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  1. Wanted to stop by and mention that all of the AAF colors (Hex and RGB) on my site are representative of the official, confirmed PANTONE colors: AAF Colors -
  2. My parents and brother all live in Traverse City...just sent a link to the story to my mom, who had no idea about the unveiling. And...even works at the State Theater where these were unveiled. Apparently, she had yesterday off.
  3. Not exactly "metallic", but I do have the new color palette: (Not 100% certain on the color descriptions/names.) opposed to the former NASL palette: These are confirmed colors; for those who don't know me, all of the Hex and RGB values I put up on my site correspond with current PANTONE Digital standards. That older palette was taken from an official Timbers logo sheet I obtained a few years back. As official as it gets.
  4. I thought I'd put these here so the Mothership could use my PANTONE Digital Standards versions for the 1993 commemorative patch referenced in that article:
  5. Really joining into this discussion way late, but another aspect to consider is that the NFL provides textile colors for matching, but ultimately Nike is using their own proprietary set of fabrics for the on-field stuff. For a number of years now I've been compiling as much information of the Nike color palette as I can find, but they inexplicably define these colors as CMYK which in my opinion makes them difficult to depict digitally.
  6. Not true. The Eagles use a shade of Silver in their helmet decals that used to be designated by the Cowboys as their helmet color. Nike changed the Silver in print, but in reality I don't believe their helmet changed colors at all.
  7. My parents and my brother all live in Traverse City...something with cherries is appropriate, along with anything related to lakes. (Lots of water and boats there.)
  8. Just posted this on Twitter, but does anyone here know when the Signature Uniforms stopped being used?
  9. Exiting LurkMode... I put this together about 10 years ago...the Arizona Pyrrhuloxias: I haven't ever lived in the Phoenix-metro area (but plan to do so in the next year or two...have been going there annually scouting out places to live), but there is a real division between the different areas in the metropolitan area. Almost a rivalry between the different suburbs. I was told in 1988 that the majority of fans in the state were offended that the Cardinals chose Phoenix as the "location" name, as opposed to "Arizona". I always felt that the renaming in '94 was righting a wrong.
  10. You're assuming I didn't deliberately leave any colors out...
  11. Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) PANTONE Digital Standards Graphics Project: 2017-present