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  1. With all the talk about USF's new academic logo I started looking at their old athletic logos. There was not much to see. So I decided to take on the task of creating one. The "bulls" were originally the "Golden Brahmans". A Brahman or Brahma is a breed of cattle that originated in India so they do well in the hot, humid Florida environment. So southern and central Florida have a lot of them. They are very distinct looking with long ears, shorter horns, and a menacing/pissed off look on their face. So here is my USF Golden Brahman:
  2. New England College Pilgrims: https://athletics.nec.edu/news/2019/3/18/general-new-england-college-athletics-unveils-new-logo-and-identity.aspx Old for reference:
  3. $47,000 later and the students still want the horned U back. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-hillsborough/usf-makes-changes-to-final-logo-after-negative-feedback-students-and-alumni-still-not-impressed
  4. Yeah if you have more post them please. I don't think that they are gonna get added to the main site, but this could be the database for them.
  5. The NSIC covers schools in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota. Many of their schools could use updated logos. I have taken some of my old concepts and adjusted them to fit those schools that could be updated. There are 16 total teams, I did 9 and left 7 because they either had a good look or I didn't have a concept to shoe-horn into them. Here are my 9: Concordia St. Paul Golden Bears Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Minnesota State Mavericks Northern State Wolves University of Sioux Falls Cougars Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs Wayne State Wildcats Winona State Warriors Here are the schools I left:
  6. Yes, this is it. Designed by Torch Creative. https://siusalukis.com/news/2019/2/28/general-saluki-athletics-unveils-new-logo.aspx
  7. More SIU info. Looks like it will be unveiled this afternoon in a private ceramony. https://thesouthern.com/sports/college/salukimania/saluki-athletics-to-unveil-first-new-logo-since/article_343f11a4-a6b6-51dd-a24d-5df67275b86e.html
  8. I found an old Colorado pennant on Ebay and created this update based off of the logo on it. Here is the progression:
  9. Happening on 2/28/19: https://twitter.com/siusalukis/status/1091456774362804230