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  1. Counterpoint: 1. No they don’t; 2. No they aren’t; and 3. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  2. I’m not actually sure high school football will even exist in fifteen years. I certainly hope that it doesn’t.
  3. Sheesh. What was it with 80s comedies and breasts? Seems like every film had a gratuitous and sometimes incongruous jiggle shot.
  4. That’s too dark to be yellow. It’s pretty clearly athletic gold. Crows would have been a great choice. And that’s closer to a crow than a canary. I’m okay with that.
  5. Any Given Sunday went waaaaay out of its way to stress how not the NFL it was. Stone starts the film with a closeup shot on their fictional league logo, the script has characters explicitly mention in dialogue that they’re not the NFL, and the costume designer even worked to create uniforms that didn’t have the NFL aesthetic. That Shark uniform could never have been confused with an NFL uniform of the time, with its monochrome black over black over black. Ironic, then, that the NFL has since ditched that classic aesthetic to the point where all-black doesn’t look out of place anymore.
  6. Oh, I know that full well. Better than most, since I was the person who first coined the name back in 2014. But in a world of blue Rays and green Eagles, I think we can have a gold pigeon. Because there’s no way this: is intended to be a canary. Especially when the rest of the design is, as you note, so solid.
  7. I think the NASCAR comparison might end up being a good one; a regional sport, followed where it's followed and virtually unheard of in other parts of the country. That presumes, however, that players and teams in Texas will still be able to find an insurance company willing to cover them. Which might actually be tough.
  8. Football provides plenty of slow moments for one of those cameras to pan across a crowd. So long as TNT brought more than one camera to the stadium, they should have been able to show off all those spectators.
  9. If there really had been 11,000 people there, the cameras would have been positioned to show you every last patron.
  10. That’s very unusual, to put that much work into a fictional team for a commercial. They usually pull from stock. The football uniforms from The Replacements get a lot of use, because they look very much like NFL uniforms. I’m not familiar with it, but could that be from another production? And the uniforms might be gold, but that bird is in no way a canary. That team my friend, is the Pigeons.
  11. They had a blue accent. and holy , is that a terrible muddy color scheme. Depressing.
  12. Step in the right direction. Then bumping the age up to 18 should be the next step.
  13. Yeah, I don’t see a problem with this. Take the time, get it right. Nothing wrong with a temporary stadium.
  14. I'm pretty confident in that, as well.