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  1. "Heritage" is a slightly different shade of Navy than what was used previously. And "Bone", well that's a Warm Gray. Certainly never has been used by the Rams.
  2. What's even more curious, is that this new "Sunset" color is in fact, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Florida Orange/U. of Tennessee Orange:
  3. If you worked at a printing press and are digital designing professionally, then I definitely don't know more than you do about this stuff. I'm just an enthusiast to be honest.
  4. Same with CMYK. Pantone colors (Pantone Matching System/Solid colors anyway) are spot inks; only way to accurately reproduce PANTONE 285 C is to use the following formula ink mix: 37.50% Reflex Blue 12.50% Process Blue 50.00% Transparent White And then, print on coated paper stock. (What the 'C' indicates.) CMYK values are - like RGB values - just simulations of the intended color. (This is one of my many pet peeves these days...too many people think that Pantone colors are CMYK colors. No, they are spot/solid colors. There's a big difference.)
  5. It's not part of the official set of logos.
  6. I'm one of the oldest guys on any of these boards, and I absolutely HATE gray masks. Always have, always will.
  7. Wanted to stop by and mention that all of the AAF colors (Hex and RGB) on my site are representative of the official, confirmed PANTONE colors: AAF Colors -
  8. My parents and brother all live in Traverse City...just sent a link to the story to my mom, who had no idea about the unveiling. And...even works at the State Theater where these were unveiled. Apparently, she had yesterday off.
  9. Not exactly "metallic", but I do have the new color palette: (Not 100% certain on the color descriptions/names.) opposed to the former NASL palette: These are confirmed colors; for those who don't know me, all of the Hex and RGB values I put up on my site correspond with current PANTONE Digital standards. That older palette was taken from an official Timbers logo sheet I obtained a few years back. As official as it gets.
  10. I thought I'd put these here so the Mothership could use my PANTONE Digital Standards versions for the 1993 commemorative patch referenced in that article: