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  1. Major League Baseball as a whole looks pretty solid so I'd imagine there wont be many changes in the coming years, even if Nike is taking over. Although if there were changes, Id personally like to see: -the Red Sox ditch navy and move to forest green to match the green monster and mascot -the Twins adopt the Wild's color scheme -the Angels add navy back into the mix on uniforms -the A's switch to kelly green -the Rockies basically use Jesse Alkire's concept -the Royals utilize gold in their uniforms more and lastly -the Marlins go all-in on Miami Vice Also, if the Indians are forced to rebrand, the Braves have to as well.
  2. In my own perfect world, they would remain the Sounds and go back to their previous branding, with a couple minor tweaks.
  3. Presentation is great, love the colors, all around great work! Just one nitpick though, on the nike jersey template, the side panels overlap the armhole piping instead of stopping, but thats just a technical nitpick and has nothing to do with the design itself.
  4. Idk if I like the actual wordmarks used, but the navy and athletic gold does look fantastic. And I think a state outline logo would look better as a sleeve patch.
  5. Oklahoma State looks fantastic, baseball in particular. Do you happen to have a full version of the collar pattern? Id like to remake these in OOTP.
  6. I was curious about the actual numbers this season, and as of this site (accurate as of August 31) the Brewers have won the navy/gold alt 1 44 times, while theyve worn the navy/yellow 25 times. Theyve only worn the gold version 2 more times at home, however. Last year they wore the gold version 57 total times and the yellow version 19 times... EDIT: Those numbers are only the normal versions of the jerseys. This year, all of their holiday uniforms have been the BiG alternate (except for mothers day in which they used the road jersey).
  7. And with the amount the team wears its Navy jersey with the M-in-state outline patch, I think the org itself is still big on the current branding.
  8. Which is why its difficult to decide if they should adopt it once again full-time. To me its mostly about merchandising. One could argue the Brewers would make more with a look so loved by many. But you could also argue that theyd make more because they would effectively have two brand looks that people would buy from.
  9. You both are 100% correct. If any of those teams became a Brewers affiliate, they probably SHOULD use that as a logo because of the classic look the Brewers made it and how trendy it would become right off the bat (pun fully intended). But if the Brewers never used that BiG logo, it would still fit for any team with the initials MB, hell it would even work as an individual logo for a baseball player initialed MB. But if the Brew never used the barley M, nobody could ever use it because its obviously for a beer-inspired team.
  10. Ya know what... Nevermind, go back to the BiG. Theres just been way too many times ive worn my M w/ wheat Brewers hat and someone thought I was a Mariners fan...
  11. The Brewers arent going back to royal and yellow/gold throwbacks full-time. Way too much merchandise revenue theyd lose out on by going back, and those throwbacks are best as throwbacks anyways. If they change, its gonna be completely new and tbh I dont think many would like the change. If they do anything, it's a minimal tweak to the current set.
  12. Hit the nail on the head here, looks fantastic. But i agree with the others that the line looks like a mouth and that the shoulder stripes should be a tad thinner. Do that, and its perfection.
  13. A great update no doubt, but i think the logo just needs one outline universally and that the scheme in general needs a touch of black. But other than that its fantastic.
  14. First of all, you've reached perfection here. Dont, I repeat, DONT, change anything to this at all. And in regards to "St Louis" on the road, Ive always thought the Cards should use it too. Teams like the Phils have way too long of a city name to put it on there which doesnt apply, and teams like the Angels and Rays have some issues regarding the city name so its best not to use it. You could argue the team name looks better than the team name ala Milwaukee, but unlike Milwaukee, the St Louis and Cardinals wordmarks dont really look much different, so in this case St Louis should be used IMO.
  15. Have you done Wisconsin, Iowa State, Arizona State, or Notre Dame yet?