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  1. I think the Jags previous uniforms were great and much better than their generic create a madden team look. Sure they were a bit gaudy but i don’t mind that. I’d rather have uniforms be too gaudy than be generic. And i liked the two tone helmet
  2. i guess you are right One thing i do miss is those awesome orange jerseys
  3. eh I can see your complaints. I don’t mind the all black since it looks like old Neon light signs and blacks are alternates I think but if i had to change one think it would be to have a blue hat as well and maybe make the blue and red more teal and pink
  4. what do you think about the Jags current uniforms?
  5. I now everyone hates these but the previous Jags sets are one of my favorite. Yeah maybe the half gold helmet is gimmicky but nearly everything else I really like and the colors work well. Their current uniforms are really bland and All they had to do was make teal the primary (they’re still not the primary) and replace the half gold with a black helmet While we are at it the Marlins current look is really clean. Not my favorite that goes to the old Florida Marlins but still a solid look
  6. I don’t get the issue with the Nordiques logo. It’s clearly an igloo with a hockey stick on it. Fits the Northerns style hence the name Nordiques I personally still don’t get why people like these uniforms. I personally think they’re just too gaudy especially with the light blue stripes on the front which is hard to see in the photo Personally I think the color rush should be the basis for the redesign (which is going to happen now that brady is gone). Just make the helmet and pants white and you got a pretty solid look. I don’t mind the Patriots logo just maybe change the color of the face from gray to white. Something like this would be really cool
  7. are you talking about the 2000s dolphins uniforms? First off there was no Navy blue. Secondly drop shadows are classic Regardless can we get back on track to the topic at hand?
  8. what’s wrong with the dolphins? I think they looked good and kinda miss them
  9. I feel most people really like the older uniform sets but i’m curious which older sets you dislike. Now to avoid the low hanging fruit like the Steelers bees or the Broncos brown and yellow I’m limiting it from the 1966 merger to the 90s. By far my least favorite has to be the 90s patriots uniforms with the giant logos on the shoulders. I feel it could’ve worked but the execution was atrocious. The current designs are OK but way better than these disasters
  10. When i first saw a lot of the logos and uniforms early on for the xfl i was pretty split. After watching them live i’ve complied my list for favorite to least favorites 1. St. Louis Battlehawks 2. NY Guardians 3. Houston Roughnecks 4. LA Wildcats 5. Dallas Renegade 6. Seattle Dragons 7. DC Defenders 8. Tampa Bay Vipers Honestly though I really can’t say i hate any of these. Even Tampa’s I initially hated a lot has kinda grown on me. I don’t think they’re great either but still pretty solid for a start up league I have seen people say they look like a madden team but i feel any start up football league is inevitable to get that label because it’s just not the nfl which is so iconic and historic anything besides it feels off putting I also feel they suffer from being ‘too modern and clean’. This goes for a lot of general designs too but now we have established rules and guidelines to make the perfect uniform or flag or logo that sometimes they’re ‘too perfect’ and don’t feel authentic of that makes sense. Like something about older uniforms’ little flaws really make them like Dallas’ mismatched blues, Green Bay’s giant TV numbers, the raiders somewhat too detailed logo etc. Essentially these uniforms and logos to me feel a bit too clean and lack that grit to it. Regardless i still think they generally look better than the AAF uniforms and logos
  11. I’m not moving goal posts. Saying i am doesn’t make it so regardless I don’t know why you’re getting defensive. That’s just my opinion as to why i don’t care for the logo ads primary logo. I prefer logos that actually say something about the team name and aren’t just initials
  12. As a lot of you may have noticed in sports both pro and college specialized number fonts are becoming more and more common than the standard block font. I thought this sounds like an interesting topic to talk about For me I prefer specialized number but to a degree. My preference is for numbers to remain similar to standard block but with a minor tweak. My two favorite examples are my two favorite college/nfl team the Florida Gators current jerseys and the Jax Jaguars 2014-2018 jerseys. Both are block fonts but make minor tweaks to fit their brands better However I cannot stand gaudy, huge and gimmicky numbers. Obvious offenders are the Bucs and Oregon. On the flip side I’m not a fan of rounded numbers. The only times these work for me is Chicago Bears, Steelers and the Georgia Bulldogs. Wisconsin and Alabama basketball don’t feel like DI sports schools but like mid tier high schools to me and I just feel block would look better (Then again Wisconsin may look like Nebraska) And one last thing this goes to one number specifically. One. I’m not a fan of 1’s that lack the top tick to it and are just a straight vertical line. First reason is it looks like and uppercase i or lowercase l and second it just feels too ‘small’ I guess? Not to mention 11 look like pause buttons and the ones are inevitably too close to easy other. the top part of the 1 and the base in some cases spaces it out much better also personally I prefer when colleges keep the number font consistent for all sports
  13. my point is i don’t think it is an issue for two teams to have similar colors. Alabama TAMU and Miss State all have similar color schemes but no one is saying they need to change. I just think the older uniforms for Milwaukee and Pitt look much better
  14. You’re missing the point. One person claimed that the Brewers navy and gold looked like Seattle despite Brewers having gold and teal. The point is i don’t see how two teams having similar colors is a bad thing especially since nearly every team in baseball wear navy and red. I just find navy and gold a much better combination for the brewers than blue and yellow. Navy ad gold matches the rust belt much better than bright blue and yellow and the logo and colors looked like a classic beer logo. The new logo is an obvious M and B making a glove which could be literally anyone with the initals of M and B. Yet everyone thinks it’s cool and clever. I’m generally against having the sports equipment being part of the logo. Imagine a football team having a helmet as the logo... wait congrats Milwaukee now you’re like every MLB team. Then again the previous logo was another letter logo and before that it also included a baseball. But as i said they look more like a classic brewery logo than just baseball team No36. Like Milwaukee could change their name to anything and the logo would still apply (they could say the b stands for Milwaukee Baseball like the Habs say the H stands for hockey not Habs) Likewise I feel the same for Pitt. I don’t think it matters that their colors were similar to Notre Dame or Navy and that again navy and yellow looks better for the rust belt. On top of that I just liked the numbers and striping of the previous set better. the new one feels bland. Not to mention throwbacks will feel redundant. Like i use to love the steelers throwbacks but their new ones just feel redundant and look exactly the same. At least the bumblebees look different and you could tell they were different
  15. maroon is a red just like burgundy, crimson and scarlet. If you want to stand out from your rival wear green Regardless the point remains. they wear similar colors so i don’t see it as an issue for divisions rivals to wear similar colors. We can split hairs all day about how the Cubs wear F1037 and that dodgers wear F1038 but the point is i don’t see similar color schemes as a problem especially for baseball when half the league is navy, red or both especially when the brewers looked nothing like the mariners though i agree the mariners should focus more on teal. The point is i personally think Miss State, TAMU, Arkansas and Alabama all have near identification color pallets Side note to the main question I think the Marines are so close yet so far from the perfect uniforms. Make the red pink, blue teal, add piping on the front and make the blue jersey the away instead of gray (with Miami written on it of course) Maybe even make the numbers white on the black jerseys and an alt blue hat