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  1. That's a great improvement. The CLT FC logo they released is top notch, and using the crown as well as the monogram makes a perfect logo.
  2. I think either B or E are the best options right now. They both capture the shadow on the bear's face the best, but I think I'm leaning towards E. Feels more off-balance, which is how a shadow would be on a real bear face. These are really good, but E is my favorite.
  3. @vtgcoHow's this look? I brought the head in a little bit from the tip of the snout, fixed the eye and tinkered with the neck. Not a huge change on the neck, but a few minor adjustments.
  4. Hey everybody, I need your guys' help. I'm working on a project to keep me busy during the extended downtime I have, and I can't decide which of these 4 options works best. My original idea was 1, which then turned into 2 with a separated jaw. Then I wondered if an eye would enhance the logo at all. So which of these do you think is best? Also, if you guys have any other comments or suggestions I would love to hear them. I'll probably upload some more parts of this project as I go, but this is it for now.
  5. Working on a full body eagle logo, and I'm trying to keep it to relatively simple shapes. The colors in the logo are the ones that I will be using, but I'm really struggling with how to keep the logo simple while also capturing the details of an eagle. I also can't quite figure out how to get the right stroke and on the logo. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. Things got pretty busy towards the end of the semester what with finals week and all, but I'm back and will be posting some more teams regularly here. Today the Cleveland Browns are the team of the day. I wanted them to have a classic feel, without directly copying past uniforms. I also reverted to the old tone of orange, but found a new brown sort of in between the old and new colors. C&C appreciated!
  7. Today we travel to the AFC South, for my favorite team. The Indianapolis Colts. I love the colts current look, so I didn't change much. I made the helmet stripe reflective of the pants and shoulder, and also added cuff colors. I updated the number font to something with a bit more of a western type feel. Let me know what you all think! Should be another team coming this evening.
  8. As promised, a second team for the day. Let's take a trip to the AFC. For Denver, I wanted to remove the hideous side panels and use the mountains as a key element of the design. I wanted a rustic sort of feel, which is where the block font instead of rounded comes in.
  9. Well I finally got around to doing some other teams, so I will be posting those periodically and in no particular order. For Tampa Bay I obviously wanted to fix what their current mess of a set is. So I simplified, while also keeping some similarities. C&C welcome! Next team will probably make an appearance later today.
  10. Thank you for the kind words! And yes, I went ahead and created the different combos, shown below. I also think that I may do some other NFL teams. This may end up being a series, who knows.
  11. I do! I created the font custom for the Eagles, trying to balance the idea of motion and sharp elements that reflect an eagle, while also trying to maintain a block style. Here's the helmet from up close.
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