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  1. I guess Washington finally gave up on a Wall.
  2. Good lord! El Paso is halfway between Houston and ... San Diego.
  4. ... oh, and that game is now scheduled for Wednesday at... 3:40. What a joke. (The circumstances, I mean)
  5. Never mind that... national champion.
  6. ... I had to check and see when that crazy Boise State win over Oklahoma was ... that was the 2006 season.
  7. I suppose if there is one thing Vanderbilt is good at, it's baseball.
  8. I doubt Mahomes is going to end up with 800 passing yards....
  9. ... and some how, the Giants are now leading the NFC East....
  10. Or just do a recolor of the Washington Huskies uniform.
  11. Vanderbilt could use a running back... and a quarterback, and a wide receiver....
  12. Fenway looks less of a baseball stadium than it is a football stadium.
  13. There really should be a rule that only conference champions get to play in the playoff. Yeah, screw Notre Dame if they don't like it (in a normal year)