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  1. They do allow it. There’s no written rule saying teams can’t show up wearing white pants with their road uniforms, teams just choose to wear gray pants with colored jerseys on the road because a. gray is traditional for the road team b. it’s easier to only bring one pair of pants for both the gray jerseys and the colored alt If a team wanted to, they could most definitely wear white pants on the road (though I don’t think they could wear a white jersey)
  2. Not to be THAT guy, but these actually aren’t even Madden’s player models, it’s something they make themselves just to show the combinations. Either way, your point still stands. It would look a lot better to just take a picture of the jerseys and pants hanging in a locker or something like that.
  3. Yup, the red pants seem to make it pretty clear the model is wearing white mid-length socks with no upper halves, otherwise the top half would be the same color as the pants
  4. You’ve got a solid start here, but there are a couple adjustments you can make that’ll help to take your work to the next level. Number one, head on over to the app store and get yourself a scanner app. Just search “paper scanner” and there are several free apps that’ll work. It’s not the same quality as actually using a real scanner, but it’s much better than just using the camera on your phone (but if you can use a real scanner, use it). Random example: picture taken on my phone, and after using the app. Number two, it looks like you’re using markers (Sharpies?), which can look absolutely stunning, but there’s a couple factors here that show me that markers aren’t your best choice, one being that the paper you’re using isn’t the right type for marker drawings, which leads to the colors bleeding into each other a bit. The second issue comes from the detail you can get out of the markers. With the bleeding and size of most marker tips, some of the small details can be lost. Personally, I would advise that you look into trying colored pencils. Colored pencils tend to allow MUCH greater detail (plus you can get more colors out of them via blending). However, if you feel committed to the markers, I’d recommend looking for ones with fine tips. I’ve done my fair share of hand drawn concepts, so I know the struggles that come with it. You’ve got a very good base to build off of and I can tell you have some creative ideas so I’m looking forward to see where this goes!
  5. The Bucs' pewter is weird. On the old unis, I thought it ALWAYS looked like a shade of brown: But on the new set it varies for me. Still shots tend to look like a dark gray: But on TV and in videos it gets a brown tint: I really don't know what to make of it. Whatever it really is, brown tint or not, it's one of the very few colors that looks better in a shiny fabric, along with the other metallic colors like gold and silver
  6. Minus whoever on the Steelers defense decided he wanted to wear bright pink cleats and socks. I’m all for supporting breast cancer awareness and all that, but only one player doing it really sticks out like a sore thumb
  7. Boise in White/Orange/White tonight and it looks goooood:
  8. So calling anything we don’t like “practice jerseys” really caught on after Jacksonville last year, huh?
  9. Cleveland? Wahoo? Uniforms from the 70s?
  10. Well if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t notice until I saw your post
  11. First time I've seen this and I have to say, you've got a solid start. Maybe I'm missing something or overlooked something, but if you wanted to call the team the Vipers, why didn't you? The XFL team? It does sound a lot better as an NFL name compared to Venom, so I'd have gone with it, even if it shares a name with a team in the XFL. As long as the logos are unique enough, it shouldn't be an issue. As for colors, that teal is way too bright. I like the combo of red and teal, but using a deeper shade of the teal would do wonders. If you don't want to change the shade however, limiting the teal to an accent color could work. As for the logos you've come up with so far, I'd really recommend listening to this: Like I said, you have a solid start, but the logos would definitely benefit from some additional time. Keep up with what you're doing and I'm excited to see how you progress!
  12. Huh. These are so.... intriguing. Like at a quick glance, the scripts and CR look solid, but: Anything more than a quick glance and it all starts to fall apart and becomes, how you so perfectly put it, overdesigned garbage. The topographical map pinstripes are just... I don't even know the right word. Gaudy? IDK, use whatever word you want to describe them, it's a case of thinking something will work when it just doesn't, and then it's repeated all over the place, not working in any application. It might work as a subliminal pattern on the numbers/scripts, but this use is just not working.
  13. Either this or white socks with the striping pattern from the sleeves would be a massive improvement to any combinations with the blue pants. Overall, I'm really liking this so far, can't wait to see the rest of the league!
  14. Not a change, but an interesting list my school Tweeted out: Crazy that We were almost the Omaha Unicorns. Kinda makes me wonder how that would’ve been done, like would it be a corn pun? Hol up... heading on over to concepts
  15. Just flipped on that game and came here to make this same post. Good Lord Iowa State looks bad