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  1. Be careful not to confuse “people online” with “people in general”. Those online are relatively few in actual number, but try to make up for that with volume.
  2. Well, rich white heirs fumbling away their silver platter is a tale as old as time.
  3. I know a half-dozen, and they may be the majority.
  4. 14 years is a long time. There are kids in college now who have no memory of the days before Washington had a team. When the Brewers went to the Series in 82, they’d only been in Milwaukee for twelve years. And nobody thought they weren’t true fans. Hell, the A’s won their three-in-a-row in their fifth, sixth, and seventh years in Oakland, respectively. For an old guy like me, yeah. Fourteen years is the blink of an eye. But for a kid? It’s literally a lifetime.
  5. Maybe. But you can’t discount how chummy the old boys’ club is with the Spanos family. If somebody is to reap the benefits of LA, why shouldn’t it be somebody they like, “one of them”?
  6. You're wrong about that. Color Rush became mandatory in its second season. From the Packers themselves in 2016: So the league did require them. And why do you think Washington “resisted”? They didn’t avoid Color Rush, they just changed the uniform from the all-gold that Nike tried to force on them (and which they hated) into an all-burgandy one. That’s not resisting, it’s adapting to a mandate. As the Packers did.
  7. The Cosmos fans I know are seething. They really thought they’d be able to walk away with this semi-pro tournament. Guaranteed trophy. And now there’s very real doubt if the club will ever play another game, or will instead be sacrificed on the altar of their latest owner’s ego and ambition.
  8. The NFL thinks it does, or they wouldn’t have required the Packers to adopt one. Take it up with the league.
  9. Don’t forget that the NFL also wanted to blunt Kroenke's windfall from the market. The idea was that by making him share LA, the Rams wouldn’t see such a massive increase in either franchise value or income. So they saddled him with the Chargers. Oops.
  10. The nerve? He was desperate, grasping at straws. Spanos had so poisoned his own market that he had to either move or sell the team. I think it was more about the Chargers needing to be in Los Angeles and pathetically latching on to someone, anyone, who could actually build a stadium. If that was the Raiders, it would be the Raiders. If the Jets had tried to move, Spanos would have pulled his puppy-dog routine on them as well. As it turns out, only Kroenke could put a plan together. So Spanos gets to humiliate himself in Stan's shadow now. All because he botched San Diego.
  11. Not necessary, but a good way to engage fans. Even if it's just a livestream.
  12. That is so much better than any other uniform they've ever worn.
  13. True, but the NFL let them get away with that, meaning it's about more than just retail sales. It's also about creating a hip and cool visual statement and buzz. You know, for kids.