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  1. "Attack" is the only choice.
  2. ... the best part is, the misspelling is INTENTIONAL
  3. You mean the "Landover Football Team" ... because I am sure the Ravens own Maryland these days.
  4. and ... AT&T stadium is even further away from downtown Dallas than MetLife is from Manhattan. Then there is the "San Francisco" 49ers...
  5. I mean they remind me of what I wore in little league.
  6. Ah... So.... they no longer make TASTY gourmet sandwiches.
  7. Talk about "paying it forward".... but "we want something in return..."
  8. Yeah, the Bears don't need another Eagles quarterback....
  9. I think if Tatis can produce well, and the Padres can contend for the next 10 years, then I would consider it a good contract for the Padres.
  10. geez, I miss those uniforms...
  11. I am not feeling the same way about the Rabbitohs. I mean, the red and green stripes are fine enough as a primary kit. But do they need one with black trim (and bunny) and one with white?
  12. I miss the Panthers original alternate navy jersey.