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  1. This is really impressive, as always. I know this takes an amazing amount of time to get these details. Bravo!
  2. This is simply amazing. I feel like you need a life-time achievement award for completing this. A monumental undertaking, and so well executing. Cheers.
  3. There are A LOT of bowl games. Not gonna complain about them, though!
  4. Bowl signatures? Bowl signatures.
  5. In this post, you said it would work as an expansion team. In the post below... ...you told @rjrrzube that you knew it wouldn't work, because it was rejected. You are missing the whole spirit of this concepts board. It's to post work in good faith for comments and criticism. If you are posting work for "rejected teams," you are just wasting all of our time here.
  6. Omaha is looking excellent. That's a strong Maverick logo, and it works on the white helmet. You've chosen a good font for the uniform, too. That's my favorite so far.
  7. This is a really nice university identity. It'd be interesting to see it for other sports, such as basketball, as well.
  8. Perhaps on their home jersey, it is similar to the Giants' home jersey, but the Giants' away has Braisher stripes. Further, you did the same for Jacksonville and Detroit. Why no variety between these franchises? It seems they should have different appearances.
  9. It seems strange that so many of your modern versions do not have shoulder/ sleeve stripes. It gives them much more of a high school/jv feel instead of NFL appearance. Nearly every teams has some detail on their shoulder/sleeve. What is your reasoning for leaving that off?
  10. This is awesome. I want that Big Ten to exist.
  11. I think you are missing the point of posting concepts on here for C&C. I've been in a similar situation where I'd posted something that had taken a lot of time. Right after I posted it, someone pointed out an obvious mistake. But that's how these boards work. If you want people to see when you've done good work, you also have to recognize they will point out mistakes as well. I haven't seen one person belittle or ridicule, even though it's clear you are not listening to the same advice being offered multiple times. I'd suggest you listen to these people, or your work will get ignored.
  12. Good execution on these --I'd enjoy hearing some of your thinking on the details on the alternates. I'm assuming green on the homes from the cacti, and copper on the aways from the state flag's star? Arizona has long had some of my favorite uniforms from the flair they played with and the red-white-blue gives such a bright visual.
  13. Please listen to what HTown said. He's pretty smart. He's also better at uniform than most anyone. If you saw his crazy, sarcastic, "h-town takes on the sacred cows of the NFL and the CC boards" thread, you'll see what I mean. But I'll repeat a little. You've got to 1. Have a thorough thought process in what you do. It's not just "It looks cool." There's got to be solid reasoning. 2. Communicate the why. It's not enough just for you to know, you've got to explain it in a way that makes sense to others so they appreciate your work. Slow down, take the time to be excellent, and people will appreciate it also.
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