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  1. Agreed, can’t wait to see more for any team
  2. Just wanted to cover the spectrum of blues that the Mavs have used before. I had the photoshopped image made before Giannis signed his extension and there was a lot of excitement among Mavs fans that he could potentially sign with us if he entered free agency. Just a bit of wishful thinking, basically.
  3. Made some edits and fixes to the jerseys as well as the photoshopped image:
  4. Had this little image made up before Giannis signed an extension. So maybe think of this as an Alternate Future lol Anyway, here are the three concepts in application. I can post the alternate images showing each version on all three players if anyone is interested.
  5. Would love to see you play around with the 80s and 90s design elements a little more and maybe even some of the city/statement/skyline sets could get worked in there. Love the work you've done with all these teams' unis and especially appreciate the NBA Jersey Database.
  6. Hopefully the response to the throwbacks this season will put him in his place.
  7. Definitely. If Cuban hates green so much, then they could do that and have it be the Statement jersey.
  8. Yeah, I just wanted to include a version that had the lines from their first City jersey as an alternate "modern" version of the classic ribbing.
  9. I actually touched on this in the recently released documentary about the history of the Dallas Mavericks identity, Branding the Mavericks.
  10. Here's a little concept that I put together. I tried my best to combine the color and styling of the older uniforms with the current fonts. Let me know what you think!
  11. Stumbled across this and thought it would interest y'all. Some great info in there like how 41 fans picked the name of the team and how there were 77 revisions done on the original logo. Check it out!
  12. While I found the new Mavericks jersey okay in terms of design, like many fans, I was a little underwhelmed. So, I went ahead and did a quick little edit to what I think could be a decent base set for Dallas after they retire their longstanding uniforms. I know the "S" is a little wonky, but I took into account some complaints I've noticed with the original city jersey. I changed the green to something a little closer to the original used in the 80s, and went with the full "DALLAS" instead of the abbreviated "DAL". Let me know what you think! I'm sure there's some fixes I could make but for now, this is a pretty good idea for what I think the Mavs could do in the future.
  13. As a Mavericks fan, I love love love this concept. My only problem with it is the green is a little too neon-y for my taste. If it matched the original green they used, I think it would look even better.