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  1. That Coachella Valley crest is so simple and works so well. Using the Coachella posters as the clash is a great idea too. One way to bring in that mid-century architecture could be a new way to use the stripes on the home kit. Otherwise, a great concept. Sad to see this series nearing its end.
  2. The cactus representation on the home jersey is such a good idea. Have you tried what it would look like with the uneven arms that match the logo? Also, the rendering of the sun behind the cactus is perfect. Would not change a single thing about that crest. Great work.
  3. Is there significance to the orange V inside the shell? I'm vaguely seeing the V-O for Ventura-Oxnard but I don't think the O is prominent enough compared to the V. Maybe making the arms of the V stop behind the white banner. Or even narrowing the V by one line on the shell. It might draw the eye to it more. Overall, great concept (and series) still.
  4. Now that I see how clean it still is, it might not be too cluttered to add the tape back in. But that guitar looks amazing.
  5. I think the wrapping around the wheat sheaves gets lost in the digitizations. Have you considered putting them in front of the ribbon? I think that would give the idea more that the wheat is part of the logo and not just sitting behind it.
  6. Was reading thru this thread waiting for somebody to recommend that because it seemed so obvious right off the bat (don't laugh at that). I think the only way to improve on this is to take the original guitar's bat shape and completely replace the rectangle with the knob of the bat. In that you might not even need the tape on the bat. Excited to see what you come up with.
  7. I'm gonna be honest. That OC United logo is legitimately one of the best concepts I've seen on the boards ever.
  8. That Inland Empire logo and the rendering of the capitol building are too good. Can't wait to see the other updates.
  9. MDTrey4

    EPL Kit Concepts

    I really like the choice for the striping on the home and change but agree with @vtgco about the ad logo. Filling it would definitely look a lot cleaner. My one critique as a United fan would be the third being basically what Chelsea wears, save for white socks. I just wouldn't want something so close to another top 6 team. The concept holds, just not with the royal blue as the monochrome.
  10. Love all three pieces from Charlotte. One small suggestion. I've liked what the new Hornets city jerseys did with the pinstripes and I think that could fit on the blue outer circle. Bringing more of a coin motif to it all would tie it together with the mint jerseys. Other than that, looks great!
  11. 2 and 10 together as home and away would be *chef's kiss*
  12. I've been working on a three tiered system for years and can't believe the amount of detail and sheer amount of designs you've come up with. Continues to be the best series on the boards even years later
  13. One thing that might help is a line of some sort between the stars and the 1989 in the roundel. Depending on how stylized it is, it could go along with the shooting star image Disney always has and ultimately it fills in the blank space without making it too busy.
  14. Few small things I think could use some cleaning up: Brooklyn: Try using that new font on the baselines. It’s funky enough to work Philadelphia: Their small detail of having 4 stars on one side and 3 on the other is a great detail for fans Phoenix: The third logo would look a lot better with the details of the basketball Boston, New York and Toronto are amazing. Loving the navy for the Knicks and the Red Sox themed alt for Boston
  15. MDTrey4

    MLS 2022

    These are all great. Austin away, Dallas home and Cincy set are my favorites. Great to have you back on the boards!