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  1. Probably. But that would defeat the whole purpose, if you can’t instantly tell what helmet the player is wearing.
  2. The purpose they serve is making the company's product visually distinct.
  3. It is! Which wouldn’t work for everyone but absolutely works here.
  4. Can't agree with you - I love this road script.
  5. And if you look at the team's website, they're really leaning into it. NJ/NY Gotham FC Moves to the Top of the Eastern Division in Thrilling Win Over North Carolina Courage They use the three letters for game stats: So no, I'm not sure we can say they're ditching the place identifiers.
  6. And yet, this was last night. Looks like the only thing they've chopped off is the slash.
  7. Double outlines never improve legibility. They probably should have gone with a better script.
  8. New Jersey/New York New York FC will look pretty good this year.
  9. Then why did the Boston Red Sox wear it while playing a baseball game?
  10. You mean this alternate logo? I'd gladly put this on the sleeve if it would mean "Los Angeles" on all road jerseys.
  11. Agreed. Nothing about the name can be salvaged. Nothing about the name should be salvaged.
  12. No, you’re right. Teams keep what they make from the own stores (which is why some teams have their own online shop in addition to the main NFL shop). Everything else is split equally. Unless you’re the Dallas Cowboys, which is another thing altogether.
  13. Good. That’s the only cap the cardinals should wear.
  14. I can’t like your post, so let me assure you that I like your post.