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  1. MDTrey4

    MLS 2022

    These are all great. Austin away, Dallas home and Cincy set are my favorites. Great to have you back on the boards!
  2. Those white numbers on the Vice City jerseys are perfect. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for my Sixers
  3. These are all such simple improvements but they make all of them so much cleaner. Only suggestion I might make is white letters and numbers on Miami's City Edition. I think that would just pop better on the light blue.
  4. Very clean. Thought they rendition of the bear would Brennan troublesome but you nailed it. The stripes in the background kinda strikes me as a little “land of the rising sun” but it definitely jumped out as a K off the bat. Love it all, especially since german crests are always so simple
  5. That Pacifica away is muuuch improved. Also loving Waikiki, especially the integration of the Dole logo
  6. So excited this is back. The first iteration of the USSL was the best series in a long time. Absolutely love the South Philadelphia secondary with the throwback Comcast logo too. Love Annapolis' addition to the competition, can't wait to see the rest of the new teams and the updates for the old.
  7. Those Brooklyn jerseys are actually perfect. I'm not sure that the arched wordmark on Houston's jerseys work. Also not sure if the fade on the pinstripes works much either. I think a straight across wordmark and solid pinstripes would work much better
  8. Loving the number font on the Raptors. Can't wait to see what some of these look like.
  9. Loving the applications of each team's history you have here. Some thoughts: Phila: I like the script being brought to all the jerseys. I think the blues and reds can work together as a away and alternate. My one critique is the contrasting belt logo. I think if only the stars were a contrasting color it wouldn't stand out as much. Orlando: Loving the stars. Those jerseys would perfectly translate to today's league. Memphis: About as good as you can do with the rebrand. Love the application of the wordmark and numbers. I do think the nails on the claw logo could go back to white. They weirdly stand out on the white and blend in on the teal. Another way to improve the design would be to use some variation of their new "MEM" logo on the shorts side panels. That would bring together all of your stripes while also relating to the city.
  10. All six of these are great. I think one thing that would give the blue/green set a nice combination of eras would be adding the feather design inside the swoop and the side panels. It would just add a bit of texture that wouldn't overwhelm the entire design
  11. Loving your start to this series. A few things to improve this design specifically: I would reintroduce a third color. The hawks have used navy, yellow and volt in their time. One of those would really pop if used sparingly. Another thing is the just that the number on the shorts doesn't match the jersey number. Simple oversight.
  12. Love the last batch. A few thoughts: Pacers: I love the yellow jersey. The lines design works perfectly. I would like to see a puck in the negative space of the P logo, just to match the NBA logo. The negative space seems kind of empty (which, i guess, is the intention of negative space after all) Bulls: I like the thought behind the diamonds on the sleeves but I'm not sure it works. I do think it could work with the same color schemes on the shorts however Nuggets: Perfect (better than their rebrand) Thunder and Magic work about as well as those two brands can. Never truly been a fan of the Magic branding either
  13. I think your update is good but your concept might be better served to have a bolder stroke. From far away those letter seem like they would blend together
  14. This is of no fault of your own, but seeing your Cavs concept reminds me why I hated their new logo package. They gotta stick with either black or navy. Having them both is just insane to me. The series has been great so far though. I like how you mirrored the LA Kings banner shape for the Lakers
  15. To echo what @Griffinmarlins said, the translation of that Pelicans uniform is spot on. Loving the names on the back of the jerseys. I would like to see a version of Brooklyn's grey and blue uniform as their alternate. Overall, great start to the series