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  1. Check the other thread that's linked by the vintage ram.
  2. If you didn't see it in my other thread If NFL Team Logos Were Vintage College Mascot Logos, I made a vintage style ram as well:
  3. It's not a bat or a rod.... it's a lure.
  4. Thank you! The blue is HEX 003694 (Rams official is 003594) The yellow is HEX FFCC00 (Rams official is FFD100) So they aren't "exact" but one digit off in HEX. Maybe the "vignette" effect is throwing you off. Thanks for the comment! Thank you! Now for those that may like to see a key line around the ram:
  5. While the idea of opposition to the majority of other NFL logos does intrigue me, the orientation was more influenced by the fact that the Rams' logos from 46-69 were left facing. I agree that matchup graphics would look great with this orientation. There is also connection to heraldry in which right facing animals were seen as a symbol of cowardice.
  6. Thank you to everyone for the comments! Feels great to hear those things based off of small pencil drawing alone. That said, I hope the enthusiasm continues with the next step:
  7. I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
  8. Try tilting it 15-20 degrees clockwise and squeezing just the horns horizontally. Maybe try having him barring his teeth instead of open mouthed, this would reduce the negative space in the mouth.
  9. I think the horse's chin should be tucked down like the image from 8bw14 and the old logo. Right now, at a glance, the head has a dog vibe.
  10. Ready to never un-see something? The back legs look like one cloven hoof and leg.
  11. Funny enough I think this is what they were saying about the Warriors in the late 90s and early 00s.
  12. https://twitter.com/Timberwolves/status/1197167853243383808?s=20