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  1. Thanks for the compliment. I guess the only other alternate for Phoenix is to have a think blue border around the court and keep the yellow as the main colour block. And yes, Manchester's logo simplicity is something that makes it work as a whole package. Their old logo wasn't too bad - especially complared to the awful original Giants team logo,
  2. Rounding out the current teams in the league... Glasgow Rocks Dalmarnock, Glasgow BBL Championships: 0 * * The team was leading the league when the 2019-20 season was cancelled, which would have earned them their first title. Court wise, I intended to go with a tartan pattern - the detail didn't quite work out; so its a check not a tartan for now. This is something I intend to work on. Sheffield Sharks Sheffield BBL Championships: 4 I went with a pattern that by hapenstance could be deemed as sharks teeth (or a huge backgammon board). I then took inspiration from the teams Twitter hashtag 'fear the fin' and added that in a lighter wood stain. I've also recoloured their logo, to add the yellow for the basketball (currently its grey), just to make it stand out more. Worcester Wolves Worcester BBL Championships: 0 I wanted to go for something asymetrical, and Worcester just worked out being that team. I'm quite pleased how this one worked out.
  3. Some fantastic work there. That template is great too - I'm starting to like the mannaquin style templates; there was a hockey one not so long ago too. Seems to add a bit of life to concepts.
  4. Two new courts for today. London Lions Hackney Wick, East London BBL Championships: 1 The centre court logo forms part of their primary logo, but they seem to be using just the ball and paw on social media so I went with that. Surrey Scorchers Guildford, Surrey BBL Championships: 1 I'm not a huge fan of the Scorchers logo; its one of those logos that I may eventually try and redesign, but for now, hopefully I've adapated their scheme well for the court.
  5. Had a go at revising the Nix court. The blue has a better impact, and I've gone for a lighter court courtesty of pelicanfan. I've also re-tweaked the Riders. Removing the '67 horseshoe' and adding back the cinqeufoil motif I'd done in an earlier draft.
  6. Extending the stripes from the Blazers logo is inspired! And greyscale is something you wouldn't think would work for a court, but both actually work really well.
  7. I found I'd already created the Eagles wordmark (yet managed to forget to use it!). So here's a revised court. I have kept the roundel for now - just found the standalone Eagle got lost - I'm going to see how to work around that - maybe an outline. And also, the court for the Raiders. Yes, there are two teams with similar names. Just one of those quirks of the league I guess. You've got to feel for the comms team when the Raiders and Riders play each other. They use a pinstripe on their jersey, so I've gone with that - although it does give it a little bit of a gridiron field feel. There's talk of them relocating to Birmingham if they can't get a deal with the Pavilions, but here for now are the Plymouth Raiders. Plymouth Raiders Plymouth, Devon BBL Championships: 0
  8. Thanks for the comments both! I'd not conisdered the yellow/white line issue with Cheshire before - so thanks for that. I'll certainly have a go a changing things around with that one. For Leicester, I did tone it down a bit, originally there was a cinqfoil in place of the secondary logo. (BTW if you think their current logo is bad, you should see their previous one! They definatly got an upgrade). As for Newcaslte - yep... you're right - there's a typo! D'oh! It was the first court I did too... you'd think typos would occur later down the line. They do have the Eagle as their primary logo, the roundel is what they use on their social media page. I think I will update the wordmark to actually match the existing one.
  9. Up next, the two teams that had new logos for the '20-'21 season. Cheshire Phoenix Ellesmere Port BBL Championships: 2 I've not gone too complicated on this one. And I've incorporated the laurel leaf/flame motif from their previous logo. Manchester Giants Belle Vue, Manchester BBL Championships: 0
  10. Ah yes, sorry I see now I did word that a bit werird. Sorry 'bout that!
  11. Inspired by other threads here, I thought I would attempt to make some courts for the teams of the British Basketball League (BBL). Not every team has a branded court, so most of these are just interpretations of what could be. I've never designed courts before, so hopefully these will be ok. The court template is something I've created, so there might be some inaccurracies with the line placement etc. Its a little small to make out, but I've also tweaked the BBL logo to add a shadow to the ball. Just to give it a little more depth. Ok, to start us off, we have two of the oldest teams in the league. Leicester Riders (2020-21 BBL League Champions) Leicester, England BBL Championships: 5 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England BBL Championships: 7
  12. These courts are outstanding. You've inspirted me to try to have a go at making my own. Hope you don't mind me asking, where's best to get the floor texture?
  13. Words fail me. But you know they're going to sell a fair few and their decision will be justified and they'll just keep churning these out now.
  14. Its a strange contradiction that the England football team uses blue, even though the flag of England (St. Geroge Cross) is red and white. If it was a Great Britain football team, then yeah a Union Flag motif can be incorporated more. Concept is excellent though luisgiants40. That helment with the lions in relief is outstanding.