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  1. Made this discovery today: Harvard has a new athletics shield & wordmark. When did this happen? I dug back through their athletics Twitter and found it first used in June 2020. I haven't seen a single article about it. Pretty crazy for a D1 program. Part of why I never noticed or checked anything of theirs is the fact that Ivy League teams haven't played anything in nearly a year. So anyways, the new shield is slightly thinner and has a white outline. I asked about the curved notches in the serifs and was told they represent Harvard Stadium which is iconic in its own right. I think for more accuracy, just the top 2 serifs should had been notched out as Harvard Stadium is only bowled in at one end & straight at the other. I believe the color has changed from Pantone 187 to 201. NEW OLD Harvard Stadium
  2. They look absolutely nothing like each other. Owl head vs. Full body. 3/4 turn vs. front view. Different fonts. Similar colors though but so what. That's like saying Georgia & Gonzaga bulldog logos look a lot like each other because they use similar shades of red.
  3. Can you keeping share the link each month? I'm interested in how this progresses.
  4. Colorado College Tigers (NCAA D3, DI Hockey) recently unveiled their new brand and immediately wore their new hockey uniforms that night. Designed by Joe Bosack and Co. Full release here. OLD NEW
  5. Just emailed in new logos from 2019 hopefully in time for the Creamer Awards. I was letdown on the # of candidates that were displayed last year so I wanted to make sure each school gets some recognition. I only sent in D1 so they are: Baylor Charleston Southern (CSU) Duquesne Evansville Idaho State Kansas City (UMKC) LIU (Long Island U.) Michigan State Oklahoma State Pitt Southern Illinois (SIU) Wake Forest West Coast Conference (WCC) Missing anything important from 2019? Any good suggestions for non-D1 schools?
  6. Case example I wanted to bring up: D3's Slippery Rock University goes by The Rock. Haven't heard any issues about that, maybe because very few are aware of them.
  7. Thinking of UNLV and maybe Dayton, fans usually don't like unexpected changes which is not surprising at all. I'd say the general population doesn't understand the value & importance of simplifying brands for easier digital media and screen print/embroidery applications. I'm sure most people on this website know how important those are leading to more positive reviews on the change than from the general population. Maybe someone else can go into better detail than me.
  8. It's finally official for Wake Forest: https://godeacs.com/news/2019/10/1/general-wake-forest-athletics-refreshes-its-brand.aspx
  9. Just noticed that via College Vault, there's 2 versions of this logo. Overlapped on left that is shown above & interlocked on right.
  10. Still somewhat confused about all this due to 'mascot' which can refer to the nickname, the logo representing the nickname, or the costume a person performs in. So is the school replacing the nickname 49ers with Sharks? Keeping the 49ers but with sharks identity? Or replacing the 'Prospector Pete' mascot with a shark one similar to Katy Perry's Left Shark? Also, on Wikipedia it says Shark is coming May 2020, anybody know anything about this?
  11. Looks like the T-Wave hasn't been part of their brand since 2017-18: https://tulanegreenwave.com/sports/2017/8/25/branding-style-guide.aspx I figured it's been a secondary logo all this time since the switch. Helmet Project shows T-Wave hasn't been worn on helmets since 2016 season.
  12. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a different WF logo...
  13. Next up, DIII's Clarkson University (NY) Golden Knights. Over a week ago the athletics website & social media hubs displayed the new design but there's no official announcement of any sort. Clarkson is known for their hockey teams, both playing D1. I believe they were tied to the Vegas Golden Knights issue a couple years back. Always bugged me how the old logos came in two, one in green & 1 in yellow despite being called the GOLDEN Knights. New design keeps the green but the yellow is more significant. Thoughts? OLD NEW (combination)
  14. These are 2 I have that may be what you're looking for:
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