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  1. Okay, I absolutely love that Vikings set. In real life? Probably not, because tradition and all that, but as a concept? It’s beautiful. I totally understand the direction you wanted to take and not just make something that everyone else already has, and in my opinion, you nailed it.
  2. Here’s a quick blue hat-blue jersey combo Side note: I might dump another team in here in the coming days. I won’t say I’m doing the entire MLB, but at least one other team will probably get posted soon
  3. I think I had the pink and blue caps in the rough drafts, along with some others. I’ll dig around and see if I can find the pages—they’re probably buried in a notebook in my room, should be easy enough to find. Here they are: Also have a black hat with a white front panel, a blue hat with a black front panel (ugly as hell, wtf was I thinking? Just exploring options I guess), and a blue hat with a white front and pink bill—no black anywhere. Also had 3 jerseys: one similar to the final without black, a vest, and a pinstriped jersey. And a single sleeve testing what I eventually used as the final sleeve design.
  4. From what I’ve seen and understand, San Antonio has his territorial rights, but passed, sending him into the waiver process. Memphis being 1-5, they have the first claim on him and are most likely to sign him. It’s not a true free-agency
  5. Oh God... Florida State wearing gold as the designated road team vs Duke in white. This shouldn’t have been approved
  6. This logo? Man, I'm trying desperately but I just can't see what you're seeing. I just see the letters, nothing more, no matter how hard I look
  7. Well he fell off that tightrope a long time ago. Pick a lane and stick with it
  8. Well well well, great minds think alike I had a couple things I wanted to see, so I thought this was a better use of my time than taking notes in class. From left to right: Blue jersey with white pants and pink-billed cap and accessories. I wasn't sure if the pink would work with the blue jerseys and was initially against it, but I wanted to draw it out to see for sure. Final judgement: I'm still not sure. Fish-logo on pinstripes. Based on the 2000s alternate, I almost included it from the start, but decided not to for reasons I'm not even sure of myself. They had pinstripes fro a large portion of their history and with Derek Jeter now as an owner, the pinstripes could make a decent Sunday afternoon alternate, at least in my opinion. The last one is simple enough. Home jersey with pink-bills, sleeves, belts, etc. It wasn't included in the initial post simply because there wasn't space. Like I said earlier, the pink and blue accessories and caps are pretty much interchangeable with any jersey, so I could do a bunch more of those, but this is one I really wanted to knock out, just to show the mix and match possibilities with accessory colors. And one more: Some rule around here requires that any Marlins concept has to have at least one version in the original colors, right?
  9. Personally, I've never really liked the idea of a red jersey for a team that's nicknamed "big blue," even though I have no problem with the current red-heavy road. Maybe I'm a little bit crazy Anyway, I sketched one out. It's rough, but gets the idea across: I went blue-heavy on the accessories to counter the red.
  10. I've seen a lot of "iconic city > team name" in this thread and, IMO, it's complete BS. They're not the "New York Football Team" or the "New York New Yorkers," they're the New York Jets. Yeah they play in represent New York, one of the most iconic cities in the world, but they have a nickname with the potential to have a really cool brand built around it. I'm not saying they should ignore the "New York" portion of their name, but a logo that actually has a decent jet image in it would be much better than the plain NY logo. Even the NY with some sort of jet silhouette calling back to the 80s logo wouldn't be that hard. And can we stop comparing them to the Giants, Yankees, and Mets? Yeah, all those teams are New York too, and all three of them have iconic NY logos, but think about their mascots. All three are sort of abstract references to New York and hard to really represent with a logo. Jets, on the other hand? Not unique to New York and very easy to represent using an actual logo.
  11. So I kinda took some time messing around with some Miami Marlins stuff and haven’t focused on this as much. Just needed some time on something else for a bit. I was gonna finish the next team before I posted this, but recent developments have uhh... yeah. Imma just do this now. New York Giants Helmet: Blue shell with a red stripe and a gray mask. Logo on the side is changed to the GIANTS script. Jerseys: For the home and road, I based off the color rush set. A consistent blue-red-blue striping pattern is found throughout the uniforms. Numbers are white on blue, blue on white, no outlines. The alternate is a second white jersey, this one red-dominant like the current road, the only change being the Nike logo becoming blue so it isn’t completely gone from the jersey. Pants: Two pairs, white and gray. Both have the blue-red-blue stripes. Simple enough. Combinations: At home, blue jerseys with gray pants for all games. On the road, an even split between white and gray pants, with the only major rule being that the alternate jerseys must be worn with gray pants. One more note on the alternate: they are paired with white socks that have stripes matching the jerseys rather than the current solid red. I wanted to wait until I finished the next team before I posted this, but the whole OBJ thing... Thought I’d just get this one posted. So not major changes here. How y’all feel?
  12. So I rolled along and made a final version of everything. I cleaned up the logos and scripts from pages 4 and 5. I ended up going with font A from page 4. I don’t usually like italic numbers or completely round fonts, and font B was both of those things, so as much as I tried to like it to get some more blue on the jerseys, I just couldn’t get myself to like the font. So I went with the font based of the primary logo. Hats: Two hats, but both are similar. Both have black crowns with the fish-only logo, but one has a blue bill and button, the other swaps in pink. Jerseys: A whopping 5 jerseys, in white, gray, blue, pink, and black. The white and pink jerseys have the Marlins script, the gray and black jerseys have the Miami script, and the blue jersey has Miami, swapping pink and blue for better contrast. On the sleeves, the jerseys have a striping pattern that replicates the scripts, going thin black-thick blue-thin black-medium pink-thin black, with blue and pink swapped on the blue jersey. Pants: Three pairs, white, gray, and blue. All pairs have striping down the side matching the jerseys and belts are colored to match the socks, which come in blue, pink, and black. Rules: Ah yes, rules for the uniforms. The bill of the caps should match the socks/undershirts unless black socks are being worn (because there isn't a solid black cap). While black socks and undershirts are an option, they should be avoided. Ideally, blue would be the most common choice, with pink a close second, and black being worn only when necessary, such as with the blue pants or black jerseys. All three colored jerseys can be worn at home with white pants, and the blue and black jerseys can be worn on the road, with blue and gray pants, respectively. Pink jerseys stay at home. This is the first time I've done this with baseball, normally I stick to football concepts, so I kinda improvised the presentation as I went along. Hopefully it isn't too bad to even look at. Here's the final product: Personally, I like how the neon "light bulbs" pop off the black backgrounds, but if all I wanted was my opinion, I wouldn't be posting them here. What do you guys think? Compared to the real Marlins redesign, upgrade, downgrade, flat? Let me know!