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  1. I love all of these. Like it's been said, the Trailblazers one is a great start and you're well on your way to another great logo. Also love the subtle nod to Sky Blue FC in the wrist of the Colossus logo.
  2. All of these look really good, but my one suggestion would be to move the Netherlands flag and logo to the sleeves on the road and road alt. The words already make the front look pretty full, so moving those things to their own sleeve would clean that up I think. Again, all these designs look great and you've got me pumped for Olympic baseball.
  3. Wow. I'm blown away by all of these. I especially love how you modernized the Yankees without losing the classic tradition that they have. That BP jersey is slick, it would almost make me want to buy one and I hate the Yankees. But for real, these are amazing and I can't wait to see the rest of them.
  4. I guess calling it a fauxback meets rality isn't entirely truthful, just used their old logos for the jerseys. Inspiration was just kind of random old uniforms from history and random styles of lettering and such. No real inspiration, just fauxback type uniforms.
  5. Had an idea to do a fauxback meets reality sort of uniform for the Yankees and the White Sox game next year in Iowa.
  6. So I got really busy, forgot about this thread, and then rediscovered the designs when I was cleaning up my computer and getting rid of some files. I remembered all the requests that had been made, and if you folks still want them, take 'em and use 'em. If you don't want them, they'll still get done regardless. I will keep taking requests if people want custom sigs. @OhioSportsMan61 @NoE38 @johnnysama If you would like the updated CFL uniforms, I'm more than willing to rework them. @Liladam26 @NDFreek @Wackyriderfan14 I can redo the Saskatchewan jersey if you want @IndianapolisCubs2009 @bbush24 If the grizzlies jersey was Mike Conley specific, I can do a Jazz version. @Magic Dynasty I swear you weren't skipped, the USMNT uniform is taking some time, but it's getting there. If there are any changes or errors, let me know and I will make the fixes!
  7. I love it! This social media style graphic is amazing and I love all the elements and the way they come together. The depth you get with cutouts really adds to the design. This is great.
  8. @vtgco Like this? Also, thanks for the love! The away is definitely my favorite of the three I made.
  9. Just a little set of kits I threw together for the next Premier League Season, the home and away have no rhyme or reason, just thought that would look good. The third however is supposed to mimic the new stadium they play in, with purple as the secondary color. C&C welcome as always.
  10. I think this is a great start to an amazing idea, but I think that your checkered pattern needs to be enclosed. Instead of having open space, maybe put a solid line down both sides to close it off and see what that does for the concept. Can't wait to see how this progresses.
  11. I created a Nike template for women's basketball, and although I'm not quite ready to share this with the public for use yet, I would like to get some pointers and things that need changed. It's pretty self-explanatory, and I used it to make a rough replica of UConn and Oregon. Let me know what things need changed or fixed!
  12. Didn't expect to see my school's quidditch team on the boards, but I love it! I love the set, especially the red. It has a very classic feel to it. Both uniforms are great, can't wait to see more!
  13. Ok so this is one of the more Nike-esque wordmark/logos. Iowa is up next with a unique uniform logo.
  14. @bkknight95 Thank you! Honestly wasn't sure how that would turn out but I think it turned out pretty nice. The 10 seed in the West gets a special uniform today, and it's a different. No real explanation other than that I love the stacked UF logo and wanted to try something a bit out there.
  15. The 'Cuse is loose! The west's 8 seed this year that magically and inexplicably performs well in March is our next team. It's nothing major, but the shorts stripe is meant to represent the roof of the Carrier dome. Another team will be coming tomorrow at the latest.