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  1. I have it on authority that the Orange is darkening a bit...matching the Bears TBH.
  2. Fun fact: the Charlotte Bobcats used "NFL Pacific Blue" as the textile match for their original uniforms.
  3. They officially called it "Seahawks Blue", but the textile match was called (by Reebok) "NFL Pacific Blue".
  4. Two different colors. Process Blue is a Pantone base ink color, while Process Cyan is a primary color in CMYK printing:
  5. They guy who runs that site admitted to me that he's an expert in SEO. Something (one of the many things) I really need to get better at.
  6. Team Color Codes should never be considered a "source of truth".
  7. That certainly could be true...don't know. The NHL only provides Pantone values; the textile/thread/twiil/other equipment color matches are up to the manufacturers. A few years back, I did assist the NHL with standardizing the official digital/print reproduction document, but it doesn't provide the other specs.
  8. I really wish people would stop citing teamcolorcodes...so many mistakes, bad assumptions, etc. The guy's got the correct PMS values there, but most of those custom Hex and RGB values are completely wrong. My site (as I repeatedly state) shows the Hex and RGB values that correspond to current Pantone standards, but a lot of the teams and leagues provide custom values. I track all of those custom values as well; only the Chargers there have the Hex and RGB values correct according to the current logo sheets.
  9. Here's an apples-to-apples comparison of the Chargers' logos...with the colors matching to Pantone Digital specifications: (Hint: the Powder Blues and Golds are identical)
  10. Just ROYGBV. No Indigo. Unless you're counting the Navy base color.
  11. Yes. (I'm also aware that I've continued to Nugget-jack this Colts thread. Sorry 'bout that.)
  12. 100% they were Navy. I was fairly obsessed with those back in the day...to me, the most puzzling color-aspect of it is the shade of "Purple" they used...it was kind of a Magenta-ish Burgundy...check out the bottom stripe - it's NOT Red:
  13. Confirmation at 100% now. Old Red and Orange, new(wish) Pewter.
  14. Waiting on official confirmation, but about 99.99999999% sure the Red AND the Orange are changing back to the previous uniform sets' versions.
  15. Original Pewter (flat version, and metallic): Newer version - flat version and metallic (soon to be old? Dunno.):
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