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  1. That bracket was an absolute joke. I mean, I'm a huge Nebraska fan, but they went 4-8, how the hell does that get a 9 seed while West Virginia went 8-4 and could only get the forth 16 seed? Anything for clicks I guess
  2. God damn it. I was happy with this font. Then you had to go and say that. Now I can't unsee that and it's gonna bother me until they change it again
  3. Every inch of my body wants me to hate these so bad, but for some reason I just can't. It's got unnecessary black and non-matching shorts on a basketball uniform. I normally can't stand that. But this? For some reason my mind is telling me it's alright.
  4. Okay, now for the uniforms: Hat: Modernized the Taco Bell hat. That’s all they need in my opinion. I might do up some potential alternates tho, just to have some fun. Jerseys: Four jerseys, home whites, tan roads, yellow and brown alternates. Yes, you read that right, tan road. I'm on the "non-gray road uniforms" bandwagon lately, so if theres a team that, in my opinion, can pull off a tan or powder blue or whatever road set, I'll take that chance. The home whites have a modified, cleaned up version of this script with the colors reversed, so it's now yellow outlined in brown. The roads have the San Diego script they used for most of the 2010s in brown with a yellow outline. Both the home and road jerseys have double piping on the sleeves and collar and have the SD-bell logo on the left sleeve. The alternates both have the SD on the left chest with the player number on the right with no outlines. They have single piping around the sleeves and single headspoon piping, to fill in the lack of a script on the front. The alternates have the swinging friar logo as the sleeve patch. The number font is based of the SD logo with rounded edges and small flairs on the serifs. So that's that. Are there any alt caps you'd like to see? Or any changes you'd make? Just to be clear though, THIS IS NOT AN MLB REDESIGN SERIES, I'M JUST DOING WHICHEVER TEAMS I FEEL LIKE, WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE AND DROPPING THEM HERE, IF I DO ANY MORE AT ALL. Yeah, I'll probably do more.
  5. I know for some people nostalgia might play a factor in their opinions of these, but... I can’t see a good thing in either of these pictures. Even with matching pants, that style of pinstripes just doesn’t belong on a baseball jersey
  6. Potentially unpopular opinion: The Browns’ Color Rush uniform isn’t good, it’s just better than the primaries. The orange-on-brown doesn’t work and in gameplay the numbers don’t have nearly enough contrast.
  7. Like I said in my previous post, we gots another team in here, the San Diego Padres! It's sounding like they're going back to their brown and gold color scheme, so I thought I'd take a swing at it. First up, the primary logo: Front and center is a (slightly tweaked) swinging friar. The backdrop of the logo is the top of a San Diego Mission, though I dropped the cross to avoid alienating non-Christians (thank you roommate for pointing that out). The bottom of the logo then comes to a point, representing home plate. On the bell at the top of the logo, the interlocking SD is placed as a callback to the classic Taco Bell hats. On that note, the alternate logo: Simply the SD-bell placed inside a circle. You can see it better here, so I'll point it out now. The SD now fully interlocks, no awkward cut like in the D of the current logo. So those are the logos. I'll be posting uniforms separate as soon as they're finished, likely pretty soon.
  8. As a Broncos fan, I love Josh Allen. One of my neighbors last year was a Wyoming fan and we both hoped Denver would draft him. The Bills are actually going to be coming up pretty soon, so keep your eye out for that. But for now we've got the.... Los Angeles Rams Colors and Logo: I went against the grain here, not reverting to royal blue and athletic gold. Instead, I chose to use navy blue paired with athletic gold. I can't really tell you why, because I like the throwback color scheme, but this is just what I'd prefer to see the Rams go with. Sometimes you can't really explain why you think something looks good, it just clicks in your brain. For me, this is one of those times. As for the logo, I kept the current ram head mostly intact, dropping some (what I feel are) unnecessary details and recoloring it. Helmet: Contrary to the impression I may give some people, I'm not a complete idiot. Untouched. Jerseys: Three jerseys, athletic gold, navy blue, and white. For the primary home jersey, I chose to use athletic gold. LA is pretty hot early in the season, which could encourage the team to wear a lighter color at home. Rather than have them choose white for the majority of the season, why not make the home jersey a light color in yellow? I don't know how many people believe that wearing a dark color actually impacts how a team plays in the heat, but teams seem to think it's an issue, so I did what had to be done to ensure that we get to see the home team in colored jerseys 8 games a year. And I just wanted a team with a yellow home jersey. But that first thing too. As for the actual design of the jerseys, I modeled it off the. 2000's set. The sleeves get too crowded to have a full horn, at least in my opinion. On the topic of crowding, I also decided not to keep the sleeve logo, instead moving the TV numbers there. In my opinion, the shoulder hoop doesn't allow both to work, so I kept the one required by NFL rules. Additionally, all unnecessary white was dropped. That means the only white is the white jersey, everything else is just blue and gold. Pants: Same colors as the jerseys. One solid stripe of the opposite color on the colored pants, the white pants have a gold stripe outlined in blue. Combinations: The white jersey has the most freedom. It can be worn with any pair of pants. The gold jerseys have slightly less, with the all-gold combo being the only one off limits. The navy jerseys are heavily restricted, only having the gold pants as an option. That's kinda it, I guess. Thoughts?
  9. Okay, I absolutely love that Vikings set. In real life? Probably not, because tradition and all that, but as a concept? It’s beautiful. I totally understand the direction you wanted to take and not just make something that everyone else already has, and in my opinion, you nailed it.
  10. Here’s a quick blue hat-blue jersey combo Side note: I might dump another team in here in the coming days. I won’t say I’m doing the entire MLB, but at least one other team will probably get posted soon
  11. I think I had the pink and blue caps in the rough drafts, along with some others. I’ll dig around and see if I can find the pages—they’re probably buried in a notebook in my room, should be easy enough to find. Here they are: Also have a black hat with a white front panel, a blue hat with a black front panel (ugly as hell, wtf was I thinking? Just exploring options I guess), and a blue hat with a white front and pink bill—no black anywhere. Also had 3 jerseys: one similar to the final without black, a vest, and a pinstriped jersey. And a single sleeve testing what I eventually used as the final sleeve design.
  12. From what I’ve seen and understand, San Antonio has his territorial rights, but passed, sending him into the waiver process. Memphis being 1-5, they have the first claim on him and are most likely to sign him. It’s not a true free-agency
  13. Oh God... Florida State wearing gold as the designated road team vs Duke in white. This shouldn’t have been approved
  14. This logo? Man, I'm trying desperately but I just can't see what you're seeing. I just see the letters, nothing more, no matter how hard I look