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  1. If anyone is interested in ordering a tee, hoodie, tank, etc. With the White Sox vintage logo update I did in this thread a good while back? Then please head on over to the link below. Your purchase will benefit a good cause. Thnx! https://26shirts.com/products/chicago-vol-6-shirt-16-south-side-vintage
  2. Been a long while since I've posted anything here but I have a few to share. First is the Virginia Cavaliers. After seeing their rebrand I thought I'd take a crack at one of my own. Took a different approach & went with more of a refresh using a combination of their existing logos, also created a secondary using the C from their new wordmark. Primary 1 is more faithful to the original while primary 2 has a bit more on the modern take to it. Check em out & let me know what you guys think. As always, thnx for stopping by!
  3. ren69

    Concept Logo

    You have a very good start here. I would get rid of the yellow strokes on the fonts, on the inner part of the penguin as well as the white outline & stroke on the beak. I would also reduce the size of the penguin to give the text some breathing room (looks very crowded as is) which will also allow you to enlarge & kern it so there is not so much negative space on the left & right sides of your roundel. The line weight on that thin stroke around the penguin should also be a little closer in weight to the outer ones if possible or removed. Last I would get rid of either black or blue & just make it a 3 color logo. Many times less is more, this should simplify your logo & give it a cleaner look. Reduce the size of your logo & check how much of the details you have now can still be seen. Good luck, look forward to seeing your revised version.
  4. Phase 2 voting results in & Phase 3 voting now open. https://ucsantacruz.prestosports.com/general/2019-20/NewSlug2020_Round_Two_results.pdf https://ucsantacruz.prestosports.com/general/2019-20/releases/20200406p1senk
  5. That one is kinda being used already.
  6. UC Santa Cruz Design phase 2! https://twitter.com/ren1969_rene/status/1234854528656248833?s=19 https://twitter.com/ren1969_rene/status/1234858983468519429?s=19
  7. https://twitter.com/ucsc_ath_rec/status/1232032529001132034?s=19 https://twitter.com/ucsc_ath_rec/status/1232078091796783105?s=19 https://twitter.com/ucsc_ath_rec/status/1232125573876666368?s=19
  8. Sure, as soon as I see they have posted an update I will share it here.
  9. UC Santa Cruz athletics & recreation is refreshing it's brand identity. Logo sketch samples can be seen & voted on in the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeaV_fIXGR1rjVsc8eI55lBwxLh_4DBYk_vLxr50a86GTiHSA/viewform
  10. There's more from that rebrand here: http://cats.skyedesignstudios.com/
  11. I have 2 invites available. Post portfolio links here or send them in a DM. Thanks.
  12. https://twitter.com/Skye_Dillon/status/1153377220402077697?s=19
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