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  1. As a college student a few years ago, one of my school projects involved rebranding the Los Angeles Clippers and moving the team to San Diego. I recently visited the proposal and reworked it a bit. Here is the mark I created when I initially did the project; And below is my refined concept. The look is meant to be an ode to all eras of the Braves/Clippers franchise, while maintaining a modern, clean feel. The uniforms are inspired by this, and the City edition pays homage to the San Diego Zoo.
  2. Yeah, I agree in the colorway being tough to see, especially on TV. I tried to stay as true to the basketball uniforms as possible for this particular concept
  3. Portland State: Portland: North Carolina: Michigan State:
  4. Uniforms created for a hypothetical football version of the PK80 basketball tournament. Looks were built out based on the basketball uniforms worn by each team in this year's tournament. Oklahoma has moved to Jordan brand, as the games would take place next season. Like this year's iteration of the PK80, the use of black is prominent and iridescent highlights are used to accent footwear, gloves and event branding. Individual team concepts coming next