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  1. I second this! I hope you don’t mind @OHK, but I shared this on our fan message board. The link can be found below. You have some nice reviews over there. https://www.coastalfans.com/forum/index.php?topic=15.0
  2. As a graduate of CCU I love this logo! I absolutely hate the overly cartoonish nature and look of our current athletic logo. However, as someone previously stated black is an official color of Coastal. Teal= Represents the ocean being a Coastal school right next to Myrtle Beach, SC Bronze= The beach sand Black= Is from our affiliation with the University of South Carolina. We were once a part of the SCar system and their colors are garnet and of course black. Our mascot is also derivative of that same system. Students and administrators wanted to something close to the Gamecock... Unfortunately! I’m glad we’re coming into our own though. I’d maybe outline the logo in black and incorporate black into the uniforms somehow. You’ve done something that we’ve yet to been able to do; actually incorporate brine’s into the uniform (it hasn’t been attempted these past few years). Actually incorporate brine’s into the uniform in a aesthetically pleasing way. Good work!
  3. There's always one... I agree this was really fun for me! I know others that use it, will do way better then what I did in designing. I'm not great when it comes to this stuff. I know my locker room looks really rough. I just downloaded a couple of models from Sketchup and used some of the stuff I created in GIMP to create the above images. Figured a lot of the guys that we're in the NCFA or other leagues, that had original created teams would find this software useful. They could also use it to create facilities for there university sports teams. It doesn't have a super steep learning curve (in my opinion). As mentioned I was inspired by a lot of the original concept designs from this website. Most notable the NCFA (and Doug's media guide) and Veras' "History of a Fictional Football League" both of which are no longer active on this site. The Stevedore head is actually a font dingbat that I colored and then posted in the request forum, in order to be refined (I can't remember the individual's name who did it...Thank you nonetheless though). The "One More" text mantra is actually a png image I recolored and outlined in GIMP.
  4. Ok, while looking up weight room renderings to alter in GIMP. I discovered an interior design software that was available for a one month trial period. Much like most of my jersey concepts these are not great, but really pleased to be able to make my own rooms. I'll go back and alter these again at some point. http:// https://imgur.com/1WchEok http:// http:// http:// http:// The site is https://www.ecdesign.se/ecdesign.html for those interested
  5. Stadium: “C.C Pinckney Stadium”... Named after the Charleston, SC born Revolutionary War veteran, and delegate to the Constitutional Convention. A portion of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge can be seen just over the south end-zone. There's nothing like Saturday's at the "Pinc"! Night Game All Blue...
  6. Basketball... Arena: The Henagan Assembly Center or "The HAC" as it's known to many, is the home of Stevedores Basketball! You can hear the chants of "Go Stevies" resonate throughout the venue.
  7. Ok, replaced the old anchor with a new one and changed the spacing. Does it look better? Trying to work on a primary, which will not likely happen. Here's what I have though... Original ......
  8. Yea, the logo was a font dingbat that I colored and someone (can't remember who) on here shaded for shadowed for me. Unfortunately, I'm not great with that stuff. I doubt the main logo will ever change due to that. The wordmark, and jerseys that'll be posted I'll definitely work to fix.
  9. I was inspired initially by the NCFA and later “The History of a Fictional Football League” by @Veras. I really wanted to bring this back and do more regarding it. I started this concept on here in 2013 and never completed it. I’ve came up with numerous ideas, past and present, and this by far is my favorite. The original logo was a dingbat, and was outlined and shaded by a member on this site back when you could make request (Can’t remember the person’s username). I’ll only be doing identities for the 3 main sports; Basketball, Football, and Baseball. "History" Charleston Harbor State University was co-founded by Charles Hallandale and former Governor Barnabas Kelet Hanagan. Hallandale assumed role as advisor Lieutenant Governor to Barnabas Kelet Hanagan when Hanagan became Governor due to the death of Patrick Noble on April 7, 1840. Hallandale, a Yale graduate, was a prominent lawyer in the area prior being appointed to the Lieutenant Governor position. Hanagan's term as governor lasted less than a year. The following year, Hallandale, with the help of Hanagan laid the groundwork on what would become Charleston Harbor State University. Hanagan would return to public service in 1844 when he was reelected to the state Senate he’d serve as Secretary of State from 1846 to 1850. Hallandale would remain Chancellor. Located off the Charleston Harbor, the name "Stevedores" was adopted in homage to the hardworking individuals working the harbor docks. Founded 1841 Colonial Blue and Red are reflective of the Revolutionary War (Red and Blue Coats). Ocean Blue is connected to the Charleston Harbor, and the rarely used "Hunley Rust" was adopted in 1996, a year after the Civil War submarine was found in the harbor. 1st posted sport will be basketball...
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