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  1. Red isn't a Hotshots color. Yellow green and orange after the colors of the granite mountain hotshots gear. But it's a great design that's more exciting than what they have now
  2. Robert Kraft really is the most decorated owners of all time. 7 rings. 6 Superbowl and 1 prostitution
  3. 1925 USFA Championship Game Mid 30s 12:00 kick-off I'm doing this between homework so I'm just going to sum up the whole game instead of quarter by quarter Slow start dooms Maroons The Championship game this year was a closely fought battle that came close with New York only winning on a 39 yard field goal as time expired to erase the only lead Minneapolis had the entire game. Before scoring their 4th quarter field goal Minneapolis was playing catch-up all game after putting up a goose egg in the first quarter and allowing a long punt return touchdown. NY head coach and owner Henry Van der Kleij played for field position the rest of the game, pooch punting it twice and pinning the Maroons as far back as possible. Minneapolis couldn't outplay their early mistakes and lost their second straight championship at home.
  4. Championship will be Maroons vs Dukes in Minneapolis. Result will be up in a few hours
  5. Southern expansion will happen eventually. I'm sorta following how the NFL expanded so it'll be a bit
  6. The Diamondbacks should use that pattern irl
  7. The next expansion team is the St. Louis Explorers. The team is owned by Ben F. Oswald, a mutual friend of Van der Kleij and Ward. This connected netted him the team but some are speculating that it's distance will be the teams downfall because Oswald isn't as rich as his friends. The colors come from the green wilderness that Louis and Clark explored. It just *coincidentally* happens to be Oswald's favorite color Please leave any comments you may have on the new teams and your predictions for the 1925 season
  8. The first of the upcoming 1926 expansion teams are the Hamm's Brewing Company Brewers. William Hamm convinced the committee to grant him a team by paying 500 dollars for the expansion, 5x what the fee is. Many doubt that the Twin Cities can support two teams in the long run, but money speaks. Maroons owner Olaf Kvistad II is concerned that two teams in a market like the twin cities will dilute the quality of play. Hamm believes it will do just fine and create a great rivalry. We'll need to wait and see who's right
  9. The Jets should have stuck with starter but let Reebok and Nike put their marks on it a la Packers. The look gets ruined as soon as Reebok templates it. Another classic look butchered by modernity. I really wish there was a way to revive the look but there's no way Nike actually makes something that would work. It's better that we move on
  10. The Buckeyes are the first team to change uniforms in Association history 1920-24 1925 onwards New head coach James Murray convinced owner John H. Ward to adopt more traditional uniforms stating "We're a football team, not clowns. I'm looking to change the culture of the team and that starts with looking like one" The Buckeye on the chest and back is the most prominent feature of the redesign. I'll have the two 1926 expansion teams ready tomorrow hopefully.
  11. The Packers were situated in a perfect position to make a small town team work. Close enough to Milwaukee to fill their void once the Badgers folded, but far enough away from other competing markets. Toledo is in the middle of Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Tigers aren't moving yet but with hindsight about how US cities explode or decline in population, it seems inevitable at some point. I have a special storyline for Cincy that may or may not involve folds and relocations.
  12. 1924 USFA Championship Weather mid 30s, raining 3:00 CT Kickoff First Quarter The Maroons received the ball after winning the coin toss. Returner Ted Geldmann muffed the slick ball and the Maroons started the game at only the 16. It took the offenses awhile to get going because of the weather and the teams traded punts until Toledo running back Marvin McGehee scampered for a 60 yard touchdown run as Maroons defenders slipped in the mud behind him with 5 minutes left in the quarter. Minneapolis responded by kicking a field goal the ensuing drive. Second Quarter The second quarter started out with Toledo punting the ball and Minneapolis marching down the field only to be stopped on the goal line and settling for a field goal. Toledo converted two first downs before being forced to punt. Maroons returner Ted Geldmann ran back that punt for a 70 yard touchdown after multiple Tigers lost their footing in the mud. Henry Forsythe then staged a 6 minute drive ending in a one yard McGehee TD run through a muddy pile of blockers and defenders. Tigers lead 14-13 at half Third Quarter Forsythe's squad got a touch back on the opening kickoff of the half and got a three and out after McGehee fumbled the handoff on 3rd and 2. Minneapolis proceeded to get a three and out themselves after QB Urban Leonard slipped in mud after taking a snap on 3rd and 8. Coach Forsythe new he had to take advantage of both the weather and aggressiveness of the Minneapolis defense if he wanted to win the game. Forsythe ran misdirections and reverses on two third and short situations to pick up two 20 yard runs with the Maroons running at the wrong player or slipping in the mud. Eventually Karl Olaffson picked up on the trend and blew up McGehee three straight plays, forcing a field goal. On the following kickoff, Forsythe told his kicker/quarterback Thomas Smith to kick the ball with no air under it. The confused Maroons players let it rocket towards Geldmann before hitting the mud, as he picked up the muddy ball, cornerback/wide receiver Francis Bourgeois knocked the ball out of his hand and picked it up himself and the drive started at the 15 yard line. The first play of the drive Tom Smith hit Bourgeois in the end zone for a touchdown as the quarter ended. Fourth Quarter Minneapolis punted after five plays the next drive. Toledo proceeded to eat up the clock on a 7 minute drive ending in a McGehee TD. Minneapolis returned the favor by marching down the field in 3 minutes and getting a 7 yard touchdown run by running back Jack Dorsell. Minneapolis went for an onside kick but Toledo recovered. The Tigers proceeded to run out the clock. Securing their championship. CONGRATULATIONS TOLEDO TIGERS ON WINNING THE 1924 USFA CHAMPIONSHIP
  13. Headlines from the 1924 season East Strong schedule bogs down win-loss records Only three teams have been champions in the short history history of the USFA, and all of them are now in the same division. The Tigers, Dukes and Buckeyes ragged on each other all season. They all tied their series with each other. Detroit the unluckiest team in sports Detroit lost heartbreaker after heartbreaker last season. Indian faithful had something to look forward to if Detroit could close games out. Unfortunately being put in the East blew up that narrative quickly. After losing their first two games to Toledo and New York by a combined 7 and 3 points respectively, the hoped to bounce back against the expansion Washington. They would lose that game by 21 points. The loss demoralized the team to the point where they weren't really competitive the rest of the season, only winning two games. West Minneapolis and Chicago race to championship goes to final game The Maroons and Cosmopolites were men amongst boys in the West this season. The two teams were the only ones with a winning record. After splitting the series against each other, it looked like the two teams would tie each other at 7-1. Going into week 10 they both were facing one win teams, Minnesota v IFC and Chicago v Milwaukee. Minneapolis played at home in a noon match and handled the Italians 28-3. Chicago also had home field advantage and lead 10-0 at the half. The Robins offense came to life in the second half behind former Wisconsin star HB Rudolph Luther rushing for 3 touchdowns. The Cosmopolites turned the ball over twice in the red zone and lost the game 17-21. Securing the Maroons a shot at their first championship. Congratulations to the Minneapolis Maroons on home field advantage against the Toledo Tigers in the first ever Association Championship game I should have the championship up tonight so leave me your predictions
  14. Here's a map of the Association before the season starts The Associations are East: New York, Washington, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit West: Indianapolis, Cosmopolites, IFC, Milwaukee, Minneapolis Each team will play against every team in their Association twice. The overall winner will go to the championship Give me predictions on who you think will win the East and West
  15. My only gripe with Buffalo is that the color rush looks like it belongs with the Patriots
  16. USFA 1923 Season Headlines Buckeyes season ends early due to strike Workers for steel magnate and Buckeyes owner John H. Ward have been protesting the working conditions in his factories. Buckeyes players secretly agreed to play downright awful to sink Ward's football profits to show solidarity with the workers. Ward realized what was happening two weeks into the season after losing handily to IFC. Ward forfeited the rest of the season to sort everything out with both his business and his football team. Maroons have breakout year The Minneapolis Maroons played the best season of franchise history with a 6-1-0 record. New coach Martin Dreissler was able to ignite the Maroons offense that had been stagnant these past years behind QB Urban Leonard and HB Jack Dorsell combining for 21 touchdowns just by themselves. When Karl olaffson wasn't making giant running Lanes on offense, he anchored a defense that was a stone wall as far as most offenses were concerned. Their only loss came to Harold Forsythe and his Tigers. Quick headlines: Toledo facing financial trouble, rumors of move to Cincinnati Van der Kleij misses last half of season with influenza, makes full recovery IFC doubles franchise wins in one season Unlucky Indians lose four hearthreakers by 9 or less Congratulations to the 1923 USFA champion Toledo Tigers! First back to back champions in association history Next season will be the start of the Eastern and Western Associations as well as an official championship game. Give me your predictions for who will win the first championship
  17. I'm related to her. It's super jarring having someone relatively closely related to you become famous. Couldn't have happened to anyone better though
  18. That's fair. There's no reason a non-minnesotan would want it other than aesthetics which is mostly nostalgia. Getting back to the topic. I wish the Twins had the royals scheme. I've always liked how they look. Royal blue and powder is perfect for Minnesota.
  19. Maybe don't call Minnesotans wanting our old identity back a circle jerk
  20. @SFGiants58Hope the Giants move and then butcher their look
  21. The next expansion team that will be joining the association after this upcoming season is the Milwaukee Robins. The team will be owned by J.K Weisbecker and gets it's name from the Wisconsin state bird, the American Robin. I modified an outline of a Robin I found on google and added all the extra stuff The uniform has the red-orange chest and abdomen of a robin with it's gray wings as the arms The 1923 season is coming up soon so make your predictions