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  1. I voted for Caribou. I think there could be some good unique branding opportunities there, and not so much "minor league" sounding.
  2. In case the Mothership wants to add it to the site:
  3. This was the superior version of the Nuggets' Rainbow uniforms IMO:
  4. Good question. I don't know. There isn't a single NFL team that I wouldn't change at least one thing about them. Not sure if I believe in the "perfect uniform".
  5. To me - the Raiders and Niners are two of my most disliked uniforms. I guess to each his own. I prefer Brown facemasks for the Browns as well. But then again, I'd change the Yankees uniforms if they'd let me, so...
  6. Brown facemasks are apparently still going to be used on the White throwbacks.
  7. 1. I don't have any insight on the usage of 279...just speculation on my part that the NFL might want the Texans to use a different shade in order to differentiate their color from TN. 2. I think that the manufacturer(s) dictate - to a large degree - what colors are used. Don't know about any past or present league mandates. 3. Ironically, the sheets I just got for the Broncos neglected to define the Royal Blue and the Light Gray (used on the alt pants). All that is used are custom RGB values that don't match up to anything in the Pantone library, or even the Nike colors that I can tell. I have provided estimates, but I am not all that confident that they are accurate. Along those lines, I should mention that the beveling on the Texans' new numbers (Navy and Color Rush jerseys) are just tonal screens, and not additional colors. 4. I had a heated argument on this board years ago about this subject, but what I do is display the *intended* color. I understand that even though I have estimates of Orange 179 C and Blue 293 C for the Broncos of that era, that what was worn on the field wasn't always a true match to those color values. I own a 1970s-era NFL style guide, and even though Pantone values hadn't been adopted at that time, the league provided color tear-off chips for color matching. I can take those sheets and compare to my physical Pantone guides and make fairly accurate estimates of the intended color. The argument I had in the past was in regards to the Cowboys' ever-changing Metallic Blue pants of the '60s and '70s. It was said to me that I needed to estimate each variation - they seemed to change color from year-to-year. I argued that the intentional color (again, from the physical style guide I have) was close to PANTONE 8200 C, so that's the color they were *intending* to replicate. If I were to attempt to account for every manufacturer variation and dye lot discrepancy, I'd never get anything done. Oh - and I have found that occasionally, teams have provided alternate colors for helmet color mismatches - the Rams for a while designated 281 for the helmets and 287 for the uniforms, and back in the '70s, the Eagles had a darker shade of Green for their helmets as well. The Giants were probably just picking a stock helmet shell color that looked better with their uniform color.
  8. 285 C is a fairly common shade. I mean - the Packers, Steelers, Chargers, Chiefs, Commanders, and Cardinals all use 1235 C. Can't easily trademark particular colors (at least, not without a whole lot of legal hurdles).
  9. So - this new lighter Blue (officially designated as "H-Town Blue Light") is NOT the same shade as the old Oilers/Titans Columbia Blue/Titans Blue. Probably the reason the NFL said to go ahead with this. Original Columbia Blue on left, new H-Town Blue Light on right:
  10. And in terms of Pantones, they aren't at all.
  11. I haven't seen the new specs yet, so I'll have to take your word for it.
  12. Every individual NFL team uses an SVG for their primary marks in the upper left-hand corner of their sites. It's there.
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