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  1. Well, OK I forgot that some golfers played 10-18, then 1-9.
  2. The 12th hole is what did in the other challengers at the time. Koepka, Molinari and Finau all hit the water. That was when I felt TIger was going to win.Tiger played it mostly safe in the back 9 and let the others wilt under pressure.
  3. A Winnipeg "home" game in Regina?... hell must be freezing over
  4. "Fergie Time" has now been transitioned to "Ole Time"
  5. I'm sure for the Phillies, it's worth the risk. I think the Phillies are actually hoping they can get 8-9 quality years and rest is a bonus if he's still productive. I'll take a guess that it is front-loaded and the back end of the deal won't hurt that much considering what the salaries 10 years from now might be and inflation.
  6. For me, the stick would have looked better on the '5' horizontally.
  7. I think Burkie's collar is done a little too tightly...
  8. Talk about going back to the scene of the crime....
  9. Or, just have a travelling home/road (freak) show. Pick any eight non-NFL cities across the country like Boise, Louisville, Salt Lake, El Paso, Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook.
  10. That is quite something because when I think of Frank Robinson, I thought of him as an Oriole ... maybe it was because I sometimes would mix him up with BROOKS Robinson Frank was one man you don't want to mess with.
  11. Forget next Super Bowl, I am just hoping the Raiders will be in Super Bowl LV.
  12. I would like to think this 18 season Patriots run as two dynasties, the 2001-4 period and this current run 2014-8. It is hard to believe that the Patriots went TEN years without a title during this run.