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  1. For teams going from worst to best uniforms i easily think of the Bucs and Chargers for 5 years the Bucs wore these ugly and gaudy uniforms. Now the logo updates were nice but everything else was a mess. Ugly numbers, clashing colors, nothing worked. Luckily it’s year they reverted back to their Super Bowl era uniforms with the updated logo and they look fantastic, easily their best look The chargers as well. Their previous set was just boring to look at compounded by the fact they used navy instead of powder blue. Now personally i liked the navy but only with the navy helmet like the 60s or 2000s. However their current set is perfect. I love the chargers logos on the sleeves and putting the numbers on the helmets. I do wish they had numbers on the sleeves other than that they look amazing As for the opposite I’d say the Rams and Miami Marlins Rams is a bit cheating since they just wore their throwbacks all year but they were so good. all they had to do was update that look. Yet Nike turned them into a Madden Create a Team. Besides the helmets I don’t really like anything. The shade of blue is off and the numbers look stupid. Can somebody explain why their white uniforms look dirty? The other one is the Marlins when they first rebranded. The Florida Marlins teal and black was great but they traded it out for an uninspired and gaudy orange and blue as the miami marlins. I do like their new miami vice esque uniforms look nice but I just think something is missing like piping or something but it is a big improvement