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  1. That's really nice. The subtle coloring in the Mercedes uniform is excellent.
  2. Pete's advice is way beyond mine, but I'd add that simplicity of colors is always good. Don't think beyond three colors at the most until you are done. Have one blue, a gray or white for the face(skin tones rarely work in logos), then the red trim. The other thing to note is how his eyebrow/ eye socket is more important than having an eye/ iris/ eyeball. THat's because, as he said, logos are not lines to make a drawing, they're shapes to convey some idea. Show he's angry, furious or something similar with his angular eyeball. Again, Pete's advice is awesome, so everything he said.
  3. Fantastic. Great work replicating these with a lot of details.
  4. A couple responses on the TV numbers, and that's a good observation. I didn't think there was room on the shoulder, so I left them off. However, I agree there is no need for the Flying Elvis on the sleeves, so I've replace him with the numbers there. I was mixed on the side panels as I kind of wanted to connect this with the 2000s SB winning uniforms, but I'll omit them. Not budging on the horn on the Rams' pants, however. It may have originated in 1997, but in reality, we could say the same thing about the Rams' horn on the shoulder. We really could call that a "trend from the 1970's." The pants need something to connect to the rest of the uniform other than traditional stripes. Thanks for the comments and critiques. Here's an update on the Patriots:
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. This template is one I made based on some Maryland football uniform display I found a few years ago, but I've customized the heck out of it. I added the Revo Speed Helmet, and several other things.
  6. Trying my hand at concepts for our two teams vying for the NFL Super Bowl title next weekend: Most of the concepts I see with the Patriots are either disjointed modern looks or they are throwbacks to the days of terrible Patriot teams. The 1980's uniforms bother me for two reasons. Revolutionary War Patriots shouldn't have redcoats. Second, the AFC East is filled with white helmets, and the silver helmets are a good distinction. I tried to join the two eras with a coherent method, yes, HTown, even using StRiPinG ConsiStEnCy. The larger blue middle stripe ties in to the blue home jersey, as well as blue being the predominate color with the away numerals. A silver/gray filler between the shoulder stripes helps connect the jerseys to the helmet design as well. The three stripes are present on the side of the pants, as well. One of the first things I had in mind designing the uniforms was to change the numerals, but not to a traditional varsity font, but with one reminiscent of the "Spirit of 76" flags or other designs of 1776. Otherwise, I tried to keep the uniform similar to the Super Bowl winning uniforms of recent Patriot teams. For the Rams, I created custom version of a varsity/ academic font which gives an oversize/ old school look. For the most part, this is a traditional look with the massive Ram-horn shoulder stripes, and the yellow collar. However, I've always been bothered by traditional stripes on the pants. No white is present on the home jerseys, so none is present on the pants. The blue stripe is similar to the Denver Broncos' pant stripe, with a curve to imitate the ram horns on the shoulders, but not rising up the front of the pant. Otherwise, I didn't alter the appearance much from the traditional look going back to the Vince Ferragamo days. Here's the two side-by side.
  7. This is great- Would love to see one for the New Year as well. Perhaps a NYD interlocking logo? Thanks,
  8. I'm pretty sure with the size of those numbers they will be able to get airborne.
  9. Helmet, YES!!! Numbers... uh, No.
  10. I think George Selvie's years were the best.
  11. Dang. I was gonna say something of my own, but you said it. Perfect. It's not about "political correctness." ..."It’s kind of an appallingly bad idea to show anybody from the Confederacy in a positive light."
  12. Additionally, I think we should wait to fire Scott Frost; I think his buyout is prohibitive.
  13. You are definitely improving with this concept and responding well to the critiques. Kudos. I agree with Bella that the collar and sleeves seem to stick out by being pure black instead of a combo stripe. That would make this better.