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  1. After Philly’s Bimbo, the Chicago Fire And Quaker Oats was the first one that sprung to mind. For their second season, Forward Madison added a local coffee co-op as a shirt sponsor.
  2. California is not “the southern US” in any meaningful way, though.
  3. Maybe they would grow tiresome. Maybe. But the Avs’ current logo already has. Long ago.
  4. Not the only one. I think they’re far superior to the regular Avs look.
  5. well, heck. I might actually start liking the gold jersey now.
  6. I kinda like it. The shape is great. Not a huge fan of the HD monogram, but I presume they wanted something they could use on its own. The only worrying part is the relative color balance. If this is a signal that they’re going to be a black team with orange accents, that’s bad. On the other hand, a black badge would look fantastic against an orange shirt. More teams should consider a badge that’s not also their primary team color, so it stands out better.
  7. Which makes the change even worse, that it’s so minuscule. And obviously nike doesn’t think it’s pointless, since they went to the trouble of making the change.
  8. I think the brighter color they use on their caps is the perfect shade for them. They need a bright color - even metallic silver thread can look dingy as an accent color. They need a bright color to counteract the darkness of midnight navy.
  9. . I never associated that color with the "Northwest Green" name they gave it.
  10. I would agree with you on almost everything except the cruise ship logo. That’s just indefensible. shame, because as you note the new colors are perfect.
  11. Not at all. At least not for NYCFC and Miami, who are sufficiently capitalized that they don’t need to dip into their stadium funds to keep the lights on.
  12. Why not? They can keep building anticipation, sell some merch and make some bucks. Besides, soccer clubs usually have a strong community-service component, so I would expect to see community outreach well before they have any players at all. And it’s good to have a badge when you start doing that.
  13. Matte fabrics are not great for reproducing metallic colors. Who could have guessed it?
  14. I'm always wary of extrapolating from "this opinion exists online" to "there is any significant number of people who actually think this".
  15. Really? That's amazing to me. Hockey jerseys were always among the most obscure, ahead only of basketball. But that probably shouldn't count; among the actual shirts, hockey always lagged behind baseball and football. Even when the Rangers were good and the Islanders were legendary, I don't recall seeing that many sweaters around town.
  16. Might have been a messy and unsatisfying process, but the results are pretty damn good.
  17. Agreed. I know a Seahawk is an osprey, but I wouldn't go so far as saying that "we don't have a hawk team yet in the NFL".
  18. And his whole "appeal to women!" is as offensive as the name is pretentious.
  19. The Chargers have two pretty good uniforms; the ones with white pants. The rest range from sadly mismatched (gold pants) to downright awful (the two monos that can’t be bothered to use team colors).
  20. That's about the dumbest thing Snyder could do. 100% chance that he does it.
  21. Eh, I think it's way too clever for its own good. Stripes on the pant hems instead of the socks, using "Columbia" as the place name, the lack of anything resembling a logo. And I guess throwing his daughter's artwork in as the final slide is supposed to be heartwarming but it just comes off as self-indulgent. There are some good ideas there, he just needs to reel it in.
  22. Oh, there are lots of signs that our country is deeply, deeply sick. And I worry about many of them. Snyder just gives us the latest.