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  1. Just a heads up, the Shop has, seemingly, all jerseys at $100 off. So now Nike authentics are at a good price.
  2. Ive been around enough for both, and tbh I think I like this newer style more. (except for wacky city editions, those can stop) I may be in the younger generation at almost 22, but ive still been around enough for both. I think they just ruin it with white on the road and wacky one-year jerseys.
  3. I mean, not really. That jersey is just 20 USD cheaper than the Home Cream Yelich jersey, but the Yelich jersey has 2 sleeve patches while the Jays jersey has none.
  4. With the press conference today about the extension, televised on MLB Network, it's quite the slap in the face that the shirt still isn't available on the Shop. IK what youre gonna say "cmon bro its just a shirt," but its just confusing why some items are available and others arent.
  5. Both items I got my parents, and the items we got my uncle, were team store exclusives. Brewers store at Miller Park in mid-December. So with that being said I hope the Miller Park store has pretty much everything available already (at least everything the team has gotten from Nike), as a friend who has been there recently told me the Nike selection was gigantic, but i'm cautiously optimistic to say the least.
  6. Exactly, I was about ready to jump on the Brewers therma pullover and hot jacket, but they dont really have any long sleeve shirts available to wear under the hot jacket. Cant see myself getting the dugout jacket until maybe September-October, and I already have way too many hoodies.
  7. I love that is seemingly adding a bunch of new gear to the site almost every other day. But theres still a lot that needs to be added. For example, Yelich is always seen wearing this simple long sleeve shirt as seen in the embedded video, but its not on the site. How hard is it to add a simple long sleeve shirt to the online store website?
  8. 0.0001% chance they dont have a gray uniform. I mean, they revealed their powder blue uniform months ago and that still isn't available yet.
  9. Im gonna say Pat Connaughton is the exception here. People forget he played baseball too so dunking over Yelich makes obvious sense, and dunking over Giannis makes sense too because 1) teammate, and 2) both Yelich and Giannis are Milwaukee MVPs. In an interview he said that if he advanced he mightve tried to incorporate either a baseball or Braun/Rodgers (if they were even there).
  10. Maybe for TV legibility, but in person it looks fine IMO.
  11. 1. The Yankees are just another team. They play in MLB just like everyone else, the Yankees aren't above every other team. 2. It's not even the Yankees rolling out stupid hats or the dark navy jersey. The hats are created by MLB and mostly New Era, I bet the Yanks have almost 0 say on it. And the navy jerseys are just Spring Training/BP jerseys, they're never going to be worn otherwise.
  12. Players can do that themselves if they so choose to.
  13. LA doesnt have a red uniform.
  14. I mostly like it but I have some differences. 1. I like your change of making the BiG shorter, but Id leave everything else the same. Ironically enough, thats how the hats are and I think it looks perfect. 2. I'd prefer, if anything, to make the road sleeve piping match the current home uniform. 3. Blue with yellow outline numbers on everything and everywhere except for the navy jersey. 4. Id keep the original "Milwaukee" script on the away jersey. 5. Ditch the sky blue color and just roll with powder in every application. 6. I like your bottlecap logo but I'd keep the state outline logo. 7. Because Id rather have thick sleeve cuffs, Id also rather go without collar piping.
  15. No stars. MLB Batterman on the back of the jersey would have a gold outline around the logo to indicate a championship in their history. And tbh, I think that should be it.