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  1. anyone got a pic of Clarett in a Broncos uniform?
  2. Something I haven't been able to figure out for whatever reason... How do you make a gradient effect where it goes from being a solid color to transparent? Like a color fade effect. I also want to put something behind it and want it to show as the color fades in front of it.
  3. Next 5... 1964 Topps, 1965 Topps, 1966 Topps, 1967 Topps, 1968 Topps
  4. I'm doing re-creations of old Broncos cards for a Broncos Trading Card Database and I need to know what fonts are used in all the old Fleer/Topps cards from 1960 through 1989... so I'll start with the first five. Click on the thumbnail to view the full image... All help is greatly appriciated. In order... 1960 Fleer, 1961 Fleer, 1961 Topps, 1962 Fleer, 1963 Fleer
  5. Just off top, I can tell you Denver's font is called Aachen (it's also used by the U. of Maryland and the U. of Alabama I believe...at least I think they're still using it). As far as Portland, it's modified to be sure, what with all the "serifs" and what not, but it looks like an italicized bersion of Hattenschweiller (I'm not even sure I spelled that right). That's about the closest I can think of...but then I also ain't the font master in this piece (that title, hands down, goes to Mr. Slapster, JP22). The Suns use what looks to be City Bold. Most of the other ones are customized...and of course, teams like Boston and Chicago use a standard block of some sort (there's a couple different versions available in the link to user eriqjaffe's sig). I figure I might as well tell everyone here... After doing my research and whatnot, the Nuggets font is a MODIFIED version of Aachen Bold, as it's thinner than the base font. I recreated the "DENVER", "NUGGETS" & the # 1, 3 & 5.
  6. Okay, I found out most of them, however there was one I couldn't figure out... "WIDESCREEN" is Compacta SH-Regular "16x9" & "2.35:1" is Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended "DVD SCREEN FORMAT" is PIXymbols HGD2002 "LIONSGATE" is Bernhard Gothic T Medium "LAKESHORE ENTERTAINMENT" is OLMovie Title Gothic However I still can't find what is use for the "Feature Run Time"
  7. Okay, I need to know what ALL the fonts in all four images are.
  8. you're kidding, right? No, actually, I'm designing custom covers for people on another board I'm on and well, yea. I'm sure I could find the copywright and bottom fonts if I looked hard enough, but I'm having trouble with the name font especially. I had to find a picture that was suitable for here.
  9. Okay, I need to know most of the fonts in this graphic. Here are the ones I need: the one used for FTV, the one used for "First Time Video", the one used for her name, the one used for "VISITING ARIZONA" and finally the one used for the copywright. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys, I'm not all that knowledgable with fonts, so I need some help... http://www.frostwire.com/ The font at the top that says FrostWire
  11. Hey here's one that should be in the Templates thread. The new football 3D display template, complete with arms & head. Right now it's just the front & side only, still working on the back. http://mrxmt.members.winisp.net/files/Uniform%202003-06.ai
  12. "Home Video" looks like a form of Compacta Black that's been horizontally scaled. A lot. Thanks JP, happen to know any of the others above?
  13. Then just the HOME VIDEO part on this one.
  14. Hey, I need to know what all these fonts are.
  15. I know this is a simple one but I don't know for sure. Can someone tell me the font used here for AFC WEST CHAMPIONS and 2005?
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