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  1. Not D1 but in D3's USA South Athletic Conference, Greensboro College Pride of Greensboro, NC rebranded last week. I'm a fan of how the placement of the lions, Leo & Leona, were changed to be presented as equals. Lure Design of Orlando, FL assisted with the design. There is a new Lions over GC logo too. If you're not familiar with Greensboro College, it's a liberal arts college with 1000-1300 students sandwiched between UNC Greensboro & North Carolina A&T. Article Old New
  2. Earl

    Wrestlemania 37 Concept

    I take it you designed in reference of the Vikings of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Recent articles say LA is the front runner for #37. I was wondering why there's no 37 or XXXVII in the design until I looked up past logos & noticed they don't do they anymore. So that's good you're on par with recent designs model after each city. What has always caught my eye in past logos is that glare, shine effect. It always made the event feel more prestigious to me.
  3. I wanted to expand some more on this after reading the article. The CSU Cutlass logo is still the primary, the new logo serves as a secondary visual & additional face to the program. Perhaps after some time the new logo will become the primary. The wordmark in the cutlass logo above is just a web font, below is the correct one. As for "the white outline randomly dip below the wordmark", it's the rest of the buccaneer logo as seen on the gray shirt below. But I agree it looks out of place and should be done differently or eliminated. Interestingly the navy shirt below doesn't show that.
  4. Because the determined teams aren't set until Selection Sunday, altogether I had 181 schools ready for contingency reasons which is just over half of all D1 schools. These below are the team logos for the schools that didn't make the tournament. Some of them obviously wasn't going to make the tourney due to their record but I had concrete evidence & was able to quickly prepare them. My personal favorite is Lehigh's.
  5. Here are close ups of each region. I'd the most uncommon ones are Bradley, Gonzaga, Vermont, Northern Kentucky, Saint Mary's, Georgia State, & Abilene Christian.
  6. Hello there, Instead making radial or court brackets, I like to pick a year & create a bracket complete with team logos used in that year. I did have this finished before the First Round began but I was unsatisfied with my background. After trying different ideas using a zubaz pattern I decided it wasn't that important anymore & picked a colorful ink splatter and now sharing this. As for the team logos, I spent months scavenging throughout the internet searching sources of team logos used at or around March 1992. Believe it or not, my most helpful source was eBay. There's thousands of products for sale such as pocket schedules & media guides that include years & logos on them giving me proof a team logo was used at that time. I had to be watch out with pre-season program covers because pictures of uniforms in action would be from the previous season and such. My other sources came from a couple YouTube videos over the 1992 March Madness coverage, Getty Images, and digitized yearbooks. My project is a combination of real & concept so I'm posting this in the Concept section. I would say half of the logos were easy to find via this website & College Vault PDFs. There other half I had to rebuild the logos myself. All of this was done through Illustrator which I'm not an expert with. I enjoy doing these specific-year-themed bracket as I can discover logos that cannot be find anywhere else on the internet. And it's cool to see the different styles of logos as well as how long some of them have truly been around. 2 years ago I made a 'Stranger Things' bracket set in 1983 and I was able to reuse several logos from that period. Here is the full Imgur album that has some explanation of how I know that was the correct logo to use. I can provide more info & sources if wanted.
  7. Over the weekend Shaw University, a HBCU of Division II's CIAA, rebranded & was designed by, surprise, Phoenix Design Works. Article NEW OLD
  8. It's not often a conference shows up on this but the West Coast Conference just unveiled their new brand. Led by Legend Labs, the conference identifies as the WCC more than the previous brand displayed. The 2 C's act as arrows pointing left, or West. I'm unsure of the significance of the W split into 3 sections. So far, Teal is the only color displayed, more natural to the west coast region than the patriotic red, white, and blue. I imagine on white background the logo will be in Teal. Article Previous Primary Personally I'm a huge fan of the WCC with the coastline built into the W, shown below, and wish to see that today. Could say the new brand is built for the future though with the straight edges.
  9. Opened up Pitt's athletics site and saw this: Website Can assume it's the date for the color change to Royal and Gold. LMU's website now has the new primary at the top. At the bottom of the page is a SVG of the new Lion head & LMU combination mark.
  10. Believe it or not, in the past year and half they've created these: It's not like what we seen from Torch or on here & Behance but they're still serviceable. Each are improved updates from their previous brands. Where would be your alma mater?
  11. Phoenix Design Works, there's no doubt because they use the same font design for each brand. Once you recognize it you can spot the schools designed by them pretty well.
  12. Southern Illinois (Carbondale) is coming out with a new look on the 28th: https://twitter.com/SIUSalukis/status/1100047771845816320/video/1
  13. Cal U (California University of Pennsylvania, Division II) Vulcans revealed their new athletics logos yesterday. Source --> While they're not the only Vulcans in the NCAA, I think it's safe for them to brand under the name instead of Cal U which I'm sure many have confused with the state of California.
  14. As for Norfolk State's secondary logos, I realize these days those are shields below the heads but I always think it's their upper bodies hunched over.
  15. Georgia Women's Basketball