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  1. If there wasn’t so much contrast between the brown and orange, I would agree with you.
  2. Bump? The previous post was just two minutes before yours. You afraid this thread wouldn’t be in the top spot on the page?
  3. The pattern doesn’t, but they at least had white NOBs. Add the face mask and every single element of the uniform had a dash of white. Doesnt change my basic point, though, was that pants with Braisher stripes were the quintessential NFL look. No reason the Browns can’t/shouldn’t join in.
  4. I don't get that at all. Braisher stripes seems to me to be the very Platonic idea of a professional look. Especially when the pants match the helmets.
  5. I think your beef is with the Standells; they’re the ones who wrote it, not me.
  6. Considering the chorus, it isn't hard to understand why the Red Sox adopted it. Of course, the song was originally a sort of ironic and back-handed. But given enough time, irony becomes sincerity and jokes about the Boston Strangler are less about the fear of living in a dangerous place and more about "look how tough we are".
  7. Seems like a good plan all around. Hope they pull off the approval.
  8. Teams have been doing that since 2000 for the Japan opening series. Sometimes they even added helmet ads too. I'm usually pretty wary of the slippery slope, but after twenty years it seems unlikely that this is a test case or step on the way.
  9. I don’t doubt that. But it doesn’t mean they actually like the Color Rush uniform.
  10. Yes, thank you. They had to agree when they eliminated the league presidents and consolidated baseball under the commissioner. Still think they made the wrong choice, adhering to the AL standard instead of the NL’s accounting.
  11. The NL used to count turnstile clicks, while the AL counted tickets sold (which is still better than “tickets distributed”). I remember it because this was back when the Brewers jumped from the AL to the NL. Then the Senior Circuit changed to match the Junior around 2000.
  12. Oh, I agree. Everybody does it to one extent or another. But few leagues give away as many tickets as the AAF does, which means that few leagues can inflate their attendance to the same extent. And yes, turnstile counts should absolutely be the standard. For all leagues.
  13. And yet none of those pinstripes-on-the-road looks managed to last. I think there's a reason for that.
  14. Strange that it's so rare. Seems more prevalent in baseball. I've long wanted the Packers to adopt stenciled numbers to match their wordmark.
  15. That's why their numbers are suspect - they get to count twice the number of tickets bought under that promotion, regardless of whether the purchasers ever had any intention of using those tickets. But still, I want that particular number to be as high as possible, to embarrass the Spanos family. If they are capable of such a human emotion.
  16. The particular irony is that the only person on this thread being paid is the great defender of the league.
  17. I agree. It is a missed opportunity but they must not sell very well. The NFL re-introduces them every so many years, but they never seem to go anywhere.
  18. And more importantly, helmets are a heavy part of merchandising. That's why they can't be easily or quickly changed. Pants, on the other hand, aren't sold to the public. Consequently, the NFL doesn't care much about those.
  19. And in some cases, white is very much a team color. Consider the Jets and Colts; would anyone seriously say that they have only one team color?
  20. Sitting in the stands, it was a great matchup. No issues at all with the clash. Those light gray LAFC numbers on a white shirt, though....