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  1. Additionally, make the yokes a solid color instead of split between two grays. As much as I hate to admit it, the Titans’ unis have really grown on me. I just wish they weren’t so in love with navy pants for every game
  2. Nah. Maybe to a person really into uniforms, but the average fan will most definitely lean towards the red jerseys because a.) they are the primary home jerseys b.) white gets dirty easier and is harder to get stains out of
  3. Call it an unpopular opinion if you want, but the Ram head logo is worse than the LA primary. Honestly, the only good ram head they’ve ever had was the previous primary, all the others have been awful
  4. 20 minute rough draft:
  5. Does this count towards us taking shots for the painting? Or does the edited horn change it enough? Ah hell, I’m a college kid in quarantine, I’m taking a shot
  6. In my experience as a 20 year old, saying something is “clean” in that context doesn’t really mean anything specific, it’s just a sort of slang similar to how “cool” is used. Both simply mean that the person saying that likes the way something looks, it’s just that “clean” is what the current young generation has started to use and is popular now, like how saying something was “fly” was popular in the 90s-early 2000s.
  7. Well Duke has you covered, so no need for the Colts to do it now: And I feel like I should note that I love how a blue Colts helmet looks, but I’m gonna have to hard pass on alternate helmets in the NFL. I was pro one helmet rule, but I am willing to live with a second as long as it’s throwback only
  8. Invert the number colors as well. Black on red can be a bit of a strain on the eyes from certain angles, even with the white outline
  9. PSA: The Washington Redskins is still the team name and no one cares what you call them. Whether or not you agree with that is up to you, but there’s no need to call attention to yourself by deliberately emphasizing that you call them something else
  10. And it looks awful. The helmet should never be the lightest colored element when wearing different colored helmet/jersey/pants