
  8. - Commitment to "Excellence" - Just win, Baby.
  9. I would rather see him take the money already made and can actually walk, away from the NFL.
  10. The timing is bad for the Colts who could sure use ... Josh McCown
  11. Here we are... architectural design Who knows, maybe he can be GM one day and build a championship team.