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  1. Ok so this is one of the more Nike-esque wordmark/logos. Iowa is up next with a unique uniform logo.
  2. @bkknight95 Thank you! Honestly wasn't sure how that would turn out but I think it turned out pretty nice. The 10 seed in the West gets a special uniform today, and it's a different. No real explanation other than that I love the stacked UF logo and wanted to try something a bit out there.
  3. The 'Cuse is loose! The west's 8 seed this year that magically and inexplicably performs well in March is our next team. It's nothing major, but the shorts stripe is meant to represent the roof of the Carrier dome. Another team will be coming tomorrow at the latest.
  4. Definitely want to avoid black, might try and make one of the wordmarks the central part of the design.
  5. I AM BACK WITH A BOOM. Boomer Sooner that is, as the 9 seed in the south gets the special Bucknut treatment. A cream uniform for the Sooners with crimson accents, tied together with a western-style script wordmark. The shorts logo is my modernized version of the boomer wagon logo, which I have attached below for a better view. Also, does anybody have possible recommendations for things to do with Duke? I've been struggling with the Devils for a while now and wanna knock them out. Gonna keep the teams rolling with another one tomorrow, maybe tonight if I'm feeling good. March=madness and I love it.
  6. Just started watching the F1 documentary on Netflix, and I have to say that I've been missing out in a big way. Can't wait to get into it this season! That being said, I love the concepts. It's a unique crossover we've never seen and I think you nailed it. I love the modern look that you captured in the Mercedes uniform and the simplicity and classic style of the Ferrari uniform. Great work. Really excited for the others
  7. I really gotta ask, what did you do to create the SDSU Aztec pattern? That thing is a doozy
  8. It might just be me, but the red looks really harsh if that makes sense. It's very bright and I didn't think it was like that during the game but I could be wrong. Other than that, I can't wait to see copies of the other fields!
  9. I love both of your starts here! Korea looks good, but I personally think that a dark blue would work better than black, but that may just be me. Canada looks superb, I like that you abandoned the typical maple leaf (the one on the flag) for a more accurate representation and a classic feel. The cream is a solid choice here, I really really like that aspect of it. Keep up the amazing work. Also, welcome to the world of soccer fandom! You'll find yourself randomly attached and excited about teams thousands of miles away. I got attached to Tottenham and I get very riled up when i watch them play, so you have that to look forward to!
  10. I like it! I think it looks really clean and modern without losing the current logo feel. I like their current set, but I think you've got a great modernization here. Abandoning the CR logo for the C mountain is a great move too. Can't wait to see uniforms!
  11. I have no complaints with this. If the NFL really feels the need to make templated, repetitive Super Bowl logos, at least add some color and character. This is the perfect idea to keep a consistent branding without killing the fun and charisma of the previous logos.
  12. For Indiana blue and yellow would be a good scheme obviously because of the flag, and the flag itself could lead to some interesting sublimation. Blue and yellow checkered pants would be interesting, or doing something related to corn in some way. Not really sure, just spitballing here.
  13. Again, sweetness. Oregon: Love the plaid pullover Maryland: Holy mother of pants, but in a good way. Maine: Love the lighthouse on the shirts, plus the lobster on the pullover is a great touch. Connecticut: Simple perfection. And yes, please do a megathread.
  14. I love your Ball State design. As a current student here, I think some of our uniforms are pretty bland (looking at you football) but you've managed to modernize and make a great looking classic uniform all at once. Initially, I was a little bit apprehensive about you stacking Ball on top of State, but it's grown on me the more I've looked at it. Also, that script is absolutely freaking gorgeous. I like what you've got here, a lot actually. Nice work.
  15. @NoE38 would you mind clarifying which Slovenia jersey you would like?