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  1. The royal blue, tbh, makes it difficult for me to like it. I think if you were to change the uniform color to a dark navy that matches the sky and make the wordmark look more like a neon sign, youd have a real winner on your hands.
  2. Oh yeah, that wasn't me giving suggestions as to how you should take this series, it was really just me saying what I'd personally favor if the NHL ever expanded to 36. Back on topic with the series, I REALLY like what you did with Orlando. Ive always been a big fan of the orange Magic city edition uniforms, and this follows that theme very well.
  3. Overall this is pretty solid, but I would personally make some changes. -Move Winnipeg to the NW division -Colorado to SW division -San Diego to Atlanta and SE division -Nashville to Central division -Orlando to Houston -Dallas and Houston to SE division -Columbus to Central division -Washington to Atlantic division
  4. What if you enlarged the star to stay in line with the wordmark and replaced the top of the star with the mountain outline?
  5. Im just loving these Indiana-themed All Star uniforms in Atlanta.
  6. At least it's still green!!! Damn, there's really no helping you old heads.. /s
  7. NGL I've seen a ton of Bulls fans that love their city edition this year, me included. The uniform has that 1940s Chicago vibe to it. But I think we can all agree on something here. 1) Broadcast scorebugs and in-arena graphics need to match the uniform color schemes. 2) City edition uniforms that dont adhere to the team's traditional color scheme need a matching court (ala the Bucks) 3) City editions can only be worn at home or on the road on holidays (ex. Christmas) 4) Association edition jerseys can only be worn on the road to avoid clashes (ex. Knicks wearing white in Milwaukee to avoid clashing with Milwaukee's city edition)
  8. Everyone knows it's all about money. But personally, i dont get the "tearing down brands" point from everyone here. The Lakers still wear yellow, white, and purple (the black side sucks, but that's a completely other story). The Celtics still wear white and green. The Knicks, still white and blue with orange. The Bulls still wear white red and black. The City and Earned editions aren't teams tearing down brands, they're opportunities for teams to wear something different occasionally. If teams were only wearing home, away, alternate, fans of any kind would buy one jersey and be done for a good 4-6 years at least. The uniform matchups get old. This is the way teams STOP rebranding completely every couple years. Their brands dont get old because they keep providing a new option every year. The city edition is basically the same concept as the NHL's Reverse Retro or MLB's holiday specialty uniforms. The NHL is honoring throwbacks with a fresh look, the MLB honors national holidays with ballcaps or jerseys designed with those in mind, and the NBA is honoring ideas or monuments that are key to their city. I honestly just dont get it tbh. This happens in every sport and nobody really has an issue, except right here in this thread.
  9. How difficult is it to read the damn scorebug that says "Bulls" and "Hornets" with a sky blue background for the Bulls and a teal background for the Hornets. You read "Bulls" and "Hornets" and you immediately recognize its an NBA game. You see the sky blue and teal, look at the uniforms for a split second, and its obvious who is who. This is literally what the UFC does, where fighters dont even have a brand or color to associate with. This isnt changing the entire game like a second ball would do (which everyone would hate). This is literally just about looks, and what i suggested is an easy fix THAT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE.
  10. So take their past city editions that were sky blue. You think people are gonna be confused when the Bulls are wearing sky blue and the scorebug is sky blue too? No. But they will if the scorebug is still black when the uniform is sky blue. The city and editions are here, and they'll be here for awhile. You old heads can complain all you want but im proposing a super easy fix with zero downside.
  11. The ONLY reason why people cant tell who's playing is because the scorebugs only show the team's main color. If the Bulls are in black and gold, the scorebug should be black with the gold logo. If the Lakers are in their city edition, the scorebug should be white with a blue logo. Have the scorebugs match the uniforms and everything is fine.
  12. So with the league getting ad-heavy, what happens to games like 2K? I know you all might not care too much, but when when they first started jersey patches, they were also put in the game. But now with court ads too, will they be in or just left blank? Regardless, it looks gross.
  13. That's the take with A LOT of fans nowadays. My family are all Bucks fans and even they said "yeah, this one is trash. The Bucks are a green and cream team, not blue." I feel like a lot of these designs are coming from Twitter pressure, tbh. Like, idk anyone IRL that wanted a blue Bucks jersey, but everywhere you look on twitter, there was someone clamoring for a blue jersey. I guarantee next year is purple.
  14. Surprised that guy would openly admit to designing that in a public forum...
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