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  1. Nope. We like it here, thanks. And at this point, we've been in the NL almost as long as we were in the AL.
  2. Ah, that’s right. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Pretty sure he’s given up. He’ll need to sell the club to somebody who wants to make the next push. I am far from sold on Charlotte. I think Phoenix must be considered the front-runner, with Detroit as another market that MLS wants to be in. I also see San Diego in before San Antonio. But who knows?
  4. I think the recent update was a great one. Kept the essentials and dropped some of the clutter.
  5. I posted two pictures above, from this very year. If you don’t think that leagues use “authentic”, “on field”, and “what the players wear” as marketing slogans, then I’m afraid that I can’t help you.
  6. So you say. MLB, manufacturers, retailers and their whole army of consultants say different. Now I agree with you that teams shouldn’t base their on-field looks around what pairs well with casual clothes. But it’s hard to argue what they’re actually doing.
  7. Exactly. I mean, does anybody seriously doubt that New Era and MLB play up the "official on field" angle in their promotions? Of course they do. And there's a very good reason for that.
  8. Of course they can. Billionaires understand how loans work. That’s how they (or their parents) became billionaires in the first place.
  9. Even swapping out for gold or white socks would save the look.
  10. Gray and white are their primary shirts, so I think that looks better than any other combination. Games look best when both teams look like themselves.
  11. [MOD EDIT: Board Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies.]
  12. I would hope they'd be ready before the holidays, but Brewers On Deck would be the absolutely latest I would expect them. Missing that opportunity would be a major fail. FWIW, have a tendency to unveil new uniforms at Brewers on Deck, such as the 2013 gold alts and the navy BiG alts from 2016.
  13. They shouldn’t, but they do. Same reason that the NFL dresses up its coaches in faux army uniforms, so they can promote it as “sideline gear”.
  14. Except that “growing cities” haven’t historically been good baseball cities. Too many people coming from all over, with their own loyalties intact. Nashville could well end up like Tampa Bay, where the Rays are the third most-popular team among baseball fans in their own city. Yeah, maybe an absurdist comedy show isn’t necessarily the best way to judge a city. Go watch Stumptown and see what you think about Portland.
  15. Have you noticed baseball’s business model for, oh, the last 30 years or so?
  16. What makes you think that the Orioles are content selling merely to Orioles fans? Besides, black and orange are the team’s colors. This road cap is very much the team’s color scheme, it’s just a little less garish than the white-paneled home cap. And yes, there are a ton of fashion caps out there. But I think we all know there’s something different about an “authentic”. Or clubs wouldn’t bother labeling those as such, and MLB wouldn’t be so desperate to get all the various cancer-caps and G.I. Joe Drag Show and the other special-interest caps worn on the diamond.
  17. It is 100% about merchandising. Navy blue is a very popular color for caps, because it matches everything you buy at the Gap. So many teams that have blue as a secondary color will make that the road cap so they can have navy blue “Authentics” for sale. And for teams like the A’s and Orioles, they’re hedging their bets with a less garish version of the home cap. White guys in their 40s don’t always want to wear something so flashy with their chinos. Props to the teams for wanting a good brim or white front panel, but those are the kind of things that have scared merchandise directors for a long time. So we get a solid-green and mostly-black for safety. It is 100% about merchandising.
  18. Well, we all say stupid things in the callowness of youth. I wouldn’t hold that against him, especially since he’s seen the light. Also worth pointing out two things: 1. Players almost never criticize new uniforms. Every time, they’re the biggest cheerleaders. How sincere they are is always open to question. 2. 1991 was still part of the massive backlash against earthtones and everything associated with the 1970s. Brown wasn’t fashionable for any kind of clothing, much less uniforms. But fortunately, times have changed.
  19. Be careful not to confuse “people online” with “people in general”. Those online are relatively few in actual number, but try to make up for that with volume.