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  1. That thing is so close to great. But your graphic shows one of the major problems - no keyline. The black wing blends into the dark background.
  2. That's not what I'm hearing from my contacts in the SG. They screwed up, yes. But the original logo wasn't untouchable, Had they jumped right from that one to this new one, there wouldn't have been an uproar.
  3. That turf has had an amazing story. originally used by Rayo OKC, it was the subject of a dispute between the club’s owners when the foreign owners refused to pay for it and the other owner picked up his turf and went home. No, seriously. It was then leased to the Cosmos for they Coney Island baseball stadium. And then the Cosmos went under. Next the now-threadbare turf was leased by Oakland, who can’t use it because the USL actually has and enforces standards for its fields. cursed. Wow. https://www.indomitablecitysoccer.com/2021/6/20/22542058/why-was-oakland-roots-first-usl-home-game-postponed This has all the makings of a great documentary.
  4. The Y is the Chicago Municipal Device. Great for them to incorporate it. https://www.wbez.org/stories/chicagos-municipal-device-the-citys-symbol-lurking-in-plain-sight/fd9cf47b-904e-4654-ad06-ff7fc8727758
  5. well, PT Barnum wasn’t wrong.
  6. WIne and sky blue would also be a solid option. And equally uncommon. The important thing is that the second color be as bright and vibrant as wine is mellow and dark.
  7. neither do I, which is why I think wine and navy would be a terrible scheme for them.
  8. Wine and gold is a great color scheme. Wine and navy are terrible - the shades are far too similar, they'd be muddy together at any distance.
  9. One of the principally-red teams should adopt burgundy. I’d prefer Philadelphia, since it worked so well before, and they could pull off burgundy and white without having too many other colors to get in the way.
  10. Amen. @oldschoolvikings, this is a heartbreaking concept. The Packer should adopt it, but won’t. the only and I mean ONLY thing I’d change is the collar of the navy jersey. It should be gold all around, even when it drops lower than the yoke.
  11. The best example I can think of is the Broncos’ brown horse. In 1962, the Broncos changed their uniforms from their initial brown and gold to orange and blue. They also added a logo to the helmet for the first time. The dark logo didn't provide enough contrast against the orange helmet, so after a couple games the decals were replaced with white. Now here's where we get to the Mandela Effect. For years, the official word was that the initial 1962 helmet logo was brown. It appeared that way on throwback merchandise, and even people who ought to have known agreed; when a group of former Broncos players were asked, they confirmed the horse was brown. And who was to disagree? No known color photos existed. Press accounts of the time didn't specifically mention the decal color. So for years everybody thought it was brown, except for one Denver Broncos fan who posted comments on the Uni Watch site that he was at one of those games as a kid and the horse was blue. Even the team didn't know for sure, and so the logo was officially brown. The team said so, and fan sites dutifully repeated it. That is, until 2016, when the first known color photographs surfaced. And then, finally, more than half a century after the dark logos had taken the field, the Broncos could finally come out and confirm the real color. The collective memory had been proven wrong.
  12. Yep. That's about the size of it. I understand the need to educate white Americans about a holiday that has largely gone unacknowledged until recently. But spread awareness of the holiday itself, and you don't need to label the flag.
  13. With Juneteenth on the verge of being recognized as a federal holiday, there's a lot of focus on the Juneteenth flag. And I love it. The idea came from a Boston activist, and the design from illustrator Lisa Graf. She describes the symbolism this way: A couple years later, somebody added the date as an alternate version. Major, major downgrade. And now, like with many public domain designs, there are a bunch of unofficial versions. Shame. They haven't improved upon the original.
  14. We should never accept fashion advice from a man who wears that belt.
  15. It might be hard to finder a New Yorker that New Yorkers loathe more. We've hated that since the '90s.
  16. Bronx County is coterminous with the Bronx, but they are not the same entities. The county does not use the definite article, but the borough does. Private entities named after the borough sometimes use the definite article, sometimes do not. That's really strange about Britannica. Maybe it's a style guide thing with titles, because they use "the Bronx" exclusively in the body of the entry. It's a strange little quirk, I'll admit. I'm struggling to come up with a comparable example. And it's certainly not inconceivable that the Yankees would use it without the definite article as a nod to their nickname "Bronx Bombers" or just because "The" would look goofy on a jersey. And I do like that Dugout Creative jersey, @DNAsports.
  17. "The Bronx" is the borough's name, though. Leaving it off would be like using "Francisco" on a Giants jersey.
  18. This is absolutely what the Packers should be wearing. The changes are simple enough that many Packers fans wouldn't notice, and even those who did wouldn't get upset since you're returning elements of the classic Lombardi uniform as it was meant to be. I especially love the simple number font - the Packers bought those for the 1960 season. If anything, they could be a little bit bolder: Bravo, man. Well done. You are absolutely correct, sir. In the Packers' case, they bought a bunch of new jerseys every year, and took whatever stock number font the manufacturer used. But in addition to buying new ones, they also re-used old jerseys for several seasons, resulting in many different fonts on the field at once. This photo was taken on December 1960: Most players are wearing the 1960 numbers, but Emlen Tunnell in the back is wearing a 1959 jersey with serifs. I love when this creeps into team photos. And, of course, this thrifty habit goes way back. Dig the 4s.
  19. Gridiron Database is wrong. The pants were gold. It's an easy mistake to make, and one the Packers themselves keep making. If you look at the Hutson and Lambeau photo, you can see that the pants were made of a couple different types of fabric (which were also different from the jersey). That fabric sometimes appears on film as a khaki color. But look at this still from the same game film - more gold. The pants here look like a matte version of the shiny gold numbers. Not a lot of pants from the period have actually survived. I know of two in private collections and have seen one pair in my life, and they were gold. The interior leg fabric had faded quite a bit, but the exterior leg fabric was still bright and vivid gold.
  20. I think it's time we blow this scene. Get everybody and the stuff together.
  21. Exactly. Put a blue outline around it so the primary color is represented in those applications without a blue background, but really lean into the red.
  22. I think a mostly-red badge would be better for the Revs. I understand that most clubs want their primary logo to be in their primary color, but I think they should instead lean into a secondary color so it stands out against the shirt, on merchandise, and the like.
  23. Ugh. I desperately want a NE monogram, but that ain’t it. I love the idea of a pentagonal-shaped badge. Fort yes, NRE no.
  24. Put them out of their misery, and put them out of our misery.
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