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  1. sounded like hat might only be for opening day.
  2. A's will do something too with him being from Oakland...
  3. Looks like A's stuck with the logo they floated last off season for their new BP hat, Here is their St. Patrick's Day hat...
  4. The shirt also has the tail going through the middle of the a which the logo posted doesn't have.
  5. At first glance I thought this was a logo for the arena football league when I saw it
  6. There's also silver/light gray on bottom of Marlins body, fin and tail.
  7. I don't think this is them making the call, more of being pushed By Nike. Warriors were never ones to wear any alts in playoffs prior to Nike having a say of what is being worn this year.
  8. my question is... is he trying to lick the sugar off himself?
  9. It's only going to be worn once (at least they said for one home game). Since color rush is no longer mandatory, The socks don't have to be all one color. Doesn't mean they won't choose too. Sounds like color rush is just an excuse to have a 4th jersey for one game now.
  10. He's the director of communications for the niners. But I don't think each player on a per player basis can choose. I think it will be the players can choose has a team what to wear for game. No one sock is defined with the uniform at this time. And players that do their own thing will still be subject to a fine.
  11. Yea 3 stripes is what I saw and mentioned right away. Still going with Nike did it because of adidas. But with calling this a throwback. Made it harder to leave one off. With color rush not mandatory anymore. It sounds like it doesn’t have to be Thursday either. Now color rush is just an excuse fir a team to have a 4th jersey for a game if they want. It also stops teams from complaining about losing a jersey with the disbanding color rush being mandatory.
  12. Niners said black still available. While I don’t know for a fact white is only allowed one game. I do know that was the rule prior to this season for color rush. I do know that this is being called their color rush uniform by the league and Niners said it would be worn for one of their home games.
  13. Yea sadly being the first to report something helps spreads false info. Regardless of the reliability.
  14. The assumption about replacing black came from First reports saying a new alternate would be announced to replace the blacks. That falsely left the wrong assumption out there. Since niners are calling white color rush though they can only wear it once. The black as a regular alternate they can still wear twice if they want too.