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  1. Cowboys: pick royal or navy blue already. Vikings: maybe a V sleeve stripe to mimic what could've been? The socks might be a bit much though... Ravens: logo refresh and lets find a block number font Broncos: mash up the old and current logos and switch back to royal/orange Bills: how about a logo that looks more like a buffalo/bison in HD
  2. https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/business-journal/2020/10/01/caseys-general-store-rebrands-logo-first-time-50-years/5886165002/ Is Casey the Brother of Wendy?
  3. I hate this logo, but the farthest left portion of the T lines up with the left side just like the farthest right portion of the R does on the right. It's just because of the diagonal distance that it looks off.
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