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  1. I know he's put Sr on everything since my older brother was born. Including all his legal documents
  2. Arizona State used to have the academic logo at midcourt
  3. I can't tell if you're a disgusting troll or just a bad person
  4. As someone who played in a brand spanking new riddell speedflex this past fall, they definitely need breaking in. It felt hard as a rock the first week of camp and gave me and my teammates headaches unless it was loosened to an unsafe fit. IDK if that's common or not but it affected us
  5. IIRC any position can wear 90s but traditionally it's for defense. At least it's that way for high school
  6. The Diamondbacks should only use A-chest jerseys. Diamondbacks is too long and D-Backs looks ridiculous. Could someone mock that up with current colors?
  7. The logo for Joe Mauer's number retirement game includes pinstripes and a red 7. Hopefully they wear Metrodome throwbacks to complete the look and honor Uncle Joe's prime
  8. I feel like Steelers Pats week one is kind of historic. The two 6 Superbowl teams facing off. There are plenty of historic matchups if we look deeper
  9. Chargers old jerseys in powder blue look kind of neat
  10. I don't think it should be about how a team did under that aesthetic. Always dress your best. Wear a suit to your wedding even if you have bad memories while wearing a suit
  11. I'm gonna go burn all my Vikings jerseys then. Too many bad memories /s
  12. The Twins have been using yellow, Royal, powder and light red on their promotional material and at Target field this year and it's bugging the hell out of me. Hopefully not a sign of things to come
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