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  1. Except for the people here who want every traditional design thrown overboard to chase the manufacturers’ latest trend. Big group of people has diverse set of opinions.
  2. And, of course, the Hammer finished with the strongest. minor quibble, though - in addition to being too small, those aren’t the right numbers. Those are the Brewers’ post-1987 version, the originals had an angled left edge. Hank missed the 90-degree angle by about a decade.
  3. The lack of perspective is... quite something
  4. It can be for good and ill. This is an example of the latter, but this is the exact lack of perspective I would expect from any group that willingly adopts the name “ultra”.
  5. Anything that gives New York an orange keeper shirt option is good by me. And that letter from the Montreal “ultras” - wow. As the co-founder and former president of a supporters’ group, fans can really be drama queens sometimes.
  6. Leagues need to maintain a minimum number of members to maintain their sanctioning. If the richest owner in the league (and one with a personal stake in its future) is in fact bailing out to save a couple bucks, it doesn’t bode well for others.
  7. No worries. It's a gray area, since the leagues don't like to talk about the details of their process. Hell, we wouldn't even know the NFL's five-year minimum for uniforms existed, if an owner hadn't inadvertently spilled the beans in an interview.
  8. Because adding a single jersey isn’t nearly as big a deal as a total overhaul. Removing jerseys from the retail pipeline takes time. Adding one not so much.
  9. Yeah, I don't think the deadlines for additions are quite what we imagine them to be. I know from my own experience working with the Brewers that special-event uniforms (like throwbacks) aren't necessarily limited to any specific deadline; teams can add or change them during the same season. Late changes may affect their ability to sell merchandise, but MLB doesn't impose their own restrictions. And if the Mets want to be able to sell the old black jerseys that Majestic already has all the specs for, seems that simplifies a pretty large part of the new-jersey process.
  10. That's because Cleveland and Tampa Bay brought back (with very minor changes) old uniforms that never should have been abandoned. Seems like the Bengals' path is pretty clear. Hope they don't bungle it.
  11. Yeah, that's bad. Especially considering Wilt's otherwise stellar track record. Given the rumors that the Cosmos might be out of NISA, it's a serious question whether this club ever takes the pitch. And given the name choices, that might not be a bad thing.
  12. MLB doesn't have the same standards that the NFL does - why do we think the Mets would have had to receive some sort of waiver or special treatment?
  13. Arsenal and the Rapids played a friendly a couple years ago, but I'm not sure they ever had all that much a connection beyond shared ownership.
  14. Agreed. Much better color combination.
  15. We don't know yet, but the team certainly has a sense. There are two important factors in how uniforms sell - the initial rush, and how it ages. Even terrible uniforms can have a huge initial rush of interest (the Buffaslug reportedly sold remarkably well at first), but longevity separates the good from the bad. The Rams should now just be starting to see what sales are like when the initial rush wears off.