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  1. The answer is simple. They don’t want three stripes on the sleeves.
  2. Now that we know that these were the possibilities, it's much easier to see how they ended up with that awful logo in 1997.
  3. So if the Los Angeles NWSL team is “Angel City”, does that mean when NYC finally gets a club we can call them “Gotham City”?
  4. Who said that? Sometimes teams just like the sound of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  5. Ye gods, I hated that Nike template. The bib piping, the stupid notch on the sleeve. It was even worse with teams that had contrasting sleeves.
  6. After Philly’s Bimbo, the Chicago Fire And Quaker Oats was the first one that sprung to mind. For their second season, Forward Madison added a local coffee co-op as a shirt sponsor.
  7. California is not “the southern US” in any meaningful way, though.
  8. Maybe they would grow tiresome. Maybe. But the Avs’ current logo already has. Long ago.
  9. Not the only one. I think they’re far superior to the regular Avs look.
  10. well, heck. I might actually start liking the gold jersey now.
  11. I kinda like it. The shape is great. Not a huge fan of the HD monogram, but I presume they wanted something they could use on its own. The only worrying part is the relative color balance. If this is a signal that they’re going to be a black team with orange accents, that’s bad. On the other hand, a black badge would look fantastic against an orange shirt. More teams should consider a badge that’s not also their primary team color, so it stands out better.
  12. Which makes the change even worse, that it’s so minuscule. And obviously nike doesn’t think it’s pointless, since they went to the trouble of making the change.