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  1. It's days like this I really miss What are the official colors? Is Volt yellow or green? How does the Hawks' "Volt Green" differ from the Seahawks' "Action Green"? Evidently, the "black" color is "Georgia Granite Gray." How does that differ from black? Pantone, take me away!
  2. Bud still tastes better than Miller, Busch, or Natty.Isn't that like comparing Kim Kardashian's talent to the rest of her family?
  3. I think it would look best if you could separate the wordmark out of the logo. Perhaps place it on the bottom? The Kraken and the sections look great. I actually like the hand drawing a little better. Overall, great job.
  4. Just a reminder too, be careful with the companies branding. For instance, the Autozone logo is never seen without a white background or at least a white outline. Keeping that corporate branding may change the way the bowl logos look. That being said, your work is fantastic, I can't wait to see more.
  5. How about a powder blue, sand and brown. I believe that is a completely unique combination...
  6. Minnesota comes out of the Big Ten and is placed in the South Division of the MidWest Conference?
  7. "Native" is what got the name changed in the first place. This looks really good (this coming from an NDSU alumnus), it's almost too bad the other colors can't be incorporated as well... the red, yellow and brown. It just fits better on the hockey sweater.
  8. White pants. Always. End of discussion.
  9. I'd love to see the city name on the away uniforms. This is really nice, clean work. Thanks.
  10. Great update!!! The second one is great, but would it be possible to change the beak to black?