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  1. Good point. Sports are still not allowed in Dane County, so Forward Madison will move their 2020 home games to the Milwaukee suburbs.
  2. USL is allowing a limited number of fans, provided they follow social distancing.
  3. I honestly don't think they did. They removed "proudly representing New Jersey" from their website in favor of the more direct "based in New Jersey", but I'm not aware they ever have claimed New York. And with Jersey's governor as majority owner, I doubt they ever will.
  4. I'd be down for that. Either way, it avoids the dark/light/dark problem.
  5. I didn’t have a problem with the old color placement, but yes. A lighter blue bordering navy would look great.
  6. They don’t get a pass from me - that was a huge downgrade. Bad move.
  7. Oh, that's hideous. Even for a one-off. Dark/light/dark outlines are always a bad idea. Cap's not bad. That's the way to do it.
  8. Oh, I don't think they're at all interested in doing it. Still the right thing to do, though.
  9. Adidas is okay with tonal stripes in some applications. And here's the new Arsenal anthem jacket, a sneak peek at the template MLS will use next season. I don't know under what circumstances they use tonal stripes, but they do use them.
  10. For comparison, side by side with the old: Massive, massive upgrade. Shows that the small details make all the difference.
  11. Ft. Lauderdale can only be a temporary solution. Maybe they should have jumped on that temporary solution earlier, but again I can sympathize. Temporary solutions can themselves be impediments to permanent solutions, as we hear from Bronx local advocates who claim NYCFC doesn't need a new stadium because they can always play at the ballpark. Still haven't heard a good reason for Beckham to be thrown out. The white shirt isn't one, no matter how much I'd like a pink shirt too. If that was even his call, which is far from certain.
  12. I certainly ing hope so. Bring production back to Buffalo.
  13. No, not really. The Miami real estate market is why the team took so long to get off the ground. Those of us in New York know a little something about how tough that can be. I'd flip that around - haven't heard any substantive reason why he should be tossed from the team that wouldn't exist without him. Certainly the burden of proof would lie with those who want him out?