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  1. I hate this logo, but the farthest left portion of the T lines up with the left side just like the farthest right portion of the R does on the right. It's just because of the diagonal distance that it looks off.
  2. Thunder.....Browns....Nets.....Magic....Jazz.....
  3. I'll just leave these here.... http://special.seattletimes.com/o/news/local/seattle_history/articles/scandinavians.html https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-myths-legends-europe/legendary-kraken-00267 https://patch.com/washington/universityplace/the-octopus-under-the-narrows-bridge-named-one-of-the5f301f767e
  4. Still say that this (in navy and with the S logo) would be an amazing arena product. Think of the fans around the penalty box wearing them!
  5. Gold: 7 Silver: 14 Bronze: 13
  6. Gold: 10 Silver: 7 Bronze: 2
  7. My bad... The Bulls current logo is a quandary in that it's both timeless and dated at the same time. Because it's attached to Jordan's era it will likely not be changed ala the Lakers and Celtics logos. That said, This has a nice use of bold lines. Could be a good tweak. Easy there, that thread is 2.5 years old and dead. I didn't want to post an image of the portion that I did in your thread, just the WC logo. Some might not have realized what the WC Bulls logo could look like.
  8. For me the organization already has the basis for the next gen bull: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112853-chicago-bulls-logo-concept/
  9. Did they enlarge the bolt on the helmet?
  10. Check the other thread that's linked by the vintage ram.
  11. If you didn't see it in my other thread If NFL Team Logos Were Vintage College Mascot Logos, I made a vintage style ram as well:
  12. It's not a bat or a rod.... it's a lure.