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  1. Execution is still amazing, love the colors, and the number font is really nice. But the logos just feel like they lack character I guess and is more of a relaxed style whereas the current branding is really "in your face" and lively. But that's absolutely no fault of your own. You really can't do much with the name "Mariners" and their current branding is pretty much the only thing you CAN do. Personally, I think Seattle should go back to the Pilots name. But regardless, great job so far! I've loved following along so far, can't wait for St Louis!
  2. A couple things id personally do differently. 1) Make the green jersey the Icon and the Black jersey the statement. 2) Keep the current side design on the Association and Icon but still use your piping pattern. As it is though, damn that looks nice!
  3. Soccer does it to represent how many championships theyve won and it looks good. But the championship uniforms should be worn for the home opener and that's it.
  4. I know Im just one person, but im 22, love the Cardinals, Jays, and Twins powder blues, was clamoring for the Brewers to get a powder uni moreso than probably anyone else on this board... And I dont like the Rangers' powder uniform. When you look at every other team to use powder blue, they really just used it as a base color similar to white, cream, gray, sand, etc. Each team had a different color cap that left powder to just the base color on the jersey and pants. The Rangers are so close to a clean looking uniform, but the hat really throws it off. Powder blue hats dont look good the same way white hats with white uniforms dont look good; there needs to be contrast. Wear the blue cap with the powder uniform and you have a great uniform.
  5. Personally, I only ever notice the swoosh if Im REALLY trying to notice it. Just watching a game mindlessly, I never notice it.
  6. Whenever that is, that is a Day One buy and ive never been more certain of anything in my life.
  7. Personally, I think its because 1) the replica looks REALLY BAD. The piping on the replica isnt even thick, its just the thin piping like on the pants, but at the tips of the sleeves. People I've talked to, especially everyone on twitter, actually like the cream jersey. Its just the replica doesnt really look like it and not many pay $300 for a jersey. And 2) you cant wear it with much. Pretty much the only think you CAN wear it with is with blue pants/shorts. I personally wear a lot of khaki or jeans, and the road gray looks great with both, which is was that's 99% likely to be my next jersey buy.
  8. I also like the cream (which is the primary home jersey for anyone wondering). But as far as a jersey to buy, wearing that with khaki shorts would look kinda off. I'll either buy the navy or gray next probably, but I do wish the script from the navy jersey was on the gray too.
  9. Just because we CAN doesnt mean we SHOULD
  10. Red outlined in blue, flatten the script, make the sleeve and collar trim blue-red-blue to match the script, NOB, and numbers, and use the curly w red cap with it. You all can hate it all you want, but you can't get rid of the curly w but use the script. It's the same font. EDIT: Just experimenting here, what does everyone think about a Nationals script with a thicker outline?
  11. Personally, I think the Phillies should always be a red-heavy team with white and blue being accent colors, but I love the ideas here (ex. the bell sleeve patch and the red and blue jerseys).
  12. If anyone is planning on picking up some gear soon, check the team stores at the parks. I stopped by the Brewers Team Store at Miller Park and they had official team issued Nike gear not seen online. Specifically this shirt. There was also a "Breathe Tee." Short sleeve, wordmark on the front, swoosh on the collar similar to the Pro Combat baselayer shirts.
  13. Id be fine with them adopting the chevron on the front full-time, but all I want is for them to go back to purple/red/black and bring back a dino logo.
  14. Cant wait for this, definitely following!!! Love the preview.