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  1. Exactly. In part because Goodell kept stonewalling and trying to prevent the Rams from moving, when Kroenke finally got permission to go back to LA there was only eight months before the beginning of the season; not enough time to create new uniforms. The league offered to let the Rams adopt their throwbacks full-time, but that would have started another five-year clock, and the Rams wanted to unveil new uniforms with the new stadium. Hence the halfway measures to get us to this point..
  2. Yeah, but draft caps are universally stupid. It's expected by now. They sell a couple, then they're never seen again.
  3. I hate it on Ohio State, too.
  4. If they removed the white, and put the black and red together, that might work. As it is, five pant stripes is two too many for my eye.
  5. That is a very positive sign. He never really went away; they've been selling Brownie stuff for years and even put him on sideline gear, but this cap may indicate an increased role. Which would be very good.
  6. I think the Cardinals already had their perfect uniforms. Add the new logo, and call it a day. If you need something on the jerseys for merchandising, add a logo on the chest, Steelers-style, or the Arizona flag. But they really don't need any more geegaws.
  7. You've found the one major problem with the Rams' new set: they missed the opportunity to call their gray "Morning Smog".
  8. They're both used in shadows, depending on the color of the LA. The heritage navy is used as a shadow on the light-background LA logo. The bone is found on the dark-background version.
  9. They're accent colors on the logo. Nearly a third of the league has accent colors that don't feature elsewhere on the uniforms, but that nonetheless have to be included in the logo slicks. ...and this one too, sadly.
  10. We'll see. If the Bucs can move from wildly contemporary uniforms back to a more traditional look, then the Cardinals can as well.
  11. Aside from not actually lining up at all, that lines up perfectly!