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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/1807edc0-187b-37bd-ac10-4792978658be/2020-ford-bronco-badge-and.html Looks like style cues from the mustang badge.
  2. So there is a Full-Body Saber-Tooth as well:
  3. Can anyone show my what the "achievement" stickers here are? They almost look like the new athletic bear logo, but with a beanie?
  4. They could've gone this route: Credit to Mark Crosby
  5. The idea is there, just go to the pencil and paper now. Draw it out using lots of reference images.
  6. It is, but there is a sizable camp of people that believe that the Cowboys should choose between navy and royal since they use navy for their dark uni and royal for their white.
  7. I can see where it may have seemed accusatory, but it was just "confused-atory." I just thought that something was off in the calculations. Thank you for looking past the tone of the posts and digging into it and finding an answer. Now I know that there IS something off in the calculations. Never tried to devalue your title. You and the other mods do a good job.
  8. Take about 30% off there Ice_Cap. No one is talking conspiracy. Just trying to navigate the mystery that is likes calculation. Don't come at me all snarky just because no one seems to be able to answer how this calculation occurs. In order to reach the popular content section one does have to select the leaderboard tab that is at the top of the board betwixt the activity and calendar tabs.
  9. I save vintage logos (mostly college) whenever I see them. I've amassed quite a collection.
  10. If that is the case then I have 28 on one post in the same time period. And the top of the "Popular Content" area is 25 since 8/19/19.
  11. That's odd, because by my count I've had 85 likes, in my most recent concept thread, just since 9/4/19. And the top of the "Popular Content" area is 25 since 8/19/19.
  12. Can anyone explain how the "Leaderboard" likes get added up? I've had some days with many likes that never seem to crack the list. It's one of those "I don't really care, but I wanna know" situations because looking through the lists it seems like the same people are on there constantly with similar totals as if they just like each others' stuff over and over.
  13. So for the Buffalo Bills I drew up this Buffalo Bill Cody mascot first. Then I got to thinking about how that is disconnected with most of their imagery, so I used the Cody image to create a buffalo mascot too. Not sure which one I like better though.
  14. Hat was too small, but the sweater works and added a football. I had already intended on him being in a "Heisman" pose.
  15. Thanks everyone! Up next is the first full-body mascot in the group, because the head alone would look quite odd. Miami Dolphins: