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  1. Thats an interesting take. The left one gives me a farmstead-on-Tatooine vibe (just minus the second sun).
  2. haha well I wouldn't go that far - but thanks anyway
  3. I like it. It looks like it would easily have been one of those classics of the company's logo history, just one of those not in use today. However, for some reason I could see this working on their electric cars. I have no idea why.
  4. ^I don't get the popularity of lowercase logos. Seems very 90s. This redesign makes it look like the brief was "the current look is too stark, we wan't a more cutesy appearance".
  5. Looks like an unused VIA Rail logo concept. The old KIA look wasn't great, but this is a downgrade. Takes you far too long to read what it says. On the concept car, with more spacing between the letters it almost works - although you can see there's a hint of a bar connecting the letters.
  6. I think the longer lines are better. And three lines matches the three feathers of the fleur-de-lys (yeah I'm stretching on that, but it sort of works!).
  7. Yeah I saw Ohio when I first saw that secondary logo. However the design itself is solid enough. Perhaps keep the style and the interior detail, but change the shape to a stylised outline of the Citadel? I do like the revision on the original logo - does add more movement. Then again, I'm quite easy to please with this look - I still think its fantastic!
  8. Wow that's a great way to adapt a logo for a relocation. Have to admit, I kind of want to see this happen.
  9. Hmmm now there's a decision. I'm still drawn to B - it feels like a refresh of the existing logo; something which the team could have likely have done if they had stayed in '95. C is still great and feels like the logo for the long awaited return of the team to the city. Its honouring the past whilst not just reverting to the old logo. I agree with your comments about trying to please everyone. Its not easy, especially with an iconic brand as the Nordiques. If the league announced that as of tomorrow the team was coming back and will be using the original logo and colours, there'd probably be someone who'd complain that its 'stuck in the past' and 'nothing original'. That's why I like this fresh take on the original - both B and C.
  10. Both logos work really well, although I think the 'stick note' on the primary maybe needs to be either pink or blue instead of white - just to contrast against the white of the roundel. Jerseys are top notch yet again. Sure the colour scheme is a surprise at first, but then its no different to the other distinctive pallets of the past. I'm thinking the Rockies using purple when no one else did etc. I know its not intentional, but the colours remind me of the Formula 1 team Racing Point - who's title sponsor BWT requires a pink livery.
  11. I love that Guardians logo. There have been some good varients of that name, but this one is quite unique and could work well for the team.
  12. I'd definately go with B out of those ones. Although the arc entrance is centered with the logo as a whole, maybe it just needs moving to the left slightly. (but that's probably just me, so take no notice!). Regardless of my ramblings, B is looking pretty top notch there. Although I still prefer the italicised igloo from the previous update.
  13. Yeah that primary is quite something. They certainly missed the trick with that one. I'm not 100% on the secondary, even though there's nothing wrong with it (if that makes sense). Reminds me of the early part of Pirates of the Carribean - just before the drop. I guess that's a good thing The colour pallet is unique. Sits well with both logos, gives them a suitble atmospheric feel. Loving the wave on the jerseys too.
  14. I'm probably going to sound like I'm sitting on the fence, but the original and the two revisions are both excellent. Although I like the addition of the brick pattern, I think it might loose something in a smaller scale - so the the left revision logo is probably the way to go. That being said, I think its worth keeping the brick idea for a secondary logo of some sort. Definatly something to explore there - same with the crenellation/ramparts.
  15. Yeah that logo is not so great. Very much a tourisim board logo. However, the colour combinations on the jerseys works well.