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  1. Yea I have no problem with the throwback script for the niners. (As a fan, it’s what we want) Just wish either both teams had the helmet or both had the logos. The nfc logo niners use during regular season, wish both teams did that also for Super Bowl also.
  2. A's Spring Training and BP hat...
  3. Have MLB channel on and they said that MLB wasn't happy about it and sent a memo to all teams after Cubs did that saying you must wear the white and black hats.
  4. Court in warriors new arena... Wonder how Oakland based fans, who are already mad about the move. Will like that the far base line says “San Francisco” on it. *agree below with dont care. My original post done while half awake, might have been confusing.
  5. Warriors PR man Raymond Ridder on Twitter... “Missing a few logos here....also The Town and others will be part of the logos.”
  6. Do they still have an alternate with basketball lines filling the empty space on the bridge logo where the number usually is? Since that had become their default primary logo.and used everywhere. So is there an update to this?...
  7. Originally even though they wouldn't admit it. That was the plan. Then they won so much. That they built too much of a brand and equity off of the Golden State name, They said they really can't change it now.
  8. sounded like hat might only be for opening day.
  9. A's will do something too with him being from Oakland...
  10. Looks like A's stuck with the logo they floated last off season for their new BP hat, Here is their St. Patrick's Day hat...
  11. The shirt also has the tail going through the middle of the a which the logo posted doesn't have.
  12. At first glance I thought this was a logo for the arena football league when I saw it
  13. There's also silver/light gray on bottom of Marlins body, fin and tail.
  14. I don't think this is them making the call, more of being pushed By Nike. Warriors were never ones to wear any alts in playoffs prior to Nike having a say of what is being worn this year.